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tv   Sunday Today in New York  NBC  August 30, 2015 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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>> it's tragic. because i mean, this is such a great show. obviously, there's a lot of great talent. >>in just very shocked. i can't imagine going on doing the show after having something like that happen. >> reporter: tony award winner kristin chenoweth tweeted, rest in peace, kyle jean-baptiste. myheove and logs to the family of "les mis." singer josh groban wrote, he was just getting started. so sad. my condolences to his family and the cast. yesterday the cast, they still performed the matinee and later show last night. but at the curtain call, they asked the audience to do a standing ovation in honor of kyle. reporting live outside of the imperial theater go, sheldon dutes, "today in new york." >> sheldon, thank you. investigators in new jersey believe a deadly -- they arrested an 83-year-old john weiss. he shot and killed his
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downstairs tenant, a 58-year-old at his home on passaic street. the two were arguing before the shooting. weiss is now facing manslaughter charges. fans just stunned watching as a man fell to his death during a yankees/braves game in atlanta. the man plummeted 50 feet from the upper level at turner field and landed on a concrete walkway. it happened at the top of the 7th inning as a-rod was coming to bat. paramedics and others ran to his ai d before he was taken away on a stretcher. >> i looked like he had some serious injuries there. i started to do chest compressions and cpr. he looked like he may have broken his neck and his leg. he was bleeding. >> not clear what caused that man who is in his 60s to fall. the braves offering their deepest condolences to his family. authorities in texas say a sheriff's deputy murdered execution-style was killed because he wore a uniform. this morning, shannon miles is
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behind bars charged with capital murder. miles allegedly walked up behind on-duty deputy darren goforth and shot him in the back of the head. he was filling his patrol car with gas. an overall motive is still unclear. he was seen on surveillance video and that led to the arrest. >> miles is in the custody of the harris county sheriff's office. he has charges for resisting arrest and trespass and evading detention and disorderly conduct wihath a firearm in the past. >> 47-year-old darren goforth was a ten-year veteran of the department. now to that undercover gun buy operation that ended in gunshots and in death. this morning, we have new information about the innocent victim who was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and was shot down by a police bullet. news 4's rob schmitt has the story. >> reporter: an innocent bystander shot and killed by an nypd officer. a horrible accidents.
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friends say 61-year-old feel ix kumi was a good man. >> he was our brother and we loved him. >> he was a devout jehovah's witness and caring father. they still have questions approximate how he died but their faith is helping them cope. >> scriptures tell us that time and unforeseen occurrence befall all of us. it just happens that it happened that way. >> reporter: the nypd says it all started with an injure cover gun deal. the suspects brought an undercover cop to this mounts vernon neighborhood to make the deal. one suspect pulled a gun and robbed that undercover officer. the officer says when the suspect pointed the gun at him, he fired. the officer hit the suspect three times but he also hit kumi who just happened to be walking behind the suspect. the suspect's gun turned out to be fake. police commissioner bratton offered his condolences to the family saying mr. kumi was blameless and this tragedy tested and tried his family.
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i tender the department's support and service in their grief. kumi's family declined to comment today, but his friends in the jehovah's witness community say he will be missed terribly. >> good father, loving person, kind, helpful. faithful man all the way. always a good example for us all. >> reporter: rob schmitt, "today in new york." the time is 10:07. we're going to turn to politics. it's called by many the trump effect. what exactly does that mean? chuck todd live in washington with a preview of meet the press. hi, chuck. >> how are you doing, gus? >> the trump effect is present around us. it seems he's getting into the heads of other republican candidates. how are they framing their messages in response to what he's doing sno. >> that's what's fascinating when you look at what we've done this morning. literally, when trump talks, the other candidates now, at least in the last couple weeks start to parrot. they feel it before, they were ignoring.
