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tv   News 9 Noon  ABC  November 17, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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adam: now at noon, the face of addiction. new numbers straight from the surgeon general, and the toll drugs are taking across the u.s. another city in the granite state launches a new program to fight the opioid crisis here in new hampshire. kevin: getting the sunshine back, and the milder temperatures along with it. how long to the weekend. adam: school buses are still running as normal across new hampshire, but the threat of a strike by drivers isn't over. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 at noon. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] adam: fighting the new hampshire drug crisis. the epidemic is overwhelming -- claiming lives at an overwhelming case. a manchester firefighter had a
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haven for anyone who is ready for help. now the city of nashua is stepping up launching the state's second safe stations program. wmur's kristen carosa is live in nashua to explain. kristen: adam, the process to bring a safe station program to nashua started in january and now the city is ready to help people looking for recovery. as you said, nashua is following in manchester's footsteps, which launched their safe station program in may. the mayor developed a drug task force earlier this year and that happen. the program encourages people suffering from addiction to walk into any fire station to get the help they need. the person will be evaluated and then handed over to a 24-7 treatment and recovery center. here in nashua, officials will be working with harbor homes and keystone hall, organizations that will help make that happen. amr ambulance, southern new hampshire medical center, and st. joe's hospital will also be
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they have had to administer narcan. >> we get them to a medical facility and at that point we kind of lose track of them. with the model we have in place, there is a better shot of getting somebody from that point into a recovery program. and eventually, hopefully things work out for the best. kevin: the fire department tells us that they have already gone through a trial run of this program and they are already seeing results. again, anyone suffering from addiction can now walk into any of the city's six fire stations and get the help they need. live in nashua, kristen carosa, wmur news 9. adam: kristen, thank you. we have been grappling with the opioid crisis for a while in new hampshire. but a new report from the u.s. surgeon general is shedding light on the toll drugs and alcohol are taking across the united states. according to the report, nearly
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addictions, while only 10% of those addicted are getting treatment. and one american dies every 19 minutes from opioid or heroin overdose. it's the first report from a u.s. surgeon general dedicated to substance addiction. u.s. surgeon general vivek murthy says the goal of the report is to encourage better diagnosis and treatment. murthy called for more programs and policies, including health coverage, to help treat substance use disorder. behind bars this noo m arrested on drug charges inside a queen city apartment that she shares with her 4 children. police arrested 36-year-old sandra quintanilla on two outstanding warrants for selling narcotics. inside her apartment police say they found more than 5 grams of crack cocaine and more than a thousand dollars in cash. an 8-month old child was sleeping in the back bedroom at the time. the baby and the woman's 3 other children were placed in the care of dcyf. turning now to the weather, you
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bombing 55 degrees. let's head right over to meteorologist kevin skarupa for look at the combat and the weekend forecast. kevin: we had rainfall just a couple of days ago, but not a tremendous help. you can see the same area of extreme drought remains that way. of course we're just weeks away from the ground freezing for the season any groundwater seeping in. for the time being we have sunshine in certain locations, while other locations are stuck in the clouds up west and north. mid-upper 50's this noon. even warmer temperatures back to our west for the time being. we want details and a look at your weekend in just a few minutes. adam: crowded elevators in trump
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reports of internal conflict continue to plague team trump but his transition team says everything is going smoothly. meanwhile, hillary clinton made her first public appearance last night since conceding the election, opening up about that defeat and moving forward. abc's maggie rulli is in washington with the details. maggie: another busy day for team trump. v.p-elect mike pence stops by the hill. >> we are exciting about moving the agenda forward. maggie: as president-elect donald trump remains inside trump tower, hosting more meetings with cabinet contenders and personally greets his first foreign leader, prime minister abe of japan. sources tell abc news the transition is full of internal fighting and disarray one potential problem for team trump, jared kushner, trump's son in law. reports have the family member taking a formal role in the white house.
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president obama and former president bush. this morning trump aide kellyanne conway denies those those reports but says kushner will remain involved. >> he's a trusted advisor to his father-in-law and that won't change. maggie: the other big headache , trump's choice of stephen bannon as white house counselor? the former head of breitbart news with ties to the alt right and white nationalists. senator sanders: a president of th maggie: as trump vets his future cabinet in new york city hillary , clinton returns to the public stage. ms. clinton: i will admit, coming here tonight wasn't the easiest thing for me. maggie: she speaks to her supporters thousands who are , still protesting the election across the country and tells , them not to be discouraged. ms. clinton: stay engaged on every level. we need you.
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. she's now up by more than one million and is on track to receive the second most votes of any presidential candidate in u.s. history, behind only president obama. maggie rulli, abc news, washington. adam: the superintendent of the timberlane district in plaistow is going to court to stop a potential school bus driver strike. organizers in belmont announced the strike over a contract dispute. it has been pushed up until tuesday. the timberlane s injunction to make sure bus drivers don't walk off the job in support of the belmont drivers. a wanted new hampshire fugitive is in custody after u.s. marshals say they apprehended her hundreds of miles from home. 47-year-old ramie marston was discovered in tennessee after u.s. marshals fugitive task forces received multiple tips. marston was arrested last night on an outstanding warrant for violating conditions of her supervised release as part of a 2010 conviction for bank fraud.
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juvenile accused of shooting two people in nashua. police say shots rang out just before 7:00 yesterday morning near the intersection of ash and lake streets. the victims, both adults, were treated and released. the suspect was apprehended by an officer responding to the scene. he will go before a judge in juvenile court today. new details this noon about an unsolved murder in massachusetts. police in princeton are now looking for a dark colored suv in connection to the murder of vanessa marcotte. she was killed in while out for august a jog. police say a suv was parked along the road where her body was found. witnesses saw it around the time the 27-year-old left her family's home. some dramatic video out of boston overnight as a commuter rail train splits a car in two. the 25-year-old driver surrended surrendered to police this morning after leaving the scene of the crash in revere. the driver and a female passenger allegedly fled after the train slammed into the car.
