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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  November 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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here. good evening, thank you for joining us. i'm josh mcelveen. jean: and i'm jean mackin. the rain is here just in time for the evening commute, so you can expect some wet roads as you head out. let's get right over to chief meteorologist mike haddad to see who's getting the heaviest rain now. mike: not good for those traveling, but great news in terms of the drought. we could use an inch of rain plus, and in spots i think that will be played out before it's over. you can see rain struggling to reach northern parts of the is very light and it's just beginning to increase in intensity. heaviest from east of keene including areas around peterborough, southwest to jaffrey, up towards hillsboro, concord getting in on light to moderate rain. manchester moderate rain and that extends down to nashua. also notice the rainfall tallies not that impressive yet. portsmouth struggle to detect the rain at this point, but they'll see it add up quickly.
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three quarters of an inch of rain and with the satellite picture continuing to build in, the cloud cover to the north and rain following suit, we'll be talking about the potential for up to an inch of rain in many spots by the time we get to midnight or shortly after. do we see any clearing tonight or tomorrow, we'll look at that straight ahead. jean: thanks, mike. let's see what the impact is on the ride home, we'll start with live pictures of wind ham from our common man cam, traffic josh: peggy james joins us now with a live look at the road home. >> hi there, yes, hydroplaning could be an issue tonight. it is busy in windham up to derry, then a bit of running room until you hit londonderry. 293 in manchester northbound we have a car off into the guard rail at exit 1 at south willow street at the off ramp, so that
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mill yard. 93 north is doing okay through the hooksett tolls, but it gets bogged down there the concord exits and a crash in tilton 93 southbound has just cleared. usual stop and go through the traffic lights in bedford. everett turnpike very busy, on the breast through exits 10 and 11. slower than normal all the way up to manchester. 101 east is under speed from manchester to auburn. the spaulding turnpike is jammed up northbound between exits 2 from the wzid traffic network, i'm peggy james. jean: right now a woman is recovering after being trapped in her crashed car for more than eight hours overnight. siobhan lopez has the latest on her condition. reporter: police have identified the driver as 70-year-old january is cathcart of somersworth, she remains in the hospital in stable condition.
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firefighters say cathcart's car left the road, rolled over and came to a rest against some trees. the car was sideways with the drivers side door on the ground, trapping cathcart for hours. no one noticed the vehicle off the road until early this morning. >> they said it was just off the road far enough, so headlights couldn't see it. normal police patrols didn't pick it up last night. it's only when the sun came up somebody discovere called it in. report firefighters say this was a difficult rescue. they had to cut the roof off of the car to get to her. they say she was alert and conscious when they arrived, but she was cold. temperatures here in epping bombed out around 35 degrees overnight. that's the latest live in epping. siobhan lopez, wmur news 9. josh: tonight a laconia man is in jail after a standoff. police got a call from 911 from a woman who said she'd been
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andy hershberger has details. reporter: police said there were some very tense moments this morning after they pulled a woman from a laconia home and then called in the swat team. james cunningham faces several charges that include criminal threatening, after a police standoff shut down weirs boulevard this morning. police say they got a call from a woman who said she had been assaulted and was being held against her will at cunningham's home. >> we made contact wither the phone, we kept her on the line as officers responded to that location. we were able to get her out of a back bedroom window upon arrival and establish a perimeter around the location. reporter: christie works just down the road from the scene, she was told to stay inside the business shortly after police arrived. >> i noticed there was four or five police cruisers up the street. they put a woman in the back seat and then next thing you
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were up and down, and i seen a lot of blue lights. reporter: police say they learned there were guns and knives inside the home. >> at that point knowing that he had access to a number of weapons inside the residence and the seriousness of the alleged charges against him, we active ateed the swat team. reporter: cunningham >> we were able to make contact with him and he came out of the residence, at which type he was not cooperative with officers outside the house, at which point he was tased and taken into custody. reporter: cunningham is expected to appear in court on the charges sometime tomorrow. andy hershberger, wmur news 9. jean: tonight the u.s. drug enforcement administration has launched an initiative called the 360-degree strategy to
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manchester is the first city in new england to be part of this new collaboration. wmur's jennifer crompton is live with with why manchester was chosen. reporter: the d. e.a. has done this in just four other u.s. cities. manchester was chosen not just because of the drug crisis here, but because there's a strong infrastructure in place to build upon. >> st. louis, pittsburgh, milwaukee, and louisville. now we turn our focus to manchester. reporter: unveiled at the and girls club of manchester, the d.e.a. announcing its 360-degree strategy to hit the drug crisis from all angles. >> law enforcement targeting drug traffickers and violent gangs. diversion control, which includes engaging the medical community to educate about opioids and prescriptions and such. and probably the most important thing of all is community outreach. reporter: the d.e.a. stepping out of the shadows of law enforcement to embrace a wholistic approach.
