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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  November 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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elect. tom: protesting the election of donald trump. the movement making its way to new hampshire. shelley: drowning on bow lake. the warning tonight after a woman dies while kayaking on choppy waters. >> i did not talk about it. it was better they did not know. tom: sharing his story as p.o.w.. mike:///when will it warm-up/////////--when will it warm-up? >> now, wmur 9 news tonight. tom: we begin tonight with the protests of donald trump. thousands are marching in the streets in philadelphia,
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protests. so far, the protests have been peaceful. shelley: here in new hampshire, dozens rallied in concord. good friday evening. tom: mike cronin joins us live from the capital city with their message. mike: despite a cold, windy night, protesters stood out here for about two and a half hours. police were log were no incidents. >> not my president. mike: in front of the state house, dozens made their opinions known in downtown concord. protesters have marched in opposition to donald trump's election victory over the last three nights in some of america's largest cities. the concord rally was peaceful as organizers conveyed their
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they say does not represent america's good values. >> america is not meant to be hateful. >> i am here because i had three granddaughters. and i am upset. >> i feel this is the kind of thing we need to do more of. mike: supporters say it is important for others to see what they call a showing of strength. >> remember, through all of this you wish to see. mike: they hope their voices are heard by a like his leaders. >> it is hard to be heard by the government and state officials. i know that you can contact them and break them letters but they are easy to ignore. mike: with the rally falling on a holiday, organizers say they are not trying to distract from the significance of veterans day.
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ignorant things to veterans and we want to be here with them. mike: tonight, there was another crowd at a peaceful port -- at a peaceful protest in portsmouth square. another rally is scheduled there for sunday. tomorrow afternoon, another protest is scheduled at manchester square. shelley: a manchester man i leaving his child in a car. anthony miele a was pulled over for a routine traffic stop. when officers discovered he had a warrant, he allegedly ran leaving his child in a car. he is charged with endangering the welfare of a child. tom: it is a gusty night across the granite state in parts of the north country are seeing
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slippery roads. in weare, the winds brought down trees on dustin tavern road. mike haddad has a look at how strong the winds were. mike: it was a gusty veterans day. early, it was not much of an issue but they started to pick up in the afternoon. mount washington had a wind gust at 98 miles per hour. gust in manchester. take a look at the winds right now, these are sustained winds. 5-25 miles per hour. still gusting. close to 40 in nashua. for another hour or two, we will hang onto these winds and slowly, falling temperatures. those temperatures leading to snow in parts of northern new
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today. a 62-year-old woman died after her kayak capsized on a choppy lake. wind gusts hit as high as 50 miles per hour in the water temperature was only 53 degrees. the chief is urging people and that community to understand the conditions. the town's fire chief says the rough conditions cost resident her life. around 3:00 p.m., his department received a call about a kayaker in distress. rescue crews rushed to the scene. >> unfortunately, we have located the kayak. it was empty. at that point, it turned into a search-and-rescue. shelley: rescuers braved the water after they spotted a debris field. >> we had several fire
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the conditions of the lake. shelley: the chief was visibly upset as he described what happened next. >> and, we were able to find the victim. at this time, the vital signs were not viable for life. shelley: the victim was a member of the lake community and the chief is urging people living on the water to avoid the lake when conditions are this bad. >> pretty hardy individuals. they will go out on just about any day to get a little bit of recreation or exercise. but they would be ill-advised to take any type of watercraft out in these conditions at any time with the winds as strong as they are. i feel it would not have mattered how healthy or how strong, you would come into a
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a life jacket. her name has not been released. tom: a large brush fire is burning in lynn, massachusetts. firefighters say it is too dark and dangerous to fight these flames at lynn woods reservation. officials are monitoring the blaze. they will send a crew in necessary. wind and dry conditions are fueling the fire. henna for police are reminding people to lock their houses after several burglaries. maroon vehicle leaving the scene of these burglaries. officials believe the suspect is not acting alone. and ago police say to call the department if you have any russian or concerns. sharing his story for the first time. coming up tonight -- shelley: we sit down with this korean war veteran as he tells us about his family and being a prisoner of war. mike: plenty of sunshine to kick
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shelley: a korean war pow is sharing his story with us and his family for the first time. tom: phil anderson was drafted into the army 66 years ago this
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two years as a pow. he has not talked about his ordeal in detail until now. jean: phil anderson plays chess with his great-grandson inside the barrington home he built for his family more than 40 years ago. with his daughter at his side, he shows us his favorite hat. and on this veterans day, this korean were veteran and former prisoner of war after all of these in years, saying out loud -- i was there. >> i was there. i seldom talk about this. in fact, they do not even know. jean: the details he spared his five children finally come out through the tears. >> i went through five pow
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jean: on a bright night surrounded by chinese soldiers, he tried to hide with several u.s. soldiers. >> i do not know why i am not dead. jean: he was captured and spent more than two years as a. w. -- as a pow. taken -- they were taking soldiers to burial. i made up my mind not to let them kill me. jean: peace talks brought him home. he went on to join the air force. and served nearly 25 years.
