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tv   Sunday Today in New York  NBC  August 9, 2015 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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that's it. >> normally we can isolate fires and make an interior attack o for example if somebody's kitchen catches fire, we can quickly. but in a situation like this, if there weren't neighbors around or the police here, it would have been a very difficult situation for those trapped inside. >> reporter: and police tell me that the three people were taken to the hospital. some treated for smoke inhalation. burns. i want to show you another live look of what's happening here at the scene. all morning long, these demolition crews have been tearing down what was left of the home. the wreckage that was left. you can see again the piles have grown throughout the morning. as for the cause of this fire and where it may have started in this family's home, that's still under investigation. but the arson squad, their investigators have been here throughout the morning. suffolk county police tell me that's just standard protocol. we're live in the st. james
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section of smith town, sheldon dutes, "today in new york." >> thanks for the update. we're staying on top of the legionnaires' outbreak in the bronx. a couple of new developments. health officials hope to finish inspecting several dozen more buildings later today. on saturday, they reported that five more buildings tested positive for legionella bacteria. but there was also encouraging news from the mayor and rob schmitt has ha that. >> the good news is that it's tapering off. >> reporter: mayor de blasio with good news amidst a busy day as the city works to find sources of legionella, the bacteria that causes legionnaires' disease, a deadly disease that sickened 108 people and killed 10 in this recent outbreak. 150 state coordinated inspectors tested for sources of legionella and they focused on very specific locations, like hospitals and nursing homes, places with more vulnerable potential victims of this potentially deadly disease.
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161 buildings in the south bronx have cooling towers and each will be tested by the end of this weekend. a lot is still unknown but the mayor did tell us this -- >> we believe as we have felt for days now, that this outbreak occurred in one or more of the original five sites. >> reporter: five new locations have been detected to have the bacteria. they include this verizon office building, the bronx housing court, bronx hall of justice, a post office at 554 grand concourse that will soon be decommissioned and samuel gompers high school. all activities at that school have been canceled for the week. this graphic shows legionnaires' cases peaking about eight days ago and the steady decline since. the mayor says it's proof that the outbreak is on the decline and there have been no new cases in four days. this graphic shows where legionnaires' has been active. the red dots showing where the cases can be found. the red triangles showing the
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locations testing positive for legionella bacteria. >> we are very, very optimistic about the waning of this outbreak. >> reporter: rob schmitt, "today in new york." >> d> the woman accused of throwing her baby out of a fourth floor window in queens is facing murder charges. this is rashida chowdhury. they faund the baby of her son, rizwan ahmad. she faces up to 25 years to life in prison if convicted. the daughter of singer annie lenox was one of the two kayakers who capsized on the hudson river. the search continues for one of them. she was in the water with her boyfriend in new york yesterday, strats staatsburg. annie lenox's daughter was rescued by a boat. her boyfriend disappeared. there's been a massive search sense.
