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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  November 10, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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tonight, face to face. president-elect trump and president 0 warm ma in the oval office. they had never met. you will hear from both of them and the comments picked up on mike. melania trump meets michelle obama. preparing the next first lady. then mr. trump take on the the capitol. and h mom who was hiking discovering clinton walking her dogs. also tonight, a divided america. the new messages of hate now emerging in schools. the chants of "build that wall" in a cafeteria. >> build that wall! >> and this message in a high school hallway. >> white power. >> and the new protests after the election. also tonight, the deadly police ambush. one officer killed, another shot. what authorities then discover in the suspect's car.
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hundreds evacuated. firefighters racing door to door. good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a thursday night. and another day of firsts. just two days after that historic election, president-elect donald trump traveling to washington to the oval office to meet president obama for the first time. the long tradition of a peaceful transfer of power has begun. president obama promising to mr. trump then asked by our correspondent in the room, will he accept the president's counsel, his advice? you'll hear his answer. and later, the president-elect and his wife, melania, soon to be first lady, getting a tour of the cap tom. house speaker paul ryan taking mr. trump out onto the balcony to show him where he will be sworn in, 71 days from now. we begin tonight with abc's jonathan karl. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump left trump tower
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bound for the airport where his plane was given a so-called water salute before taking off for washington, d.c. at the white house, an oval office meeting between two of america's most bitter rivals. >> ready? okay. well, i just had the opportunity to have an excellent conversation with president-elect trump. >> reporter: president obana uttering words few would ever have imagined. >> i had been very encouraged by president-elect trump's wanting to work with my team around many of the issues that this great country faces. most of all, i want to emphasize to you, mr. president-elect, that we now are going to want to
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then the country succeeds. >> well, thank you very much, president obama. this was a meeting that was going to last for maybe, 10 or 15 minutes, and we were just going to get to know each other. we had never met each other. i have great respect. the meeting lasted for almost an hour and a half. and it could have, as far as i'm concerned, it could have gone on for a lot longer. we really -- we discussed a lot of different situations. some wonderful and some difficulties. i very much look forward to dealing with the president in the future, including counsel. he explained some of the difficulties, some of the high-flying assets and some of the really great things that have been achieved. so, mr. president, it was a great honor being with you, and i look forward to being with you
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thank you, sir. >> reporter: the current president with some advice for his successor. >> here's a good rule. don't answer questions when they start yelling at you. >> it's always the last one. >> reporter: but we tried anyway. mr. trump, you'll seek his counsel? you'll seek his counsel? >> very good man, very good man. >> appreciate it. >> reporter: yet for all the words of graciousness, bad blood remains. he said on monday, donald trump isemrameal fi to be commander in chief, uniquely believe that? >> look. the president's views haven't changed. he stands by what he says on the campaign trail. >> so, the white house saying the president stands by some of the words he used to describe mr. trump during that campaign. jon karl with us live from the white house tonight, and jon, that 90-minute meeting in the oval office, just president obama and president-elect trump, one-on-one, no aides in the room? >> reporter: david, this meeting was also much longer than expected. the white house said they did not resolve all of their
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resolve all of their differences, but i tell you what struck me, is that the meeting did not appear all that tense, considering the bitterness of this rivalry. it was much less awkward than i would have expected. >> and jon karl, we learned that another former president has reached out to president-elect trump, bill clinton calling? >> reporter: bill clinton has called, offered his congratulations. we're told it was a short call, and that the former president wished the president-elect good luck. >> jon karl leading us off tonight from washington. jon, thank yo white house today, another tradition. the first ladies meeting. first lady michelle obama hosting melania trump for tea and a tour of the private residence. we're told tonight that the two women discussed the challenges of raising children at the white house. we are also learning tonight new details about the trump administration's first 100 days. near the top of the list, rebeautifuling obamacare. and on the first day since trump's election, more than 100,000 people signing up, the biggest single day ever.
