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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  November 17, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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good evening, thank you for joining us, i'm josh mcelveen. jennifer: i'm jennifer vaughn. a granite state program that has become a national model is expanding, as the u.s. surge ungeneral issues a dramatic warning on opioids. josh: we have live team coverage. let's begin with the surgeon general report, jennifer davis is in our washington bureau. reporter: dr. murphy says a bias against substance use disorders prevents people from coming fod >> we have to help people understand that this is not a disease of choice or a character flaw, this is in fact a chronic disease of the brain. reporter: murphy says only one in 10 substance abusers is getting help. the report highlights what does and doesn't work when it comes to treatment. it says staged interventions like we see on tv may back fire, because they could make an addict more resist tab to treatment. and medication may be more
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abusers than abstinence only methods like 12-step programs. the affordable care act made treatment easier to access. it is not clear out republicans will address addiction if they repeal and replace the law. i'm jennifer davis. jennifer: nashua city leaders hope a program showing success in manchester can help them begin to curb the drug crisis there. kristen carosa is live in the gate city tonight which now offers safe stations. reporter: t in january and now take a look the city is ready to help people find recovery. nashua launched their safe station program today here at the east hollis street fire station. it's very similar to manchester's program which has helped 700 people since it was started in may. people are encouraged to walk into any of nashua's six fire stations to be evaluated and then transferred to a 24-7 recovery center or hospital if
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organizations that offer counseling, coaching and medical treatment. no one will be turned away. >> harbor homes can help to sort of bridge the gap with medical detox or maybe just with a shelter, between the time that a person wants to seek help and when they can get into a longer term treatment program. reporter: the fire department says they've gone through a trial run of this program and are already jennifer: new hampshire has just joined 41 other states in suing two companies saying they blocked a generic version of a drug to treat opioid addiction. the lawsuit claims the two companies worked together to switch the drug from a tablet version to a film to delay generics from entering the market. the attorney generals claim that that has led to artificially high prices for the drug.
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josh: a pair of new hampshire school districts have taken their bus drivers to court worried about a potential strike, this after first student drivers this belmont threaten to walk off the job, something that could have a ripple effect. reporter: well, josh, the judge has not yet made a rule in this case, but the attorney for s.a.u.55 told us that they do now have some assurances that bus drivers the job before the next contract meeting which is next tuesday. meantime the superintendent for timberlane and hampstead says if the drivers were to strike they would struggle to find emergency resources to get their students to school. they're also arguing that if the bus drivers go on strike they'd be breaking their contract, stating that they wouldn't strike. currently only first student union bus drivers at the belmont location are authorized to strike. but first student drivers and other districts have indicated
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they are currently the talks in washington d.c. >> the fact is the parties are still talking and it is our hope and desire that they come to terms and that this strike issue just goes away. >> we chose to take a stand because we're not going to allow any any people to use our kids as pawns. so i was committed to using every tool in the tool shed to make sure that the company that we contracted for to provide transportation for our reporter: the judge is expected to make a rule tomorrow. the attorney for the teamsters union says no bus drivers are expected to walk off the job before monday, november 28. cherise leclerc, wmur news 9. jennifer: tonight confirmation from climate experts that the drought we've experienced in new hampshire will last through the winter and that's even if we
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jennifer crompton has the story. reporter: this means there will will be no drought relief for at least three months and though it perhaps comes as no surprise, it reenforces the message to conserve, conserve, conserve. new hampshire's drought situation is about to be frozen in time. >> what we've been saying as this has progressed over the fall, kind of where we are once we hit winter, sort of where we're going, we're going to be until i spring. reporter: the map just released by the climate prediction center is not good news, confirming that the extreme drought this southern new hampshire and severe conditions in the central part of the state will persist until at least march. >> the drought is affecting the ground water system. and of course here in a cold climate, the precipitation during the winter is going to be sitting on the surface. we need that in the ground water system. reporter: recent drains are a
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freeze. conservation will be key, washing shower lengths and laundry loads, especially with communities with restrictions already in place. >> for areas where ground water levels are already low, people are going to have to conserve their water use if they're drawing from wells or streams. reporter: a lot of winter snow could help, but not until spring. >> we need a good snowfall season. and a slower snow melt, because one of the things you don't want to happen is your snow to melt early or all at once. reporter: we ask if a delay in the hard freeze would help. she said the deficit is so great it wouldn't make much difference, and points out that a warm beginning to winter could hurt the eco system, confusing plants that had already shut down for the season.
