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tv   Today in New York  NBC  August 25, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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next half hour. police are investigating a gruesome discovery in westchester county. a jogger out for a morning run finds a man's bodying route 133. an autopsy confirms that man was murdered. according to the report, he'd been stabbed multiple times. police say the victim had no i.d. on him. appears to be 40 and 60 years. the teenager accused of ooting a member of mayor de blasio's security detail with a pellet gun is due back in court on friday. he was released on $10,000 bail yesterday. prosecutors say he fired a pellet or a bb gun at a female officer from an apartment sunday night. and then tried to avoid police leading them through a service elevator. now, he claims the gun accidentally discharged. a tour bus into a building
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in queens. these are live pictures from rego park with a gaming hole. a casino bus smashed into a built on 63rd avenue yesterday aff rnoon, shearing off a large unk of that three-story structure. six people were hurt including intojured. he had actually had to be cut out of the wreckage. police say he was cut off by a driver trying to make a turn. cell phone video shows paicked tourists scrambling to escape as neighbors raced in to help. >> i watched this other lady saying get me out. >> they were banging against the windows. >>ci the vehicle driver charged with cutting off the bus has been cited for making a wrong turn. trans express has been cited 20 times in the past two years however none of the violation, serious. 4:34.
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time for the weather on the 4s. it's very august out there right now. >> yeah, feels like an august morning for sure. humidity, some storms as well. you see the headlines there's a wet commute for some, especially north of new york city. that storm chance is going to li thnger today. even long island, even longer four. west of to-l, we're going to dry things out much better tonight and storm. here's a look at storm tracker. tracking heavy rain in the hudson valley let's take a look t the trouble splaots. this one cell, lots of lightning, orange county, warwick, tuxedo and monroe. lots of lightning. that's moving in within the next minutes or so. duchess county, a downpour and lots of lightning for you. 86 for the high. partly sunny, warm and humid. not raining all day by any means
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but the pop-up showers and storms will linger. lauren scala is here eye were with a look at your commute. >> good morning, if you're on the fastrack 1, 2, 3, delays all morning long. no service between the 34 train and penn station. and dyre avenue and no service on the qe street. and take the shuttle buses. 4, a, and q, g and shuttle and parking rules in effect today. we'll have more on the 4s. right now, women in the onx are being warned to be on the lookout for a violet thief. >> reporter: good morning, these are violent robberies happening here on monterey avenue and 78th
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street. they say this man approached a 62-year-old woman inside her building. pinned her against the door, demanded her gold necklace. then last wednesday, he followed a 44-year-old women inside her building. followed her into the elevator and took out a razor and demanded money. the man is described as 5'10" tall and brown hair. and a windbreaker and black pants. i just talked to a woman who said it's frightening. >> i can't believe it. i come out to go to work and i have to watch my back. is this ridiculous. >> rdporter: police are asking residents to keep an eye out, and anyone who may possibly have information about this guy's whereabouts are being asked to
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call crime stoppers. 1-800-i77-tips. and nypd are looking for a man who assaulted a 63-year-old with a knife. authorities say he snuck into the victim's backyard. the back yard confronted him and was slashed in the eye and the chest. if you have any information, call police. the indycar driver severely injured in a race over the weekend has died. justin wilson was hit in the head with a large piece of debris. wilson is survived by his wife and two young daughters. indycar called him one of the most respected and kind drivers on the circuit. justin wilson was 37 years old. on long island, police have nabbed three suspects for a string of burglaries. they're expected in ed in ed in court later this morning. suffolk police were trailing one
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of them when they noticed the two break into a restaurant. the then have hit two banks and a restaurant since march. raw sewage spewing out of a bathtub in jamaica queens. we'll show you what happened inside ebony jones' home. she said the city directed her to holmesless services she kould the councilman who called news 4. >> no one should have to deal with that type with water flooding. >> it stinks, it's feces, water. it's disgusting. housing. the city says it plans t ca reimburse her for the items that were destroyed from the
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flooding. >> that got under way the same day cruise started fixing leaking roofs. the mayor released a plan to deal with products causing toxic mold. the program kicked off yesteay and funded by the city and state and federal government. meanwhile, mayor de eblasio's battle with uberh the ride sharing said it generates $2 for taxes every ride. uber says yellow kabs only pay 50 cents per ride but the cab drivers said they also have to pay taxes. the mayor says supporting public transit a major priority for us. the public deserves dedicated funding for mta and we look forward to working with uber. 4:41, up next -- new buzz about biden 2016.
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we'll tell you the new signs the vice president may really be seriously thinking about challenging hillary clinton. plus the mets show they have the right to stuff as a returning star helps set a new team record. and weather and traffic on the 4s coming imas we look at the george washington bridge. you're watching "today in new york."
