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tv   News 9 at Six  ABC  November 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the private bus company first student, authorized a strike that could have happened as early as thursday morning. they say they're unhappy with the company's latest contract offer. first student says drivers outside of belmont are working under a current contract and are prohibited from striking, but, other first student school bus drivers have indicated that if belmont goes on strike, they may honor it and not operate their buses either. that could affect as many as 33 districts across new hampshire. nelson says they'll use the thanksgiving break to finalize plans should a strike happen the following week. >> we are very concerned about that, which is why we have really tried to look at what measures we could put in place to assist families, and really help them. and not make it more-based russell situation. -- more of a stressful situation. reporter: again, buses will run
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live in derry, cherise leclerc, wmur news 9. jennifer: right now, two people are recovering, after a shooting just one block from a nashua middle school. wmur's siobhan lopez is live in the gate city, where police now have a person in custody. reporter: police say the school and surrounding area was never in any danger. that's because the suspect, a male juvenile, was taken into custody almost immediately after the ti it happened just before 7:00 this morning at the intersection of ash and lake streets. police say two adult victims, a man and a woman arrived at the hospital on their own, both suffering from gunshot wounds. a responding officer on their way to the scene saw a person identified as the suspect allegedly tampering with evidence. he was taken into custody. neighbors say it's frightening to hear gunshots in their neighborhood and spent the morning explaining it to their children. >> they were wondering if it was
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what do you tell them? -- even go to school today. reporter: what do you tell them? >> that they'll be fine, we'll take them to school they'll be safe the cops are out looking for the bad guys. reporter: both victims are expected to make full recoveries. the minor faces several charges including falsifying evidence. he's due in court tomorrow. live in nashua, siobhan lopez, wmur news 9. tom: injuries she and her boyfriend are dealing with. police arrested a massachusetts man for dui right after the crash. shelley walcott is live now with the details. reporter: the families of two people hit by an alleged drunk driver say they have been traumatized. jeff croan, who's from hudson, says his daughter ashley and her boyfriend were hit by a truck while they were walking near railroad square in nashua tuesday around 1:00 a.m. 26-year-old philip kannaly of
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and reckless conduct for the accident. croan says his daughter and her boyfriend were seriously hurt the boyfriend was airlifted to mass general hospital. >> we saw them big lifted out. he was unconscious, very, toasts. scary. reporter: he is still not awake? >> oh no. they drained his blade -- his brain and reporter: jeff croan's daughter has a hand fracture, and a torn acl in her knee. kannaly posted a $25,000 cash bail. he will be arraigned in nashua next tuesday. live in the newsroom, i'm shelley walcott, wmur news 9. jennifer: the attorney for a new hampshire activist has withdrawn from his federal case, over his client's plans to plead not guilty. jerry delemus has already pleaded guilty to his role in a
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but plans to change his plea now that defendants in a similar protest in oregon have been acquitted. a motion filed in nevada court says delemus's attorney will probably be called as a witness in hearings on the plea change, meaning he can't represent delemus any more. tonight, the state supreme court is considering an appeal for a new trial, by the man convicted of killing a unh student. his defense team wants the new trial to include information wmur's andy hershberger is live to explain why. reporter: defense lawyers say the disputed evidence has a direct bearing on their theory of what happened. prosecutors say it was rightly excluded during the trial. lawyers for convicted killer seth mazzaglia are asking the state's highest court to consider whether he was given a fair trial in the murder of teenaged university of new hampshire student lizzy marriott.
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have been presented to the jury to give a fuller picture of what they say happened. >> nobody is denying that mr. mazzaglia might well be guilty even on the defense version of events of pretty serious crimes, recklessness and homicide, but it's the difference between first degree murder and a death that came about during an accident. reporter: defense lawyers claim marriott died during a consensual sexual encounter, something the prosecution denies. they say the evidence shows that in 2012 mazzaglia lured the young woman to his apartment, killed her and dumped her body in the ocean, never to be recovered. prosecutors say any evidence of past sexual history is clearly covered by the state's rape shield law. >> that essentially says that someone's prior sexual conduct or activity is not relevant, has no bearing on whether or not they consented to any sexual acts in the present.
