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tv   News 9 Noon  ABC  November 18, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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erin: breaking news, a threat against the staff members list out a new hampshire elementary school to the details real learning about the investigation co. students evacuated. police rushing to the boston university campus after a phone call that proved to be a hoax. kevin: erin: and the search for a suspect it the serious charges this woman is facing after she didn't show up her day in court. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do now, wmur news 9 at noon. erin: right now we're following several breaking stories. west high school in manchester
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being evaluated at this time with complaints of being nauseous. police just released at this odor was caused by a cleaning solution in the gymnasium. no one has been taken to hospital for treatment. also breaking this hour, a threat against a staff member has a shutdown greenfield elementary school for the day. school officials say this threat was received before the school started for the day. kristen school with the latest. kristen: there are cones blocking off the driveway and it is clear that the school is closed. it has been this way since we the school address the threat directed towards the safety of a staff member who works at greenfield elementary school. the staff member received the threat of portugal and police were immediately notified.
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dismissed for the day. school buses were directed to oak park for student dismissal. parents received a school messenger alert informing them of where to pick up their kids. the school is working closely with police right now as they conduct an investigation. the superintendent does say that students are not at risk right now and parents have questions. there will be a meeting at the school on november 21 starting at 6:30 p.m. kristen erin: developing story now been police say an emergency situation on the campus of boston university this morning was a hoax. the school sent alert around 9:00 a.m. asking students to stay away from the mugar memorial library on commonwealth avenue. police say they got a phone call from an individual who said they were barricaded inside a
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police searched the whole building and determined the threat was a hoax. police are investigating who is behind the call. new hampton police are just a report of a person impersonating a police officer. a woman in town told him she was pulled over this morning on route 132 north by an unmarked silver dodge charger with 2 blue lights in the grill and no front license plate. the men were approached the vehicle was 6'1", build, with dark hair and a man bun. the driver said during the interaction the person asked for an id from a passenger, saying if she was younger than 18, she needed to wear a seatbelt. you come an injunction filed by two school districts to stop a possible bus driver strike has been sent to federal court. the superintendent of the timberlane and hampstead school districts said that when he found out that drivers in belmont could cause a chain
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turned to the court system. there is a hearing today in state court but it has been sent to federal court could a lawyer for the teamsters union local 633 says drivers won't strike until monday, november 28, at the earliest, and they would give plenty of notice to schools. now looking at whether. you are looking at hampton beach this noon. we want to send things over to kevin skarupa with a look at the weekend weather. kevin: will be 4 degrees above normal. that will likely be the last day we are above normal for a while to colder air. building a good huge change in the weather after the middle of the weekend. in the time being, clouds releasing in the north country. 50's, a lot of seven spots approaching or even besting 60 degrees this afternoon. a line of showers will approach early sunday morning.
