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tv   Today  NBC  September 15, 2015 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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and they will be honoring frank again at that, yeah. >> well, how nice to see frank honored in so many ways. >> well, i went into the niri's restaurant yesterday and it was my friend jimmy's 85th birthday and frank didn't make it, but there was swrim jimmy and the bartender said, can i tell you a story, and i said, get in line, because everybody has a story and he said that i wore 16 in honor of frank because he was my favorite player and he was a lead speaker at a father/son banquet and darn if frank didn't go to every single table and hundreds of people there and say hello to every single father and son. >> and they never forgot it. >> and he said that my father spoke about it the rest of his life. >> so many tributes. >> and of all of the people in the world -- and we will get to
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you two weird people in the second, and have you guys started your holiday shopping yet? >> for halloween? >> no, holidays, christmas. >> well, we have to get hollow wean knocked out first. >> what do you shop for halloween? >> well, my wife does all of that the stuff. >> well, he needs it around his neck. >> i have tiny tim with me i carry around and a broke neck. >> and you are butch and rooster? >> i'm butch. >> and okay. he is shorter. >> and there is a new study by credit, and 32 million americans have already started -- everywhere we go >> is that you? >> may i suggest you put that in your shopping cart on itunes, and as you listen to that, you
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will hear cody when he is 4 years old and he will say, i want a baby sister and a truck. >> crank it a little bit. and the holly that will be on your own front door >> butch and rooster like it. >> and 1 in 7 shoppers are already shopping. >> the worst of all is that 5 million people have finished the christmas shopping. finished, done, over. i ka not believe it. and it is a unique kind of person to have their christmas shopping done in september. >> well, some people know what they want to get somebody, and if they happen to see it, it is going the save time o save time and money maybe to get it now. >> yes, and we have news about the "real housewives of new jersey." teresa giudice released some
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phone caller in jail talki to her ildren. >> new season. >> yes, and she has been in the danbury correctional sen center and -- >> she will be out in time for christmas to spend time with her children. >> all right. mom mommy is calling. >> this is from an inmate at a federal prison. >> it is mommy. >> hi, baby. how are you? >> hello. >> and it is amazing how she can control everything from in there, you know. >> god forbid you had to go and do you see teresa and the girls going to italy with you? >> mommy, don't go. >> how did you feel when you heard that? >> please, just bless my home and my four daugt hters and my husband, amen. >> oh, doing a a prayer on the phone phone. >> and you don't know how you
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would react in the same situation, but i don't know -- >> and what joe was saying there is that he has to go to prison after her and he has a 41-month term, and they talked about him going to italy and him being deported after he serves the time, and anyway that is what all of the extra chatting is about. it is going to be interesting to see, i don't know, i guess the whole deal. >> rooster and butch are in my eyeline unfortunately. >> what are you doing? >> rock, paper and scissors, and to see which with one is going to save the show. and it is him. >> him. >> and i'm kind of beefy and juicy and this guy needs to go to jail and not me. >> all right. >> and the premier of season 21 which is amazing how many seasons have been there, and we saw some people there, bin di di irwin who made an impression on the judges.
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>> already stripping. and she has some moves, look at her, and she has 17, and you have a little bit more energy. okay. >> and then there was a try at the spin of dancing. >> oh, my gosh. >> gary busey. >> you see, he is looking like he is at a wedding, you know -- [ laughter ] -- the guy with too much before the wedding starts. that s is what he looks like. >> in mrthe interview before the show, he looked at tom bergeron and he said your left eye is spinning and that is real areally neat. so maybe he had a few. >> and paula deen looked very, very nervous, and we will see what she said afterwards. >> i didn't know that i was white when i started but i ain't white no more, because i was scared. and to rooster and butch. >> i don't know why she does that. >> she does it every time.
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>> she just can't keep from opening up her mouth. >> i don't know why she said that. >> she knows what color her panties are anyway. >> well, we hear that there is a cute thing where a baby franks the nervous dad, and the dad is about to cut the little baby's fingernail s fingernails, and the baby sense how nervous the dad is, so take a look. >> okay. >> ah! [ laughter ] [ laughter ] >> how precious. >> and can we see the beginning again one more time. it is so cute. and the baby can sense that the dad is nervous about it. >> and the dad should know to use a baby file. >> and apparently, it goes on
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chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. the carol burnett show is called one of the top 25 shows that changed television and won 25 emmy awards and 8 golden globes in the run. >> and now, one of the some of the original sketches are on a dvd makings a comeback in the "the carol burnett show tv episodes" and it is out today. >> and you can relive it. and i love it, and it had me and the cast in stitches. take a look.
