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tv   Today in New York  NBC  August 25, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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cited for making an improper turn. trans express has been cited 20 times in the last years none were serious. the removal of a homeless man sparked a spat between former mayor giuliani. it started when giuliani reported the man for living on his block. >> i told him how about we -- >> the man was taken to the hospital. giuliani implied that he and not batten was behind his own quality of life successes. >> i didn't need a task force. there was me and bratton. there was my brain, his people. and the knowledge of a government. >> here's where it gets juicy.
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the mayor's office fights back saying we want to thank mayor giuliani for his brain. he wants to implement building new shelters, providing supportive services and ensuring that the mentally ill homeless get the care they need. you can read the entire report on our website. another time checking weather and traffic on the 4s. you still have a few days left to be out of school. good day to get out. >> yeah, good day to get out. you see the weather headlines. that storm is going to linger into the afternoon from new york city on east. but we are going to see say drying trend through the west of town. so improving conditions there. of here's a live look at storm tracker. heavy rain from duchess tchess county and orange county.
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newburgh, heavy rain, lightning in blooming grove, these storms beginning to race for the north and east and heading toward connecticut. 86 for the high today. it's warm and humid. scattered showers and storms through the morning. not for everyone, but for some. those storms are going to linger, especially for long island into the afternoon. here's a look at your commute. >> good morning, everyone. detours, b 8, 11 and b hd 41. not seeing any delays or service changes. and you do have to move your car today. alternate side parking rules in effect, and more weather and traffic on the 4s. we're learning more about the deadly plane crash on a long island railroad crossing. a preliminary report shows the plane was headed to an airport that no longer exists. the ntsb says an air traffic
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controller directed that flight to bethpage strip, an airport closed decades ago. the single engine plane crashed. police are looking for a pair of bank robbers. police say these two robbed the hudson heritage federal credit union in newburgh. investigators say the men got nobody was hurt. if you have information, police are asking for your help. 5:06 right now, wall street bracing for what could be another day. a shocking day. u.s. stock futures are going to rebound on the opening bell on the heels one of the most volatile days on wall street. going 1100 points within the first few minutes of trading,
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following asian and european markets. stocks have attempted to recover slashing most of those losses by midday but that failed. and the dow closed down 585 points. and then the dow traveled 5,000 points up and down during the day. index has lost 1500 points in the past three sessions, the worst point drop ever. it's marketed by continued concerns of global growth with china's economy slowing down and also speculation when the fed will hike interest rates. some economists now pushing the forecast into next year. and a more than six-year low. and starbucks telling baristas to be nicer to customers amid the market turmoil. and to the 90,000 employees he says customers may be experiencing increased levels of anxiety and concern. so trying to rally people around that concern.
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>> i have to tell you the baristas here in rock center, the nicest people in the world, landon, no matter what the economy is doing. >> now, i know where to go and get my coffee. federal prosecutors say the bribery case against new jersey senator robert menendez must go forward because it's clear and investigators told them how menendez and saying that. and they're denying wrongdoing and want the judge to dismiss all of the charges. a judge is expected to rule on the motions this fall. now now what caused the fire
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that was caused by an extension cord with a power strip. flames broke out 11:00 sunday morning. on the 16th floor on the building on broadway. all of the injuries are minor. >> i couple car thieves on the loose followed a bold theft. we've got surveillance video from august 17th. from a parking garage in the bronx. you can see this one guy distracting the parking attendant while another guy grabs a couple sets of keys. later you see them driving away in a 2014 range rover and a 2012 honda sink. civic. >> people coming in and want ing ing to let the car thieves off the hook. >> if you have any information, call police. we're getting word that
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sinkhole repairs are going to shut down streets in brooklyn, not just for weeks but several months. the cave-in earlier this month, remember this? a 15-foot deep hole on fifth avenue. a two-block area is off limits for pedestrians while crews try to fix the streets also a 48-inch water main there. neighbors are dealing with around-the-clock construction, noise, and they've lost a lot of parking spaces and other nuisances, as well. >> the water pressure is down in a lot of the buildings. messing with the verizon wires. phone, water, what else ask affected? all this is affected. >> it will be over in november, they say. and that project is expected to be completed. it won't be soon enough, i'm sure, for the folks there. it's 5:10 right now. up next -- a sign controversy. these messages to new students that got a fraternity suspended
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in virginia. and then later, no satisfaction for car and truck owners. what more and more drivers say they're disappointed with their ride. with the benzo. >> and the lambo, too? >> i doubt it. plus, weather and traffic on the 4s. you're watching "today in new york."
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it is 5:14. and here are 4 things to know this morning. you eyess will be on wall street today. asian markets slumping once again this morning. the dow jones closed down nearly 600 points following yesterday's roller coaster ride. police are search for a violent robber who robbed two women in apartments near the bronx. investigators say he got away with cash and jewelry. and the world casino bus in queens crashed into a building. rego park, queens, while trying to avoid another driver. national park service
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celebrating it's 99th birthday. celebrating and offering free entry at all 408 national parks across the nation today. so if you're able to get out, go enjoy it. >> it's gorgeous. it's 5:15. a little bit late. let's get to raph. >> better late than never, yes. rain we're dealing with. here's storm tracker. showers in hudson valley. you can see it's not raining everywhere. it's not a wet commute for everyone. just very heavy rain in some spots. oorng county, newburgh, as we head into cornwell, dealing with the one cell dropping a lot of heavy rain and lightning earlier as well may be left over there. heading into queens, jamaica hillside, showers moving west and east. eventually moving into portions of nassau county. and bay side, queens, these showers have a potential for
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heavy rain. and 73 in newburgh, 71 in bridgewater, in morristown. and 77 in central park. later tonight, much less muggy yanks. 81 degrees, the first pitch. temperatures dropping into the 70s. and humidity dropping hour by hour as we head into the evening hours. here's a look at future tracker. 7:00 this morning. we're still stuck with this cold front that is just around new york city. so we're not really going to get rid of that chance of showers and storms especially new york city east. around 11:00, rain around lunchtime, fairfield, nassau and suffolk counties. notice the dry trend. humidity dropping sharply in places like monticello. you're going to feel that first, early afternoon. everyone gets finally into the good stuff at 7:00.