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today. all of that could change before the weekend is over. mike: yes, we have a big pattern change ready to develop, but not tomorrow and not on saturday. it will happen by the second half of the weekend. temperatures still a little above average for daytime highs, mid to upper 40's, 50's south. there's a lot of mild air to our west. look at chicago at 70. we will not get that warm, but the 61 in cleveland not out of th southern new hampshire tomorrow. a lot of cold air just sitting there and a good portion of the rockies and northern plains, and eventually that will move in by sunday. highs tomorrow mid to upper 50's to lower 60's. courtesy of the jet stream that drives mile air in here for the start of the weekend. but notice a big dip that settles in here by sunday and monday. that will bring a return to normal temperatures by the send half of the weekend through a good part of next week.
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only rain but maybe a bit of snow for some? that's straight ahead. josh: thanks. commitment 2016 now, is it possible that one of donald trump's most vocal critics during the campaign could become a key part of his administration? respect us is swirling that mitt romney will talk to trump about becoming the secretary of state. reporter: josh, donald trump's team says there's no timetable for aannouncing cabinet members, but the president elect is including two republican governors. familiar faces today at trump tower, but also some new ones. donald trump's transition team says the president-elect sat down with former secretary of state kissinger and is also meeting with florida governor rick scott and south carolina nicki haley who is reportedly in the running to lee the state department. trump's team says the priority is making right, not fast,
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>> we look at where past administrations have been also and we feel like we're on target. >> for most of these people, we're talking about folks who haven't even come close to the white house who have to figure out how to direct a government with a couple million civilian employees. this is big business. reporter: in washington, mike pence spent the day on capitol hill. >> we're beginning to discuss areas that we might move forward on together. reporter: pence, a former congressman, met with congressional leaders from >> we had had a straight forward conversation about how we can work together on infrastructure, issues that relate to child care. reporter: another possible candidate, mitt romney, who's meeting with trump this weekend. the two men insulted each other during the campaign, but spoke when romney called to congratulate him. jennifer: let's get a look at
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93 through hooksett. >> hi, josh and jen. it it has been pretty good so far coming up on 93 over the state line to manchester, just a slight slowdown through the work zone in windham. heavy volume on the 293 from the everett american unto exit 4. things look good on 93, busy but 101 west we have air typical stop and go approaching 114 and heading towards bedford and amherst. everett turnpike north is congested. no trouble on 101, but just got word of a crash on the spaulding turnpike southbound in rochester at the exit 13 off ramp. and on the northbound side of the spaulding, it's heavy and slow between exits 2 and 5. from the wzid traffic network,
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jennifer: a decision on whether to revoke bail for a former state rep has been pushed back. josh: but the judge is not happy with the delay. up next the unusual note added to the court paperwork. jennifer: also an emotional day of testimony the the new case against a convicted killer. family members of gary sampson's victims say they are trying to stay focused. >> not running anything else -- josh: police say the man who drove in frontf from another accident. jennifer: coming up at 6:00, grinches have targeted the state house, the expensive vandalism
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jennifer: federal prosecutors have rested their case against a man already convicted of a murder spree through new hampshire and massachusetts. josh: gary sampson has been sentenced to death for those killings but successfully appealed for a new trial.