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[ laughter ] >> why is kenoza falls most favorite butinski -- >> come on in, carol burnett! and harvey would not put that outfit on until that moment. >> right. i opened the door and then i slammed it, and he was standing there going, ooh, ooh. >> and the ep episodes were one one time and then not in syndication syndication. >> they were on the air, but then when we went into syndication, it was some legal mumbo jumbo, and so for the last
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six years were on dvd and everything has been settled and so here we are with the first five years. >> and it is exciting. >> and i am glad that we did it that way, because it is a whole new thing. >> and a whole new generation discovering it. >> and you can see in it which is interesting to e me, and of course, i have watched them all like norma desmond, but you can see the growth in all of us like vicki who was 18. >> she was 18. >> she started right out of high school. >> sint true, carol, when you wanted to do "the carol burnett show" cbs was not for it, and they did not want you to to do it. >> right. they wanted you to do a sitcom called "here's agnes." >> right. that would last a couple of weeks. >> right. >> and you were positioned in a time slot of stiff competition. >> right. we started on a monday night, on
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monday, and it is "i spy" and "the big valley" and i thought, okay, but we had it in the contract that we would get 30 shows. >> guaranteed. >> yes shgs , and that is unbelievable. and but we did well. >> and it is all on enough to gain an audience. >> but it was not my idea to do the questions and the answers. that is bob banner who came up with that, our executive producer who said that you have to go out there to be yourself rst before you get into the wigs and the suits, and you have to connect with the audience. >> and people do not believe it, but you were not scripted on that at all, and you answered completely off of the cuff. >> and there were no plants in the audience, and i never knew what anybody was going to come up with. >> and was it because a woman was going to headline the big show -- >> right.
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>> nothing slow about it. >> and i wanted to exercise the clause, and they said, carol, it is a man's game, and comedy variety, and it is a man's game, and dean martin, and siz see czar, and milton burl and jackie e gleason. >> well, they dressed up like women most of the time. >> true. >> and you showed them, and were the one who plowed that field for everybody else coming up afterwards. >> and the tina fey's, and to a amy poehler's. >> and we all do, and she was a role model for me growing up. >> and we are so excite ed d for you, carol, that this dvd is out. >> and it is affordably priced, right? >> actually, we are giving them away [ laughter ] >> and we love you with all of our heart. come back to see us. >> yes. >> and the dvd is called " the carol burnett show, the lost episodes." >> and now, what you can do to get out of the career rut.
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rooster mcconaughey and butch gilliam have been friend s s for more than 40 years and became multimillionaires through hard work and perseverance in the oil fields of texas and now as the stars of the "west texas investors club" which is a cross between "duck dynasty " " and i "shark tank" have a new show called "the west texas inves
10:19 am
investor's club." >> and now they have just announced right here on this show they have been renewed for a second season. >> and go to if you have an idea for the second se season. >> i have forgotten it. >> i love it there, but you will find some interesting people, very. >> and so what is it that makes you experts in investing. >> one of you didn't finish eighth grade, and which one? >> butch. >> i quit in the eighth, but i kept going to the 10th, but i wouldn't go in. i went everyday, but i just wouldn't go in. we learned everything the hard way. >> by making mistakes? >> yes. >> and do you know a good idea
10:20 am
when you hear it the first time? >> well, not 100 all of the time. >> and my idea is 1 of 4 be will bail us out. >> and he says why three bad ones. >> but i say 1 of 4 will bail us out. >> how did you make the money? >> working in the oilfield. >> primarily in the machine pipe business, pipe sales, and then we competed in the same business for over 40 years head-to-head with his company and my company. >> wow. >> and competed directly through direct competition. >> >> and who made more? >> he did. he cheated. >> i am high volume. >> and i'm low volume high profit. >> and has being a big tv star changed you? >> well, i have the same shirt in every interview. i have two shirts, one for the
10:21 am
show and one for the interviews. >> and what about the boots? >> well, i broke my foot climbing a peg board. >> you know what that is? it is like hauling tiny tim around at christmas time. >> actually, there is nothing wrong with my foot, but i wore it so he would carry my bag through the airport. >> i put him in a stroller. >> and so you encourage anybody to go to where? >> with >> and it airs tonight at 10:00 p.m. on cnbc. >> and now, a brunch that you ahhh, jedi. they're just wise old men who like to be comfortable. so they wear robes. remember, tight-fitting clothing leads to chafing, chafing leads to anger. and, well, anger is the path to the dark side. the best place in the galaxy to get low prices on everything star wars.