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by tomorrow morning waking up to an entirely different scenario. low humidity and lots of sunshine. 86 today. not really comfortable. it's sticky and mug your out there. look at the seven-day forecast, another stretch of 80s. by the way, we're continuing that streak of 80-degree temperature days in central park. and it looks like more 90s perhaps on the way as we head into the weekend with higher humidity. we'll see how that commute is going. lauren scala has that. >> good morning. commute. we have a couple of problems out there at the new york state fluway at the garden state. and hopefully that wraps up soon. and 138, you can see thinking moving along nicely here. where they're not moving along nicely is the standen
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expressway. two lanes shut down eastbound for quite a stretch. i'll don't keep posted. alternate parking street rules in effect. 4s. vice president joe biden meeting face-to-face with president obama since the first time about talk for a possible presidential run. details were kept quiet. josh earnest was asked what would happen if the president had to choose between endorsing biden or hillary clinton for the democratic nomination. >> president has indicated his view that the decision he made, i guess, seven years ago now, to add joe biden to the ticket as his running mate is the smartest decision that he ever made in politics. >> he's expected to make a decision by september 23rd. that would be about three weeks before the first democratic debate.
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5:18. and the company behind the cheating website ashley madison is offering a big reward. the company is offers $380,000 for information leading to the hackers. last week, they released the personal registration of 37,000 users. team impact, i want to make it clear to you, your actions are illegal and it will not be tolerated. this is your wake-up call. >> meanwhile, nbc news has learned there are at least five lawsuits seeking class action status against ashley madison. four of them in the united states and the other in is canada. so, a college from aternity that it put up to welcome incoming freshman. the members of sigma nu fraternity hung these suggestive banners from an off-campus house. the signs encouraged parents to drop off heir freshmen daughters at their home for a good time
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and their moms too. the signs have been removed. university officials and sigma nu's national organization are investigating. a 2-year-old boy who disappeared while hiking in a rugged utah wilderness has been reunited with his family. the 10-year-old spent 29 hours south of salt lake city. bradley filtered ed ed water through his jacket to cover from wind in high rocks. >> you can go days without seeing anybody. >> he had presence of mind and that helped him. up next, ready to hang up the cleats. how the giants plan to honor a former star player and super bowl winner.
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we'll tell you why two male teachers are taking action against a female supervisor. you're watching "today in new york."
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welcome back. it is 5:23. 77 degrees. inching down a little bit. i don't think it's going to get too much better today. tomorrow a former new york giant returning to the team to
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end his career in blue. >> osi umenyiora wil sign a contract and then retire. 75 sacks, fourth all-time in franchise history and got two super bowl rings to show for it. osi will retire and speak to reporters just an noon tomorrow. great career. geno smith is back to practice. yesterday is the first time the quarterback worked out on the field since his jaw was broken by a former teammate two weeks ago. he didn't participate in any contact drills. a good idea. and not expected to do s for a few more weeks. >> nbc 4 is your preseason home for football. the jets and giants face off. at their shared home. >> are you a fan? >> huge. especially football. >> raph is all over it.
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>> lots of home runs. >> going to make a dunk. >> something like that, right? well, we're getting dunked on right now, i guess you could say with the run. there's a look at storm tracker. heavy rain in orange county. lots of night lightning as well. it's go to be a hot one. up to 86. it's muggy and steamy. the problem is, we have a cold front that kind of stuck over the area. it's not moving very fast. it's dragging its heels. it's giving enough instability that we could have showers and storms into the morning and afternoon, especially from new york city on east. we're keeping the umbrella handy. even though we're going to dry things out by the end of the day, i promise it will feel better. look at what happens overnight, temperatures dropping nicely in the area. it gets better.
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tomorrow will be a day to spend outside. >> okay. >> lauren, what's happening? >> not too much on the roads. a couple problems out thera. nothing causing too much of a delay. we're taking a live look at the lincoln tunnel. now is the time to head to the river crossings. no delays on any of them. and the commuter rails. metra-north and long island, without delays or service changes heading into 5:30, we like that. now a woman's diet can affect her baby at birth even before she gets pregnant. a new study from the university of utah compared the prepregnancy diets of women with healthy babies to those born with major heart defects. moms had the best quality diets. >> it's interesting. they tell you you're supposed to go on prenatal vitamins six months to a year before trying to get pr nant
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up next, a new day, unfortunately, of wall street worst. >> reporter: i'm katherine creag, live on wall street where there is worry that the trading could be down after the asian markets yesterday. we'll tell you coming up. plus, a murder mystery in westchester county where a jogger makes a disturbing discovery. and if you're heading out, take us with you on the "news 4 new york" download the app on the mobile device.
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right now, the serve is on for the man accused of attacking and robbing women in the bronx. and a stinky situation, a backup that sends sewage spewing into an apartment building. and investors with another volatile day as investors watch what happened overseas. "today in new york" starts now. it's tuesday, august 25th, i'm michael gargiulo. >> and i'm kelly barrett, darlene has the day off. >> raph, people may see rain? >> yes, a little of a wet start north of new york city.
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you can see on storm tracker. you see showers orange county, olster county and dutchess county. mostly dry. you want the umbrella handy. we could seat storms popping up early from the morning into the early afternoon. it's muggy and hot. high of 86 degrees. we are turning less sunny and less muggy throughout the day. we'll break it down coming up. >> hey there, we have new problems out on the roads. we'll head out to the long island expressway, westbound, delays building quickly by marathon parkway. definitely head to the service road if you can right now. then heading over to another trouble spot. the staten island expressway eastbound there's another paving program taking place. richmond avenue to bradley. two lanes shut down. i'll have details on the 4s. wall street may be in store
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for another wild ride today. the asian markets slide again this morning. but things appear to be up across europe. "today in new york's" katherine creag is down on wall street watching this. kat, not all bad news this morning, i guess that's a positive sign? >> reporter: right, exactly, michael. i don't think it's too much of an exaggeration what happened yesterday, a maalox moment for regular investors. when you see your money disappear like that, your investments vanish. first, the bad news, as you pointed out asian markets for the most part closed down. stocks closed down. nikkei was down. shanghai composite was down. just to give you an idea of how bad it is may gains made with the shanghai composite this year are gone. but there are some good news. right now, european shares and u.s. futures are up, indicating that today might not be like yesterday. because within minutes of the opening bell, it was bad. the dow plunged more than 1,000
5:30 am
day. the dow finished down close to 600 points. 11 months of gains wiped out in three trading sessions. and there are fears that china's economy is slowing down. market analysts had this to say. >> we've had three years of incredible returns with really no real correction. this is it. >> reporter: and analysts are investors. now is not the time to sell. sit tight is the message for long-term investors. it might be the time to buy at a lower price. it's not to take out your money from the banks and put it in your mattress. the message is to sit tight. and they say perhaps it is time to look at stocks and buy low. >> good news kat. police in westchester county trying to identify a murder
5:31 am
victim found on the side of the road. a jogger out for a run in ossening discovered the body yesterday. an autopsy confirms the man was murdered and stabbed multiple times. he appears to be 40 and 60 years old. the images are revolting. raw sewage flooding into south jamaica houses in queens. we want to show you what it looks like inside. this is inside somebody's apartment. water spewing out of the toilet and sink and bathtub for hours. she called her councilmen who called news 4. >> no one should have to deal with that type of donation with water flooding.
