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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  August 28, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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exclusive video like the one you showed earlier. showing that tragedy unfold.totake a listen. that video shot by aaspectator on the ground shows the propeller-driven stunt plane doinga a nosedive maneuver, but as it begins to climb out of the dive, portions of the plane appear to break away. a short time later, the plane plunges to the ground. board, was killed. this time. state police say the stunt plane the new york air show to be held thi airport. past shows have drawn hundred. enthusiasts. but it has not been a good stretch for air shows. today's crash comes after an air show crash in the u.k. on a u.k. highway last week, killed nearly a dozen people.
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right now, i want to take you to chopper 4 live over the scene with a shot of the wreckage there here at stewart international airport. the faa is on scene back out here live. organize s of the new york air shdow tell us the show is expected to go on as planned. in new windsor, checkey beckford, news 4 new york. tropical storm erika is moving over the dominican republic right after lashing puerto rico with heavy rains and high winds. fema has deployed teams to puerto rico and florida governor rick scott declared a state of emergency ahead of the approaching storm, which could make landfall there by monday. that means sandbags are being lled and crucial supplies like water are being stock piled. storm team 4 meteorologist nice huff is tracking erika for us. what's the latest? >> right now, shiba, it's threatening the dominican republic and haiti. heavy rain bands move over the dominican republic now and the storm will continue moving west at 20 miles per hour. top winds at 50 miles per hour. we know it has a history of
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producing flooding rains and power outages because of the wisnds. now it will move towards cuba later tonight and tomorrow. and as it enters cuba, it moves over cuba, it will weaken to a tropical depression. ill waiting to produce a lot of rain and possibly power outages with the winds. winds will be down to 35 miles per hour. this is saturday afternoon. sunday morning, it's still over cuba so will be there for 36 hours. and then it moves into the florida straits. it may regain strength as a tropical storm headed toward the florida keyy on sunday afternoon and then could possibly make a second landfall south of tampa, florida, monday afternoon. the question is where it's going to move over florida. still a lot of uncertainty here. these are the areas of the watches and warnings, the ea cuheba. nothing in florida just yet. probably in the next 36 hours, though, they'll be issuing watches and warnings, as well. back to you. >> janice, thank you.
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disturbing details about the m who shot and killed two journalists in virginia on live television. alison parker and adam ward were murdered wednesday morning. vester flanagan pulled the trigger. nbc fiwet obtained this it video showing the sparse living conditions inside flanagan's apartment. and yesterday the police say they found weapons, ammo, a to do list and disguises in the rental car where he shot himself. parker spoke today, the father. >> i met the people she worked with and the people that really looed her, and it was -- ofoundly difficult for me. >> flanagan was fired from kdbj twoeyears ago after numerous angry explosions in the newsroom. he worked at other stations where he carried on the same way. new at 6:00, a tsa screener at laguardia airport is accused of preying on a foreign exchange student, telling her she needed to go through extra security inside a bathroom, and once
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side, he allegedly sexually assaulted her. news 4's sheldon dutes has been following the story all day and sheldon. >> reporter: that tsaghgent now at q ens criminal court on sex abuse and unlawful imprisonment charges, among others. all of this omes after authorities say he inappropriately touched that exchange student in a bathroom outside of the tsa's jurisdiction. this all happened on tuesday night at laguardia airport, and sources tell news 4 that that -year-old college student is from korea, and she came to new york after visiting utah. the 40-year-old allegedly told her he needed to check her luggage and should follow him to the men's bathroom. that's where the d.a. says he touched her over and under her clothes. the tsa released a statement, saying, they hold their employees to the highest standards, and as such, we expect our employees to conduct themselves with integrity,
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professionalism and with respect for the public we serve. he was arrested at the airport last night, and, again, he is waiting to face a judge. he will be arraigned at criminal court later tonight. as for the college student, i spoke to her b efly earlier today. and she is too shaken up to talk about the details of what happened earlier this week. but she told me she is heading back to korea next week. live at queens criminal court, sheldon dutes, news 4 new york. >> sheldon, thank you. a key isis leader has been killedl n syria and had ties to plots here in our area. officials saying he used social media to encourage attacks here. chief investigative reporter jonathan dienst has more. >> he was a british national, went to syria and used his language skills and his hacking skills to try to enc. rage attacks inside the u.s. now he's dead after a u.s. rike. the pentagon today said it's official. the isis terrorist known as abu hussein al bertani is dead.