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>> how did it become absent-mindedly we are a creamy cheese that
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it's boozeday tuesday and if you v have had a senior moment, forgetting someone's name or where you parked the car, you might want to see this this. >> and the problem could be your lifestyle, what you eat or drink
10:27 am
or how active you are. >> and here are smart strategies to reduce your risk of brain loss and dementia. and we are joined by our specialist about "the brain fog fix." >> and you know, when you lose your keys or when you see somebody and you can't remember the name, and should you be concerned? >> well, it is something that you should be on the offensive and prevent memory loss to prevent you from getting dementia later on. >> and they are specific. >> yes, and i believe it, too, that alzheimer's is genetic, and if your mom has it, you should be concerned about it, but what is the truth about that? >> well, it is truth that it is mostly lifestyle for the late onset, and most people get, and we know that the lifestyle choices are potent in either setting you up for di ementia and
10:28 am
lifestyle, and think of it as a loaded gun, and your jet net genetics is the gun and the lifestyle is the trigger. and so lateset is the brain fog and mostly women by the way. >> and exercise is something that we should be doing. >> huge, huge. if you walk one mile a day, you will cut your risk of di men ementia and brain fog by 50%. >> that is incredible. >> and your brain is learning right left, and your putting the feet down (and getting the heart going. >> and decreases inflammation. >> and not sprinting bush a walk. >> just a walk. >> yes, okay. and so, now, tumeric is a spice that people put on --
10:29 am
>> yes, and it is in mustard and curry, and this is the most potent tip, so in rural india, their seen niors have 90% less alzheimer's than older americans, and it is because -- >> they have a steady diet combined with tumeric and black pepper. the pepper make s s the tumeric bioavailable. so i have this recipe in my book, and it is not enough to have indian once a month, and you have to get it everyday and it is going to clear the plaque from your brain. isn't that amazing? >> yes. >> and the blueberries is the fruit. fruit. >> yes, of all of the fruits, berries are best for the brain, and berries are more than the strawberries and blackberries? >> yes, and this is going to buy you year s s of brain-fog dementia. and so it is kon sis consistency and a quarter cup or so, you will buy yourselves years.
10:30 am
>> and coffee, three cup s s and not more. >> and now, if you go to four cups, you are setting yourself up for more. so three cups is the magic number. >> and quick game, and you have more? >> in is the end back, and this is call d ed the miraculous in that it will help to improve the working memory. i will show you a tic-tac-toe grid and it is going to have a shape, and i want oyou to memorize the shape and the location and aly show you two. and you two will compete. here is the first one, and memorize the shape and the location location, and the second. and shape and location. and now, in reverse order can you tell me what you saw? >> the triangle and the oval and the heart and the far left. >> okay. harder. >> no, no, we did well. >> we we need to go to the commercial. >> and now, here we go. the first grid, and memorize the shapes and the location, and the second, and the shapes and the location. and the third. >> oh, no.
10:31 am
i cannot do it. >> and the square and the top in the beginning. >> i have to eat the blueberries. >> that is so great, mike. >> and before you make any diet or lifestyle change, consult your doctor. >> yes, and then have some blueberries. and finish up the peaches with a decadent idea from sara gore who will help to set you back on the dementia. >> and if you feel trapped in your job, here is what you do
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masterpiece...yeah we start with fresh milk from us dairy farms something amazing kraft natural cheese a few things can zap your energy as much as in a career rut. >> and a spending 8 to 10 hours in a place that you don't want to be and doing work that is not miserable. >> and one of our guests is christy collins who spent four decades as a parallel and wonders if there is something else that she should do, and so
10:36 am
she is feeling pretty stuck. >> and so we are lucky to have her today with the kick start career advice that she needs from expert suzy wells. >> and christy, you feel like you have been working at this place for a while and you are trapped? >> i have been in the legal profession for 17 years, and i cannot excel past what i have been doing, and i have been doing it for 17 years, and i want to excel and add value, and go beyond. >> and you come up with this all of the time? >> yes, and people are stall and there are a lot of reasons that the career is stalled b , but the first is you have to figure out if it is you. >> you might not want to expect that fact, but it may be you. >> and that s is the hardest conversation that you have to have, but it might be you. >> and you have practical tips to apply to christy and everybody at home, and the first is to overdlif eliver.
