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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  December 2, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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now on daybreak an alleged >> murder-for-hire plot. what investigators say a woman in claremont tried to hire an undercover office to do. a mother convicted of killing her own daughter is set to be sentenced today. the prison time facing katlyn marin. >> the breeze picks up today, bringing in even cooler air today and for the weekend, who will see some snowflakes ahead. sean: all right. we made it to friday. it is the second day of december. didn't feel like it. felt like early october out there.
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yesterday. we're not getting there any time soon. each of the next several days will be cooler than the day before. it starts today with a breeze out of the west and northwest which will start to bring in colder air. it will also bring in occasional showers but the rest of us, partial sunshine. 30's to lower 40's in time for the weekend. much more on the weekend forecast in just a bit. deb: good morning. we're going to start our commute on interstate 93. it is a nice quiet, dry and clear start. we're not seeing any problems from plymouth all the way down to the state line. 293 is moving well. if you're on 101, no problems from amherst out to hampton and in massachusetts all roads are
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sean: thanks. a claremont woman is accused of trying to hire someone to kill another person but investigators say the person she tried to hire was an undercover police officer 20-year-old monique earle is charged with conspiracy to commit murder wmur's ray brewer joins us live from the attorney general's office in concord to explain the situation claremont murder for hire. reporter: good morning. the attorney force teamed up with local police on this case after learning of the alleged plot on tuesday evening. according to prosecutors, monique earle was staying at a domestic violence shelter when she told another woman living there that she wanted someone she knew dead. the conversation was reported to a shelter manager and police were contacted, who then set up a meeting between earle and an undercover officer. at the meeting, earle confirmed that she wanted the undercover officer to kidnap, drug, rape and kill a woman she knew.
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officer where the woman lives and works and offered to pay him $500 to carry out the crime. >> she expressed that her motivation was -- she had taken her boyfriend away from her. she indicated that she was pregnant and that she had a child as well. reporter: earle was wednesday the day after investigators learned of the plot. she is charged with conspiracy to commit murder and criminal solicitation to commit murder. she is due back in court next week. sean: a nashua mother convicted of killing her own daughter is scheduled to be sentenced this morning. katlyn marin was convicted of second degree murder back in august in the 2014 beating death of 3-year-old brielle gage she faces a minimum of 35 years in prison, but prosecutors have
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sentence than that. marin opted for a bench trial instead of having a jury and did not take the stand in her own defense. a former student at proctor academy in andover is accused of sexually assaulting another student inside a girls dorm at the boarding school. the alleged incident happened in october of last year. 19-year-old derek tillotson of bow is charged with three counts of felonious sexual assault involving a 16-year-old girl. that day, reported it immediately to authorities, and the male student left school the same day. another round of negotiations is set for today hoping to avoid a strike by local school bus drivers. union drivers at first-student's belmont location first authorized a strike nearly three weeks ago but talks have continued as the sides try to work out a deal. if drivers do strike it could affect thousands of students,prompting schools to make backup plans.
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timberland and hampstead schools before any strike happens. still to come, spreading holiday cheer. the program that local police departments are teaming up to help. easter seals has launched a major building project in manchester, but now they need help raising a lot of money and in the next half-hour concerns about changes to the
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sean: it is friday morning, december 2. a live look at milford this morning. temperatures in the 30's statewide early on and we are expecting a blend of sunshine
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mountains where we're we'll see some occasional snow showers today. maybe accumulating to a few inches tonight. we'll have details coming up. sean: thanks. local police are joining forces to make the holiday a little brighter for local senior citizens. officers from manchester and nashua gathered at the caregiver's headquarters in bedford yesterday. the non-profit group helps the elderly and disabled stay in their homes as long as possible. yesterday officers filled their cruisers and helped deli >> i love it. they are so nice. they come by here with your food. they brought me a nice gift i wasn't expecting. >> this is the best part of the job, giving back. sean: the caregivers provide service all year long. to learn more go to great effort there. work is now underway for a big renovation project for easter seals in manchester. the group is also trying to raise money.
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disabilities and special needs is upgrading its 60,000 square foot facility on auburn street. last year easter seals helped 20,000 people. >> a renovation like this means that we'll be able to serve more people. and we could use help in order to make the renovations a dream come true. sean: easter seals is hoping to raise $2/5 million to help make sure they can provide services for decades to come. and the goal is to have the renovations done by next summer. coming up -- say goodbye to the sprint cup. find out who is taking over as the title sponsor for nascar's top circuit next year. and as you are thinking about gifts this holiday season, local animal shelters could use your help.