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they say it was a targeted air strike like this that took him out as he traveled in a car outside aqqa, syria. he was a sophisticated hacker and online propagandist. officials have said he's believed to hame used social media to cheer on the alleged group of isis suspects here in new york and new jersey. half a dozen suspects arrested this summer. they also say al bertani tried to encourage attacks in garland, texas, of a prophet mohamed cartoon drawing contest, as well as praising the attempted knife attack of an fbi agent in boston. he also hacked into the pentagon social media sites and posted kill lists of special u.s. soldiers. the killing stops a man considered an effective isis recruiter. meanwhile, in virginia today, the youngest home-grown isis terrorist to date, ali sherky amine, sentenced to 11 years in prison. the 17-year-old accused of helping a friend travel to syria
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and calling on his 4,000 twitter followers to support isis. relatives and friends came to show support for him and his defense lawyer wanted a lighter sentence. >> the symbolic power of his actions also demonstrates a great deal of remorse. >> defense lawyers had asked for six years in prison, but prosecutors say the difference was he was not a young man becoming radicalized. he was the one radicalizing others online and that's why they wanted the tougher 11-year sentence. chuck, back to you. >> jonathan, thank you. coming up as news 4 at 6:00 continues, are you one of the lucky staten islanders who experienced it this morning? the terrible smell that wafted over a large part of the island? and a long-serving member of the nypd is honored for his service. the special unit he commanded for years.
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you might not know his name, but every day his work for the last 33 years has saved countless lives. today the chief of the nypd's hostage negotiation it team retired from the force. officers lined one police plaza giving the lieutenant a hero sendoff. as he walked out for the final time. as the department's top hostage negotiator, he says he learned to diffuse the most tense situations using compassion and common sense. >> a lot of wonderful memories, 33 1/2 years. it was a charmed career. and i feel so grateful for it. >> he says the key to a successful career is the ability to listen to people and show respect. staten islanders hoping to get fresh air when they walked outside this morning got a whiff
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of something else and it left many pinching their noses, wondering what's that smell. residents across the borough reported the mysterious stench to the city. people from neighborhoods, including north shore, grasmere, and south beach all smelled the foul odor. but no one seemed to know where it's coming from. >> it was for maybe 8:00 until 9:00 this morning, and it just -- disappeared. >> it smelt like sewer. like dead fish or like something that was in a garbage pail for a while. >> not what you want to smell when you wake up in the morning. we have reached out to the department of environmental protection, and they say they're looking into it. coming up when news 4 at 6:00 returns, a touching honor for one of the victims of the newtown massacre two-and-a-half years after the tragedy. but first, here's a look at what's on nbc tonight, and shiba and i will see you again at 11:00.
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the tragic shootings at sandy hook elementary school, one of the victims being remembered in proud. >> victoria soto was a teacher at the school who died trying to protect all of her students. and now a school is being named in her honor. news 4's connecticut's catalina trevino has more. >> 1, 2, 3! >> it's the moment victoria soto's family never thought they would be waiting for. >> it's something beautiful. >> reporter: she was a teacher at sandy hook elementary school december 2012, killed in the deadly shooting that left her and five other staff members dead, along with 20 children. but today a grand opening. a new school. all in her name sake. the victoria soto school. >> it's a sound legacy and i hope that legacy will include these children realizing that there's resilience, regardless
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of what might come their way. >> reporter: inside the school, colors and reminders to be kind. victoria soto's classroom at sandy hook was bright and cheerful, like this one. and every teacher gets to sit in a pink chair, since she loved flamingos. >> there's flamingos on the bulletin boards, books and classrooms. she would be in o awe over that. >> reporter: the $18 million school replaced the honey spot house as part of the stratford mad academy complex, remembered by many as a hero. >> and i know that she's up there right now looking down with her kids in heaven. >> reporter: in stratford, catalina trivino, nbc connecticut news. hurricane katrina was the most devastating natural disaster in u.s. history. ten years later, new orleans has come a long way back but still has some work left to go.
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>> today former president george w. bush visited the city and remembered the destruction and talked about how many people came to help new orleans in the aftermath of the storm. >> the darkness from a decade ago has lifted, the crescent city has risen again and its best days lie ahead. >> for a time, many blamed bush for what they perceived as a lackluster response and blamed louisiana's governor for failing to take precautions. several neighborhoods are flourishing again but there are 60,000 homes that still need to be rebuilt or repaired. >> it is hurricane season now. i know janice will have much more on erika later on. how is the weekend looking? >> the weekend looks great. the weather fantastic. it's going to warm up more and the rumt will return. we're getting ready for big heat next week, talking 90-degree temperatures as september begins. so a lot to prepare for here of just on the quiet side of things. more heat coming our way. we'll have an update in a second. now a look from our top of the
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rock camera showing a few fair there. another beautiful evening across the tristate area. 80 degrees our current temperature. mostly sunny skies. tristate. 63 in the city. but a lot of 40s north and west frommont sello, sussex to morristown. won't be quite that cool 50s. things. pretty delightful. more 70s and low 80s. doesn't get much better than this. we'll start to see things increase in both the temperature and humidity department starting this weekend. a few scattered clouds to the north. we'll see a few over the weekend, as well, especially tomorrow. down towards the south over the caribbean, tropical storm erika is now moving along the south coast of the dominican republic and haiti. all these bright white clouds indicate thunderstorms with heavy rain over the dominican republic, will slide over haiti caicos.