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now they feel they have to change their strategies. you can see it, you can see it in the words that they use. they discuss. it is clear that donald trump is campaign. he is dictating the terms of the debate. and now all of the other campaigns are struggling to try to respond to it. look, they're all acknowledging it, too. i have scott walker on the show. he acknowledges the issue that trump is sort of eclipsing everybody here a little bit. he's pleading for patience. it's crystal clear, it's onald trump's party right now and everybody else are just guests at it. >> week or two there was a speculation and rumors, i should say, about joe biden running for president. where do we stand on that right now? that seems to have quieted down a little bit. >> i think joe biden quieted down. when we heard him for the first time talk about it and we realized he's emotionally banged up. it's not like he had the fire in the belly to do this. one of the things we'll examine
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on the show is how difficult this will be for joe biden. the coalition that allowed barack obama to knock off hillary clinton does not exist right now. that coalition is sort of fractured between bernie sanders, hillary clinton has a piece of it. can joe biden somehow do what barack obama did? i think a lot of democrats are skeptical of that. that's not been the history of biden's previous political campaigns. but at this point, i don't think what biden is pondering right now has anything to do with what coalition can he do. decision. is he ready to call it quits to his political career. by not running, that's what he'd be doing. >> chuck, we'll see you in a few minutes. stick around for meet the press with chuck today at 10:30 after "today in new york." thanks, chuck. we have new information on a car crash in the bronx. police have now charged a 68-year-old driver with dwi after he lost control of his car. you can see it in that security camera video there.
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it jumped the curb, slammed into a produce stand and market on tremont avenue. a woman was pinned underneath that car. people standing nearby saw the crash and rushds ed over to help the woman. >> other people had came. paramedic came. when got together and lifted the stuff off the lady. she had hundreds of fruit and melons on her chest. >> that woman is listed in critical condition this morning. another man was hurts in the accident. his injuries, though, are reported to be minor. happening later today, a prayer service to remember the two virginia journalist who is were murdered on live television. the interfaith service will be held at 3:00 p.m. in a roanoke church. alison parker and photographer adam ward gunned down by a former co-worker during a live interview on wednesday. the gunman lafter killed himself
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during a police chase. new this morning, an arrest in connection with the deadly bombing of a shrine in bangkok. he was holed up in a hotel with bomb making materials. the first breakthrough into the investigation into the bombing that killed 20 people and injured more than 100. passengers on international trains are now going to face tougher identity checks and baggage searches. european ministers held an emergency meeting yesterday to talk about improvements to train security. they've agreed to work with the measure as well. they're calling for better coordination of intelligence between european nations. all this coming, of course, after a gunman was taken down by three american passengers when he trieds to open fire on a train from amsterdam to paris. coming up on "today in new york," a closer encounter that shut down a california beach. closer that you'd want. it's all caught on camera.
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we're turning up the heat and humidity on this sunday. the humidity has been on the rise over the past couple of days. temperatures topping out in the 90s over the next few. we'll look at all the steamy details in your seven hn day forecast.
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leave early go roam sleep in sleep out star gaze dream big wander more care less beat sunrise chase sunset do it all. on us.
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p get your first month' s payment r plus five years wearr and tear coverage. p make the most of summer... t with volvo. sunny skies over the tappan zee bridge in westchester county today. already the temperature on the rise. 77. and you haven't seen anything yet. >> the numbers that are creeping steadily upwards. >> they are. they should be heading downwards into september. but not so. what's wrong? also, we're noticing the humidity behind us in the window. it's more hazy this morning. humidity on the rise. starting out muggy on this sunday morning. there you go. not quite as good in terms of the visibility as we were yesterday at this time. 77 degrees. mostly sunny skies. lots of sunshine around the region. we've been tracking the temperatures.
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it's felt hot this months. it's not your imagination. we're tied for the hottest august ever. 2001, we're exactly tied at 78.7 degrees. we're going to bump up the list over the next couple of days. we have two more days to go and it should get hotter over the next few days. probably not going to reach 1980 levels. that's a bit out of reach. that's okay, i think. storm tracker shows you can see it's sunny in the jersey shore, new york city and across long island dealing with sunshine. temperatures have been on the rise yesterday. we were in the 40s as you started your day across new jersey. now we're in the 70s. big change in terms of the air mass in place. 78 in white plains and already in the 80s across the hamptons and out on long island and islip. baseball forecast later on today. red sox taking on the mets. 105-87 degrees at the first pitch and temperatures hover in the 80s throughout the game. it's going to be hots and muggy. plan to drink lots of water at the stadium.