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>> it's sewer water. it's disgusting. >> workers of has zmat have come into the apartment. holmes' family has been moved to temporary housing. the city plans to reimburse her for items destroyed in the flooding. it's time for weather and traffic. >> hey, guys. a wet start out there. we have rain in the north. and storm chance will linger a bit into the afternoon. and a much better weather trend as we head into your wednesday. here's a live look at storm tracker. the heaviest rain in orange county and dutchess county. you've got a wet start to your day. right around blooming grove and newburgh. it's beginning to dry out in duchess county. it's muggy and warm.
5:33 am
and want you to bring your umbrella. high of 86 degrees turning much less humid tonight. we'll take a look at the seven-day forecast and more 90s coming up. here's lauren scala with the commute. >> if you were with me a few minutes ago, i teased that already. a live look at the george washington. ride. a disabled vehicle on the outbound lower level. the good news, that is not causing a delay. here's your commuter check list, metra north, llrr and all without changes. and alternate side parking rules in effect. right now, women in the bronx being warned to be on the lookout for a violent thief. "today in new york's" lori bordonaro is in tremont where all of this is happened. >> reporter: good morning, kerry.
5:34 am
place say that man is following women into their buildings on monterey avenue. take a look at his picture. you see this guy in a white sweatshirt. police say last sunday he walked up to a 62-year-old woman inside her building pinned her against the door and demanded her gold necklace and took off. wednesday. this year, targeting a 44-year-old woman. police say he followed her into her elevator, pulled out a razor and demanded money. he made off with $36. he's described as 5'10" tall, 200 pounds with braided hair. we spoke to one woman. >> hard to believe it. you know, i come home from work, i have to watch my back now. this is ridiculous. i want to get out of this neighborhood, i do know that. >> reporter: the man was last seen wearing black sneakers and say bright windbreaker.
5:35 am
you can call crime stoppers. the number is 1-800-577-tips. that's the very latest from the tremont section of the bronx. back to you. a bail hearing will be held for the man accused of sending a nude photo to rosie o'donnell's teenage daughter. the 25-year-old made his first court appearance via video conference yesterday. he faces child endangerment and other charges after prosecutors said he had inappropriate online communication with 17-year-old chelsey o'donnell. o'donnell was found at his home in barnegat, new jersey. troubles for the jersey shore's gravitron. it caught fire sending thick smoke into the run. we're told during a test run, nobody was hurt but the ride has been shut down. >> the teenager accused of
5:36 am
shooting a member of mayor de blasio's detail team with a pellet gun is released on bail. the 19-year-old was released yesterday. prosecutors say he fired a gun and tried to elude police with leaving on a service elevator. police in long island say two men are wanted for a string of burglaries. the men are expected to be in court this morning. suffolk police say they were trailing one of the suspects when they witnessed the pair break into an applebee's in east islip. two male teachers are accusing a female of harassing mem. the two men the supervisor
5:37 am
repeatedly touched them and made inappropriate comments. they say this went on for five years. they told the school district but the district didn't do anything to top it. the teachers have filed a formal sexual harassment complaint. >> i couldn't let this continue. this bizarre behavior. >> i'm mentally fatigued. emotionally fatigued. spiritually fatigued. you goat a point where you feel you're being protected. >> the accused teacher has not responded to our request for comment. recently the mayor called on uber to pay its share to support the mta. the ride sharing company issued an open letter. they claim they generate about $2 in taxes for each ride. uber said yellow cabs only pay a fee of 50 cents a ride.
5:38 am
cab owners disagree saying they also pay sales taxes. in response the mayor's office says, quote, supporting public transit a major priority for us. the public deserves dedicated funding for the mta and we look forward to working with uber and other partners in the sector on how to better reach that goal. 5:41 right now, speaking of driving, up next, auto sales are booming. drivers may not be loving their rides. do you love your car? we'll tell you why customer satisfaction is at an all-time low. >> and david wright helping to set a new team record. weather and traffic on the 4s coming up in a few. you're watching "today in new york." terry, stop! you know what? we want to we're twins, so could you give us two for the price of one? come on, give us a deal. look at how old i am. do you come here often? he works here, terry! you work here, right? yes...
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5:44 right now. time to check the weather and traffic on the 4s. one of my favorite bridges, the hamilton bridge. on broadway, it's having a good year. >> yeah, it's good. it's like the ten dollar bill. >> besides that whole bill thing, yeah. looking good out there. you know, pat likes the tappan zee, she has a thing with that bridge.
5:42 am
you like that bridge? >> i don't have a bridge yet. i'll have to pick one, i guess. >> they're yelling at us. >> yeah, they yelling. it's breezy and muggy out there. you so on the plaza, flags are waving. as you step outside, 77 degrees. we have no rain in the city. mostly cloudy skies. we have rain up to the north, though. that's a wet commute for you in the hudson valley. let's take a look at storm tracker and show you where the dutchess county. tracking showers around nassau county and queens and brooklyn. heavy rain in poughkeepsie also. we've got heavy downpours coming through. today san umbrella day. even though it's not raining maybe where you are right now it may rain heavy had throughout the morning. glen cove and west bury, and we're seeing temperatures in the
5:43 am
70ess in west chester county. it's one of those nights where you had the ac on full blast. 76 in farmingville. and 76 in monticello. suffolk county also in the 70s. here's a look at future tracker, around 11:00. city east. you see the drying trend lingering off to the west. you see by lunchtime, dotted with a couple shower us and storms. that's where you want the umbrella handy. especially fairfield, nassau and suffolk counties. you see dropping humidity and a nice feel out there. east of town, it's going to take a little longer. by tomorrow morning, everyone is making up to get stuff. 86 for your high today, feel huge humidity. showers and storms tapering off for lunchtime hour. then a beautiful day for weather, low 80s.