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in two manchester after school programs. it will help fund billboards, radio and tv psa's and experts to help educate people who will go into the community. also to bolster existing programs. from our u.s. attorney's office to efforts on the front lines. >> the prem is of our work is to strengthen the communities through prevention and dialogue. breaking down stigma, breaking down >> they're great partners that we can collaborate with and learn from each other and share experiences and really take everybody's approach, put it all into one tent and really make a difference, enhance everybody's programs. and that's why manchester was chosen. reporter: the strategy leverages existing local, state and federal partnerships helping with support, structure and resources. so many in attendance today excited at the possibilities. live in the studio, jennifer
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after canaan police say he tried to sell drugs to undercover askers. arthur lee clark allegedly agreed to meet with the officers friday to sell marijuana. police found 13-ounces of the drug and cash in his car after his arrest. investigators say the marijuana has a street value of $4,400. josh: president-elect donald trump received his first presidential daily briefing da pence is leading trump's transition team and he was also at that meeting. new cabinet appointments are expected to come this week. reporter: top positions could be announced soon with the trump team now considering who should run federal agencies, including the state department and pentagon. a week after election day, president-elect donald trump looks to name members of his cabinet. former new york city more
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considered for secretary of state. >> giuliani was one of the few prominent republican figures to jump on the trump band wagon early in the process. reporter: alabama senator sessions could be the next defense secretary. after replacing chris christie with mike pence last week as the chair of the transition team, another change. form are congressman mike ross years is no longer serving as an advisor. >> his main liability was his ti christie has fallen out of favor pretty rapidly since trump won the election. >> welcome to the dawn of a new unified republican government. reporter: in washington, congress returned to work with house speaker ryan announcing republicans will do everything they can to help the next president succeed. >> we are now sitting down with the trump administration and waiting along with our colleagues to come up with our game plan for lame duck and also to come up with our game plan
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won't be on the administration, dr. 2010 carson, his manager says the former candidate has taken his name out of the running. jean: coming up, a day of action against the dakota access pipeline includes protests in new hampshire. josh: the dwrlt's largest school district orders a hiring frees. mike: after a soringy night, clouds linger on wednesday morning. jean: at 5:30, a guilty plea in a deadly hayride crash, what this means for the farm where the accident happened. josh: then at 6:00 donald trump promised to address the opioid cries is in new hampshire and tonight we're learning the role
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jean: we're following developing news in oklahoma where an employee has died after being shot outside a parking garage at will rogers airport in oklahoma city. the airport remains closed right now with passengers being told to shelter in place, while police look for a suspect. officers are also looking for a possible second victim.