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who he had struck, when he drove around the lowered crossing dates. luckily, no injuries were reported. dry conditions and a continuing drought are fueling wildfires in the south. coming up, the fires filling skies with smoke, and impacting air quality and health across six states. community banding together after a bench that was meant to spread kindness was vandalized. kevin: really nice weather over the next weekend system produces big changes for next week. adam: and it "coupon professor,"
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adam: authorities are now saying natural gas is to blame for the deadly explosion in illinois others injured in the blast in downtown canton. the explosion also damaged several buildings. part of the town is closed off as crews continue to assess the damage. thick smoke hanging over much of the south today as wildfires continue to rage. firefighters are battling major flames in six states -- georgia, alabama, kentucky, tennessee, and north and south carolina are
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space in these pictures captured by nasa. it is also causing health concerns for communities across the south. in tennessee more than 200 , people in the hospital with breathing difficulties. here in new hampshire, a fire that destroyed hundreds of acres is now contained. the u.s. forest service says this week's rain helped firefighters get the upper hand on the fire in the white mountain national forest. it is called the covered bridge fire. the cause of the fire is still under investigation, but officials say it was likely people to stay away until the fire is completely out. kevin strube joining us now. i'm he -- kevin strube joining us. i hear snow may or may not be in the forecast? kevin: there will be that chance up north and will be a very different weather pattern the next couple of days. adam: coming up, the coupon professor is here and she's got some great ways you can save
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>> now, meteorologist kevin skarupa with your storm watch 9 forecast. kevin: not far to go to get back
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highs -- we will jump above that for saturday from the next system that comes in will mean business as far as colder air from canada. for the time being, blend of sunshine and clouds. the farther west and north you go, quite a bit more in the way of cloud cover. that is trying to hang on in western areas and should continue to decrease in the afternoon. in the north country the clouds hold tough until the winds light and didn't have a true chance to dry out yesterday. those linger in the way of patchy fog in the monadnock region this morning. northwest flow has a tendency to bank up against the rain. areas south and east come down sloping wins and a chance to clear out. this is our next system back to the west. couple of days for we get there but eventually approaching with increasing clouds. mid to upper 40's for highs this
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mid 50's in southern spots. a couple more degrees for southern areas. 57, 58 degrees. there is a little bit of a breeze to go along with it. higher gusts adding a little bit of extra bite to the air. all in all, pretty pleasant afternoon for this time of year. with clouds in western and northern areas. surge of warmth in the midsection of the country. that had to in our that. starting on sunday, continuing through good portion of next week, likely including next week as well. fairer skies as the winds light and overnight. we will drop all the way back into the 30's. highs tomorrow back in the 50's. as head of a couple of southern locations, 60 degrees tomorrow afternoon. 50's with mostly sunny skies on saturday.
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directions and that will meet our next chance of showers and what will likely be as it arrives mostly in liquid form. you notice as the front comes through, cooler air training and behind it. northern and western sections of the state come what starts as rain showers may switch to scatter snow showers sunday afternoon and evening. portion of next week. lower 60's in southern areas of the state tomorrow. it could end as a few snowflakes sunday evening, and then brisk winds with temperatures either side of 40, before rebounding on wednesday. sean: yes, it is that time of year coming in gifts for people
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people and a lot of the grocery stores, hannaford being one, have huge displays to give back and making it easier for us. gifts for family and friends, give the gift of togetherness. in my be something like go out for dinner. if you want to take advantage of gift certificates right now, for restaurants, a lot of the chains have them. you get extra for free. i have a fabulous site as well certificates, too. sean: flexible. kim: another fun one is the gift that keeps on giving, subscription. when that my readers love -- 100 photos for three dollars a month. now you have a place for it. a lot of unique gifts.
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the candles -- fabulous things like the candles. some fun shirts. these are local businesses. vendors giveaways, too. -- fabulous giveaways, too. sean: so many things to talk
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adam: a bench that was meant to spread kindness at the auburn village school has been vandalized. a girls scout troop bought the buddy bench so that kids could sit and meet new friends. t installed, it was covered with vulgar drawings. now the girls are working to raise money to replace it with a sturdier, granite one. they set up a gofund me page and so far it has raised more than $3,000, which is over the $2500 goal. good for them trying to turn a negative into a positive. kevin: absolutely. temperatures up into the 50's, and 52 near 60 is where we
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morning. much colder air next week. adam: gloves and jackets for thanksgiving. starting tonight at 5:00, we'll have more on the winter drought prediction for new hampshire, and what it means for you. and don't stress over finding the best black friday deals. new credit cards will track down the savings for you. that does it for us.
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"celebrity page tv." dwayne johnson rocks the vote for "people" magazine's sexiest man alive. the superstar reveals his secret to staying so good looking. then taylor swift and katy perry's bad blood boils over. how "watch what happens live" host andy cohen is rekindling the feud. plus ryan reynolds gets grilled by himself? >> first question. why such a [ bleep ]? his own brother to interview himself for "gq's "man of the year issue. >> it's a big honor. i can't think of anyone more worthy. >> yeah, well. it's -- >> hey, jake. >> big stars, big hollywood. "celebrity page tv" starts now. >> welcome to "celebrity page," i'm sonia isabelle coming to you from the "celebrity page" studio. i'm diving deeper into hollywood's ageism controversy.


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