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pet owner who is having trouble providing for their animals. speaking of animals, this week's week's adopt a pet is jato. the 3-year-old pitbull lab mix loves snuggling and going on walks. he would prefer a home without other dogs or children, but he loves cats. he is waiting for you at the new hampshire spca in stratham. for more info on jato and other adoptable pets, go to
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sean: welcome back, everybody. president elect donald trump is thanking supporters. >> donald trump is back in campaign mode giving one of his signature fiery speeches to an enthusiastic crowd. he still is asking for support this time as he prepares to go into the white house.
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proposals as you fought for this great campaign of ours. >> he repeated familiar promises. >> we will finally end illegal immigration. we will kruk a great wall and by the way, we are repeeling and replacing obamacare. reporter: it is the latest in his shifting position on healthcare. last month he told 60 minutes he would be open to keeping parts of obama care. trump made another big announcement regarding his cabinet. >> we are going to appoint mad dog mattis as our secretary of defense. reporter: james mat sis a retired marine -- mattis is a retired marine general. mattis is the latest appointee
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>> he is putting wall street insiders into exactly the jobs where he criticized wall street insiders before. >> but loyal supporters are not concerned. >> yeah, they are billionaires. they are smart with their money and we're going to be smart with america's money. sean: the death toll from wildfires raging across tennessee has now risen to at least 11. fires near the great smoky mountains have torched hundreds of homes and businesses and there is now a hot-line for people to report missing friends or relatives. however officials say they expect to finish searches in the area today, and starting today residents and business owners will be allowed back to the city of gatlinburg to see their properties. though main roads will not open to the general public until at least wednesday. diesel vehicles are being forced out of parts of the world. the mayors of paris, mexico city, madrid, and athens say within the next decade they will ban all diesel vehicles in their cities in an effort to reduce
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incentives for using alternative vehicles and promote walking or cycling. there is great news for the north country. cell service will soon be getting a lot better. senator jeanne shaheen is holding a press conference today to announce expanded 4-g lte voice and data, calling it a boost for economic development, tourism, and public safety. the network will carry verizonse state economic leaders say more needs to be done to bring young people to new hampshire. new hampshire has the lowest unemployment rate in the country but that means many companies are struggling to find skilled workers and to expand operations so during yesterday's annual meeting for the department of resources and economic development. officials stressed that one of the keys to improving the local economy is to keep the best and brightest here and to attract new talent monster energy
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will take over as the title sponsor of its top series next year. sprint has held that role for 13 years. it is not clear yet how much monster will pay for the naming rights or how long the deal runs. so get ready for the monster cup. there is winston cup and sprint cup and now monster cup. we're going to have more on that on the show. kevin: as much as i drink coffee, i don't think i've ever had a monster energy drink. let's not do that experiment right on live television. i'll save that. live facebook. we start off early this morning. we have clear skies. it is typical with the west to northwest flow as we continue to
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temperatures just about statewide are in the 30's this morning. no real snags on the morning commute. we're looking at sunshine out there today. a pretty good breeze which is going to continue to knock back temperatures. yesterday there were a lot of 50's. that may be our last latest warmest temperature out there for the calendar year. light snow up north. occasionally flurries today. a more organized area of snow tonight. by the time we get into monday and tuesday, highs only in the 30's to near 40. pretty close to where we should be for this time of year. while it will be much cooler by the time get there, we're ebbing back slowly closer to average. the occasional overcast out west and the continued cloudiness up north. you will notice a more organized area of precipitation to west. temperatures will be marginal
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further south toward berlin and whitefield and lebanon, i think the chance you see a couple of mixed showers out there later this morning and turning over to light snow as we cool off later on this afternoon and tonight. upper area of low pressure is going to keep it unsettled for the next 24 hours. there go heavy but there could be a few inches of accumulation. starti occasional light snow or flurries tomorrow. a few upper 20's in some of the lower lying valleys where we had the clear skies overnight. in general, not a bad start. five or six degrees shy of our normal highs this time of year. most will be in the 40's. maybe a couple of southeastern spots trying to reach up near 50 degrees today. the breeze will start to pick up and will gust at times through
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afternoon over 20 miles an hour. a cooling trend will continue. it is not an enormous blast of arctic air come out of canada but it is bringing us closer to the averages here over the next few. the breeze out of the west through the day will continue to add that little bit of an extra bite to the air. 40's to low 50's pretty much a bargain for this time of year. later on this afternoon and tonight. can't rule out a few flurries for southern areas. the flurries continue up north and fair skies continuing all the way through the weekend. a breeze out there tomorrow but later for the day on sunday. a good deal of sunshine, temperatures in the 30's to lower half of the 40's tomorrow and 30's to lower 40's for the day on sunday. breezy afternoon out there with a blend of sunshine and clouds.