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eyewitnesses who strongly dispute mazzaglia's version of events. >> what if the evidence was allowed? you would say the jury could consider that she had interest in these activities makes it more likely that the defendant didn't murder her? that's the link i'm having difficulty with. reporter: marriott's family had no comment as they left the court today. a decision is expected in 3 to 6 months. reporting live andy hershberger, , wmur news 9. tom: new hampshire's drug crisis is creating an extra burden for a popular holiday program. the annual toy drive operation santa claus still has 248 children without sponsors. they range from infants to teenagers and organizers say most are from families struggling because of drug abuse. >> there's a great need every year. there is about annually 3000 chosen we help out throughout the state of new hampshire.
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having an impact on children of need. so there's always need. tom: organizers say older children are often the hardest to find help for. you'll find more information on for the first time in years, republicans control the corner office and both branches of new hampshire's legislature. jennifer: straight ahead at 6:00, what that means for the next legislative session. >> wednesday. we get to talk to nobody else but santa claus to preview the big peterborough annual holiday stroll this saturday.
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jennifer: it's beginning to look a lot like christmas in downtown concord. the state christmas tree is now in place at the state house. the 26-foot blue spruce was harvested from a park in concord. it will be decorated with about 700 lights before next week's official lighting ceremony, held the day after thanksgiving. newly elected lawmakers will head to the state house later this month for orientation, ahead of the new session in january. tom: wmur political director can expect in 2017, including the approach to new hampshire's drug crisis. reporter: the first order of business will be to determine leadership in the 400 member new hampshire house. house speaker shawn jasper is the favorite to retain the gavel, he is getting a challenge from represenative laurie sanborn of bedford, carol maguire of epsome and derry rep tony sapereto. and as governor elect chris sununu looks to hit the ground
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the process will be a smooth one. >> the best he can hope for is that somehow, what is right now a divided house republican caucus can come together and unify and take care of this agenda for him without inviting. reporter: -- in fighting. reporter: no such problem on the senate side, as senate president chuck morse is a lock and for the first time since 2002 republicans will control the house senate and the corner office. >> it is a responsibility as a republican the looming expiration of medicaid expansion will be debated. bills designed to safeguard the integrity of voting will be an issue, and of course the top issue facing the state, the crisis of addiction. >> that is going to be a top priority for the governor. i think he is going to lead on that, and i honestly believe we need to start solving that from day one. reporter: and unlike last session that came with the cover of a primary and presidential race, the spotlight will shine on the golden dome, and the work that goes un beneath it.
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tom: a look at the weather ahead. weather: we are going to see a big-time turnaround. we will tell you how much of an improvement, and how long that improvement last. jennifer: now to our u-local hot shot. a school resource officer in gilford snapped this shot of a rainbow shining over today's school bus. you can submit your pictures and
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jennifer: it is closing and fast. thanksgiving is one week from tomorrow, and peterborough is ready to help you get in the holiday spirit. tom: in tonight's weather wednesday, wmur's mike haddad has a look at what you'll find on peterborough's holiday stroll. reporter: preview the egg peterborough annual holidays stroll. how lucky are we to see santa? nice to see you. >> we're happy to have you in your -- in our town. reporter: you have an important event this weekend. tells about the holiday stroll. >> we have what is called the holiday stroll on saturday. all of the local churches participate.
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you are only a few weeks away from your the christmas holiday? >> more so than you would think. the children don't want necessarily toys and things like that. they often want things like goodwill, or a new job for dad. they're are looking for a lot of other things besides those toys and merchandise. reporter: i'm sure you're going to deliver. thank you so much for joining mike haddad with santa, wmur news 9. weather: i wonder if mike is on the nice or not the list. any guess where the highest temperature was seen? northern new hampshire, 59
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temperature readings we saw around the state. let's check out the last seven days. except for one day, look at the warm temperatures. these are all above average, with the exception of last saturday. there is more above average temperatures to come. there is a limit to it. the temperatures next week will be dropping. we topped off at 50 degrees in concord today. the record is 70 degrees back in 1990. well above average. the temperatures are still above the average high which is 48 degrees for today eerie -- for today. we solid that more rainfall yesterday. up to an inch or two and spots. every drop helps, and we were happy to see that. we have a few days of pretty much nonstop sunshine.