10:37 am
>> and at school, we are told to overdeliver. and i asked a friend, are you doing everything that you supposed to do? and she said, yes, i do everything they asked. but i said that is not enough, and you need to overdeliver. you need to do something to change the game for the business. save the company $ 2,000, and that is something. >> and not just check the box. >> and nobody needs to be the cryptonite, and the tough new s a signment or the new initiative or the awful client that everybody hate, and stand up to volunteer for it, and it is the three cs, self-confidence and creativity and commitment that you could do it differently than other people, and get out of the pile by volunteering for a really, really tough job. >> if it does not turn out perfectly, is it still respected
10:38 am
because you gave it a shot. >> and you stood up, and said that no one wants to do it, and i will do it. that shows it. >> chrissy, have you done it? >> i have done it, and i will do it. sign me up. >> initiative. yes. >> and the third? >> the office gossip. everybody is trapped in it. >> and your boss and even if your boss or the co-workers do is a career killer, and at the same time, because gossip is negative and exude positive energy, and would i want to work with me, and ask me a favor? because when you are stalled -- >> would i share a secret with me? >> and you have to exude the neg negative energy, and that is going to stop you, and ask yourself those questions. >> okey doke. >> and moving down, hody. >> and the next one, positive energy. >> yes, that is important,
10:39 am
because nobody wants to be the polly anna, and not the one who say, let's go, and let's do it. you are not fun to be with. >> and you want to be authentic, and this positive energy has to be authentic, and people will p pick up on your frustration and the annoyance and the person who works that every time you ask them, it is like the weight of the world and they will do it. you cannot be that person, and you have to be be the person who wants to be there and bosses will see that. >> and the tip five for chrissy, and all of us, get on board. >> yeah, this is one that surprises people to tell you the truth, and what i am saying here is that if you can't get the leadership roles or experience that you want on the current job, get on the nonprofit board. >> oh, that kind of a board. isn't that clever. >> well, very clever. >> and that is a local nonprofit and you are a animal lover and me, and there must be local nonprofit who would love your legal expertise, and be on the board and running an event. >> yes.
10:40 am
>> and that kind of experience sets you apart from other people at work that you have leadership experience, and if you can't get it at work, get it on the nonprofit, and they want you and need you. >> all great advice. >> thank you, christy, and we wish you all of the best, and let us know what happens. >> all of this work has made hoda hungry. >> yes, and smells like spaghetti with johnsonville italian sausage. my favorite. bad news. the johnsonville factory burned down brian. it's terrible. well if you can't serve tasty sausage why are we even a family? i may as well move out. well, if that's what yo... you're right. i'll stay. and tomorrow we're going to help johnsonville rebuild that factory. i'll take dinner in my room, with chocolate milk. make pasta tastier with johnsonville italian sausage. we don't make sausage. we make family. and sausage. i would kill for something sweet. wanna split that? no...soooo much fat... don't fight your instincts.
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wrinkles, smoother. i can see the difference here and here. revitalift volume filler from l'oreal.
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if you a weekend brunch planned or run out of breakfast ideas for kid s planned. sound? >> and joining us s is the host of "new yo live" sara gore. and hello, sara, and these are all gorgeous ingredients. >> buttermilk, and peaches and
10:46 am
people are intimidated by waffles, but they are easy to make. and this is the dry ingredients, and things that you should have in the house, baking powder, sugar and salt, and i don't use the whole sifter thing, and i just whisk it. and then the wet ingredients, and hoda, do you want to put it in there. >> this is buttermilk? >> yes, and two eggs. >> and how much? >>na two cups. >> it is on the website. >> i forget. >> and so we are not counting the calories in the brunch. >> definitely not. >> and lemon zest will brighten it up. >> right. >> and then we whisk it up. >> have you always loved cooking? >> always. i can remember cooking when i was 10, and i would cook when my mom was at work, and i would talk to her on the phone, and she would tell me how to cook it. >> and walk you through it. >> yes. and the wet to the dry. >> and fold it in. >> good for you, hody.