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>> future tracker shows, lots of sunshine. few clouds mixing in. especially north and west of town. tons of sun and clouds. except for well north and west of new york city you will see a pop-up shower or storm later on this evening. i'm talking about well north and west of new york city. then it's gone. monday morning, 7:00 a.m., nice and quiet. through the afternoon looking good. first day of the u.s. open should be very hot but dry. no rain in the forecast for monday and tuesday more of the same dry, hot and hugh mids weather on tap. for today, getting close to 90. you are noticing that humidity is cranking up a few notches. today, 73 overnight tonight. mild and muggy night ahead. get the acs ready. hopefully you didn't take them out of your windows. we head back to work and school tomorrow. 92. we do not like to see that for the first day of school. high humidity and heat continue tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday. maybe a little bit of a break towards the weekend and early next week.
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but overall a very hot finish to august and start to september. you want to stay up to date with the heat coming our way with the "news 4 new york" app. select the weather tab. you can see the interactive radar and forecast and how to submit your own weather video. the app is available in the app store right now and it's free. pat and gus, over to you. >> rafael, thank you. a lot of folks likely heading to the beaches with this weather. some beaches in california are closed after a group of kayakers had a close encounter, a little too close with a hammerhead shark off the coast of san diego. >> it was circling the kayakers. they videotaped it. it shows the hammerhead swim under the boat. not a lot of protection with the kayak. it followed them back to shore. lifeguards immediately shut down
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beaches in the la joel a area. people urged to stay out of the water after a shark attack. a shark bit a surfer's board in morro bay. a witness says the shark about six feet long and officials are posting signs telling people to swim at your own risk and the warnings remain in effect for 72 hours. the woman on the surfboard is okay, not hurt. definitely rattled. >> i would guess. thayat was a big bite. >> yeah. >> still to come, it doesn't take much to whip up a healthy and tasty meal. >> one manhattan dad says it takes two pans and a pot. we'll explain. you're watching "today in new york."
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welcome back on a sunday morning. any single parent can tell you
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that it ain't easy. one manhattan dad learned that really quickly after he got primary custody of his 6-year-old son. school drop off or anything, it was keeping his kid healthy and regaining normalcy around the table. this dad wants to teach you how to eat right with two pans and a pot. that's the name of his new book. author and father, barry say wits is here. good morning to you. >> hi pat. thank you so much. >> turn this down a little. >> i love this back story. i mean, it happens to a lot of folks. you got primary custody of your son roy and you decided it wasn't going to be frozen fish sticks and waffles all the time. >> right. >> it's about healthy an organic eating, fresh foods the way you raised him. >> yes. cooking with fresh ingredients and getting as close to the earth is possible is what my goal was. it came fresh from the farm and we stayed away from processed foods. >> right.
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>> we have a couple of -- three recipes here from the book. it's actually techniques that i've developed to cook as quickly as possible. >> as healthfully as possible. earlier. what i love about the book, the way you've broken it down. it's about your experiences, sitting down with your family. you took roy with you to the farmers markets and do the shopping and looking forward to making these meals. >> we did. then we would come home and take the ingredients that we had and come up with an idea. i'd look at it as intuitive cooking. it's greed ents you have on hand. it's roasting and pilaf. >> you can do it with two pans and pot. >> what are we doing today? >> this is getting a little warm. i'm going to take it off there. smoke. >> we have a grain bowl.