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they were all deployed to search the water and the shore. rough river conditions complicates the search effort and neither of the kayakers was wearing life jackets when they went into the water. now to breaking news out of texas. five children and three adults have been found dead inside a houston area home. police were called to the scene last night. when they arrived, they saw the body of a child hanging out of a window. officers tried to force their way into the home but were allegedly shot at by a man inside. s.w.a.t. team negotiators convinced that man to surrender. it's not yet known if he's related to any of the victims. they're still trying to piece that together. counselors were called to help the responding officers to deal with that awful discovery there. 10:07. at noon today, there will be a protest outside a barclay's center in brooklyn marking the one-year anniversary that passed since michael brown was shot and killed by a police officer in
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ferguson, missouri. last night, hundreds marched in a memorial parade in ferguson and today, demonstrators are expected to hold a moment of silence in the street where he died. other protests and marches will also be held today in the st. louis area and of course all around the country. donald trump's top political adviser has resigned from his presidential campaign, resigned or fired. i guess it depends who you talk to. >> you're hearing both sides. the latest storm swirling around the donald and chuck todd joins us where trump will be among the hot topics on nbc's meet the press. good morning, chuck. >> good morning, gus. deja vu all over again as you would say, right? >> we talked about how trump might be gaffe proof as we kind of heard it. you think that still stands? what is the fallout from the debate and the megyn kelly remarks? >> we can go back. he was a birther, that offended a lot of americans. he called mexicans horrible
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things and offended hispanics, then mccain and now megyn kelly and women. none of the other comments seemed to stop him. will this one stop him. because the outrage of the republican party gets amped up a little bit. i thought it was interesting to hear how eric ericsson, that disinvited trump, he called the megyn kelly insult the straw. meaning the straw that broke the camel's back. it's accumulating. that's what i'd watch for this week, gus. we have new polling showing nothing budged as far as support is concerned. but does the entire republican party come down on him a lot harder than even when they did against mccain? >> it's almost i feel the more they talk about him, the more energy he gets. it doesn't seem to do any disservice for him. you do have other candidates on your show this morning. marco rubio, john kasich on the show. you'll probably be talking about trump. does it help or hurt them? >> well, it's consumed the campaign. no doubt about it.
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it was interesting to hear marco rubio's reaction to the trump thing. he said i'm not going to comment on it. if i comment on every dumb thing trump says, it would consume his campaign. john kasich is trying to avoid it. i think it is right now the elephant in the room. the only reason why that many tuned in was because of donald trump. >> that's the conundrum. he brings an audience. is it a good audience? we'll wait and see. >> it's not dull. >> yeah. >> meet the press with chuck todd at 10:30. see you in a bit. president obama says the possibility exists for a constructive relationship with iran. in fact in an interview with cnn he claims a relationship is possible because of the agreement to curb iran's nuclear program. however, he doesn't believe that relationship will take shape immediately. the president says the nuclear problem needs to be dealt with first. republican lawmakers and several
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democrats are largely united against that nuclear deal. >> coming up on this sunday morning, not just any chair is suitable for a pope. we're going to show you how some folks are working to make sure our city sits well with pope visit. >> we'll tell you about the streets to avoid if you're driving in manhattan. >> it's a spectacular sunday for a parade. beach, barbecue, anything outside today. you need to dust off the umbrellas. there's a heavy rain chance heading our way. i'll tell you when in the seven-day forecast.
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the grounds expected to line 6th avenue for the festive and colorful dominican day parade. it starts at noon and our own sibila vargas will be one of the celebrities on hand. former mets pitcher pedro martinez is this year's grand marshal. the parade runs from 36th street to 52nd street. keep that in mind if you're
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driving or trying to park. always a good time. fun to see sibila there and waving at the crowd. going to be sunny skies. not too hot. >> comfortable. >> if you're standing out there cheering everyone on, a great day to do that because of the low humidity. a beautiful scene behind this. we've seen this time after time this summer. beautiful for the weekend. your outdoor plans will be -- if i weren't working, i'd be at the beach or the pool. temperatures in the 70s. 76 degrees. we have a beautiful shot there. good visibility downtown. air quality is nice and fresh as well. temperatures on the rise in nassau county. 77 in north merrick. there. valley stream, floral park. 75 in muttontown. massapequa. started out in the 50s. in the 70s in the hudson valley. 80 degrees in trenton and going to hit the low to mid-80s today. comfortably hot. the humidity stays in check.
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it never gets to that muggy place today. blue jays taking on the yanks at 1:05. warm and bright. in the 80s. this is 3:00 today, beautiful. sunshine. some clouds. gorgeous at the shore. temperatures are comfortably warm. in the upper 70s to low 80s. 8:00, mostly clear skies, sunshine fading away. 7:00 tomorrow morning, heading back to work on a monday. it will be a quiet commute weatherwise. that's good news. helps you on a monday morning. nice and sunny there. stays dry throughout the day. 4:00, getting ready to head home. maybe a pop-up shower. monday to tuesday morning, i stopped here at 2:00 a.m. some of this is heavy. showers and thunderstorms in time for the morning commute. it's going to be a soggy one. this is your tuesday morning. this is your umbrella day. showers and storms on and off. heavy rain, which we do need. that's good news.