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stabbing five other students. josh: it happened in a high school locker room this morning. one of the victims remains in critical condition tonight. reporter: tears, and ambulances at this suburban utah high school tuesday morning. the community responding to a terrifying stabbing spree, breaking out just before 8:00 a.m. >> there was a patient who is stable on the south side of the school, i'm making access into the school for more critical patients. reporter: according to authorie student, a sophomore, stabs five other students in the boys locker room, before using the knife to cut himself. >> a patient from inside the locker room, two stab wounds to the neck. reporter: all five taken to hospitals with injuries. a suspect was taken into custody. >> where school would normally be getting under way on a
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reporter: distraught parents waiting outside, this student shaken by school shootings elsewhere, and now a stabbing at her own. >> i find it scary because now i don't think schools are safe any more. reporter: the school facing questions about how it will prevent this from happening again. >> we hate the idea of having metal detectors in our schools, and yet our kids' safety is our most important priority. reporter: police this morning saying they have no idea what the motive for the attack but have a number of witnesses and will be working to sort through their statements as they investigate. lauren lyster, abc news, los angeles. josh: one week after election day, more state races have been added to the list of recounts. there are now 15 races getting a second look. the first recounts will start tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. and opponents of legalizing recreational marijuana in maine are gathering signatures for a recount. the no on one campaign needs to collect 100 signatures by
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recount. last week the referendum passed by a fraction of a percentage point. a spokesperson for the maine secretary of state's office says a recounsel will likely take several weeks. jean: a protest against the dakota access pipeline just wrapped up in exeter. this was part of global demonstrations held today. the controversial pipeline would send thousands of barrels of crude oil from north dakota to illinois. critics say it would be an environmental disaster and would sites. >> many people here are not from exeter, they came from places in maine, places in massachusetts, places in connecticut, to be here today to join in this demonstration. there are many demonstrations going on around the world on this project, the dakota access project. everybody is standing in support of the standing rock sioux. jean: the company hoping to build the pipeline today urged a federal court to speed up approval. josh: right now a fire burning at the white mountain national
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covered bridge fire near albany is now 50% contained. firefighter expect that to improve with today's rain. authorities are investigating how the fire started. dozens of wildfires are burning across the southeastern u.s. tonight. the largest is in north carolina and has burned 13,000 acres across the south, wildfires have burned 80,000 acres roughly. officials believe most of the fires were started intentionally and the drought is flames. >> conditions are terrible, it's so dry, even just tossing a cigarette in the front yard can cause a fire. josh: the smoke is leading to air quality mornings in north carolina and in some areas people are being told to wear special masks if nay go outside. north carolinas governor says the largest fire may not be put out until march of next year. mike: they certainly need a lot of rain down there.
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because of the brush fire concern and due to the fact that we still have that drought. take a look at some water not due to rain, but the very high king tide out there at the coast, including seabrook and also down to our south in boston, of course all courtesy of that high astronomical tide and the light on shore wind. as we go through tonight, the next high tide may trigger some minor flooding, not as much as what we saw around midday today. but there is the possibility of minor flooding and splashover nt tide between 10:00 this evening and about 1:00 or 1:30 in the morning. so watch out for that at the coast later on tonight. again shouldn't be as much as we saw earlier today. we are tracking rain moving in from the south and as it continues to build northward we'll see the steady rain finally making inroads on the great north woods, where right now it's just overcast. steadiest rain filling in across extreme southern new hampshire right now with the heaviest around the monadnock region through peterborough, points north and east to concord.
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stretching over towards about exeter. lighter along the immediate coastline. to the north we don't have too much falling in the great north woods around berlin, points north, but in and around the mount washington valley down through waterville valley there is some steady rain in that locale. and that will continue to intensify as we go through the night. more rain back in eastern new york and more down to our south and that means up until about midnight, 1, 2:00 a.m. we'll s inch or more in spots before it winds down later tonight. how about temperatures, warmest today the farther north you go, due to the fact that you were dry a little longer. concord was up to 54 a couple hours ago, now the rain has cooled you back down into the upper 40's, some spots mid 40's. not a big temperature tumble tonight because of the winds on shore and all also the fact that
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the upper 30's to mid 40's into tomorrow morning. this takes over once the cloud cover exits by late tomorrow or tomorrow night. so once we get into thursday, friday and the first half of the weekend, we'll see milder temperatures moving on in. so here's a breakdown of the timeline, steady rain on and off. the heavy rain will shift to the east with just a lingering batch of showers scattered about her stretch into the morning commute. 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, cloud cover, maybe a sprinkle south. best chance of showers farther to the north and they all wind down later tomorrow night with clearing taking over for your thursday, friday and saturday. as for temperatures running at or above the average right into the start of the weekend, as a matter of fact friday and saturday will be about 12, 13, 14 degrees above the norm. next front moves in, cools us down on day with rain showers,
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later on sunday, and then it gets even colder, a classic november chill with some snow showers scattered about on monday, and most of them lingering up north in the mountains on tuesday. josh: classic makes it southbound appealing. mike well, for some it is. jean: thanks, mike. up next what people inside this house heard just before the sinkhole opened up. josh: then a woman angry over her cell phone service is accused of attacking a police officer.