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before any action is taken. abc's mary bruce with the many faces who could also make up donald trump's cabinet. >> reporter: donald trump today took in the view of his new hometown. house speaker paul ryan showing trump where he'll be sworn as the 45th president of the united states. >> thanks, everybody. thank you. >> reporter: trump and ryan never photographed together during the campaign, today, were eager to present a united front. >> we are now running, to make sure that we can get this country turned around, and make america great again. thank you very much. >> out this way, guys. >> reporter: but where to start? on capitol hill today, a dizzying series of meetings. mr. president-elect, what's your first priority on day one? >> we have a lot of priorities. a lot of really great priorities. people will be very, very happy. >> reporter: at the top of trump's to-do list? >> we're going to look very
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we're going to look very strongly at health care. and we're looking very strongly at jobs. big league jobs. >> reporter: the president-elect and republicans agree -- the obama health care law must go. but so far, no agreement on a plan to replace it. and since election day, we've seen that rush. 100,000 americans scrambling to sign up for insurance. before any work can be done, trump needs a cabinet. his son-in-law, jared kushner, is being eyed for chief of staff. today, he got a tour from the man who currently holds the job. other cabinet contenders, sarah palin, chris christie, newt gingrich and rudy giuliani, who even now is still taking shots at hillary clinton. trump praised her on election night. >> we owe her a major debt of gratitude for her service to our country. >> reporter: but today, giuliani wouldn't rule out needing a special prosecutor to investigate clinton. >> so, there are legal questions that are more complicated than just saying, let's forget about it. >> mary bruce live from capitol
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president, by his side for all of these meetings, and he'll play a key role brockering relationships between the white house and congress? >> reporter: david, the vice president-elect will be a bridge, connecting both sides of pennsylvania. he knows capitol hill in and out. served here for 12 years, and is very close with paul ryan. pence met today with vice president joe biden, who played a similar role for president obama. david? >> mary bruce tonight, thank you. and we turn tonight to a troubling development, messages of hate now emerging in pennsylvania and in michigan. those messages come after thousands took to the streets in cities across the country. here in new york, marchers rallied outside trump tower on fifth avenue. abc's gio benitez with the new video tonight emerging from some of those schools. >> reporter: tonight, videos capturing hate in schools across america. in this york, pennsylvania, high school, students holding trump signs, chanting, "white power." >> white power. >> reporter: in this michigan
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>> build the wall! >> reporter: while latino children in the room reportedly cried. all that, while thousands of young people, old enough to vote, have taken to the streets, protesting trump. >> donald trump has got to go. >> reporter: from freeway shutdowns and efigy burning in los angeles, to tear gas in oakland. >> we're very scared of what's going to happen to the community, to women, to people of color. >> reporter: more than 13 million young people voted this election, and among them, hillary clinton overwhelmingly won. 56% to trump's 35%. 21 points. but clinton won young women by an even greater number, 35 points. >> we reject the president-elect. >> reporter: but the faces are more peaceful than violent. they are marching, because they feel their vote wasn't respected.
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gio, what have you seen there right now? >> reporter: well, david, it was calm for most of the day, but look behind me. new groups of protesters now forming right here in front of trump tower. we will see how big this gets tonight, david. >> all right, so far, it has been calm. gio benitez, thank you. among the changes after this election, this one. the faa imposing a no-fly zone over midtown manhattan. the red circle around trump tower on fifth avenue. no aircraft can fly within a two-mi president-elect's home and office until the family moves to the white house in january. the ruling mostly affecting sightseeing helicopters. don't, many of those protesters that you saw overnight pointing to the fact that hillary clinton won the popular vote. more votes than donald trump, but of course, it is trump with a decisive win in the electoral map. clinton's supporters point to the fbi bomb shell in the final days, the e-mail investigate that turned up nothing. but was there something else? trump's victory with american workers in the rust belt.
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with so well. abc's david wright in scranton with some of those voters. >> reporter: they are the voters bill clinton turned to all those years ago. white working class people. he felt their pain. and they always came through for him. came through for hillary clinton, too, when she was running for senate in new york and later for president in 2008. she beat barack obama by nearly ten points in pennsylvania. with help from those white working class voters. but this year, it was donal voters down to the wire. at a packed really here in scranton monday night. tonight, "the new york times" reports bill clinton sensed trouble, urging his wife's campaign to reach out more to voters here in the rust belt, but reportedly, he was ignored. those voters, especially white men, voted overwhelmingly for trump. was this a vote for trump or against clinton? >> no, this was for him. >> i think the office of the presidency should be in the hands of a man. >> reporter: and hillary clinton
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this is the family lakehouse. >> she comes here every four years when she's running for something. that's the only time she comes to scranton. her father's buried over in washburn street cemetery. you can go by there any time exempt maybe when she's coming here. there won't be a flower on the grave. >> reporter: what are you hoping donald trump can do? >> change the country around. give us more jobs. >> reporter: more than anything, these voters told us, they feel like the politicians in washington haven't been listening to them. and they're h will bring a different perspective. david? >> david wright, thank you. and wall street watching donald trump in washington today. the dow rallying to an all-time high, closing up another 218 points. investig so far, erasing election night jitters that triggered selloff fears. a ruling in a class action lawsuit against president-elect trump. a class action civil suit.