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taking a look at future rain totals totals. projecting over an inch. this will be great, especially for long island where we have moderate drought conditions. hopefully putting a dent in that on tuesday. no umbrellas needed on this sunday. 68 overnight. partly cloudy. a mild night. in the seven-day forecast. temperatures back down a bit tomorrow with more cloud cover late in the day. 830 for a high. a little more muggy and sticky. a high of 79 degrees. wednesday through friday, back to beautiful weather. sunshine and temperatures in the 80s. you want to stay up to date for the rain threat for tuesday. do that with the app. tap the news 4 logo in the corner there. scroll down and select the weather tab. you can see the latest forecast. you can use the interactive radar and submit your own weather video. the app is available in the app store right now. kerry and gus, over to you. >> raphi, thank you. hundreds of people in our area are getting ready for pope francis' visit. it's next month. >> some of those people are carpenters working on a very special chair.
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news 4's michael george has their story. >> reporter: who would have guessed that a chair fit for a pope would be made in a garage in port chester by immigrants and day laborers. mexican immigrant hector rojas told us it's the biggest honor he's received. >> can't describe t it's emotional. >> here's what it will look like when it's done. he will sit in this seat when he delivers a mass at madison square garden. >> it's more than a chair. it's the connection we have. that's what i feel. that's what i think. >> reporter: the first you'll notice is there's no gold or elaborate designs. that's intentional. it's not a throne. it's a humble chair nor a pope who wants a more humble church. >> the holy father likes things simple, all right? he doesn't like a lot of expense. >> cardinal timothy dolan came to the don bosco workshop to thank them personally. >> good work. >> and to tell them they were
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chosen for a reason. >> wouldn't it be good if we could have some people who are particularly close to the heart of pope francis, some are immigrant workers, are some of our young people who are >> reporter: what happens to the chair after the pope leaves? we tried to track down the chair used by poe benedict at yankee stadium in 2008 and found it in the same place it was made. the e. gargiulo and sons workshop in mt. vernon. he says the feeling of pride never goes away. >> i say peter and he'll say henry, you did that, okay? come on in. >> reporter: michael george, "today in new york." >> that is neat that they were able to track that down. what do you do with it? >> that doesn't get you in, what does? >> oh, my gosh. all right. next on this sunday morning, art that is so far out it's -- >> a preview of the new york city fringe festival. you're watching "today in new york."
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president ken dip once said, if art is to nourish the roots of our culture, society must set the artist free to follow his vision, wherever it takes him. jfk never attended the new york international fringe festival, but that quote pretty much sums the festival up. fringe nyc runs from august 14th to the 30th. the producing artistic director is here with us this morning. i don't pretend anyone is listening to me at all as they're captivated by that video. >> good morning. >> for people who have not heard of the fringe festival, what is this? >> sure. it's over 200 shows in about 16 downtown manhattan venues.
