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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  August 28, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> reporter: the victim spent some time in the hospital. she continues to recover. just to give you an idea of how badly people in that nertighborhood wanted a suspect caught, they raised more than $4,000 on their own in reward atmoney for information leats to the arrest of a suspect. again, that suspect now behind bars. gus, b k to you. >> katherine creag live in downtown brooklyn, thank you. just as we were getting on the air here, we learned the cause of this early morning fire in yonkys. an overloaded pow n str ip in the living room is to blame. pretty much everything inside the apartment was destroyed. five people including three firefighters were treated for minor injuries dealing with that. right now, florida is preparing for the arrival of tropical storm erika. the city of hollywood there filled sandbags for neighbors while some disas r relief organizations began prepping supplies. governor rick scott has declared a state of emergency. so far, no warnings or watches
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have been issued for south florida, but the next several hours will be crucial in determining erika's path. overnight, the storm swept past puerto rico heading for the democratic republican. the small island nation ofe domini hit very hard, you can see there. rapid rainfall triggered deadly flooding and mudslides that caused at least one building to collapse and local media reporting at least 25 people have been killed and there are many others who are missing. you can hear some of the screams. let's go to dave price. at's the latest? >> such a big concern. so many of us have friends and family throughout the caribbean and in florida. let's take a look rig e now at somewhat disorganiz and wobbly. tropical storm force winds east. it's not evenly distributed. so it's somewhat weak right now as it begins its journey about 900 miles from florida as the crow flies but right now this is going to the west-northwest at about 18 miles per hour. western section of puerto rico
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tting heavy rains. now rolling into the dominican republic and haiti. what could happen as it rolls over the mountainous areas, it could shred if it does not. plenty of juice, plenty of gasoline, plenty of energy to regenerate and cause a real threat to florida. the models do bring the storm over florida at this point. any d we j t talked about the forward speed. winds sustained at 50 miles per hour. where does it go? if it follows the productions, it brings it to south florida monday by 8:00 a.m. they'll feel the effects much earlier than that. up and over florida for apn proximately 2 to 3 days. we'll track it. a lot of unknowns. we'll try and get the answers ane.upda you through the day and over the weekend. from erika, we turn back now to katrina. a defining moment in our nation's history. ten years ago tomorrow, that monster sure hurricane slammed into the levees and swamped new orleans.
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today, commemorating the anniversary. we go to nbc's jay gray in new orleans with more on the recovery. jay. >> reporter: hey there, gus. business booming here right now. in fact, new orleans, the fastest growing city in america. so at first glance, it may look like the city, this region, is all the way back after katrina. when you talk to those who live and work here, they're quick to tell you there's still a lot of work left to be done. the struggle began even before katrina made landfall. at this exact hour ten years ago, many along the gulf coast started to realize it was too late to try and outrun the massive storm. katrina struck with a fury that ripped apart the gulf coast. then, hours later -- >> one of the levees has broken. >> reporter: the levees gave way in new orleans. >> it was one of our country's darkest moment. >> reporter: at the time, many blamed president george w. bush for a slow federal response to the storm. today, he was back in the region for a closer look at the
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recovery and the work that remains. the numbers from the tragedy staggering. more than 1,800 killed. more than 100,000 lost their homes. >> there were these continuous insults, continuous traumatic events. >> reporter: the survivors here have managed to keep moving rward. >> if we take a deep breathe and we r cognize how far we've c ome in ten years, it indicates how strong we are. >> reporter: strength you can see in the celebrations that fill the french quarter again. un ersity district neueighborhoods flourishing. but there are other areas a decade later that still aren't back. neighborhoods like new orleans east and the lower ninth ward. where the recovery is patchwork at best. >> we wee devastated to the tune of 180,000. we've come a long way. there's still a lot to do. >> reporter: and work is still being doisne with the renewe
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focus on the communities that need it the most. >> i believe that we're going to continue to get better. >> reporter: just like they have across this region for the last ten years now. you know, as overwhelming as it might sound, those who work along the front lines say a decade later they're only about halfway through that overwhelming process. new orleans. i'm jay gray. gus, back to you now. >> thank you very much for the update and perspective. well the virginia shopping center where two journalists open today. gunman. this is video from vester lee flanagan's apartment. it's barely decorated except for some photos of himself posted on the fridge. investigators say after the shooting flanagan sent a text to a friend about, quote, having done something very stupid. he later shot himself in his rental car where officers found
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six magazines of ammunition, three license plates and a wig. the -- >> hundreds gathered at a candlelight vigil to remember adam ward. station. while parker's father is grouieving, he's gearing up for a battle over american's access to guns. >> how many times are we going to see an incident like this hatoppen? newtown, charleston, the movie theaters. you name it. sit's got to stop. >> virginia medical officials say parker and ward were both shot in the head. as for ward, his funeral arrangements will be set. his ceremony to celebrate his life is scheduled for tuesday. coming up on news 4 new york at noon, fallout following the ashley madison website hack.