5:44 am
then the steam is back. look at sunday. 90 degrees. watch with high humidity. and looks like a hot trend will continue into the end of the month into september. we'll see how long the hot stuff lasts. let's take a look at the commute. lauren scala has a look at that. >> good morning. we have delays on 4 and 5 trains because of signal problems. we'll continue to keep you updated. on the long island expressway. a slow ride from nassau. westbound to queens. an accident in the left lane. delays go back, to shelter rock road. you'll want to head to the grand central parkway which has some construction or the service road. we're heading over to the staten island expressway. the work out there is jamming things up from bradley avenue. a look outside at bqe, also a slow ride westbound as you make your way into the area.
5:45 am
two lanes shut down there. again, a slow ride. alternate side parking rules in effect. and more weather and traffic on the 4s. the indycar driver severely injured in a race over the weekend has died. justin wilson was in a coma after being hit in the head with a large piece of debris that flew off another car during a crash at pocono raceway. indy car called him one of the most respected and kind drivers on the circuit. he was just 37 years ago old. moving out to the west coast, in washington, 4,000 people have volunteered to fight what is being called the largest fire in that state's history. fire officials are looking for people who have been firefighters or know how to fight the lines. officials are worried that these
5:46 am
fires could burn for several more months. >> the hotel identified as a source of legionnaires' disease, now the target of an outbreak. the hotel's air conditioning unit was the course of the outbreak. noble was one of the 128 people sickened. 12 other people died. >> officials have found west nile virus in mosquitos in fire island. it was taken from the watch trap area earlier this area. species of mosquitos found with the virus are not prone to biting people. it will be a bleak holiday season unfortunately for thousands of a & p supermarket workers in new jersey. the chain has just notified the state department that it plans to lay off 9,000 workers by thanksgiving. the chain filed for bankruptcy last month. and it announced plans to close
5:47 am
ten of its new jersey stores. four of the other stores in the state are expected to be bought by other chains. and dozens of stores in new york are slated to be either sold or closed. more consumer news. car and truck satisfaction has hit a ten-year low. the 2015 american consumer satisfaction index. it is mostly because of the relentless number of recalls. everyday there's a new one if you like. last year, automakers called 64 million vehicles for all sorts of problems like exploding air bags and faulty ignition switches. >> the mets have a record-breaking night in philadelphia. david wright returning to the lineup and starting it off in his first major league at-bat since april, he hit a home run. the mets hit eight homers one game, franchise record and seven doubles. the 15 combined extra base hits
5:48 am
were also a franchise record. the mets beat the phillies 16-7. >> david coming back. the home run picked us up. even though the first inning or second inning, it picked us up. >> the mets now lead the nl east. it is 5:41. up next, we'll tell you which local cities, the ones right by us are the worst in the nation for retirement. plus, something sports fans love and employers dread. we're going to tell you how much fantasy football is expected to mean in terms of big losses for businesses this year. because that's what people are doing instead of working. >> i think it's a great idea.
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since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood with expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on his legacy. today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help detect diabetes. because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision.
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all right. it's 5:54 now. you may be betting on winning big with your fantasy football league. however, it's going to cost your employer. >> according to a new estimate about 66% of fantasy football participants are employed full time. and the cost of the distraction on the job could approach $16 billion in lost wages. wow. that figure represents just one hour of unproductive work time each week during the 17-week stretch. what happens if -- i have way more than one hour of
5:52 am
unproductive work time per week. >> okay. what about social media? that's a distraction, too. they don't get blamed for it. >> a lot of people put fantasy news there. >> fantasy news. >> my stock is down. >> well, the weather's not bad today. it's not horrifying. a little cloudy outside. we're dealing with mugginess and showers and storms are tracking north and west of new york city. dutchess county, orange county, you don't have the wet and umbrellas but have the umbrellas on standby. jix for the high. warm and sticky. winds out of the south, 10 to 15 miles an hour. ridgewood, 82 for your high. on the shore in point pleasant, 87. all of that rain and activity pushes off to the east. clearing skies are lower
5:53 am
humidity and cooler conditions. a night where you can crack open the window and let the fresh air in. 60s in fairfield. 50s and even 40s, a sign of a new air mass moving in. and it's going to stick around for a few days. we'll take a look at the seven-day forecast and i'm exciting at the low humidity. >> i am, too. we did have delays on downtown 4 and 5 trains that has cleared out. all the commuter lines are running without delays or service changes but we will take a live look outside at the north state parkway where it turning into the grand central on the border there with nassau county and queens. you see it's very slow westbound. road work there. in addition, an accident by the l.i.e. that's jamming things up. leave yourself a lot of extra time from nassau county out to queens right now. if you're thinking of retiring or moving to jersey
5:54 am
city or newark, you may want to think again. >> a survey of 150 cities found newark is the worst city to choose for retirement. jersey city ranked second. the website looked at affordability, availability of senior activities and tampa topped the list as number one. and the plan to build a giant ferris wheel on staten island. work is under way but it's going to take another two years to complete. the ferris wheel is designed to hold up to 1400 passengers at a time. and will give you views of new york and new jersey for the slow-moving 38-minute ride. coming up at 6:00. we'll continue to watch the marks overseas. plus, find out how your starbucks barista may be able to help you if the stock market has you down. >> free coffee? >> no. if you're about to head out
5:55 am
the door, take us with you. keep watching the news for new york app.
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the run. a cursory look at the man who police say is attacking women in their apartment buildings. raw deal, a queens family sent parking after a nasty sewage spill forces them out of their homes. all eyes on the market once again as wall street braces for another wild day. now. good morning, everybody. 25th. i'm michael gargiulo. >> i'm kelly barret, darlene has the day off. >> rafael is here. >> it's very patrol sticky out there as we're tracking storms.
5:58 am
and shower us around new york city but that shower cancelling right through the morning into the early afternoon. you see your day planner. it's 77 degrees outside. it's a warm and sticky start to your tuesday. up to 81. storms drying out things nicely by the end of the today. lower humidity and higher temperature of 86 degrees. taking a look at the seven-day forecast, lower 90s. lauren scala with a look at the commute. >> good morning, not a good morning for people commuting from long island to queens. we do have an accident on westbound l.i.e. you see the left lane, a low ride all the way back. a couple of exits. road work that cleared it. you see things jammed things up there. not a fun ride to work if you're commuting through that area. then we also still have this accident. a vehicle fire on the thruway. northbound on the garden state parkway. still out there in the right lane and more weather and traffic coming up on the 4s. >> lauren, thank you very much.