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it's dance, theater, puppetry, multimedia and any combination of those genres. >> we're looking for unique acts and movies. what is sort of the qualifying to get in here? >> it's dance, puppetry and people apply from all over the world. we select the 200 shows that are going to be a part of this festival. they're all arriving currently and we're building venues and getting ready to kick off. >> how did this get started? >> because in the mid-90s some of us were doing theater on lower east side which was sort of the hub of indie theater at the time. we got told to take our festival to the -- sill brating an anniversary. bottom line, we couldn't get to scotland. we started a fringe festival in new york. >> being the cost of being in new york these days, for independent artists trying to come up, it's got to be more and more challenging with each
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passing year. >> it is. that's one of the benefits of this big festival, it's about collaboration and collective bargaining. it's become a rare opportunity for independent artists to perform in manhattan. >> we've heard with skyrocketing rents, it's harder for artists to create and find studio space. what is the climate right now? where is this art being made in the city? >> it's being made all over. our creative economy is so important to the city and a vibrant part of what makes new york, new york. it's difficult for our young artist to do the survival jobs, plural, and find time to make their art. >> i know you don't have a favorite. like a parent, you don't have a favorite child. is there something you're really excited about this year? >> there are wonderful historical pieces and biographies. we have a piece called divine intervention, which sort of puts glenn milstead with divine. there's two different performers
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and it's their interaction on actually his last night. >> this is the great muse of john warner. >> exactly. play. being told. some very personal stories. some very imaginative puppets. we have a show called dungeon dark. there are amazing experiences happening in very intimate theaters downtown. >> any -- >> not in the 19 years we've done this. we'll see. but we have mazing opportunities this year for our audience to meet the artists up close and personal. they're called fringe-plus performances. look for the plus sign online. those performances are followed by a meet-up in a restaurant or a bar where you can actually get to know the artist. >> real quick before we say goodbye. starts on the 14th. the website if people are interested? >> >> thanks for coming in.
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it's coming up fast here. don't forget, next saturday, nbc is teenling up with hundreds of shelters across the area to clear the shelters and find homes for as many animals as possible. the need is great. you can find shelters near you on our website, type in the shelters. you can also share your rescue animal pictures by e-mailing them to us at also the 25th annual hong kong dragon boat festival continues in queens.
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you can enjoy chinese music and food and martial arts performances. of course, the dragon boats as well. the main draw. >> so many activities this weekend. the dominican day parade getting going about an hour and a half from now. >> yeah. >> you can't complain. >> take your pick. whatever you're going to do outside, do it. try to spend time outside. don't watch tv all day. you can watch a lot of tv, but not all day. get outside and get sun. 83 a beautiful day. low humidity. great day at the beaches and the pools. overnight, partly cloudy, down to a low of 68 degrees. this beautiful stretch comes to an end tomorrow night when the rain moves back in. it's good news. we need rain. some heavy at times. especially on tuesday. showers and thunderstorms there. that's your umbrella day. once tuesday is over, we're back to the beautiful stuff. wednesday, thursday and friday, more sunny skies and temperatures in the 80s. >> increasing. >> thank you, and thanks for having us in for news. we'll see you. >> when do you sleep? >> never. time for meet the press.
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this sunday, is it possible donald trump has finally gone too far? >> you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes. blood coming out of her wherever. >> the conservative backlash is fierce. donald trump joins me to react. plus i sit down with one of the candidates who helped
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himself in the gop debate, marco rubio. and our new poll, wait until you see who republican voters thought won the debate. also, a leading democrat says no to the iran deal. so what happens next? i'll ask one of the president's closest senate allies, democrat claire mccaskill. finally, was this the pinocchio moment of thursday night. >> i was appointed u.s. attorney by president bush on september 10th, 2001. >> boy, that sounds great. but is it true? joining me this morning to provide insight and analysis are david brooks of "the new york times," heather mcghee of demos, nbc's andrea mitchell and radio talk show host, hugh hewitt. welcome to sunday. it's "meet the press." good morning. when donald trump became a birther and insulted african-americans, a lot of people at the time said that's it for trump.
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well, it wasn't. when he insulted hispanics, a lot of people said, that's it for trump. it wasn't. when he insulted john mccain, a lot of republicans started to say that's it for trump, and it wasn't. now the latest "that's it for trump" moment, insulting fox news anchor megyn kelly. friday night still smarting from tough and pointed questioning from all the debate moderators on thursday, trump said this of kelly. >> she starts asking me all sorts of ridiculous questions and, you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes. blood coming out of her wherever. >> immediately erick erickson disinvited trump from his red state gathering in atlanta. >> i don't want my daughter in the room with donald trump tomorrow night, so he's not invited. i'm sorry. >> trump's campaign hit back, calling organizer erick erickson weak and pathetic and saying, quote, mr. trump said blood was coming out of her eyes and whatever, meaning nose.


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