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who's out at the company. and the great hair debate. what donald trump did during campaign event to prove he does not wear a toupee.
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final good-byes today for a security guard killed last week on the job. he was gunned down at a federal office build g on varic street. the private memorial takes place this afternoon. last night, many friends and co-work co-workers remembered the father of three as an incredible human being. in georgia, a university student is dead following a shooting on campus. the school says christopher stark, a junior from the atlanta area, died from his wounds. the confirmed itness reports
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said>it happened after a fight inside t student union. there's no word of a suspect. th e university started classes late this morning and counselors are on hand. a trial of an elite prep school senior accused of raping a freshman. 19-year-old owen lebre is accused of attacking a freshman last year. he said he didn't have sex with the girl, who was 15 at the time. prosecutors say he attacked her as part of a tradition at st. paul's prep known as the senior salute. some say it referred to a practice of sexual conquest by graduating seniors. happening today, president obama's going to try to ease concerns about the nuclear deal with iran. will deliver remarks to two major jewish organizations during a live webcast. israel opposes the deal, saying it could eventually lead to a nuclear armed iran. obama says the agreement includes the most comprehensive inspection and verification
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terms ef negotiated. trump clearing the air about his hair at a rally in south carolina. >> i don't wear a toupee. it my hair. i swear. come here, come here, come here. i'm going to -- we're going to settle this. yo u have to do an inspection. this is getting crazy. is it mine. look. >> yes, i believe it is. >> thank you. >> a new quinnipiac poll shows trump ahead of his republican presidential rivals 28% of registered republican voters pport trump, making him the main candidate. his next closest rival is ben carson with just 12%. don't do that with newscasters. itow's not always real. pope francis is getting a special greeting when he comes to new york next month. working on a hand painted 225 foot tall bill board welcoming
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the pope. that corner, just outside of madison square garden where the pope will hold a special mass on september 25th. the bill board will stay up through september. today's money report, fallout in the ashley madison cyber breach. it's been a wild week on wall street. how will the week end? cnbc's global headquarters with more. it's been a wild one. >> we're all so glad that it is friday, gus, at this point. i'll tell you, right now, we have a lot of val tilt going on in the market. it's a very choppy market day. the dow has been moving in and out of positive territory. traders are trying to figure out whether they're willing to buy stocks ahead of the weekend. there's also a key federal reserve meeting in jackson hole, wyoming. we heard comments from the fed vice chair and the market is interpreting that as a september interest rate hike may be back on the table. and there's a lot of potential with central bankers from around
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the world gathered at that event to roil the markets so hang on to your hats. the economic data out today as well, healthy increase in wages in july. personal income up 4%. wages and salaries rose at the fastest pace since last november. however, even that rise in wages didn't make consumers feel better about the economy. consumers outlook actually grew more pessimistic recently. most likely reflecting these big swings we've been seeing in the stock market in august. as a result, consumer sentiment hit its lowest point since may. you mentioned ashley madison. well, the ceo of the parent company of the cheating website ashley madison is stepping down, effective immediately. thmie resignation follows the massive breach of that website which released the names and personal details of millions of its members. the website, who's motto is life is short, have an affair, claims to have nearly 40 million members. the ceo is gone. i guess perhaps gus we could have seen that one coming.
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>>. i imagine that is a interesting meeting to say least. >> to say the least. exactly. the company says they're trying to work to get those hackers that released the data arrested. so far, they haven't made any progress. have a good weekend, appreciate it. the fastest man in the world is laughing offua spill on the track. useraibolt outran everyone at the world championship in beijing. aft weirds, the jam manic sprinter was hit by a photographer on a segway scooter. bolt sprang right back to his feet. he later joked american justin gaitlin paid the photographer to take him out. the segways are tricky things. >> let's segue over to the weather now. >> beautiful day. >> gorgeous. forecast.