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ones. >> this is the first time i knew how long he was actually there. and i can feel the pain that he feels right now. once you get it out, i think it helps. jean: this veteran says his patriotism has never wavered. >> if i got called today, i would go. really. old as i am. jean: in barrington. shelley: his story. and thankful for his service. all veterans. tonight, we partnered with homebase for a telethon. all of the money raised will go to programs that help veterans in new hampshire and massachusetts. you can still donate through sunday. the telethon special will air again this sunday at 1:00 right here.
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haddad with your forecast. mike: we certainly had some gusty winds on this veterans day. a big thank you to all of those that serve. winds will come down for saturday and sunday. gradually shutting down overnight. flakes will end up north. clear skies will develop. leading to dry air for the weekend. sun in and seasonably cold temperatures to finish. that is where we are right now in concord, 56 was the official high. 50 is the average. 70 was a record high set back in 2002. any snow showers up north -- they will be diminishing and skies will partially clear by early morning.
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the snow showers are winding down. could see an additional dusting but that should be it. temperatures are mighty chilly. seven on top of mount washington. the wind is still blowing out of the northwest. when you factor in temperature and wind, this is what we get -- the windchill map making an appearance for the first time this fall. 22 is what it feels like in berlin. 19 in whitefield. the windchill is below the freezing mark. actual air temperatures drop into the 20's. what about the wind? it will gradually subside overnight that we are not shut down for the weekend. the winds turn more southwest for saturday. 10-20 miles per hour with a few gusts near 24. they continue at that speed off
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saturday, through early sunday but with a lot of sunshine continuing. temperatures will gradually modify each and every day. we go from upper 40's with a lot of sun for tomorrow and well into the low 50's with sunshine during the day on saturday. what about milder air? that comes in for monday. up near 60 with a lot of sunshine. clouds takeover for tuesday andh early wednesday. it dries out after that for thursday with a few flurries in the mountains. seasonably cool with some sunshine on friday. we do need the rain. we are still in a severe drought. if we get some on tuesday and wednesday, that would help out. tom: jamie, what is going on?
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jason: the merrimack football team gathered for their weekly pasta dinner tonight. the tomahawks are ready for a rematch with the bedford old dogs. >> i used to play at nashua high school south. go panthers. you're watching the night football.
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began the season and only 12 are still playing. it is semifinal weekend. we start our previews in division i. the two teams that many believed to be the best in the state, meet a week earlier than they should. bedford versus merrimack. they met in week one of the regular season. a bedford win. the program has been to the st in three different divisions. but still has not won one. aramark has not played for a state title since 1995 -- merrimack has not played for a state title since 1995. >> we will see a pretty aggressive defensive game. i guarantee it will be a good one. >> they are fast and physical.