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jean: tonight manchester aldermen will decide if the gates on streets around the new wal-mart will be opened. josh: last night the committee recommended that all dweats be reopened and that president road be returned to traffic patterns have changed several times now since wal-mart opened in april. and first student school bus drivers could soon be going on strike if a contract agreement can't be reached. union bus drivers who work out of first student's belmont location met last night and overwhelmingly rejected the latest contract offer. the union spokesman says the two sides will meet again tomorrow in washington d.c. in hopes of reaching an agreement. jeer tonight manchester's mayor is applauding the school bore's
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that came after the superintendent warned the district is facing a budget short fall. >> he understands that we've got a $5 million short fall in the budget that we're working on now, and i applaud him for coming forward to say we've got a slowdown in spending this year. jean: he says a similar freeze last year saved the district nearly a half million dollars. josh: an amateur singer got the big break she thought she'd cancer survivor landed on stage with garth brooks and trisha year wood. josh: and there's a they'll beyond turkey for this years thanksgiving travelers, what kind of destinations are the most popular. this city is it. great food,
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and what's better than doing something awesome in manchester? doing it for free. we hear you. that's why a-a-r-p is hosting fun, free, informative events. like wine tours and movie premieres. plus, we're offering resources to help you achieve your goals. and we're finding ways to make manchester even more livable. so if you don't think, "this is right for me" when you think a-a-r-p then you don't know "aarp."
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josh: tuition takes center stage in the case of a prep school sexual conduct rules. now the mother suing phillips exeter takes the stand. >> she was acting up inside the store. jean: an irate verizon customers land behind bars accused of taking out her anger on a police officer. mike: heavy downpours for some
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how long that rain will last plus when it clears out again. reporter: i'm sally kidd in washington with a look at the reported rise in hate speech and harassment targeting minorities post-election. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 at 5:30. josh: new information tonight about a lawsuit against phillips exeter academy, where the mother of a former student is accusing the school of wrongfully kicking another student. welcome back. i'm josh mcelveen. jean: and i'm jean mackin. the mother is now suing for damages, and today a dean told the school's side of the story. josh: kristen carosa is live outside federal court in concord. reporter: john doe's mother testified today saying her son was treated unfairly during this process. we also heard from the dean of students today who talked about how the school came to this decision.
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15 years old at the time says she received philip exeter academy's decision to remove her son from school through an e-mail this past summer. that after a 15-year-old girl reported a sexual encounter she had with the boy at school. philip exeter hired a private investigator who determined the boy violated the school's sexual misconduct policy. the school says the sexual encounter was not forcible, but she did not clearly consent to everything that happened. john doe's mother told the court she treated unfairly and that she and her family received limited information during the investigation process. she says they requested the investigators final report but never got it and is now seeking reimbursement for roughly $121,000, which includes a year of tuition. schools dean of students also testified saying she met with both the boy and girl after the sexual encounter was reported. she says the school used a
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use of a trained title 9 sexual assault investigator. she says this nonstandard practice has been used three times before with with the same investigator, and in this case the school used that person's final report to make the decision to kick the student out. she says staff ultimately felt the investigation was fair. the trial will begin again tomorrow at 9:00 a.m., it is expected to continue until friday. live in concord carosa, wmur news 9. jean: a seabrook woman remains in jail after she allegedly hit an epping officer with her truck. police say pamela reynolds was upset that she wouldn't get a phone upgrade at a verizon store and refused to leave. officers say when they arrived, she was belligerent. >> she had a lot of comments to make about verizon, she wasn't happy that she was asked to leave, they tried calming her down, that didn't work.