5:59 am
new this morning, police are on the hunt for a man who attacked and robbed two women inside their bronx apartment buildings. both happened in the tremont section of the bronx. "today in new york's" lori bordonaro is there that's got a photo of the suspect, lori. >> reporter: good morning, michael. yes, cease are violent robberies that happened here on monterey avenue in the tremont section. police are hoping you can help catch him. they say last sunday he approached a 62-year-old woman inside her building, and took her gold necklace. last sunday, they say he fold a 44-year-old into the same building and with a razor made off with $36. the man is described as 5'10",
6:00 am
who says she hopes police find him before he strikes again. >> everybody's got to be very careful out there here. it's very quiet, if you holler, scream, somebody's going to hear you, you know. >> reporter: police are asking residents here in the neighborhood to keep an eye out for him. they're asking him who knows where he is, call crime stoppers, 1-800-577-tips. that's the latest here in the bronx. kerry and michael, back to you. it's 6:03. new information retailed about what may have caused a tour bus to crash into a building. there is a gaming hole that used to be law offices. a resorts casino bus smashed into the building at 63rd avenue. six people hurt including the driver who was seriously injured. rescuers had to actually, look at that, dig him out. he was cut off by a driver trying to make a turn.
6:01 am
a cell phone video shows panicked tourists scrambling to make an escape. neighbors reached in to help. >> the bus driver he was in a bad condition, there was a whole bunch of debris on him, broken glass, dirt, a whole bunch of stuff. >> the driver accused of cutting the bus off has been cited for making an improper turn. imagine living in an apartment flooded with sewage water. we want to show you what it looked like inside ebony holmes' apartment sunday night. for hours, putrid water spewed out of the toilet, the sink and bathtub. it soaked over her belongings. she said the city directed her to homeless services and that's
6:02 am
when she called a councilman and he called us here at news 4. >> no one should deal with that type of a situation. >> it stinks, there's feces, get butts, it's disgusting. >> holmes was moving into temporary housing. the city says it plans to reimburse her for items destroyed by the flooding. as you said, kerry, once you get that, you can't -- >> you can't clean it. you've got to throw it all away. it's 6:05 right now time for weather and traffic. rapha, good morning. >> good morning. we have rainfall and showers eve thunderstorms in places like the hudson valley. that storm chance lingers into the afternoon for some of us, depending on where you are. we're looking at a much better weather pattern tonight. here's where your wet commute in the hudson valley.
6:03 am
heavy downpours in dutchess county. lighter rain around the area. pushing into pine plains, stamford. and westchester and bronx seeing spotty light showers. high temperature, 86 degrees. it's muggy and warm. you will have sunshine throughout the day but also scattered showers and storms. especially from new york city east as we head into the early afternoon and morning. a look at the forecast. lauren scala is here with your somewhat wet commute. >> coney island running express from smith 9th street to 7th avenue. a few stops there on brooklyn. trains looking good. if you're getting on buses, one detour left, alternate side parking rules in effect today. we'll have an update on the roads coming up. in just a few hours market
6:04 am
will go reopen after another roller coaster day. overseas, the asian markets did slide again this morning. investors are worried that wall street may follow suit. cnbc's landon boud dowdy joins us. >> reporter: they're pointing to a rebound on the opening bell on the heels of one of the most volatile days in history. the dow closed down at 1100 points yesterday. stocks attempted to recover slashing most of those losses by midday but that failed. the dow closed down 580 points. in all, the dow traveled 5,000 points up and down during the day. the index has lost 1500 points in the past three sessions, the worst point drop ever. it's marketed by continuing concerns with china's economy slowing down. there's also speculation where the fed might start hiking
6:05 am
interests rates. dropping oil prices and stocks at more than six-year lows. and starbucks is telling baristas to be nicer to customers amid the market turmoil. you saw customers may be inexperiencing increased levels of anxiety and concern. it's time to rally people around the economy encourage ing people to work together. we could all use a little extra coffee this morning, michael. >> maybe what they should do is push the chai on everybody. >> right. it is 6:08 right now. the teen accused of shooting a member of mayor de blasio's security detail with a pellet gun is expected back in court. the 19-year-old is expected to be back in court. he fired a pellet gun at a
6:06 am
female officer. he tried to elude police by leaving the building through an service elevator. his attorney, though, says the gun went off accidentally. police are investigating a gruesome discovery in westchester county. a jogger out for a morning run in ossining. he had been stabbed multiple times. he had no identification. he does appear to be someone between the ages of 40 and 60. police meanwhile in upstate new york are looking for a pair of bank bandits. police say this pair robbed a restaurant in newburgh. and then police nabbed these
6:07 am
two suspects wanted for a string of burglaries and thefts. they're expected in court later this more than. suffolk police were trailing one of them when they witnessed both of them breaking into an applebee's. investigators say since march, these men have hit two banks and three restaurants. now a news 4 exclusive. the removal of a homeless man is sparking a spat between the morm former mayor rudy giuliani and the current mayor. >> i told him how about we do a tour of the city. >> police say that man was taken to the hospital. meanwhile as mayor de blasio and police commissioner bratton waited on plans from a task force to manage times square, mayor giuliani said he and not bratton was behind the quality of life successes. >> i didn't need a task force. there was me and bratton.
6:08 am
there was my brain, his people. and the knowledge of a long time in government. >> the mayor's office fired back with, quote, we want to thank mayor giuliani for his brain. however, instead of getting rid of people, eye mayor de blasio wants to building new shelters, providing supportive services and the care that they need. you can see the whole thing on our website. 6:11, still to come -- everybody is buzzing about joe biden's possible presidential run. what the white house is saying about the rumors. and then a not so welcome greeting. we'll tell you what parents were met with these signs dropping their kids off at college. traffic and weather on the 4s straight ahead. you're watching "today in new york."
6:12 am
welcome back. 6:14, that means time for weather and traffic on the 4s. the humidity's on the way out. it's nice. >> yeah, it's going to get nicer as the day goes on, guys. especially west to east. you'll feel that breath of fresh air earlier in the afternoon. right now, it's still wet starting north of town. let's take a look at rain we're dealing with in hudson valley. mainly in dutchess county. we've got thunderstorms and lightning. places like washington and stamford still seeing rain. yonkers, east chester and new city. we could have showers popping up anytime today you want the umbrella. 74 in muttontown. 72 in massapequa.