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>> we've been listening to weeks of clinical testimony about crime scenes and autopsies, and people get lost in there. josh: sampson admitted to kill all three victims. the defense will begin its case on monday. jennifer: a judge today reluctantly agreed to postpone the bail hearing for former state representative kyle tasker. prosecutors asked for tasker's bail to be revoked onrg solicitation. after he was charged with driving under the influence. court schedules forced that bail hearing to be postponed. but the judge added an unusual note to the motion, saying a continuance was, quote, granted with with some reluctance, because the picture painted is of a defendant who is out of control in a manner that threatens public safety, en quote. the judge added that the bail decision should be, quote,
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murder after an investigation spanned three northeast states. the body of a connecticut man last seen headed to new york city has been found on the jersey shore. angelica spanos has the story. >> it's a total loss. everybody that came in contact with this kid loved him. he was one of a kind. reporter: joseph's father is inconsolable, shocked by the brutal kill ofis son. he went to manhattan with friend saturday for a night out. police say he got separated from his friends at a club and was last seen entering this luxury apartment billion on the upper east side. >> they had all the crime seen people, going through our trash. reporter: police say they found his bloody clothes inside and bloody evidence in a garbage bag outside the billion.
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son of a prominent new york city jeweler. additional charges include tampering and hindering prosecution charges. he was stabbed 15 times and his body found buried in a shallow grave in this wooded area in month moth county, new jersey on wednesday. >> we're taking statements from other people, collecting a lot of evidence as we go around the city speaking to different people who were there in the club and in the apartment. reporterol unknown and we're still waiting for more details on what unfolded that night. mike: the sun now down, starting to cool off a bit from the daytime highs. take a look at the time lapse pictures in warner today, clouds, partial sun early, and then more sun during the late morning and afternoon. a little on the gusty side, but temperatures once again well
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the official high in concord, 5. look at the morning low, 11 above the average of 28. we reached 39 for a morning low. the record low, minus one, that's right, it can get that cold, that was set back on this date in 1967. on the cool side now, but still running above average by several degrees, considering this early hour of the evening. we should be back into the upper third to lower 40's. even 34 atop mount washington is relatively mild for 6,000 feet up. it indicates that the air mass is not all that cold and will remain above average at least for next couple days before big changes move in. upper 20's north overnight. 30's for many. the highest temperatures will be in downtown manchester and along the coast. fairly typical during most normal nights. look at the cold air sitting
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to go through the rockies and plains. it will be warmer tomorrow than it was today. and similar temperatures on saturday before the next front changes all of that as we go into sunday. right now fair skies are locked in, a few patchy low clouds may linger in the mountains at times tonight. but full sunshine statewide for your friday, and nice and mild as temperatures surge above 60 in parts of southern and central new hampshire. temperatures well above the average. notice the big changes that develop as we go into early sunday. clouds take over later saturday evening, and by early sunday morning a batch of rain moves through, notice late morning through midday turns just cold enough for the rain showers to end as a little snow, and there could be an accumulation this the mountains to the north, and maybe some of the hills in western parts of the granite state. but again no snow out there
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50's. very mild as we go into saturday, we're going to see coolest weather at the coast due to an on shore breeze. so about 53 or 54 alon shore roads. upper 50's to around 60 elsewhere. beyond that into the weekend and right through the big holiday week, or at least to thanksgiving, notice how rain showers change to snow showers on sunday. lingering snow showers on and off sunday night into mon but cab rule out a few flakes in southern new hampshire. look at the temperatures from 61 tomorrow, mid 40's and cooling on sunday. then we're right back to typical late november cold, with snow showers in the mountains early tuesday, dry through the big travel day, that's good news. thursday could see some rain and or snow in new hampshire, tough to call the timing or track on that system yet. josh: all right, keep us posted. sending the text message to a
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trouble. jennifer: but one grandma's mixup will mean an extra guest at thanksgiving dinner. josh: the holiday get away could
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josh: if you have any questions about thanksgiving dinner, you can text the butter ball experts. from now through the big day.