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truck up into one of the officers, striking his elbow. jean: reynolds was arrested. a police affidavit says she vandalized the patrol car while being taken to jail and during that trip told officers in the car that they deserved to be shot. a maine farm charged in a deadly hayride crash has pleaded guilty, after reaching a plea agreement. today harvest hill farms pled guilty to one count of driving to endanger in exchange for the state dropping a charge. the october 2014 accident killed cassidy sherett and injured 22 others. >> not only do we lose a bright talented girl, but we lost a part of our -- >> my thoughts and prayers continue to be with the family. that has been and will continue to be where my heart is, and my priorities are. jean: the farm filed for
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josh: new balance is trying to distance itself from a white supremacist website after a new balance executive praised donald trump. the website proclaimed new balance, quote, the official shoes of white people. that prompted some protesters to burn their new balance sneakers. the company says it did not ask for this label and does not tolerate bigotry or hate in fi form, end quote and says the executive comments about the president-elect was on a specific area of >> this election sparked a wave of hate crimes across america. this is a simple statement of fact. josh: that is senator reid a while ago talking about the reported surge in hate incidents since election day. experts say members of the alternate right movement have been energized by the outcome. as sally kidd reports out of washington, the president-elect is denouncing this movement.
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analysts are saying that subscribers to this alt right view are hoping that the election will bring them increased legitimacy or perhaps a greater role in politics. vandalism, hate speech, anti-semitic and racial harassment. the hate watch initiative has tracked more than 400 incidents of harassment and intimidation since the election of donald trump. some experts say his campaign emboldened white so-called alt right. >> this whole sort of stew of people who have been pushed out to the fringes of politics over the last 50 years or so, who exist in the perimeters of politics. reporter: and now are fighting to make their way back in. taylor runs an all white white advocacy group. >> since 1965 the personal of whites in the united states has been dwindling rapidly. at what point are we allowed to say enough is enough?
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right movies exists online on obscure websites and chat rooms where trump supporters celebrate the appointment of steve bannon, the former conservative chair of the website breitbart. >> people should look at the full resume, he's got a harvard business degree, he's a naval officer, has success in entertainment. reporter: trump has days vowed any connection to the movement and in an interview on "60 minutes" >> i would say don't do it, that's terrible. because i'm going to bring this country together. josh: president obama speaking during a visit to greece today says it's dangerous for americans to divide along lines of race, religion or ethnicity. jean: up next a major recall from one auto maker, why it's worried about vehicles catching fire. josh: donating to your favorite charity is about to get easer. the change coming to apple pay.
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jean: and we have an update, the cows stranded when an earthquake ripped apart their pasture are safe tonight, we'll tell you
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jean: the dow jones picking up 54 points today to 18,923. the s&p gained 16. the nasdaq up by 57 points. average gas prices nationally at 2.15. here in new hampshire we're averaging 2.16 a gallon. close to 70,000 mazdas have been recalled over a potentially explosive problem. josh: mazda says several rx8 can lead to fires, 2004 to 2008 models. the problem is ceiling rings that may crack. dealers will replace those rings when the parts are available. and new electric cars will be easier to hear. a new government rule requires all hybrid and electric cars to have audible noise when traveling at low speeds. the regulation is designed to protect pedestrians by making sure that they can hear when a car is coming.
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you will soon be able to use the apple pay -- starting on monday, the red cross, united way and other nonprofits will start accepting donations through apple pay. apple says more charities will join the list. josh: most thanksgiving travelers will be heading to warm weather this year. triple a says the top holiday destinations are las vegas, san francisco, san diego, and orlando. new york city, home of the at number five. triple a says there will be more than a million americans on the road this thanksgiving compared to last year. jean: looks like people have some fancy plans out there. the st. anselm hockey team is in the final four, we talk about a possible national championship this weekend. josh: and one cancer survivor has even more reason to celebrate the unexpected launch of her singing career.
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tonight, after two people were struck by a car. now the driver under arrest. and a harrowing night spent on the side of the highway in epping. a woman injured in a crash, but not found for hours.