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tomorrow. cool sunshine for sunday, monday and tuesday. could be a few flurries. the next system we'll contend with could be showers on wednesday. could be a mixture, maybe some rain and possibly snow wednesday night or thursday. we'll have to wait and see how that system plays out as we get closer. sean: you're using that word snow. let's check out our ray brewer. a claremont woman is behind bars this morning after authorities say she tried to hire an undercover officer to kill another woman. the mother of a rochester teen earl is charged with conspiracy to commit murder and criminal
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of killing her own daughter is scheduled to be sentenced this morning. she was found guilty of murder in august. she faces a minimum of 35 years in prison. another round of negotiations is set for today hoping to avoid a strike by a -- by local school bus drivers. a strike was first authorized nearly three have continued as the sides have tried o work out a deal.
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sean: our spirit of giving toy drive is getting underway today. erin is live at the toys are us in manchester. we're hoping lots of folks come out and visit with mr. and mrs. claus. erin: i know. we have some special guests here as we kick off our toy drive. we're going to bean toys are us in nashua and we're going to be collecting toys at the crossings in knewington. last year people were so generous to this campaign for toys for tots. we collected over 15,000 toys last year. we know the people in new hampshire are generous. we're hoping to collect just as many toys this year if not more. if you pass on by on your way to
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we hope you'll help to brighten the season for many young kids. they are looking for toys for the little ones up to age two and girls 6-9 and boys and girls age 10-13. for the little ones, blocks and tub toys and learning toys and the older kids, science kits, scooters and skateboards. we hope you'll come on down and help support this effort this weekend. able to find a kevin action figure. is that what you're holding? it looks like his hair. erin: this? it is a troll. they are super popular with the movie. sean: see the hair there? ok. kevin: for the record, i am taller than you. sean: you have the same hair. there is some much brighter
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officials flipped the switch on new energy efficient l.e.d. lights last night that will provide brighter and more vibrant color than visitors have enjoyed in the past. the project cost $4 million. this is the first lighting upgrade in more than 20 years. the falls were lit for the first time back in 1860, but elecricity wasn't used until 1879. how did that light that? kevin: i don't know. gaslight or something like that. there's a path that takes you further in life. a breakthrough way of learning that prepares you for an ever-changing world. plymouth state's integrated clusters approach lets you follow your own path, not someone else's. it gives you choices within your degree. open labs. real-world experience.
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ry day. a tomorrow changer. find your own path at plymouth state university.
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sean: good morning everybody on this friday december 2. a live look at the seacoast. you'll notice those temperatures starting to drop out there. 38 degrees. not going to be as mild as it was yesterday. let's get to our top stories. a claremont woman is behind bars this morning after authorities say she tried to hire an undercover officer to kill
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the mother of a rochester teen who died from a drug oerdose last year is expected to be sentenced today after pleading guilty to charges in connection with her daughter's death. and today we are kicking off our spirit of giving toy drive. you can drop off donations for toys for tots at toys r us locations in manchester and nashua or at the crossings in newington. santa and mrs. claus already helping us out this morning. kevin: we start off early this morning with mainly clear skies. occasional light snow for the north country over the next couple of days. temperatures in the 30's as we start. 40's for most of the afternoon. breeze today out of the west and northwest. each of the next four days cooler than the day before. sean: yesterday was an anomaly. it was warm out there. here is a live look at i-93.