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texting to its annual hotline. just like the phone line, expert cooks will be answering your turkey questions. want the number? you you can tech -- i'm not call people turkeys. you can text or call. one family in arizona will have a special guest this thanksgiving after grab ma accidentally invited a stranger. jennifer: the reporterxp message. >> somebody pick up. pick up. reporter: the holidays can be a stressful time, getting the whole family together can be tough, especially when you have the wrong number. >> i was sitting in class and i get this random text from a random group chat and it was someone's grandma inviting me over for thanksgiving. reporter: 17-year-old jamal hin ton was 'class when the text came in dinner at my house on
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>> i texted back and said who is this, and i was thinking my grandma got a new number. so why not ask for the picture. reporter: the picture came in not jamal's grandma. he texted back a selfie. >> we established that we weren't related, but i said hey, why not ask for an extra plate since the offer was there. reporter: the offer just as sweet as ever, of course you ca feed everyone. >> i think that's crazy that people can actually connection and be nice to each other with people they don't know. reporter: it's gone viral, shared hundreds of thousands of times. people online proclaiming her everyone's grandma. jamal says the lady is an example we should all set this thanksgiving. by the way, he will be taking
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josh: straight ahead, did you know there's a new way to avoid the hassle of shopping on black friday, but you can still get all the deals? jennifer: and a fishing trip to one california lake ended with an unexpected catch, where these mountain lions were caught on camera. now to your u local hot shot, these birds enjoying the high
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jennifer: he set a deadly fire but wants out of the state prison. now, why prosecutors are granting his request. josh: one person arrested for this commuter rail crash and police say the drive another accident. mike: bright and cool today, and the nice stretch does tyne into the start of the weekend. a look at the big changes that follow. jennifer: and this windham woman woman's latest hobby is proof that your golden years are the perfect time to try something new. >> gives you a whole new chance of life again. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do.
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jennifer: welcome back. i'm jennifer vaughn. josh: i'm josh mcelveen. police say a man trying to get away from a hit-and-run accident was in another crash, this time with a train. jennifer: as rondell la richardson from our sister station in boston tells us, a neighbor caught the second crash on video. reporter: the man whiebd the wheel when the train smashed his car to pieces had more than one reason to run, according to police. why would this car go around safety gates and risk i himself in to transit police saying he was on the run, fleeing the scene of a prior motor vehicle accident in revere. that one was minor. this turned into a major scene. his car totally mangled in revere's oak island neighborhood. it is not even a commuter rail stop. >> i was in shock, i couldn't believe it, looked like something got hit by a train. when i got out, i saw the scene, police officers all over the
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reporter: carlos sharing his home surveillance video points out you can see the man crash and then runaway. police are only identifying the driver as a 25-year-old lynn man. police say the gates were down around 10:30 wednesday night when he maneuvered around and onto the track. it's miraculous he and his male passenger even survived the crash. this, their second incident of last night. >> i couldn't believe it, it was very quick. reporter: transit court. police say he was involved in a hit-and-run minutes early in the same neighborhood. josh: might want to give yourself extra time if you're heading onto the massachusetts turnpike this thafg, mass d.o.t. says the demolition of toll booths will continue through midday wednesday and that means delays in the days just before the holiday.
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sports plaques in bed information is gearing up for the auto show and this year the event will showcase more than 150 new automobiles. organizers say you'll also get the chance to see the latest technology, there will be a range of vehicles including luxury cars. >> it's a great place for you people to come, no pressure, no sales environment, so it's a great place for people to come and examine the cars, get in them, get that new car smell their nostrils. jennifer: doors open at noon on friday, and the show runs through 5:00 on sunday. knowing the words to your favorite song could help the community. we'll explain, just ahead. josh: also a major american bank is shelling out millions over accusations that it bribed its way into the chinese markets. jennifer: this year's cyber monday is expected to be red hot, how much money americans are expected to spend this
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mike: a fantastic friday is on the way tomorrow. a look at the changes we'll see over the weekend. [ tower pinging ] [ whistling ] we've got a problem, friend. witches? what's the problem? the naughty list shouldn't get deals! yeah, but anyone who switches gets half off of any smartphone. even these? yeah, any smartphone. call the big guy! [ bell dings ] santa? no, jingles. [ knuckles crack ] [ spits ] ooo. ouch. [ neck cracks ] [ darien ] switch and get half off any smartphone.