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a grain salad, warm barley salad tod mix together over here. we're going to saute mushrooms to go with that. over here, we have a collard green wrap. >> okay. i love this one. we put together a paste. >> made of -- >> a pate, made of parsley and sill cilantro sill an cilantro cilantro. we top it off with red cabbage and roll it up in a collard green. you can see the inside. kids love it. >> very impressed. >> you're not a chef by training? >> i'm not a chef. >> your son went on to culinary school. >> he went to cia. he's working in restaurants in the city. this is great. >> let's go here. >> is it cooled down. start this end and work that way. >> we'll throw the mushrooms in. >> the book is really well done. i mean, i love that you break it down. it's not just recipes, it's about family time, exercise,
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together and you've actually broken it into regions of the world. >> we did. >> so along with using intuitive cooking and use different ingredients, you can change up the ingredients to make a flavorful from around the world. make it taste spanish from spain. make it taste caribbean changing up three or four different ingredients, spices and herbs. we have a flavor profile that does that. >> love that. >> this is barley. throw it in. >> is the barley cold now? >> it's cold now. when you're making it, you can make it warm. throw some of that in there. i like a lot of barley. >> i love a little mushroom now. i don't want them to burn. >> throw in the barley. >> fresh carrots. >> fresh carrots. >> throw in some peas. >> love them. fresh green peas. don't over cook them. they should be bright green, not mush green.
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>> herbs and spices. pour that around. >> okay. it looks wonderful. gus and i are going to enjoy that in a commercial break. yes, we are. top it off with a yogurt and walnut. >> lots of nuts. lots of grains and lots of great recipes. barry say wits. it's a great book. two pans and a pot. it's a really good read as well. barry, thank you so much. i'm sorry we ran out of time before we could get to the other recipes. he's at twitter too at two pans and a pot. >> thank you, barry.
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kbak to school. corduroy pants and sweaters. >> we'll see. >> think light layers and the natural fibers for your headed back to school wardrobe. >> a heat wave is coming our way. 89 today. we're easing into the humidity on this sunday with a hazy mix of sunshine and clouds.
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a storm is possible north and west of town. otherwise, it's dry. it's hot and the humidity builds day by day. 92 tomorrow as we head back to work and school for many kids. 93 on tuesday. just goes on and on. mid-90s through thursday. it looks like even into the weekend we're keeping it hot with temperatures in the upper 80s and 90s. >> yes. >> back to school weather, it is not. thank you raphael. thank you for spending your sunday morning with us. see you saturday at 6:00 a.m. >> meet the press is next. thank you for having us in for news. have a great week.
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this sunday, the trump effect. when donald trump talks -- >> make america great again. >> -- the rest of the republican field listens. >> with your help, we can make this country great again. >> how donald trump is setting the agenda for the gop campaign. also, hillary fights back. >> i'm notunning for my husband's third term and i'm not running for president obama's third term. i'm running for my first term. >> hillary clinton letting joe biden know just how tough it will be for the vice president to jump in. >> the latest polls out of iowa. where things stand this morning will surprise you. where have you gone, scott walker? expected to be a front-runner at this point. he's been lagging in the polls. can he make a comeback? scott walker joins me. finally, ten years after katrina, are we learning that
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some parts of new orleans needed to be destroyed in order to be saved? joining me for insight and analysis this sunday are matt bai of yahoo! news, msnbc michelle harris perry, steven schmidt. >> announcer: this is "meet the press" with chuck todd. good sunday morning. have i a couple of shock poll results out of iowa from "the des moines register" and bloomberg. on the democratic side bernie sanders has pulled within seven points of hillary clinton. throw in joe biden, he sits at 14%. back in may, the same poll had clinton leading sanders by 41 points. on the republican side, another shock. donald trump leads at 23%. almost out of nowhere, here
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comes ben carson with 18%. ready for this? nobody else is in double digits. scott walker, ted crews, jeb bush, marco rubio, carly fiorina. anybody else i haven't named, less than 5%. if you add up the first and second choices on the republican side, ben carson and donald trump are actually tied. ben carson, the highest favorable rating among republicans. of course, it is donald trump that is dictating things. him being on top is not the surprise this morning. he's been dominating all the polls in every state, the media. it turns out he's getting into the heads of his opponents as well. we put together some examples of just how just in the past few weeks when trump talks the other republicans feel forced to respond. >> make america great again. make america great again. >> it's not too late for america. with your help, we can make+(o)w this country great again. >> the issue is not that america isn't great.
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the issue is that america can be even greater.


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