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josh: a virginia college student
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a cancer diagnosis prevented her from auditioning for the voice. jean: now she's singing with country music stars garth brooks and trisha yearwood. drew wilder has the amazing story. reporter: daniellea won a meet and greet with garth and trisha through a local radio station. she told them her story and added she's a huge carrie under wood fan. when garth heard her story he invited her to sing during a sound check. was singing one of her songs with her, and i'm like i'm not going to mess her song up. she wasn't feeling well, she had a little cold and she said how would you like to sing with me, and i was like what, tonight? >> she was also impressing the entertainer of the year, so garth took it a step further. >> since you're a huge carrie under wood fan you must know the song, i told you so. and i said yes i love that song, he said just sing for me the
5:45 pm
singing and then the band comes in behind me, in my key, it was perfect, it was like a movie. reporter: her movie was just getting started. after the southbound check, garth invited her and her entire family to lunch. >> he sits down at the table next to me and says let's sing on stage together at the 3:30 show, he's like are you nervous, you don't have to do it, i said are you kidding me, i would love to do >> and she brought the house down. danielle says she's healthy, but her doctors recently found a spot near her liver. she's staying positive about it and after all her performance earned her an invite to nashville, to meet with garth and trisha's manager. >> i figure, you know, if this little thing is going to bring
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and do nothing or get out there and make something of myself, and that's what i decided to do. and have a trip to nashville, yes. jamie: what a great story. if you are a morning person and you happen to love hockey, then this game is for you, the monarchs are home at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow, they host the reading royals. and the mullets and mustachees game to benefit the american cancer society is this sur night. st. anselm feel hockey is having the best program in history, they're two victories away of winning the national championships. the hawks have a 17-4 yord and won the northeast 10 championship. they -- the national semifinal is friday at stonehill. >> we have to be the aggressive team and set to tone. but they're a great team and
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>> everybody is around us seems to remind us, it really exciting, it's a lot to take in all at once, but i couldn't ask for a better way to ebb my career here. >> good luck to the hawks. coming up, we'll hear from superstar runner in steel ep chase, at 6:00. jean: former president george w. introducing their new puppy to the world. josh: they posted a picture of and the new puppy on facebook. it is a cute puppy. his name is freddy and they adopted him from the texas spca animal care center. they say even their cats find freddy charming. jean: he's adorable. the cows stranded by new zealand's earthquake are back on firmer ground tonight. they had nowhere to go when the land around them fell away.
5:48 pm
were finally able to carve a path to reach those stranded cows. >> with shovels and encouraged them down, it wasn't very hard to do. but it made a bit easier to get them off. jean: he says they were unhappy where they were so they wanted to leave, of course. they were very thirsty, but they're okay. by the way, this property is right on top of the fault line that tours were mostly flat. mike: times of rain, times of clouds and a little sunshine in parts of the state out there today. especially northern areas before the clouds started to move in. take a look at new found lake where we had sun early in the day, then the clouds took over in the afternoon, now some beneficial rain falling in many parts of new hampshire, looks
5:49 pm
drought as we go through the next several hours. rain, some of it heavy at times, even the possibility of a rumble or two of thunder in parts of southern new hampshire this evening through the first part of the overnight, vervel that rain will taper off for some overnight. there will be lingering showers wednesday, especially in the north country and the clouds may give way to a few intriet spots in the afternoon in southern new hampshire. but most of the sun will hold off until thursday, into saturday, before the next front moves in wa cooler air on sunday. speaking of cool, temperatures have come down, off the daytime highs over the last several hours, due to the steady rain fill on in. good part of new hampshire seeing some sort of rain, it will fall at varying intensities over the coming hours. right now steadiest from the lakes region down to concord and towards portsmouth. steady light rain in and around the white mountains, points
5:50 pm
especially up through dixville notch and in pittsburgh. but eventually the showers will move in before tapering off by early tomorrow morning. temperature wise, upper 40's on average from the merrimack valley points south and east towards the coast, a little bit cooler, lower to mid 40's in the monadnock region through the upper valley into the lake sunapee zone. the lakes region for the most part lower to mid 40's, give or take a few degrees and today the mildest temperatures were up north due to more sun. so lower to mid 50's. now off those daytime highs. overnight tonight we'll see the temperatures fall, but only a few degrees, so as you head out tomorrow morning it's on the mild side relatively speaking, very close to the average highs for this time of year. when do we get the sunshine back, at least tomorrow we're stuck with a lot of clouds. maybe a little brightening during the afternoon. but then high pressure will build in with a lot of sun for thursday, friday and the first half of the weekend.