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much colder air that starts to build in. from there, everything changes for the first half of next week. details and future test in a few minutes. erin: firefighters are still at the scene of a huge blaze at a cider company. crews responded around 8:00 this morning. the building was engulfed in flames. note injuries have been reported. no word on what started the fire or the extent of the damage. po i heather flattery is wanted after failing to appear in court after allegedly selling fentanyl that led to someone's death. she's 5'5" with a distinctive tattoo on her chest, right calf, and back to she is known to go by the name of heath kowack and was last seen living in manchester. police are asking you do not approach her. instead, notify the manchester
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a break-in at a campground in town. before noon on thursday police were called to the pine acres campground. police say they discovered that 43 campers had been broken into, in what they are still trying to determine what had been stolen. investigators say this remains an active investigation and they are following up on some leads. so far this appears to be an isolated incident. >> we are reaching out to other communities to see if they have had similar incidents and checking with people who live in the area. like to remind people that thefts often increase during the holiday season so you need to make sure that your homes and cars are locked up. president-elect donald trump is ending his week with a flurry of with a flurry of appointments to his new administration, and they're already churning up plenty of controversy. abc's maggie rulli reports from washington. maggie: as the president-elect's team starts to shape up, the backlash over who he's choosing to stand by his side continues. his team announcing this morning
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the alabama senator has been offered the position of attorney general. a loyal supporter, sessions was the first gop senator to endorce -- endorsed trump during the primary. senator sessions: i'd be honored to be considered. maggie: trump releasing a statement saying he's been unbelievably impressed with him and his record. but sessions could face a challenging confirmation in the the senate. in 1986 he was blocked from becoming a district judge over racially charged comments. >> appeals are made and what happened in the campaign and again, senator sessions could have a real problem getting approval by the senate. maggie: another appointee facing resistance, lieutenant general michael flynn, just named national security advisor. at the republican national convention flynn incited the , infamous "lock her up" chant
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don't believe all cultures are morally equivalent." a top democrat on the house intelligence committee says he's deeply concerned with flynn's inflammatory remarks. and the transition team has filled one more spot pegging , representative mike pompeo of kansas as director of the cia. trump also plans to meet with former rival mitt romney over the weekend. the two have exchanged some heated words in the past, and this meeting is supposed to be all about mending fences. erin: u.s. coming up, the snow storm already deadly nine states from utah to minnesota in the storm's path. kevin: looking at the sunshine, but eventually with warm temperatures over the next couple of days we set up colder air. erin: and we are making a delicious squash dish you can
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erin: in today's "spirit of giving," hundreds of families in rockingham county are getting a helping hand for the holidays starting today. for 25 years, the holiday program has been reaching out to vulnerable families with food and gifts. as ray brewer reports, it's something that epitomizes what the holidays are all about. ray: the turkeys will be handed
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cards handed out on friday can go a long way towards making somebody's thanksgiving complete. >> this is a gift card for thanksgiving. it is a $25 gift card for market basket. ray: at the rockingham community outreach center in raymond the holidays are here. about 200 families are getting the cards. among those waiting in the line , pamela latour. >> it means getting the rest of my fixings that i would not have the money for. ray: pamela was getting just the one gift card, but larger want to have food prepared for your family and many of our clients can't do that without some assistance. >> it's tough when you're on disability, so anything of these programs are wonderful to help people. you know i think more people , should appreciate what they get. ray: according to gordon, the need seems to be about the same as last year, but there is always a last-minute rush. but she's glad to be able to help. >> i see people come in here with great need and sometimes
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when i'm able to say yes, we can help you, we can give something to you that makes it worth doing , the job everyday. ray: last year thanks to , generous donations they were , able to provide for everyone in need. it's something they hope to be able to duplicate this year. in raymond, ray brewer, wmur news 9. wyoming and colorado, much of it coming down during rush leading hour, to some pretty scary driving conditions including a 15-car pileup in denver. we are expecting the possibility of snow for thanksgiving? kevin: temperatures probably in a lot of locations will be warm enough and it doesn't look like a huge storm. we are now in the ball game of wondering if sometimes is every time something comes through.
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coming up as well. coming up in "cook's corner," we're whipping up a delicious
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at west high school in manchester. dozens of students are now being evaluated after a chemical odor made them sick. the football field, as you can see, has been turned into a triage area. police say that odor was caused by cleaning solution in the gym. at this time, this situation is said to be under control. now, meteorologist kevin's group or with your storm watch -- kevin skarupa with your storm watch 9 forecast. kevin: t southern locations later on today. that is with a good deal of sunshine and a fairly light breeze as well. talk about washington, temperatures in the mid-40's. you can see the overcast in the lowell line valleys. otherwise, central and southern areas, nothing but blue sky across the region. temperatures leveling off this afternoon in the 50's to the low
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we will use back to similar readings from what we saw this morning. for a lot of folks, those in the 30's. area high-pressure still in control and will be tomorrow with a fairly light is. just light breeze. this is the major street -- with a fairly light breeze. this is the major story could up into parts of -- it lifts up into parts of canada. we will see this front. showers, there is an area of low pressure located offshore that will try to merge with it and complicate things a little bit. mid to upper 30's again. a few low 60's this hour with a fairly light breeze. it is out of the light northerly direction which continues to keep the atmosphere incredibly comfortable and freshening things of the the afternoon. when the sun goes down this evening we will have clear skies.