6:13 am
it's a muggy start to your tuesday. 77 degrees in central park. another morning to have the ac on. we've got hot stuff coming for the end of the weekend. the weekend planner. heat hanging on saturday, 88 degrees hot and dry as you're making weekend plans. 90 on sunday. and the mugginess returns by the end of the weekend. all right. let's rewind to today. 8:00, this morning's commute. still to the east of new york city. fairfield county, nassau, suffolk county as that cold front can't clear the region. we've got hung up here. downpours a possibility anytime from new york city east through the morning. notice how it drys out late morning to the west of town. around lunchtime, 1:00, 2:00, more showers and storms just around new york city. possibility not a washout. not everyone is going to see rain, but you might. if it does rain, it will be a heavy soaker. for the evening commute, east of
6:14 am
the town, fairfield county, again, nassau, suffolk county. dry from new york city west. as we start to feel the lower humidity as well. overnight tonight, a big refreshing air mass moving in, dropping the temperatures and definitely the humidity. tomorrow will be a delightful day. 85 degrees for tomorrow. and then steamy and hot again on sunday, 91. keeping it in the 90s as we kick off september and early next week. lauren scala has a look at the commute. >> the long island commuters, we're heading over to oak dale where there's a closure at montauk highway. you can take sunrise to get around it. or local streets. queens on the border here, an accident, near the l.i.e. that's clear. westbound through this area,
6:15 am
construction also wrapped up on the grand central parkway. that's starting to move more quickly than the l.i.e. heading over to the belt parkway, a new accident. eastbound near the mill basin draw bridge. that shuts down two lanes there. delays are extensive on the belt parkway. westbound, we do have rubber necking delays as well. alternate side parking rules in effect. we'll have more weather and traffic update on the 4s . it's politics time. to decision 2016 where the speculation continues to build. biden had lunch with president obama who just returned from his 17-day vacation. if biden does decide to run it could put the president in a position at either backing him or hillary clinton. his former secretary of state. >> the president has indicated his view that the decision he
6:16 am
made, i guess, seven years ago now, to add joe biden to the ticket as his running mate is the smartest decision that he ever made in politics. >> so that's a bit of a hint. biden is expected to make a decision by september 23rd. just in time for the first democratic debate. a republican in the race, jeb bush visited the mexican border and criticized donald trump's plans. >> mr. trump's plan cost hundreds of billions of dollars. it's not realistic. it won't be implemented. and we need border security. >> bush went on to say trump should read his book "immigration wars" if he wants to know how to deal with illegal immigration. the "today" show has much more at 7:00 a.m. after "today in new york." the cheating website ashley
6:17 am
madison offering up a huge reward. $380,000 for information lead to get hackers. meanhile, the company is facing more lawsuits. ffive class action suits, four of them in the united states, number one canada. and a college from certainty in virginia is suspended for signs it put up to welcome incoming freshman. members of old dominion univerty sigma nu fraternity hung the suggestive banners from an off-campus house in norfolk. the signs encouraged parents to drop off their freshman daughters at the house for a good time and moms too. the school officials were warned of those banners when it showed up on social media websites. and you and i are saying, what were they thinking that they were going to get away with this type of, in the current atmosphere? >> i remember when we were doing college tours. my dad dropped me off.
6:18 am
we went toerisit a store. there was a banner that said fathers thank you for bringing your freshmen daughters. we turned around. >> that's something you can't do. >> it looked like a scene out of an action film. a high-speed chase that took place in a mall parking garage.
6:21 am
this dash cam video of a car chase in florida who had say a 19-year-old man tried to run down a police officer and then took off through a crowded mall parking garage.
6:22 am
an unmarked suv finally cuts the car off. he faces grand theft auto and aggravated assault charges. >> is it me or are all things strange in florida? >> time for weather. >> it's soupy, it's tropical, it's warm and muggy. get ready to deal with that. also dealing with rain showers off to the north. heavy rain through dutchess county. lighter showers in new york city and patchy fog ao well. we're not getting rid of that shower chance this morning. we have a cold front that's parked over the tristate. we're going to have muff instability that we kick off more showers and storms as the day goes on. it's a hot and muggy one. 88, winds out of the south, it's breezy, 10 to 15 miles per hour. 86 in millburn. we will dry things out nicely this afternoon and evening from west to east. it's going to take a while
6:23 am
because t >>he cold front is dragging. and then i gets cooler. > new problem for new jersey commuters. we do have a disabled truck on 80. eastbound out by exit 60. and the beltway, things are moving along nicely. we do have a serious accident eastbound by the parkway. two lanes shut down there. i'll have details on the delays in just a few minutes. up next, live on wall street. the markets are going to open in just a few hours. >> reporter: i'm katherine creag, live on wall street where there is worry that today might be another volatile trading day. something is happening right now with european markets and futures that indicate it may not be so bad. >> reporter: i'm lori bordonaro
6:24 am
live in the bronx where police are searching for a violent robber targeting women inside crtheir apartment building. i'll explain coming up at 6:30.
6:27 am
mark whiplash. stocks another another tumble overseas. making investors nervous, but can wall street make a comeback? and apartment attacks. police hunt for a man wanted for ro wbbing women. and "today in new york" starts now. good morning, 6:30 on tuesday, (s gust 25th. m michael gargiulo. >> and i'm kerry barret, darlene has the week off. eer rapha with the forecast. there. you can e see on storm tracker, it's a wer commuto. showers coming through. lighter showers through new yorkth city not translates into the morning and early afternoon. you see on the day planner, 77 and muggy outside. a few more scattered storms
6:28 am
especially n, york city east into long island. and drying out very nicely in time for your evening commute. let's take a look at the all-important commute. >> good morning. have a serious accident, chi simonson live over the scene. there. the left lane getting by. very slow eastbound on the beltway paourkway. most go back at least a mile or two. westbound, we also have rubber-necking getting into the area. and it looks like there may have been an oil spill or fuel spill out there. there's sand on the roadway so there's some cleanup involved. more weather and traffic on the 4s. investors, s s bracing for another rough day possibly. but there's some hope that the market could take a turn.
6:29 am
let's check in with katherine creag. kat, just three hours before the market opens? >> reporter: that'right. cnbc's website, green is good. dow futures up, more than 500 points. you look at the european market, the dax, the ftse, the asian markets closing down for the most part. nick nikkei down 700 points and shanghai down almost 8%. that's where we start with the d news. china stocks closed sharply lower. that meant for the most part asian markets closed down. gains made with the shanghai composite, this gives you an idea how bad it is gains made with the shanghai composite are gone. right now eopprn shares are up and dow futures are up indicating today might not be like yesterday because yesterday was terrible.
