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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  September 15, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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of glass litter the street and the sense of snaft this afety in this neighborhood is shattered. >> we're shocked in broad daylight for som ething like this community. >> i thought it was crazy! oh, my gosh, i called my boss right away and said, yeah, they were shooting from front of the school. >> reporter: raymond adams heard the gunshots and tells me he ran toward the danger. >> we wanted to protect the kids, so we ran up here, but there was nothing to see, so we went back. >> reporter: police made an arrest in yonkers and recovered a weapon. gunfire is something this neighborhood won't soon forget. >> i've lived here for more than 40 years and i've never seen that happen before. >> reporter: right now one person is in custody, another person, law enforcement sources tell us, drove himself to the hospital in mt. vernon. he tells us he was shot here in front of the daycare.
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this investigation is ongoing. we're live tonight, new rochelle, news4 new york. demonstrators are gathered to protest against presidential candidate donald trump. pablo gutierrez is there to show us the scene, including some latino immigrants. pablo? >> reporter: that's right, and just now about 100 protesters, most of them from make the road and other groups outside here, in front of the trump hotel, to protest the candidate's position on immigration. many of them tell us they are upset because of the remarks that donald trump has made against the latino community since he announced his candidacy back on june 16. now, this protest is one of many that make the road in other groups.
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they tell us that on the 22nd of this month, they will have another protest. this one will be in front of the cbs studios as donald trump appears in the show that is now with stephen colbert. have for you. back to you in the studio. >> pablo, thank you. we are closing following an isis- isis-inspired pope francis. jonathan dienst has been talking to authorities about this. what have you learned? >> reporter: he has a history of mental illness, but he was on line talking about carrying out some kind of attack. there are no specific threats for the pope's upcoming visit. but last month, the fbi in philadelphia took no chances, arresting a 15-year-old who they
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said was on line watching isis videos, chatting with radicals overseas and talking about wanting to target the pope. officials tell me the teen from camden county has a history of mental illness, had few resources and had actually been living in a tent in his family's backyard. officials decided to charge him with any known threats. news of this comes as the pd and other news agency set command posts up and running. >> this event is going to be the largest security challenge. who likes to be close to people whenever possible. people across the globe will be in town at the same time for the annual u.n. conference. as an added precaution, the faa announced no drones will be allowed to fly when the pope is
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in town, another potential concern being addressed. as for the teen in philadelphia, police have not released his name. he had the help of an informant and isis was a threat. just outside napa wine country, the fire spread covering more than 100 square miles. at least four firefighters were injured, and one woman died in her home. so far this fire was only 15% contained. >> we're learning. on an overpass on houston, a
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young woman was killed when a bus fell from the overpass below. they are reviewing traffic security cameras to determine how this accident happened. and investigators in mississippi have found an apology letter allegedly written by the gunman who shot and killed a professor at delta state university yesterday. in the note, 45-year-old shannon lamm says he's very sorry he killed his live-in girlfriend and drove to shoot the state trooper. still the only store to offer grocery delivery service. new video we're getting from the scene tonight as crews definitely serve for survivors. and janice is here. >> it feels like fall in the morning with the cooler temps, but it feels like summer in the afternoon, and it keeps getting warmer. i've got the numbers in the forecast next.
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tragedy in utah. at least nine people are dead after powerful flash floods swept through the southern part of the state. five others are still missing. today the search and rescue crews worked tirelessly in a small town of hilldale, trudging through floodwaters searching for the missing. among the dead, women and small children who were traveling in a pair of vehicles when a large wave of water hit them from behind, sending them into a channel. >> they were people that we go to church with and now they're gone in a freak accident. something came down and swept them away. they didn't have a chance. >> hilldale is a secluded 3-mile patch of land. its leaders are members of the lds church. an escape artist landed in the hospital today.
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a crowd gathered around the theater to watch him escape from a 30-gallon tank full of water. after about two and a half minutes, foster became visibly distressed and had to be dragged out. the spokesman said he was conscious when he was pulled out of that tank, but he was taken to a hospital to be checked out. . the national average of gas tonight is $2.32. that's over the national anch. in new jersey it's a little over $2. what's driving them down and how low can they go? >> reporter: you always look for the cheapest price? >> i try to, yes. >> reporter: she found the cheapest price at this raceway in edison.
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two cents less off of route 1 and for jerry john, all the difference for him. >> there are a lot of reasons for the drop as drilling in the u.s. has produced a gusher of extra oil. there is also the switch from summer gas mandated because of high weather pollution. . >> the price of gas here at this station is just about half the price of milk. . >> yeah, it's gone really low. >> unless there is a storm of
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any geopoliticals or a speculation in the markets. >> i asked for the cheapest gas from my facebook friends. find. if you ask the experts if prices will go down or up, the answer is yes. officials are offering residents an extension on driver's license after a major computer upgrade. that upgrade shut down the dmv offices for four days in august -- you may remember. now the faa says anyone with an expired license, they have until midnight. target could deliver to people in the comfort of their own homes. they should be able to order food and have them delivered in
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as soon as one hour. a bear went into a pizza shop in downtown colorado springs. apparently she wasn't looking for pizza. she was in the mood for sweets. >> i asked what was up, and they said there's a bear in there eating all the icing. >> the bear got all our icing cups and she was eating them. >> that's a handful. >> adorable. police called the animal shelter.