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know this morning. all eyes on wall street. asian markets slump again this morning. happen. dow closed under 600 points following yesterday's roller coaster ride. six people recovering from a
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bus. trying to avoid another driver. . >> we're learning about a crash in the airport. it directed that flight to a strip on the airport closed decades ago. and the national park marking its 99th birthday. it's offering a free admission to all 44 parks today. >> just got back from maine. it's fantastic. >> you there go. go out now -- i mean at 7:00, right? >> yeah, at 7:00. you may run into storms this morning. we're tracking showers, some heavy downpours dry in the city right now but it may not stay that way for the rest of the morning commute. breezy as well. gusty wind out of the south and it is muggy outside there.
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77 degrees out there in central park. mostly cloudy skies. temperatures hovering in the mid-70s. very warm and sticky out there. you can see on storm tracker, we're tracking this from the west and north of new york city. some light showers around queens, brooklyn, orange county, downward moving into monroe. we have lots of lightning. thankfully, the storm is weakening just a bit over the past 15 minutes. still, that's packing a punch throughway. and pines station, and rapidly moving into connecticut. closer to the city, we're dealing with lighter showers around howard beach, hamilton beach. moving in. the heaviest stuff by far north and west of new york city. 76 at chiefs head bay.
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ac is on, 70ess in islip. and it's going to get stuck just around the city so as it trying to move through, it is going to bring in more showers and storms bringing in and dragging its heels. 2:00 p.m., we start to dry things out from west to east. nassau, suffolk, fairfield county, you may see things into the evening commute. spot? storms. 80s for today. much less muggy today. and tomorrow, fantastic. low humidity, sunshine, and high of 85 degrees. let's see how that commute is going any problems yet? >> we do have problems yet north and west of town but not weather related. the golden state parkway connector, we have an accident
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southbound on the palisades. exit 14, willow grove road in the left lane. we'll take a look outside at the bqe. two lanes shut down. things are great at a complete standstill. intermittent closures out there but no accidents. again, all road work. and alternate side street parking rules in effect. in washington state, nearly 4,000 people have volunteered to fight what's being called the largest fire in that state's history. fire officials are looking for people who have been firefighters or know how to operate equipment to build fire lines. the complex of fires has over 4,000 square smiles. 5,000 homes are affected. moving to decision 2016, and that is where speculation continues to build about a possible presidential run for vice president joe biden. fresh out of a meeting with elizabeth warren, biden had
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lunch with president obama who just returned from his 17-day vacation. if biden does decide to run, it could put the president in the position of either backing him or hillary clinton, his former secretary of state. >> the president has indicated his view that the decision that he made, i guess, seven years ago now, to add joe biden to the ticket as his running mate was the smartest decision that he ever made in politics. >> biden is expected to make his decision by september 3rd. and a bail hearing will be held for the man accused of sending a nude photo to rosie o'donnell's teenage daughter. he faces child endangerment and prosecutors say he had inappropriate online communications with 17-year-old chelsey o'donnell.
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o'donnell was found at his home one week after reported missing. and smoke billowing to the sky as an amusement park ride caught fire. a fire broke out during a test run of the gravitron. they called mechanics. nobody was injured. the gravitron as you see it there has been shut down and needs extensive repairs. a lawsuit has been filed. the man said he spent days in the hospital after contracting legionnaires and is seeking unspecified damages. last week the city said that the hotel's rooftop air conditioning unit was the source of the outbreak that killed 12 people and sickened more than 100. also, officials have found west nile virus in mosquitos on fire island. those bug samples taken from a trap near watch hill earlier this month.
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officials say it's something to be aware of but not overly worried about. the species are not prone to biting people. the mets had a record-breaking night in philadelphia as david wright returned to the lineup in his first major league at-bat since april. he hit a home run. overall, the team hit eight homers. that's a franchise record. and the mets also hit seven doubles on these 15 combined extra base hits were also a franchise record. the mets beating the phillies 16-7. >> david coming back, and hitting a home run, i think really picked us up. even though the first inning or second inning, it picked us up. >> mets now lead the nationals 5 1/2 games. the pitcher cc sabathia is likely done for the season. he's on the disabled list. with information on his right
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knee, once again tied with the blue jays. two teams doing fantastically september. the. >> it's a nice change for me. 4:50 right now -- the man in charge of fema's flood insurance program meeting with long island homeowners. hear what the homeowners had to say. still ahead at 5:00 a.m. -- a sign controversy from university of virginia. we see these so-called welcome messages. but they ended up getting the fraternity suspended. you're watching "today in new york." have a tip --
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a live look there at the hammel ilton bridge. at 4:54 just about.