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morning. there could be a few light showers, mostly central and northern new hampshire before they give way to clearing wednesday night. lots of sun in here for thursday, right on into friday and saturday. by then temperatures are near 60 and it really cools down as a pattern change develops. and that means flakes of snow for some sunday night into monday, and windy and chilly on tuesday. josh: good rain though. jean: thanks, mike. tot 30-foot deep sinkhole swallowed most of their back yard. josh: tracey and her husband say they heard odd noise z from outside their home saturday night, they quickly evacuated once the house started shifting. >> it started cracking, like the whole house just sounded like it was just -- it was horrible. josh: that's when you leave. officials believe part of an old mine was below the home and that
5:52 pm
the family has been ordered to steer clear of the home until crews get out there and fill the hole. jean: the leg agencies of one founding father needs a little help. josh: up next how you can help preserve ben franklin's final resting place. jean: and some extra traffic on the morning commute, where officers had to round up this
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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jean: it worked for the ruby slippers and neil armstrong's space suit. now the caretakers of benjamin franklin's final resting place are hoping crowd sourcing can restore his gravestone. josh: the stone has a serious crack running through it because of all the pennies that visitors toss in as a tribute. tens of thousands of coins land in the foundation that cares for the cemetery has done its own fun raising but is still about $10,000 short. jean: american legend does say ben franklin thought the turkey should be our national bird, and this california tom probably agrees with him. since showing up at this annual sanctuary, leon has been acting more like a dog than a wild bird. >> he just took to people
5:56 pm
hugs. jean: apparently she's doing all of that. leon the turkey is also a fan of belly scratches, apparently. and is even learning how to play turkey games, and for anyone who is wondering out there, yes, leon the turkey will be spared the fate of most thanksgiving turkeys. josh: he doesn't think he's a dog, but he knows no one is going to eat a turkey that barks at them. i wouldn't. cute
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tom: now at 6:00 an active investigation in nashua, one person in critical condition after being hit in railroad square by a man police say was drunk behind the wheel. jennifer: a driver rescued from this rollover crash after spending the entire night trapped in her car.
5:59 pm
through means rain heavy at times for tonight. how much to expect plus when skies clear again. tom: plus on the same day manchester is singled out for a new d.e.a. program, the trump transition team is taking steps to make good on his campaign promise to fight opioid abuse. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 at 6:00. tom: right now, one of two people hit by a car in nashua's really roid square i good evening, i'm tom griffith. jennifer: i'm jennifer vaughn. police say a massachusetts man was behind the wheel of the car that hit them. wmur's mike cronin live in nashua with our top story at 6:00 tonight. mike? reporter: the two victims were hit right behind me in railroad square, an area that police say can be busy when businesses close late at night. 26-year-old philip kennelly of
6:00 pm
intoxicated and reckless conduct. just before one this morning police say he hit a man and woman, the man is in critical condition at a boston hospital, and the woman it's being treated for serious injuries at a local hospital. police say canelly stayed on expeen a blood sample was taken, but they're still waiting for lab results. >> at this time it appears that the operators own reckless driving created the hazardous scene where ended up being hit. reporter: the driver posted $25,000 cash or surety bail and he'll face a judge in a week. mike cronin, wmur news 9. tom: now to epping where a woman spent the night trapped in her crashed car, the wreckage not discovered until this morning. wmur's siobhan lopez live in epping with how authorities found her. siobhan? reporter: the 70-year-old woman was trapped alone for more than eight hours.


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