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good morning, deb. deb: good morning, kevin and sean. 93 north and south is moving well and no major problems out to the state line with salem and actually it is about a 25-minute ride to the tolls. 101 and 111 are moving along nicely at this check. this report is being brought to you by sean: thanks. a claremont woman is facing charges in connection with an alleged murder-for-hire plot. authorities say 20-year-old monique earle tried to hire an undercover officer to kill another woman. ray brewer joins us live in concord now with the latest on the investigation. good morning, ray. ray: good morning, sean. the attorney general's task
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joining forces in this investigation. authorities say the suspect, monique earle, tried to hire someone to a kill a woman she says ruined her life. claremont murder for hire 20-year-old monique earle faced a judge in claremont on thursday. she is accused of telling another woman, while living at a domestic abuse shelter, that she wanted someone she knew dead. the incident was reported to a shelter manager and police. >> law enforcement the following day contacted the reporting party. the reporting party those concerns and agreed to cooperate with law enforcement in this investigation. reporter: claremont police and the attorney general's drug task force say they set up a meeting between earle and an undercover officer, where earle confirmed that she wanted that person to kidnap, drug, rape and kill a woman she knew. >> she expressed that her motivation was that she had taken her boyfriend away from her and she indicated that she
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ray:to show how serious she was, court paperwork says earle showed the undercover officer where the woman lives and works and offered to pay him 5 hundred dollars to carry out the murder. she now faces two class a felonies, conspiracy to commit murder and criminal solicitation to commit murder. right now earle is being held on $100,000 cash bail. she's due back in court on december 8. ray brewer, wmur news 9. sean: thanks, a man, wanted for attempted murder in pennsylvania, has been captured in keene. 30-year-old jeremiah holmes was arrested wednesday night on winchester court. police say he tried to escape out a second floor window. but was stopped by a k-nine unit. he is now charged as a fugitive from justice. holmes also had an active parole warrant here in new hampshire for criminal threatening. a mother, charged in connection
5:35 am
teenage daughter, is expected to be sentenced today. jazzmyn rood pleaded guilty to covering up the fact that two people including her former boyfriend provided the fentanyl that killed 17-year-old eve tarmey last year. police say rood also thwarted their investigation, by failing to tell them that the drug came from a dealer in lawrence, massachusetts. under a plea deal the government is recommending no more than 32 months behind bars. rood's former boyfriend, mark ross, was sentenced to 20-years in prison for his role in tarmey's death. we now know the name of the elderly woman, killed in a freak accident in durham on wednesday. police say 86-year-old janet dunham of madbury was killed when her own car ran her over. they say she was either getting in or out of the car when it rolled backwards and dragged her down the driveway before running her over. dunham was visiting friends in a knitting club at the time of the accident. more than a dozen people have filed a lawsuit over a multi
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peirce island in portsmouth. the complaint says the federal government should step in and force the relocation of the plant to pease international tradeport. they're arguing that the facility is outdated and too small for portsmouth's needs and it would pose more environmental concerns. but the city's attorney disagrees. >> there is no room for improvement, expansion, approving the plan or doing any of that. and put it some place else is not realistic or helpful or practical. sean: the plan has until 2019 to become compliant with law. nashua's new safe stations program has already helped more than a dozen people struggling with addiction. since the program started, 17 people have gone in for help.
5:37 am
people can go to fire departments to get an evaluation from amr and then be transported to a recovery program. >> i was actually surprised at how fast it started. we have seen all the reports from manchester, it's a bigger city than ours, it's stunning, the numbers, and when they started knocking on our doors it was surprising to see how quick it's catching on. sean: officials say other fire departments across the country including new york cy' now looking into launching a safe stations program. speaking of fire departments, the manchester fire department is showing off its new rig. an announcement was posted on the department's facebook page, saying quote, it's a girl. 76,000, 100 pounds 46-feet, eight inches long. there are the stats for you. the truck is scheduled to go into service on december 16. starting today wmur is teaming up with the toys for tots program for our spirit of giving toy drive.
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r us in manchester this morning which is one of three locations where our drive is being held. good morning, erin. erin: good morning! i have found some great ideas for folks. how about this? this would make a child very happy. this enormous unicorn. this is a great time of year when people love to do things for others and what's better than buying a toy for a kid, a needy child in new hampshire. we are sponsoring this tots toy drive here at the manchester toys are us and the one in nashua and the one at the crossings in newington. they are looking for things for young ones, infants to 2 and also girls 6-9 and boys and girls age 10-13. for the little ones, they are looking for things like blocks and ride-on toys, learning toys and games and also anything for the tub too.