10:47 am
you learned a term. >> and fluffy and airy and delicious. >> and hoda did not know that term 7 1/2 years ago. >> and i took home ec, and that is the only term i remember. >> i can do that. >>co and snicker doodles is the ec. >> i remember sewing. i loved that. >> and the great thing about that is that i can put it in the and so i want to take the peaches, and slice it, and it is going to be end of peach season, and it is all right if they are not totally ripe, it is okay. you put a little bit of the olive oil on them, the and grill them. you don't want them to stick to the grill. you have some on the grill, and you are not wanting to cook them, but char them on both sides. >> they look delish. >> those are a little bit bit done. >> and we neglected them, and
10:48 am
from the back, the grilled peaches. >> okay. with. >> and so this is the batter that -- >> i am excited for this part. >> and so this is the part that you have had them for a week, but, this is the great thing about the waffle iron, and it is fancy one, but i bought mine for $20. >> am i supposed to be be doing this? >> yes. >> and you and your boys love this? >> yes, and i can get them to eat the most at breakfast so i load them up. >> and you blob it up? >> yes. sure sure. >> and this is exhausting. >> that is enough. >> and look at that. look at how neat she is. >> and close it, and it is going to do all of the work for you, and open it up. >> yay! >> and a those are great. and if you want to save t em, p them in the freezer, and keep thm there for how long? >> let me use my hands. and you can have them sealed in a very good freezer bag, you can have them in the freezer for a
10:49 am
couple of month, and then put them in the toaster. >> and then put the peaches on top. >> and for the recipe go to, and go to the bracket to vote for your >> okay. that is fine. all righty. get ready to be blown away by our grand prize winner, and we are giving it away next. >> whose that the fork here? >> well, we didn't get to that
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10:51 am
10:52 am
part. it is the time when we make five viewers happy, because it is time --? to give it away. >> and over 11,000 the of you entered for the sun joe package worth $4,000. >> and what is this going to be hoda? >> it is fi power washers and a quick chainsaw which will reach up to 15 feet, and wait, there is more.
10:53 am
>> if you order now -- kidding, and they will win a 3-in-1 blow er and mower. >> come on, kathy, you can't get all of this. you go first. >> and the first winner is christy pendergrass from charlotte, n nk orth carolina. >> and with becky may from charlotte, north carolina. >> and i'm going with becky treadway from sharway, florida. >> and this is the sig winner from league city, texas. >> and you know who is coming back? bobbie thomas. >> and another legend. lionel richie. i mean after carol.
10:54 am
>> well, bobbie is a legend, too. >> yes, we want to see miles. >> and have a great day. and we heard that the baby is coming. >> and tomorrow is winesday
10:55 am
10:56 am
today on "access hollywood" li billy is off on secret assignment, but nina parker is joining me today. we have one of her favorite people.
10:57 am
so much to talk to her out. >> she will tell us abo her special birthday wish. >> you just turned 19. wise beyond her years. just judged miss america. what do we think they talked about. >> i need the t on that conversation. he is making his debut. he joined the chippen dales show in vegas. rip off that shirt. go ahead and start. look who else we have over here from the wiz. >> denise williamis going to play dorothy. >> it's going to be big. the cast is unbelievable. i'm getting nervous for you. melissa joan hart is here. we will have a great fashion show. we need tips from you. she's a great mother. "access hollywood" live starts
10:58 am
right now. >> her salsa looks so good on so many levels. billy is on top secret assignment. i cannot tell you where heis. nina parker is with me this morning who i love. "dancing with the stars" last nidoght. did you want to be dialled in or are you over m ? >> i think we work on assignment for "dancing with the stars" and we have been there many times ta and interviewed different ones. i wasn't that thrilled, but was i surprised. >> she did move at one point. she puts her leg up and that's about as much movement as she got. i can't dance and she is out there.
10:59 am
when you take a muscle relaxer and you get loose. someone gave her the opposite of that. the stiffness was the most robotic thing i have ever seen. >> what do you think that was? why do you think she was like that? >> kim is known for her wigs and didn't want her wigs to falloff. she was trying to be pretty instead of going for it. she was concerned about how she was going to look. >> bless her heart. even her clap was like -- i was watching going -- >> i love it. >> we need for her to stay on. >> she is t est of the worst. she had a hard time dancing with a partner because it wasn't r husband. i have been married for a gozillion years and i would be all over new partner. i would be dancing and shaking.


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