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today, judge curiel, who trump claimed was biased because his importants are mexican, denied that request. and a new image from hillary clinton tonight. a woman that said she went for a hike because she was heartbroken about the election, then she wan into clinton herself. the two of them posing for this photograph. the woman telling clinton, one of the proud moments of her life president. we turn to other news tonight, and to orlando. new images of the horror unfolding during the pulse nightclub shooting. 49 people killed in june. body cameras revealing first responders as they arrived on the scene. video showing their point of view, entering the club. and here tonight, abc's steve osunsami. >> we've got officers going for the victims. we've got officers going for the victims. >> reporter: the video we've gotten tonight from police body cameras shows the heroic work of
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helmet. >> reporter: we see the aftermath of their gunfight in june with omar matteen, who killed 49 and wounded 53. police snipers are still in their corners. >> this guy came prepared. >> reporter: the images are heavily deleted, the most tragic and difficult scenes are left on the edit room floor at the orange county sherriff's office. >> watch, the blood is slippery. >> i know. >> reporter: but for the first time, we see what officers were dealing with as they entered the >> reporter: -- once the gunman was dead. >> please help. my friend's upstairs. they're very injured. >> reporter: the city of orlando is now set to purchase the nightclub and turn it into a me your y'all. david? >> steve, thank you. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this thursday. the deadly police ambush. police called to the scene of a domestic dispute. the gunfire erupting. and what authorities then found
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four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. ask your doctor about viagra single packs. next tonight here, the deadly police ambush outside pittsburgh. one officer killed, another wounded. police finding two bodies inside the home, another disturbing discovery in the trunk of the suspect's ca abc's linzie janis is on the scene. >> reporter: tonight, investigators are sifting through evidence after a police officer was killed responding to a disturbance at this home near pittsburgh. >> shots fired. shots fired. any available unit respond to canonsburg. >> reporter: 52-year-old officer scott bashioum, one wmur. wmur. wmur. wmur. wmur. ed. >> reporter: fearful neighbors hiding in their homes.
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most dangerous calls for them, you know, for them to have been ambushed, just -- >> reporter: inside the home, police found a woman and the suspect dead. authorities also looking into whether gas tanks, oxygen canisters and a propane tank found in the suspect's car were intended to be used as explosives. it's been a deadly year for police officers across the country. 57 have been killed by firearms so far this year, up 63% since last year. david, people here are mourning the loss of officer bashioum, a father of 4. the officer that was with him was also shot, but he survived, and is now in stable condition. david? >> all right, linzie janis in pittsburgh for us. linzie, thank you. when we come back, new developments in the search for that missing mother. her husband taking a polygraph test. the sea of blue lining the streets. thousands of officers paying their respects to one of their own. and then, that huge fire burning tonight.
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to the index tonight. a major fire forcing hundreds of evacuations near buffalo, new york. a former steel mill now burning for more than 24 hours. the roof collapsing. the major declaring a state of emergency. firefighters going door to door, telling families to leave because of potentially dangerous smoke. tonight, honoring a fallen hero. a powerful show of respect on long island. the funeral for nypd sergeant paul of duty. from above, thousands of officers lining the streets, standing in silence as the funeral procession went by. there are new developments in the desperate search for that missing mother. she vanished while jogging more than a week ago now. her husband using an app to find her cell phone. but no sign of her. police says he has taken a polygraph test. he has passed. he is cooperating with investigators. donald trump wasn't the only special guest at the white house today. president obama welcoming lebron
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finally tonight here,
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very deserving 10-year-old. >> there you go. >> reporter: thomas rachastingss loved baseball since she was a little boy. she was born with muscular dystrophy. 14 surgeries and now most of his time in his red sox jersey and that motorized wheelchair. and avid red sox fan, he attended his first game at just 3 years old. so, when he was drafted a wish through make a wish, she chose his own baseball field. hund strangers in windsor, connecticut, coming together to build thomas his very own miniature fenway park, right in his backyard. they cleared the yard, leveled the playing field, even aefding that famous citgo sign. and, of course, the green monster. >> unlike so many other places that have restrictions and obstacles, there's nothing here that he can't do. >> reporter: just 34 days to build, then opening day.
6:58 pm
hastings. >> it was exciting when i first stepped onto the field. i was starting to think, this is real, and it's not a dream. it's real. >> if you can tune out some of the negativity, you can really find that there are some amazing people out there, completely selfless, completely willing to jump in and do what they need to do to make things happen. >> we have your own fenway park. thanks for watching here on a thursday night. i'm david muir. i hope to see you right back
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>> tonight on "chronicle." >> i loved everything about it. it's very patriotic. >> an eagle parade comes to portsmouth. >> i thought it was a great representation of the veterans and what they allow us country. >> how these brilliant birds are helping veterans who need a hand. >> to see what they do to help service members and their families is incredible. >> they're helping provide services for these individuals that need help. >> it's quintessential new hampshire, living the small town life in eaton and snowville. >> it's just a very quiet and


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