5:39 am
for the teenagers and the 6-13 year olds, they are looking for craft kits and jewelry making kits and science kits are great. scooters, skateboards are great ideas for them as well and gift cards. i found this. i would love to play this, sean. pie face. you could have a lot of fun with this. we're hoping you'll come down to one of our three locations. we'll be here all weekend long. last y 17,000 toys and we're hoping new hampshire will be just as generous this season. sean: yeah, you have some christmas celebrities down there too. are mr. and mrs. claus still hanging out with you? erin: they are . they are here. i hope to talk to them very soon. we're already getting some donations. we're here. the store doesn't open until
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donations as well and bring in some gift cards too. sean: why don't you try that pie face game first and make sure it works. coming up on daybreak, good news for chocolate lovers. nestle says it has found a way to make chocolate with less sugar, while keeping the same taste. kevin: a gradual cooldown through the weekend is going to make it feel more like december going forward. sean: a gruesome discovery in massachusetts. an investigation is underway after police say aap the merrimack river.
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sean: it is friday morning, december 2. temperatures start off in the 30's statewide. west. we'll jump into the 40's again today. a westerly breeze 10-20 miles an hour which will add an extra bite to the air. beyond that, fair skies over the weekend we'll have light snow and details ahead. sean: an investigation is underway in lawrence, massachusetts after a decapitated body was found along the banks of the merrimack river. authorities believe the body belongs to a 16 or 17-year-old it was found just before three
5:44 am
boys and girls club. authorities do suspect foul play. the father of a teen who has been missing since november 16 is now looking for answers. >> it's just sickening. it's scary to think that something like this could happen so close to home. i'm kind of in shock. sean: at this point the district attorney is not making any connection to the missing teen until the identity of the body is confirmed by the medical examiner. a trial date has been set for a helping dispose of her 2-year-old daughter's body after her boyfriend allegedly killed the toddler. rachelle bond's trial is scheduled to start on february 22 in boston. bond is charged as an accessory after the fact. the body of her daughter, bella, was found last year on deer island. the little girl was known as baby doe before she was finally identified. astronaut buzz aldrin is recovering this morning after being evacuated from the south pole.
5:45 am
he is now listed in stable condition. there is a picture of him right there. aldrin was visiting antarctica when he fell ill yesterday morning. a tour company says he has fluid in his lungs, but is responding well to antibiotics. he stayed in the hospital overnight for observation and his manager says he is good spirits. police in utah say a 15-year-old boy was apprehended by his own parents after he inside his school. police say the teen walked into the school with a handgun and shotgun and fired into the ceiling. his parents went to the school looking for him when they noticed the guns were missing from their home. students told police the boy's father tackled him, while his mom disarmed him. no one was hurt. in sports, rob gronkowski is scheduled to undergo back surgery in los angeles today. the patriots' all-pro tight end was injured again in sunday's game against the jets. the team says he was experiencing significant back
5:46 am
they expect him to be done for the season, but will still wait to hear the results of his surgery before making anything final. gronk is expected to be out for at least eight weeks. the boston bruins hosted the carolina hurricanes at t.d. garden last night. the b's were down one-nothing with about 30 seconds to go in regulation. when david backes scored the game-tying goal. there was no scoring in overtime so the game went to a shootout. after three rounds boston won it 2-1. sabres in buffalo tomorrow. nashua community college is hosting its very first battle of the badges basketball game tonight. nashua police will take on the city's fire department to benefit the school's criminal justice club. admission is $10, but you can get $2 off by bringing a canned food donation for the nashua soup kitchen. the game starts at 6:30. after decades of planning, the first display car rolled into
5:47 am
geoff bodine drove the car to more than 50 victories in 1978. the museum will heavily focus on the history of new england motor sports and will feature dozens of cars and motorcycles. >> we got plenty of trophies here, display cases. this museum is about cars and the people who built them and drove them and won races in we're absolutely thrilled. sean: if you're wondering, the museum will open to the public next spring. waterville valley is giving you a chance to become a part of the ski resort's history. it's hosting a naming contest for its ten new green peak trails. name suggestions with stories behind them can be submitted through february 10. the new names will be announced february 25. to learn more about the contest, head to the website