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we'll talk about the good news locally and the bad news when it comes to the caribbean. first, the good news. it's gorgeous outside. it is beautiful. that trend continues. and it looks like we're going to have a lot more of it through the weekend. temps are going to go up. in the meantime, enjoy 77 degrees outside and lots of sunshine. let's go to the headlines. more perfect weather here. we'll take it. only change in the forecast is that we'll probably see those temps begin to climb and humidity come in the picture as well as we head into tomorrow. for the next five days or so, it's going up and up. we're tracking erika. we've been doing it for the last several days. let's get right to it. see what's happening. here it is. rolling over hiss paniola right now. if it continues, it probably gets more speed and then rolls
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up through florida. there's a lot of time between now and then. and a lot which can happen. we'll continue to keep track of it. in the meantime, let's go local once again. beautiful right now. jersey city, 79. 7 75 in princeton. hunter. 74 in watchingers falls. sleepy hollow at 76. not a cloud in the sky. maybe some light high stuff. nole it anything to worry about. 83 degrees is where we top it off. sunset tonight at 7:35. 79 should be the high in hempstead. 82 in hyde park. and in wattage, 77 degrees should be where we top it off. let the windows open and the cool air into the house. winds are out of west. but they're really light. 61 degrees in rye brook. 55 in arlington tonight.
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like this. seven days going to be gorgeous. just a little warmer. keep that in mind. 90 on monday. 91 on tuesday. 92 on wednesday. that's a heat wave. thundershowers. we'll watch it. and janice will continue to track erika through the day and gus. >> dave, thank you very much. still ahead on news 4 new york at noon, the soda ban revisited. what one lawmaker wants to do to help curb childhood obesity. hope you stay with us.
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there is this noon a new push to ban the big gulp. staten island assembly man is introducing a bill to stop minors from buying sugary drinks over 16 ounces. teens will have to show i.d. if they're making the purchase. parents can still buy soft drinks for kids. he's looking for a sponsor in the senate.
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we now have a date and time for the opening of the new 7 line station at the hudson yards. the new 34th street station will open on september 13th. at exactly 1:07 p.m. put it in your calendar. it will replace time square as the final stop of the 7 line. the 1 1/2 mile extent to the 7 line is the only subway south of far west side. is it a boy or a girl? the gender of the national zoo's baby panda. the story when we come back.
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it is a boy. the national zoo announced that the giant panda cubs born at the national zoo last saturday were both male. wednesday. the survive ing cub is healthy and active. they also shared national zoo's tin tin is the cub's father. a 3-year-old boy leaves day care without anyone noticing and then walks home. plus, it's four years since hurricane irene hit the tristate area causing billions of dollars in damage. tonight, how some communities have bounced back stronger than ever. those stories and more stating tonight at 5:00.
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see you later this evening. have a great day.
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hey, everyone, welcome to new york live. happy friday. we hope you have a really fun weekend planned. this is the last one before september. i know what you're saying, jacque. october's right around the corner. summer's over. let's get through september first. we're going to enjoy this end of september. >> she said it. we've got a fantastic show on the way. where can you find some of the tastyist barbecue in the country? we'll take you to two brooklyn hot spots. and there's a reason rolling stone magazine called her one of the greatest singers of all time. we're preview ago terrific new solo album with darlene love.
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darlene love. pretty lady. looking. we always love it when she stops. well, back to school season is almost here. >> all right, but first, ben aaron just had to get in one last afternoon at one of his favorite childhood places in the world, day camp. >> as a kid, i love summer camp. it's where i learned to play tennis, perform on stage, had my first kiss. and today marks my epic return to a place i hold near and dear to my heart, summer camp. i even wore shorts. but before i began, i need some advice. so i sat down with these kids and this was literally the first thing one of them said. >> are you jewish? >> yeah. >> okay. >> is it obvious? >> yep. >> i'm half jewish. >> oh. >> what should i expect here? >> i like ceramics, arts and craft, working. >> zip line and ropes is really good.
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>> lunge, playground. >> dodge ball and gymnastics. >> i like gymnastics too. >> what's the deal with the girls? you guys have girlfriends? >> no. >> is there any one girl in particular you have your eye on? >> shiven. >> her name's shiven. >> is there anything you guys want to ask me? >> who's kim kardashian? >> where do babies come from? >> first up, the sport of gaga. it's like dodge ball but the ball stays on the floor. with 6-year-olds, it's the only way to establish any kind of street cred. next up was basketball. with a slightly modified hoop. i believe i can fly


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