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josh: what kind of day was it? not a bad done, the dow jones
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j.p. morgan chase will pay more than $260 million to settle charges that it bribed chinese officials by hiring their friends and relatives. federal investigators say the bank's affiliate in asia agreed to hire those people regardless of qualification so it could win banking deals in china. u.s. officials say that amounted to the same thing as direct bribery. jennifer: the holiday shopping season is under way andxp monday. americans will likely spent $3.5 billion shopping online on the monday after thanksgiving, according to an online research group. that's up sharply from last year with holiday sales expected to rise 3.6%. some credit cards are offering a black friday advantage, buy now but get the great sales later. mary maloney explains how it works. reporter: want that new tv now?
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some cards offer price protection. if you pay full price for something but see it on sale within a certain time, the card pays you the difference. go online to register what you bought, then for the next two months the company tracksity tem. if the price goes down, request a refund. but make sure you keep your receipt. the refunds are limited to 500 bucks per item and chase has the same max payout. to get money back, submit a claim with your only receipt, credit card statement and an ad showing the items lower price. discover and master card also have similar programs that will give you money back, even on black friday deals, but there can be some restrictions, for instance if a deal is promoted as limited quantity or door buster. with all these cards make sure you read the fine print and do
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josh: up next, what happened after a deer crashed into a runner. jennifer: in sports we'll hear from the u.n.h. basketball team as they look to stay undefeated on the young season. josh: two school districts are taking no chances when it comes to bus drivers walking off the job. the emergency court hearing held on its behalf this afternoon. plus how a medical emergency at one nashua high school led to a disturbing discovery of a loaded gun in a student's backpack. this city is it. great food, gorgeous scenery, friendly people. and what's better than doing something awesome in manchester? doing it for free. we hear you. that's why a-a-r-p is hosting fun, free, informative events. like wine tours and movie premieres. plus, we're offering resources to help you
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even more livable. so if you don't think, "this is right for me" when you think a-a-r-p then you don't know "aarp."
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jennifer: the man who set a deadly fire in claremont is tonight on his way from the state prison to the state hospital. this afternoon the attorney general's office agreed to the stepdown in custody for the man who set that 2004 fire. josh: adam sexton is in court in concord to explain the decision. reporter: 10 years ago matthew carignan was found not guilty by reason of insanity after starting a fire that killed two people in claremont. to enough that he can be transferred from the state prison to the state hospital. these flames destroyed a family. lynn and lori died saving the lives of a fire started by this man. after a decade in the state prison's secure psychiatric housing unit, he's now headedded to the state hospital.
5:42 pm
revealed that this defendant was appropriate for stepdown, was a low risk of reoffending, and that the new hampshire hospital was the appropriate setting to continue his treatment. reporter: doctors say he has improved behind bars, he's not displaying violent or fire starting behavior. but his own attorney says he will have limited privileges at the state hospital. >> there are both medical as well as mental health issues to deal with by the treatment teams. reporter: while members of t thursday, one of their daughters spoke to us after the fire in october 2004, describing the mother she lost. >> she was so loving and she was so happy, and she just would do anything for me, we were best friends. reporter: the attorney general's office says if carriban exhibits psychotic behavior or runs afoul of rules and regulations, he will be going back to prison. due to the not guilty by reason
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reevaluated every five years. he was most recently recommitted in february of in year. adam sexton, wmur news 9. jennifer: in tonight's spirit of giving, a fundraiser is under way. josh: it's today and tomorrow from 5:30 in the morning until 7:00 at night encouraging people to donate money or bid hampshire's hungry. >> friday we got a trip to see "dancing with the stars," we've got that and we've got a lot of rock stuff, country stuff and trips and all kinds of things at morning, but it's all about helping families in need this holiday season. josh: this is the 26th year of lend a helping hand. jennifer: tomorrow in dover the spirit of give can mean a fun night out while helping a great cause. the community action partnership
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its lip sync contest, the money raised will help families with everything from heat assistance to child care to food pantries. >> it's $5 per person, 15 for a group of four, it's a great night out. all the proceeds come back to support our local families. we just handed out 200 holiday baskets, so when you give to us and bring a canned good, all the donations go back to help those in be there as one of the judges. jamie: boston bruins are the best road team in the nhl this year, 7 wins and 10 games away from the garden. they look to keep that going when they play at the minnesota wild tonight. wild coming off a #-0 loss to calgary. u.n.h. will host abilene christian from texas. they pulled off a huge upset at temple university.