6:30 am
within minutes of the opening bell, the dow plunged, by the finished down. 11 months of gains wiped out in three trading sessions. and there are fears that china's economy is slowing down. >> they've created demand. they created commerce when our economy was slow. now, china is slowing and t rest of the world seems to be fairly slow, too. >> reporter: traders here on wall street may be feeling untoeasy, investors as well. for the regular investor, now is not the time. sit tight is the message from investors. don't go to bank and take out all of y--r money sit tight and you might want to buy low. back to you. >> thank you so much. police are looking for a man who they say is attacking and robbing women in the bronx. it's already happened twice in the tremont section.
6:31 am
"today in new york's" lori bordonaro is live with a little more on what they're looking for. >> reporter: good morning, we're here on monterey avenue on 78th street. police say that man is following limb, targeting them inside their apartment building and taking off with money and jewelry. he's wearing a white sweatshirt and bright sneakers. hoe to tell a gold necklace and took off. police say he struck again last wednesday, this time targets a 44-year-old woman. police say he had fold her lowed her intoer elevator, pulled out a yorazor and made off with $36. he's described as 5'10", 200 pounds with braided hair. one woman said it's frightening. >> you know, i come home from would i have to watch my back
6:32 am
now, this is ridiculous. >> reporter: once again, that man was last seen wearing blight colored sneakers and black windbreaker pants. police are asking you to call crime stoppers, 1-800-577-tips. that's the very latest here in the bronx. kerry, back to you. right now, if you want to check weather and traffic. >> a little rain off to the north. good morning, everyone. wet commute has been mainly to the north of town. muggy, sunshine, causing a pop-up storm really anytime from the morning into the afternoon. especially east of town. much better weather moves in, especially for your wednesday. you see it's quiet on long island. lots of clouds. the rain has been focused in dutchess county. that's where it continues to rain. downpours.
6:33 am
itt.'s partly sunny, warm and muggy. scattered showers especially for island. and today is one of those days to have the umbrella, just to be on the safe side. also one of those days to listen to lauren scala. hey, lauren. >> good morning. the eastbound belt parkway is the place to avoid. there's an accident with a full spill. we're talking about mass transit. the b41. we do have track delays on e, f and m. a lot of express trains running locally. leave extra time there. alternate side parking rules in effect. there's a bail hearing today of the man accused of sending a nude photo to rosie o'donnell's teenage daughter. 25-year-old steven shearer made
6:34 am
his first court appearance via video yesterday. prosecutors say he had inappropriate online communication with 17-year-old chelsey o'donnell. o'donnell was found at his home in barnegat, new jersey. we have add news. the race car driver involved in a freak accident over the weekend has died. justin wilson was hit in the headed by a large piece of debris that came off a car during a crash at pocono raceway. wilson is survived by his wife and two daughters. has was considered one of the most respected indy drivers. he's 37 years old. a preliminary report shows a plane headed to an airport that actually no longer exists. the ntsb said an air traffic controller directed this doomed flight to the bethpage strip
6:35 am
which closed years ago. the 59hyear-old died when the single engine plane crashed in hicksville, august 17th. we're hearing it will take months, not weeks for crews to repair a huge sinkhole. construction crews have to repair the reend oad and also it causes a whole host of problems for neighbors. >> water pressure is down. a lot of the buildings, it messed with the verizon wires. phone, wa r, what else is -- what else has it affected? a lot is affected. >> so, hopefully, out all of his construction chaos should be ov, er by november when it's expected to be completed. a lawsuit has been filed against the bronx hotel identify
6:36 am
identified as the outbreak of the legionnaires' disease. the man who spent several days in the hospital after contracting legionnaires is now seeking unspecified damages. it killing 12 people and sickened more than 100. officials have found west nile virus from months the key tease on watch hill. the species of the mosquitos found with the virus are not prone to biting people. so they're getting a better idea of just how much of an impact this a & p bankruptcy will have in new jersey. the supermarket announced plans to sell off all of its a & p and other stores. according to a new filings with the new jersey state labor department, that means more than 9,000 people would be losing their jobs.
6:37 am
those layoffs expected to take effect by thanksgiving. a consumer alert. jeep drivers have filed more than a dozen complaints about the suv rolling away unexpectedly while in park. now the national traffic safety administration is investigating. the agency is looking at 400,000 jeep cherokees and investigators will determine whether they need make a recall. and it's that relentless series of detail that is making dissatisfaction. satisfaction is at a ten-year low according to the american consumer satisfaction index. last year, automakers revealed 64 million problems for faulty air bags and ignition switches. . a lot of people love fantasy but it could come at a high
6:38 am
cost. champ. weather and traffic coming up on the 4s, as you look at the hamilton bridge. you're watching "today in new york."
6:40 am
leave early go roam sleep in sleep out star gaze dream big wander more care less beat sunrise chase sunset do it all. on us. p get your first month' s payment r plus five years wearr and tear coverage. p make the most of summer... t with volvo.
6:41 am
a live look across the expressway. you can help the national park service celebrate its 99th birthday. you can do that by heading off to a park because admission is free at all 408 national parks. in our area, there's actually ten national parks included. most notable the statue of liberty and ellis island and the general grant national monument on the upper west side. >> it's beautiful. it's 6:44. it's time for weather and traffic on the 4s. we're looking forward to what's to come. >> the weather is not going to be hot if you want to head out to the parks in the tristate. temperatures back to the 80s by the afternoon. we are tracking rain in parts of the area. overall, it's mostly dry so far.
6:42 am
that may change. here's a live look outside. it's been warm and muggy. 77 degrees as you're starting the day. not winding a whole lot of sunshine, mostly cloudy skies. visibility down to a quarter mile in monticello. experience fog. the rain has cleared out for dutchess county. just showers lincoln s s lingering. watch it, it's sort of a lightning rod for instability. more showers could potentially pop you have as we head into the late afternoon. temperatures in the 60s. 72, white plain, 73 down the shore sat long branch. and 76 in farming dale. this is 9:00, most of the shower activity from new york city on
6:43 am
east. that's where the emphasis stays. 11:00. spot? showers and a few storms popping up into new york city into long island. from daytime heating, 1:00, 2:00 p.m., could see. youup storms. but could have very heavy rain. 7:00 p.m., looking good in the city. nice and dry. refreshing air mass is moving in. humidity is dropping. look for nassau and suffolk counties. overnight tonight, temperatures drop to the 60s, even the north and west of town. 85, low humidity and sunshine. we carry that friend trend into the start of weekend. sunday's high temperature 90 degrees. let's go back to the commute. lauren has the latest. good morning.