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fog in the overnight hours tonight. late tonight through early tomorrow morning and during the early morning hours, we will see the clouds starting to wake up. fog burns off and sunshine returns to the region and sticks around for a few days. along with it, milder air. you can see this front that is approaching. quite warm and essential part of the united states. they've been talking about temperatures near 90 degrees. this cold that will swing through the entire nation over the next weekend, friday into saturday. the entire nation will be talking about cooling temperatures. high pressure is ruling on whether. -- ruling our weather. mild, above-average temperatures will result through saturday. on saturday, more sunshine, but
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into sunday night. that brings rain showers for sunday. as cooler air starts to spill in monday night into that sunday night into monday morning, the mountains could see rain changing over into a bit of snow. partisan is guys developing tomorrow. mostly -- partly sunny skies developing tomorrow. it makes it feel warmer. some spots could get to 60 degrees on friday. and closer together on saturday. things go downhill from there. because of the fog and clouds, we will see temperatures are hovering above average. just a very slow decline in those temperatures overnight. that gives us a nice warm platform to start with tomorrow. those temperatures will be topping off in the 50's for most spots, except northern new hampshire may be in the upper
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may actually hit the lower 60's on friday. there's a look at the temperature drop off after that. monday and beyond, the temperatures are notably cooler. a big-time temperature couple coming up for next week. jamie: getting ready for the hawks tonight.
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>> now, news nine sports. jamie: the celtics take on the dallas mavericks tonight at the garden. the celtics have been without a couple of starters in al horford and jae crowder. same deal for the mavs it looks like their star dirk nowitzki will miss his 5th game in a row with an achilles injury they are also without deron williams and devin harris. game time is 7:30. how about this one for a season opener. the rivals going head to head. saint anselm college and snhu, ready to hook up on the court to get the season started at penmen fieldhouse. with snhu leading the series 33-31. the penmen have won 4 of the last 5 games. most recently, they played in the ne-1o championship game last season, with snhu winning by 16. it's a win for the manchester monarchs on education day. over 6000 fans were there. kevin morris, son of former monarchs head coach mark morris, scored his first goal of the season. the monarchs win it 4-1. the teams play again friday night in manchester.
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first goal that we wanted and a voice came out ready to play. it was a good teed up points. we played this team again all weekend. you have to's have that you have to have the same effort friday through saturday. jamie: it was a tough week for the unh hockey team overtime losses against boston college and arizona state and a tie against merrimack college. they only got one point in 3 games. but one thing they have going for them they are in 3rd place in hockey east, just one point behind second place umass lowell. unh plays just one game this weekend. we asked the coach what he likes about the team. >> the character, for sure. there is no quitting. we have had our fair share of injuries. i'm sure other people are stepping and doing their job. they compete hard. i hope we get a very healthy. >> we have a lot of guys who can score goals. each game with played, we just have to play better defensively.
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battled and competed in the entire game, coming back the other night down 3-1. about me back to get at least one point was really big. jamie: something we could find out any moment now is whether this guy wins the american league cy young award. he certainly would deserves it here and 11 majors with 22 wins --he lead the majors with 22 wins. there are many phrases we use everyday but are you saying them wrong? the 20 common phrases you might be using incorrectly. tom: tune in for new hampshire chronicle immediately following world news. we'll see you tonight. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy.
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tonight, breaking news. inside trump tower. the controversy over members of the president-elect's family and national security clearance. mr. trump's team requesting clearance for trump's son-in-law, jared kushner. ivanka trump's husband now emerging as a top adviser. also gh buildings in new york city? also tonight, the police shooting. tonight, that officer charged with manslaughter. what prosecutors are now saying. the horrific moment on the train tracks. the family inside their truck. the split-second decision that saved them. the murder at an american airport. travelers told to shelter in place. tonight, the possible motive revealed. and the victim, the father of an nfl player. and the breaking images


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