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be. >> it is going to be crazy. it should be a good game. their offense is one of the best in the state with passing and running, a double threat. we have to prepare all week. jason: merrimack and bedford at bulldog stadium at 1:00. exeter north met -- exeter and north met in early october. north has scored over the 60 points in each of r to find a way to stop the ground and pound blue hawks. in division ii, we have two semifinal matchups between teams that did not meet during the regular season. we have plymouth and windham. the bobcats are back in the playoffs for the first time in three years. they will take on the undefeated jaguars on saturday.
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garrett but the emphasis will be on the defenses we can trying to slow down a windham offense that averages over 50 points a game. >> we know we have a task before us. we have our work cut out for us but we are excited for the opportunity. >> our speed. our rules with our blocking assignments. >> i think it is our depth. what they are doing. jason: the bobcats and the jaguars in window. 1:30 p.m. kickoff. the bow falcons travel to hanover to face the marauders for the first time this season. the falcons knocked off john stark last week. hanover beat lebanon to advance. not much separates these two teams on paper.
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in the regular-season finale. a hard-fought win for the huskies. the cardinals will certainly have their hands full on saturday. monadnock is undefeated and has only allow 31 points all season. but stevens has been playing good football. >> they have a big line and three good backs. we know it is going to be a difficult task. >> we are a hungry team. we had a heartbreaker last year. we are looking to come back strong and make a run. >> i like being the underdog. it will be a dogfight. battle of the lines. our line is undersized but we have a lot of heart. jason: the cardinals travel to
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bishop brady play in the other division three semifinal. brady is the higher seed, but the lakers are the only team to beat the giants this season. both teams are playing good football. as a reminder, you can watch all of our friday night football reports on line. you can also follow us on twitter. at good luck to all of the semifinal teams. jamie: good luck to all of the guys in action tomorrow. the college basketball season kicked off today including a debut for a nashua player at eight national powerhouse. the new york next trying to break a three-game losing streak. isaiah thomas over to marcus.
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anthony who knocked down a three. he only scored 12 on the game. anthony drops on top of amir johnson and is given the foul. he argued and got a technical. he got another technical and was ejected from the game. the celtics cruised in the second half. carrie rozier had a 29 points for isaiah thomas. they play the pacers tomorrow night. the college basketball debut of gabriel playing for kentucky. gabriel was nearly perfect in the opener in terms of shooting. he went five for six on the floor. he also had two steals. he scored 10 points.
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and they play tuesday night, michigan state. dartmouth opened up at rhode island. the big green with a new coach, dave mclaughlin. his team would get on the board first. julian smith, the up and under it and put the green in the game. rhode island is really good this year, they cruise past the big green. a veterans day matchup at unh as luke making his unh debut. a quick score for the wildcats. daniel dion, no defense around as he scored. here is the first career basket or luke on a jump hook.
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leslie outscored unh by five points in the second half. >> what we talked about at halftime, i put 0-0 on the board. that is how you have to play the second half. we got outplayed by leslie in the second half. jamie: monarchs win 5-4 on the road. they got a game. unh is at home. here are the wildcats on that game without the new. >> they have done a really good job. they're back -- their back is one of the leading rushers in the country at our level. >> we take it one week at a
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and move on from there. jamie: college football games on saturday. penn state play indiana. pittsburgh at clemson. michigan under the lights against the hawkeyes. tom: still to come -- shelley: auctioning off some golf
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shelley: golf items that once belonged to former president h w $30,000. tom: his putter was the highlight. they also auctioned off a golf bag and several golf balls. the president had given the items to a worker at a golf club in maine. shelley: thank you for joining us for news nine tonight at 11:00. tom: jimmy kimmel live is up next. hope you all have a great
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- lin-manuel miranda. from "dr. ken," ken jeong and albert tsai. plus music from banks. and now, stay put -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: very nice. welcome. thank you. very nice, thank you. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. thank you really for everything. for those of you who served in


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