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nestle says it has found a way to make chocolate with less sugar, but the same great taste. the company says that by hollowing out sugar particles it can reduce chocolate's sugar content by as much as 40%. nestle is now applying for a patent and plans to start rolling out products containing the new sugar in 2018. kevin: sugar particles are so tiny. how do they do it? keebler elves? is that what it is? patented tech technology no doubt. can you imagine? sean: that is technology working for you. kevin: chocolate light that still tastes the same. we start off early this morning with fair skies. we have some extra clouds out west and up north this morning. that is going to add some bite to the temperature. the averages, which are 30's to lower 40's kind of assume a
5:49 am
which we don't have in a good portion of the state. with any sunshine, temperatures are going to be above normal. we'll be near 50 in a couple of southern areas. further north, the risk of scattered shower activity. light snow for pittsburgh and coal brook but further south, mixed showers depending on the terrain. upper level systems to our north will be a back and forth between clouds and sunshine. can't rule out a fu flurrys with a reinforcing disturbance later on tonight. other than that, we're dry through the weekend. temperatures in the 40's this afternoon. again, some mid and upper 30's in far northern areas where you have the snow on the ground and chance of more through the day with occasional flurries and snow showers there. that chance will linger into
5:50 am
it tries to slide south overnight. no travel problems in southern areas because of that. temperatures again tonight will drop back into the 30's across the area. highs tomorrow will be different. 30's lower half of the fwourts the breeze out of the northwest which will lighten for the day on sunday. less wind through the afternoon and temperatures only in the 30's to lower range of the 40's which is where we'll be monday. small chance of a few flurries then. then the maps really in the next system developing in the desert southwest now. trying to bring that in here wednesday or thursday. depends on the track of that system and what precipitation type will be the main dominant force for us wednesday and thursday. 40's for most of us out there. a blend of sun and clouds. westerly winds stay going tonight. wind chills likely in the 20's as we start the day tomorrow.
5:51 am
30's monday and tuesday. partial sunshine across the area. next system again timing differences, precipitation type differences all on the maps, but we're looking pretty quiet through the weekend. sean: they are loving it perfectly they want to get that season cranked up. today we are kicking off our spirit of giving t d let's check back in now with erin who is live at the toys r us in manchester this morning. good morning. erin: good morning. everyone loves to play santa this time of a yore. we just had our big donation of the morning. three shopping carts full of toys. you have been doing this every year. it has become a holiday tradition for you. >> it is my holiday tradition. i really enjoy it. i think it is important.
5:52 am
erin: you have a reason you do this as well. >> my son and i used to do toys for tots. i lost him six years ago. i do it for him as well. erin: all year long you're collecting toys, right? >> i do. once the holidays are over, i start for the next year. i think it is important. i know there are kids out there that are really going to have some fun with these toys. erin: we appreciate the donation that you have made. this is some donation. three i know you're going to be shopping right after christmas for next year. thanks so much for your generosity. we're hoping many more people come down here throughout the weekend to donate a toy for toys for tots. sean: allison has been a big booster for years. still to come, a new more modern
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sean: which can out this thing there. a man in north carolina hooked a 112-pound catfish in the cape fear river. he says it took him 30 minutes to reel in the fish. at 112 pounds, this catfish is only five pounds shy of the state record. kevin: that's not the record? the man says he released back in to the river. kevin: people are going to be flocking to that location to try to catch that fish. sean: a mall in portland, oregon has given its santa a bit of a makeover. kevin: instead of your traditional santa claus, hipster santa is now greeting kids. this santa does not wear a red suit. he dresses in blue jeans and a sweater. hipster santa also has naughty and nice tattoos on his arms piercings and even a man
5:57 am
this is hipster santa's second year at the mall. your thoughts? sean: i think the video pretty much describes my thoughts. coming up in the next hour, a woman accused of killing her 3-year-old daughter is expected to learn her fate today. find out how much time she faces behind bars. >> we'll tell why authorities say she wanted a woman she knew dead. sean: our spirit giving toy drive gets un [ bell clangs ] celebrate the holidays with delicious dunkin' coffee. stop by dunkin' donuts for two k-cup boxes for $15.99 or 3 pounds of packaged coffee for $19.99.
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be noisy.
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be near. be far. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts. america runs on dunkin'. sean: now on "daybreak," an alleged murder for hire plot. what investigators say a woman in claremont tried to hire an undercover officer to do. a mother convicted of killing her own daughter is set to be sentenced today. marin. kevin: breeze picking up today bringing in even cooler air , today. and for the weekend, who will see some snowflakes, ahead. erin: we are kicking off our annual toy drive for toys for tots. just a couple of ideas that you could buy kids this season. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> no one covers new hampshire


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