6:44 am
we've had a bit of a busy commute. an accident on the l.i.e. that has cleared. we have problems still on the belt parkway. we have kai simon out there. you can see the left lane squeaking by at this point. there's a fuel spill out there. delays bow back for miles past nab street. it looks like it's going to be out there for quite a while as they try to clean that up. nothing moving there. westbound, rubber necking delays. and the inbound lincoln. here's what the delays look like. 20-minute wait at the lincoln. up to 15 minutes at the holland. no delays all at the washington bridge so that's the way to go. we do have a closure at montauk
6:45 am
highway. shut down in both direction from vanderbilt. back to you. >> thanks. it's going to be a big day for former giant osi umenyiora. >> yeah, he's signing a one-day contract with big blue and then retiring obviously as a giant. he had 74 sacks with the giants. the fourth in all-time franchise history. he won two super bowl rings after he retired. the jets geno smith back in full uniform. he didn't take part in any contact drills. geno's recovering from surgery but still going to be out another four to six weeks. face you have.
6:46 am
with the nfl season, it's the time consuming fantasy football season. according to a new estimate, 64% of the millions that will be playing are also employed full time. it is believed the cost of this on-the-job distraction will be close to $16 billion. that accounts for just one hour of each employee's unproductive work for every week of the regular season. i would hazard a guesses s it's more than a that. and the giant water front.
6:49 am
welcome back. it is 6:52. right now, you're looking at the future staten island skyline. construction is officially under way on this $500,000 ferris wheel. it's right along the water front. the new york wheel project was
6:50 am
approved by the city in 2014. up to 1400 passengers will be able to climb on board at one time. stories. >> wow. >> i know, it's cool. you will have fantastic views of new york and new jersey during the slow-moving 38-minute ride. you have to wait a little bit. it's not expected to open for business until 2017. "today" show is coming up in a few minutes. we want to check in with matt and savannah. >> does it surprise anybody else, $500,000? >> yes. >> that's a lot of money. >> well, there's 1,000 bucks in each of those cars. >> is just make it safe. >> absolutely. anyway way, coming up, what's the new day going to bring on wall street after monday's roller coaster ride? money? we'll get answers including from cnbc's jim cramer. and an end to the dangerous and sometimes controversial
6:51 am
police pursuits. and could it save your marriage. the raw emotions on display at a couples retreat that take spouses way out of their comfort zone. we've got a live report with carol king and the cast inspired by the music to all sing together which i don't think has happened before. come on down. >> it's go great. she is not far from here. she's fantastic. this is great. >> she is music royalty, no question about it, thus the name king. >> tapestry, that's all i'd say. we'll be back with today's top stories and of course a check of the weather and traffic.
6:54 am
invest, bracing for another tough day on wall street. >> "today in new york's" katherine creag has more. >> reporter: traders on wall street saw that the asian markets finished down, the nikkei and the shanghai composite, for example. right now, european markets and u.s. futures are up. minutes of the opening bell, the dow plunged more than 1,000 points. by the end of the trading day, points. the hope is it won't be as bad >> thank you.
6:55 am
moving out to lori bordonaro in the bronx where police say a man is wanted for attacking women. >> reporter: take a look at this picture. police say this manor is responsible for two violent robberies. in both cases, he followed the women inside the apartment building and demands money or jewelry. police are asking anyone with information to come forward. thanks right now. we do want to check and see what's happening with traffic. on the beltway, cleanup from an earlier accident, chi simonsen over the scene there. blocking two lanes. in the process of cleaning up. just that left lane sweeping by. very, very heavy delays. let's say it again, very heavy.
6:56 am
you can see they go well past matt street. eastbound parkway avoid it this morning. then we values a disabled vehicle northbound on the cross island parkway in the right lane. >> right, only with cross bay boulevard, it's east of where it is. >> it's completely jammed. it's not as bad in the weather world. we have showers out there to the north of town and sunshine as well breaking out. hazy, hot and humid. high temperature of 86 degrees. you do want to have your umbrella to be on the safe side. we'll notice a drying trend later on today. the humidity drops away tonight. it's a beautiful setup for tomorrow. temperatures are the same. humidity is night and day today. it's very tropical. tomorrow feels like a breath of fresh air. the drying trend continues into the weekend. look at the warming trend, saturday and sunday, near 90.
6:57 am
the humidity will be back. it never stays away for long. hey, the "today" show is next. that's what's happening "today in new york." good morning. and hold on. after wall street's historic wild swings, where are the markets headed today and what does it mean for your nest egg? we'll go live to the stock exchange. the green light? a new report saying the president gave joe biden his blessing to enter the race if he wants to. will the president choose between clinton and biden or stay neutral? damning testimony. friends of former prep school student owen labrie take the stand claiming he bragged about having sex with his alleged victim even as he denied it to police. will the defendant take the stand as early as today? and a trip to remember.
6:58 am
a 12-year-old boy stumbles at a museum, accidentally punching a hole in a centuries-old painting worth more than $1 million. why he's learning the art of being a little more careful. today, august 25, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a tuesday morning. that moment as a parent are you saying, oh, honey, what did you do or do i know you? >> i didn't bring my son today. there is a ten-second period where the kid tries to think, maybe nobody saw this. anyway, we'll show you more of it later. >> let's get to the top story. mayhem on wall street sparking fears amid a massive sell-off. this time lapse shows monday's roller coaster ride with wild swings.
6:59 am
what can we expect? cnbc's jim cramer is at the stock exchange this morning. good morning to you. >> good morning, savannah. >> yesterday wasn't for the faint of heart. do you expect more of this? >> no. the opening will be very strong. a lot of that is because china cut interest rates just now. europe looks stable. frankly, as we said yesterday, no one made a dime panicking. if you were frightful and scared, sell today at the opening. you will get good prices. >> you mentioned china. we have learned in the last few days toat's the driver of the downturn. china has been in a slump. why all of the sudden was that triggering a massive correction? >> i think a lot of people are looking at the world's second largest economy and wondering whether it is slowing so dramatically it can bring down worldwide growth at the same time the federal reserve is talking about hiking interest rates. those can't happen at the same time without expecting a dramatic decline.


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