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>> it's steamy outside. high humidity for now. cooler weather on the way. there's a live look at storm tracker. heavy rain, in fact, moving through orange county. they're seeing the worst of it around 0 warwick. watch out for localized flooding. extending through dutchess county. not much going on around the city. we could have pop-up storms from now until lunchtime. and we're going to see a gradual drying trend. 89 in ridgewood. high humidity. it's steamy, it's a little uncomfortable. everyone for your high in millstone. tonight drying out. 67 in the city. low 60s in westchester county, fairfield county. a nice night ahead. you can crack over the windows and let the fresh air in. humidity take a hiatus. but it will be back. we'll take a look at the
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seven-day forecast and tell you when it will be steamy again. >> what's going on? >> we have fastrack maintenance against, 1, 2 and 3, just in case you foregot or unaware. this will wrap up shortly. between 10:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m., plenty of service changes on the 1, 2 and 3, use the a, c, d and qr to get around. and a live look outside at queens, where it meets the grand central parkway. you can see road work, the exit to get on the l.i.e., westbound, and as well as the service road. delays not so bad. it's 4:54, it's been almost three years since superstorm sandy. some victims still have not returned to their homes. some say insurance claims were underpaid. yesterday the man in charge of fema's program met with homeowners.
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and we have the story from long beach. >> we all as a community deserve more than the way we've been treated. >> reporter: marie pulled no punches as he opened her door to fema and the family just returned to their sandy-damaged home last week. nearly three years after the storm. it took so long, basil says because fema underpaid her storm damage claim. >> we should have got this right the first time and too many instances we did not. >> reporter: he issued an apology to a city where up to 500 sandy families have yet to return home. he's now urging sandy victims to reopen their flood claims so fema can determine if they were indeed underpaid. 144,000 homeowners in new york and new jersey are eligible. but so far, only about 12,000 have applied.
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>> i really want to move on with my life. >> reporter: linda won't reopen her claim, in part she says, because of a lack in trust in fema that isn't unique in long beach. >> the feeling is if i resubmit, they'll deny me and if they do give me something, i'll pay for it later. >> reporter: still, marie refuses to give up to remind memory. >> there are still people suffering. it is not back to normal. >> reporter: the deadline to reopen your fema claims is september 15th. td nd "news 4 new york." >> are you thinking of retiring to jersey city or newark? you may want to think again. a survey found newark to be the worst for retirement. jersey city the second to last. affordability, availability of
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senior activities and health care, tampa, in florida, topped the list at number one. >> city it's in the northeast tend not to do well in those surveys. on the long-awaited ferris while on staten island. the new wheel project was approved by the city two years ago. it will be another two years before it actually open to us. it will give passengers a view of new york and new jersey, slow-moving 38-minute ride. >> it's going to be fantastic. like to have the eye in london. and now the one in long island. take us with you. >> take us with you by yon louding the news 4 new york app on your mobile device. women. we'll tell you where this alleged thief is wanted for two violent robberies. and an exclusive.
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hear former mayor giuliani's harsh words. plus, the asian markets are dropping again today. that's sparking new fears. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everybody. 5:00 a.m. on tuesday, august 25th. i'm michael gargiulo. >> and i'm kelliy barrett. >> raph, in addition to wall street, what do we have to worry about? >> ups and downs, too, heavy rain in hudson valley. orange county getting absolutely soaked. lots of lightning extends into hudson county and duchess county as well. as you take a look at the day planner, it's muggy, scattered storms lingering into the early afternoon. then we have a nice drying trend by the evening commute. you can see lots of sunshine around 6:00. temperatures back to the 80s, getting ready to deal with this heat and humidity for one more day. i'll take one more look at the
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storms coming up in a few. lauren scala is here. >> hey, everyone. two problems on the roads. one a vehicle fire. new york state thruway, that's exit 14a. there are emergency vehicles at this. and then another accident not that far away, southbound on the palisades parkway, exit 14, in the left lane and not causing too much of a delay. more weather and traffic ahead on the 4s. new this morning, the search is on for a violent robber targeting women in the bronx. "today in new york's" lori bordonaro is in the tremont section of the bronx. >> reporter: good morning, he is targeting women in monterey avenue and 78th street. he's taking jewelry. take a look at this guy. white sweatshirt and bright sneakers. police say he walked up to a
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woman in a building and pinned her to the door and demanded her gold necklace which she gave him. he then took off. this time again targeting a 44-year-old woman, followed her into an elevator, pulled out a razor and demanded money. he's described as 5'10", braided hair. one woman we spoke to said we're going to be on the lookout. >> it's very quiet. if you holler, someone is going to hear you. >> reporter: he was last seen wearing bright colored sneakers. call crime stoppers. that number is 1-800-577-tips. that's it from the bronx. >> thank you very much. police have released this sketch of an alleged attacker
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backyard. it happened on saturday. the victim confronted him and was alleged slashed in the arm and chest. he's expected to be okay. if you have any information, please call police. new information reveal what is may have caused a tour bus to plow into a building in queens. these are live pictures from rego park. you can see right there there's a gaming hole in what used to be law offices. you can see their books right there. the casino bus smashed into a building on 63rd avenue yesterday afternoon shearing off a large chunk of the 63-story building. cell phone video showed panic tourists scrambling to get out as neighbors rushed in to help. >> i helped this other lady because she was screaming get me out, get me out. she was scared. >> they were banging against the windows trying to get out.


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