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>> that bear knows what's good. when you have weather like this, you want to have sweets and ice cream. it's getting warm there after cool starts in the mortgage, and yesterday we were in the 8 ons. what's next? we can see the view from. same situation as a problem, of course, but when. 82 degrees. it's perfect. our high in central park today was 84. that's up from the 70s yesterday and it just keeps creeping up inch by inch every day. newark 85. most places topped 80 degrees this afternoon. and it's going up even farther tomorrow. it's another cool night, though, tonight. especially in the north and west. you're back to 40s and 50s.
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right now at 80 in try beck a. back to barstown. 70s in long branch, so it's nice. for the rest of us seeing that same view, this is what you're going to see. . with that said. the moderately dry area is creeping over the city now, so it's getting bigger, it's getting larger. with a weather pattern like this, we'll not see any relief at all. the jetstream is those fm, it's not in our favor right now. it is in the favor fofr dry conditions. barely a cloud in the sky. we're not going to feel much humidity at all. we will see humidity and cooler conditions on sunday. that's where we see the risk of passing showers and storms.
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looking fantastic. sunday still looks good, 80 degrees, and just have to watch the sky. keep your eye to the sky on sunday. otherwise, it's pretty dry. eastchester, you're down to 60 in the city. around the city, it's not going to feel quite as cool as those nights. 50s all the way up to cold spring and 40s in the catskills and poconos. wouldn't be surprised to see places like newark come close to 90. 80s up to millbrook. everyone warms up tomorrow even more. it stays that way the rest of the week into saturday. saturday is not quite as hot but it is warm. a small risk of storms on sunday and we're back to dry skies, but cooler temperatures monday into tuesday. back to you. >> janice, thank you. the white house today honored 11 young women who
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impact their communities and find strength in helping others. >> they're called chapters to change. the 23-year-old is one of the family members who caulked about their work today. the white house raised funds for the people. in a matter of weeks, knight. -- still ahead as we continue. talk about the chance of a lifetime. >> you're going to meet a handful of students chosen to meet pope francis next week. how they qualify for it and what they expect that meeting to be like.
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well, we are now just 7 days away from pope francis' arrival here in the u.s. can you imagine being a high school student and getting a once in a lifetime chance to meet a holy father? >> in new york today, they've announced 12 students who will get to do just that. david usher reports. >> reporter: around the world, 1.5 billion say he leads them in faith. millions more are at least intrigued by them. very few get to actually meet pope francis. 12 seniors from new york area catholic high schools will. >> i read it, i screamed. me and my mother were jumping up and down screaming. >> i told my mom, she was bouncing off the wall. >> my brothers were happy for me at first, and they were a bit jealous, and then they were happy for me again. >> reporter: as you might
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expect, they are student leaders with different grades. all are trying to find the balance between the spiritual and the secular and say they're inspired by the 78-year-old francis. >> it's difficult to implement the catholic faith in today's society, and i think i would like to know where he finds his voice in these debates. >> he's very open with what he believes, he's very accepting of anybody. not only christians, but non-believers appreciate that. >> they won't have much time but the pope truly enjoys such gatherings and he may linger. cara fragola hopes he does. >> my father was diagnosed with cancer, and it's been a struggle for our family. if he would, i'd like to ask the pope for a prayer. me.
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we have created a special exception of our website, with anything you need to know. we'll have news of the freight train derailment causing big delays on the lirr. how long commutes to get home. a parking deck's pavement gives way. one
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. right now on news4 new york, on the ground. a jarring attack by a crook bent on getting a woman's purse. it all happened inside the lobby of an apartment building in the bronx. >> tonight news4's tracy strahan gives us a closer look at the attack. >> reporter: in what seemed like a flash, the man in the yellow shirt goes from attempted robber to attacker. a security camera captured the frightening moment he thrashed a bronx woman trying to steal her purse. that. >> police plastered posters all around the neighborhood, showing
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the suspect in the attack. a black man wearing gloves walking past the building and suddenly jogging. a 41-year-old woman is seen trying to get inside the building when the robber does everything he can to get her shoulder purse. >> they said be careful, don't be on your earphones, be cautious, look around. >> reporter: that suspect was last seen fleeing eastbound on a bicycle. the victim was injured so badly, she had to be hospitalized. he didn't get away with any of her property, but there is a very clear image that police are hoping will get him. >> i have a daughter, i have sisters, i have nieces. >> reporter: that victim that
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residents tell us was a homn? attendant reporting for duty here last wednesday night is recovering from facial fractures and cuts to her head. >> that suspect still on the run. and now to an update on that breaking news we have been forg throughout the. a freight train derailed near hicksville. . trains are rolling out of there headed east, but there are lots and lots of delays and can lags ds. crews are going to have to use a crane to lift a garbage can out of a sinkhole. the truck is resting on steel
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support beams over the corking garage and it's. they were working on the upper level this morning. firefighters looking for structural damage. 2016 now, and the donald will have a parliament on him tomorrow night. right there there is the tower tower, protesting what they. we stell have nbc's edwin morse tonight to explain. all eyes will be on this trump debate from the protesters in new york city to the crowd of simi valley who will be there for the debate. what people will really look for is how trump responds now that he's ahead in the polls.


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