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front in the system back to our west slowly approaches. what we will eventually see is a combination of both later saturday evening and scattered rain shower activity early on sunday morning. tomorrow looks like a great day. 50's again, near 16 a couple southern spots. a lot more clouds around. a lot of rain showers from southwest northeast across the state as we work through the day on sunday. should not be an all-day western areas of the state, chance of turning over, and the chance will continue for the north country into sunday evening on monday. with winds out of the northwest behind the system, that will bring in colder air out of canada that we will have around all the way into the middle of next week. as suggesting continues to angle northwest to southeast, eventually things will moderate
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really nice temperatures. as big lots on the tonight, clouds increase just as we cool off saturday night -- as we cool off 79, clouds increase. eventually turning up north as well, much colder air and brisk winds monday and tuesday. we will keep an eye on the system for thanks giving. let's head to "cook's corner erin: thanksgiving is days away and diane is your to show us how to make a great dish on thanksgiving. diane: it is a squash recipe. really easy. you can set it aside and if candy one of the side dishes on this giving -- it can be one of the side o dishes for thanksgiving. we have a special going on right
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of cubed squash. we're going to put that in a crockpot first. we have taken the skins off and it is raw squash. the mere going to -- then we are going to add 2 apples, little bit of onion, if you like. that is diced up as well. then we add apple cider. to ginger. reduce it if you are not a ginger lover. a little bit of not make-- nutmeg, little bit of clove. you can do it in the casserole dish in the oven. put it in the oven for 40, 45 minutes. or put it in a crockpot. stir it up.
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about 4 hours. we add dried cranberries and that makes the thanksgiving part of it special. erin: that is great to do it in a crockpot because you have so much going on in the stove. diane: exactly. it is an you can do ahead -- it is something you can do ahead, a day or two ahead. erin: tell us about the farm. diane: the girls are getting ready for thanksgiving week. the farm stand is open every day from a: 30 to five, the until-- 8:30 to 5:30. we are easy to find. erin: you mentioned the squash rolls. they look delicious. diane: it is made with buttercup squash. really heavy role that is really
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diane: everything from apple to pumped in. 12 different pies we make and we're taking orders all the way through thanksgiving. erin: busy time for you. i love everything you have brought in here. so many different squash -- what is this? diane: old-fashioned one. it goes well just plain. cut it up and boil it and do it that way or you can make it in the oven. big baking dish with a little bit of water and bake it. stupid out of the flash afterwards. -- scoop it out of the flash
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kevin: pretty nice afternoon. 50's to lower 60's. it continues tomorrow. tomorrow is another pretty good day. from there, rain shower activity developing sunday morning. temperatures start falling during the afternoon on sunday. that could lead us to what snow in western and northern areas of the state. erin: great day today and
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employees strike looming at one of america's biggest airports just in time for the thanksgiving travel rush. and from food to politics to the big game, what is your biggest thanksgiving fear? see if it matches the same things worrying other americans. that does it for us.
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now on "celebrity page" tv, gigi hadid gets ready to take the reins of the amas. >> the second i got the e-mail, of course. >> who does the model really want to see win? >> i think that will be an exciting moment for me. they're both exes of angelina jolie but could they be costars? >> billy bob thornton >> then nick jonas shows off his sizzling bod. plus beauty and the record breaker, disney' newest block buster is breaking records. big stars, big hollywood, "celebrity page" tv starts how. >> i'm sonia isabelle coming from the "celebrity page" studio


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