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court. 20 wins last year. they seem to be picking up where they left off. >> they're a good solid basketball team, we had a great win down there, then we lost to s.m.u. in the second game on that trip. i'm sure from their standpoint it will be a payback game. >> in college football saturday, the big 10, wisconsin and purdue at noon. then at 3:30, florida state should have no problem with syracuse. and that one under the lights, that's going to be a great west virginia. coming up at 6:00 we'll find out who wins the american league m.v.p. award, could be mookie betts of the red sox. jennifer: sounds good. talk about messing with your concentration, the cross country championships in center valley, pennsylvania, they went a little off course when a deer joined the race. josh: it didn't just join the race, it hit a runner right in the gut, knocking him to the
5:46 pm
is okay except for a few bruises. a california father and son say they have often seen deer, eagles, even bear when day go fishing. jennifer: but their last fishing trip brought a visitor they had never encountered before. reporter: kevin and his son blake were fishing on shasta lake sunday when something caught their eyes. >> we see two things in the water that we had seen before, so we stopped, turned around for a second and next thing you know we see two large mountain lions swimming a cross the lake. reporter: and they got pretty close. >> they weren't intimidated by us at all, they swam right past us. went across to the other side. reporter: 11-year-old blake says he immediately reached for his camera. >> i was excited, i really
5:47 pm
the matter they're in the middle of a lake. >> to actually see a mountain lion in the water, it really caught me by surprise. i just assumed that cats didn't like water. they seem very, very comfortable. they were very strong swimmers, they were moving a lot of ground really quickly. reporter: and he made sure to give them space. >> back up. back up. we certainly respect those animals. even when we got a little bit close i up because we understand the power of a mountain lion and what they're capable of. reporter: after sharing the videos on face bike, they became viral overnight. >> i was at school just walking to class and i walk in and people are like, so, about that mountain lion video, i'm like we just started talking about it. and mr. b. brings the video up in class and we just watched it. reporter: they both agree it was an experience they'll never forget.
5:48 pm
it's a once in a lifetime opportunity, and it was neat be able to share that with each other. mike: give space. enjoy from a distance. if you see one of those in a new hampshire lake we've got some issues. we started off cool today, seeing the temperature fall off in the last few hours, a little closer to average. but starting tomorrow we've got a spring conditions, take a look at what's heading in our direction over the coming days. we do have a fair and cool night on the way, already temperatures are fall well below where we were a few hours ago, but a fantastic friday. sunny and mild temperatures, and a very nice start to the weekend will follow on saturday before the next system changes all of that and signals not only a change for sunday but a pattern shift for all of next week. and maybe into the rest of the
5:49 pm
beyond next week, but rain ending as snow, especially up north on sunday. and behind that front much cooler for the big thanksgiving week next week. right now pleasantly cool, mid to upper 40's from the merrimack valley and towards the coastline. a little cooler as you travel in the higher terrain in the monadnock region, lower 40's in elevation. mid 40's in the valleys. close to the same temperature pattern in and around the upper valley through the heart of the lakes region ask back through the lake sunapee stretch as southern part of the white mountains before it cools down more so. but not dramatically so. some of the higher terrain up north actually a little bit warmer than the valleys, indicating that the air mass moving in right now is not only above average but well above the norm. so overnight tonight we will cool down but still remain above the normal low temperatures, which is basically upper 20's to lower 30's. by daybreak we may be back into the 20's to near 30 north, but
5:50 pm