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the tracks of the storms, all the different forecast models, show different tracks. now the hurricane center is predicting it to move over the west coast of florida, near tampa by monday. but then there are several other hurricane tracks that take it into the gulf of mexico. so now the intergulf of mexico has to be worried about the storm from the keys all the way over to texas. and that includes new orleans. last thing you want to think about, especially with the memories of katrina. in the meantime, what to expect around here tonight, just more of the same. nice and comfortable conditions with clear skies. 67 in midtown. 50s in the suburbs north and west. and then tomorrow, mix of sun and clouds during the day. but a southwest wind kicks up the heat. the temperatures on the rise. right now, though, close to 80. tenafly at 77. in and around the city, starting out around 70 at 8:00 a.m. a few more clouds, a bit more humid and temperatures into the 80s. 70s now in home dale. jersey shore looks good.
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seaside park at 76. great beach day tomorrow for all shore areas with temperatures in the low to mid 80s tomorrow. and then things heat up a little more on sunday, near 90. maybe a couple thunderstorms around north and west on sunday, as well. but then it's dry heat monday, tuesday, wednesday into the 90s. same thing on thursday, too, maybe a few more storms. whatever the weather, hope you have a great weekend. >> all right. you too, janice. thank you very much. and john is here with sports. >> the hockey world is mourning the loss of a wonderful man. four great stanley cup titles. we will remember one of the most successful coaches, not just in nhl history but in new york sports, as well. plus -- mets' wins no longer a phenomenon. you've got to see one phenomenal play from last night. you'll be amazed. it's next here on news 4 new york at 6:00.
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. some sad news in the hockey world. >> indeed. al arbor has passed away. you don't have the four stanley cup titles in the early '80s without him. he handed over his team for a game, the hall of fame coach could coach his 1500th. it was a win. he was 75 then. and he is still a winner. al arver died at 82. he coached the isles to 740 victories and 119 playoff wins, both nhl records for most by one coach with one team. arver led the islanders to four consecutive stanley cup championships in the early '80s. memorials are pouring in. he is remembered today as one of if not the greatest coach to ever stand behind a bench.
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the mets face the red sox tonight. everyone is still buzzing over this play last night in philadelphia. game tied at 5, and jeff rancor ground one. murphy flailing, flipping, somehow finding the glove of torres covering first. i watch this again and again. how did he beat him by a step? if you need any further proof to know something special is going on with the mets this year -- i mean, incredible. murphy is like, i just did what? matt harvey takes the mound tonight for the mets. see if they can top this, his first start in almost two weeks. the yankees in atlanta where mark teixeira sits tonight. he can't run. not good news for the yankees. to golf. jersey. bubba watson needing this cup. as for the world's number one ranked golfer, jordan spieth, he
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will likely miss the cut, dropping from the number one ranking in the world. triple crown winner american pharaoh is back in action. the 3-year-old is on the track for a workout. american pharaoh will ride out of the post position number two in the 146th running of the travers stakes tomorrow. he received a hero's welcome. coverage of the travers stakes starts tomorrow here on nbc 4 new york. we've got a busy sports day tomorrow. tonight, the giants and jets in the metlife bowl. our coverage at 7:00 with local bragging rights on the line. sidelines. >> thanks. coming up next on "nbc nightly news," the verdict is in the trial of a former student at an elite prep school accused of raping a student as part of a sordid tradition. >> thanks for joining us. we'll see you back here at 11:00.
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good night. tonight, a state of emergency declared in florida as killer tropical storm erika takes aim. the death toll rising in the caribbean. at least a dozen dead, many more missing in widespread flooding and mudslides. desperate journey a crush of refugees ith throngs scrambling ashore and by land. with men, women, and children abandoned to die inside a truck. the verdict comes down in the closely watched trial of a former student from an elite prep school accused of raping a freshman as part of a sordid senior tradition. and ten years later, we're live from a decade after hurricane katrina scarred this great american city. a remarkable comeback story but not for all who live here. "nightly news" begins
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right now. >> announcer: katrina, 10 years later. this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. new orleans. good evening. exactly ten years ago the streets behind me were virtually empty. landfall of hurricane katrina was just over 12 hours away. a monster storm that coast and knock this city to its knees. we will look back at katrina a bit later in this newscast. but it's another storm named erika we want to lead off with tonight. right now hitting the dominican republic with high winds and heavy rain and beating a path toward florida, which is under a state of emergency at this hour. tropical storm erika has already killed at caribbean before barreling into puerto rico. nbc's janet shamlian is in san juan. she starts us off tonight. >> reporter: devastation on the dominika. 12 daerksd as many as 20 missing after more
6:29 pm
than a foot of rain from tropical storm erika triggered mudslides and flooding, turning roads into rivers. [ screaming ] and wiping out some structures altogether. in the aftermath communities littered with debris and people in shock. 80% of the island was left without power and much of the fresh water supply cut off. puerto rico was next in erika's path. the island closed up and prepared for the worst. gusting winds, downed trees, and power lines. cutting electricity to its southern side. but the capital of san juan was largely spared. in the dominican republic the storm took aim once again. a glancing blow that toppled trees and destroyed property. and now tonight florida is under a state of emergency. >> pay attention, folks, because you're going to see some significant changes now. >> reporter: it's been ten years since a hurricane hit the state. residents are stocking up on essentials. sandbags are being handed out. and lines of cars wrap around blocks, waiting for gas.
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