lower to mid 30's to the north and west. take a look at the mild surge of weather back to our west, from the mississippi valley, 82 right now, mid-november reading in st. louis, 70 in chicago land. not going to get this warm, but certainly warmer than normal at least into the weekend before all of this takes over for sunday into a good part of next week. that will bring our temperatures right back to or even slightly below average. lots of sunshine for the day tomorrow. take a look at sky cast over the average tonight, could be a few high clouds around, but potentially -- by afternoon watch the temperatures climb through tupper 50's into the low 60's. and still quite warm with sunshine on saturday. certainly the pick of the weekend, there is no doubt about it. sometimes there's a little bit of doubt. not now. this saturday is your day to be outdoors. and then here come the changes, rain ending as snow sunday late
5:51 pm
few inches in the mountains, but there could abe coating in the higher terrain to the west. much colder monday, tuesday and wednesday. maybe some rain and or snow for thanksgiving. jennifer: new developments in the efforts to restore benjamin franklin's gravestone. josh: the gofundme campaign is getting a major boost thanks to the charity of jon bon jovi be he and his wife donated the grave stone. that jennifer: nissan and star wars are coming together to introduce a new collectors item. certain rogue s.u.v.s, they'll be featuring a special emblem designed by lucas film. each comes with a replica death trooper helmet that you'll only
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be 5,000 available in the u.s., 400 in canada. drone delivery has arrived. josh: the future is now at domino's pizza, these pizzas being delivered by drones in new zealand. the company claims it's the first in the world food delivery by a drone and says the technology could reduce delivery time by a few minutes. that first order was a chili cranberry pizza. jennifer: there is such a thing? apparently. and delivered by drone. josh: an ancient form of exercise is getting new life thanks to a windham woman. jennifer: and hundreds of granite state kids will stay
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josh: age is just a number to new hampshire's newest tai chi instructor. jennifer: 90-year-old jeannette larue started taking tai chi on a nurse's suggestion, when her instructor got sick and had had to stop teaching, she decided to become a teacher herself.
5:56 pm
happier. >> i had taken from her for three years and i said i think i can do that in her honor, because she had helped me so much. and so that's when i began. >> i have to stand with a walker, and with this i stand without it for half an hour doing the movement. jennifer: studies have shown tai chi can also help people with dementia because of the repetitive movements involved and
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5:58 pm
josh: two local school districts take the fight to court in an effort to take the -- jennifer: and a goal of helping those fighting the addiction battle. >> we want to make sure we have all the pieces in place and have
5:59 pm
today and turns warmer on friday. how much longer until it really cools down. josh: plus one on one with governor elect chris sununu, talking about the biggest challenges facing our state and his plan to tackle them. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 at 6:00. josh: a pair of new hampshire school districts are taking a stand and taking their fight to court to keep their bus drivers behind the wheel come next week. this action comes after drivers in belmont who work for the company, first student, approved a strike. tonight there's concern that first student drivers in other districts will stand in solidarity. cherise leclerc has our top story at 6:00. reporter: the judge the this case has not yet made a ruling, but we did speak with the attorney for s.a.u.55 earlier, he told us that for the first time the superintendent is feel assured that those bus drivers
6:00 pm
next tuesday. and that's when they meet again to go over contract talks. the superintendent for timberlane and hampstead regional school districts says if the drivers were to strike, they would struggle to find emergency resources to get kids to school. they're also arguing that if the bus drivers do go on strike they'd be breaking their contract, which does state they won't strike. currently only first student union bus drivers at the belmont location are authorized to strike. but first student drivers in other districts have solidarity. the teamsters union and first student bus company are currently in talks in washington d.c. >> we believe we have a great bus company that provides a really excellent service. but to withhold services from families is just unacceptable. >> i have never seen a strike that would take, that would not take into consideration the safety of the children.


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