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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  September 16, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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causing heart attacks and strokes in children. >> it is not natural. and it is not harmless in any sense of the word. in fact, some experts believe that spice can be up to 100 times more potent than pot. spice is not marijuana. in kind of the same way that a buzukia is not a bb gun. >> reporter: while the feds say it is illegal to import and distribute this drug, the police commissioner at the news conference that was held just moments ago said there is no local law banning possession and he says that needs to change immediately, and he's calling on the city council and state legislators to change state law. meanwhile, the searches continue as more than 100 bow day gas and stores across the city at this hour. live in lower manhattan, jonathan dienst, news 4. prosecutors released a sketch of a man suspected in a pair of sexual assaults.
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the first attacked happened last thursday when a man followed a woman, knocked her to the ground and groped her. same thing sunday night. neither victim was seriously hurt. lyndon public school district yanked a player for tape. the district says you can see a defensive lineman pull the helmet off and smack him in the head with it last friday night. the other player needed ten stitches. police are now weighing criminal charges. mayor de blasio is calling for all public school students to learn computer sooinz. overnight. plan. news 4 tracy strahan is there with the details, tracy. >> reporter: that speech wrapped up a short time ago to some eyebrows. not only did the mayor stress the need for initiatives that stress college-readiness, but also made the case for mayoral control of schools that he says is needed. here's a breakdown of some of the more headline-making initiatives that came out of today's speech.
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it calls for a push for computer science education. especially at the elementary, middle, and high school levels within the next ten years. it requires every public school student to complete algebra no later than the ninth grade and sets a benchmark that 80% of students will graduate from high school on time. >> so we are making an unprecedented in our schools to make sure that every second grader receives the gift of reading. in 2017, every single student at the 472 elementary schools that need it most will have access to an expert-reading specialist. who will help struggling second graders. 68.4% is simply not enough. so, i'm saying to you now, we will reach a high school graduation rate of 80% over the next ten years. 80% of our young people will graduate on time.
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>> reporter: now the mayor says his education overhaul is aimed at preparing the 1.1 million students for college saying that the tale of two cities should not exist in the public school system. he also linked the success of any of these changes to mayoral control of schools. that is something he's debated with in the past with governor andrew cuomo. concerns about the cost of this overhaul, the programs represent $186 million annually, many educationalal advocates says that should be reinvested in the teachers instead. we're live in the section of the bronx, tracy strahan, news 4 new york. dozens of first responders are in washington today fighting for an extension of the act. and they have a big name backing them up. long time supporter and formally daily show hoes jon stewart joined them outside the capitol building. they are calling for a permanent extension of the 9/11 health and
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compensation act that bill provided benefits to those who got sick working at the site. it is due to expire soon unless caulk acts. >> why is it incumbent upon our first responders to have to consistently push to get the benefits that are coming to them, purely for their acts of valor in a wartime situation? this is insanity. >> stewart and those first respond lers meet with members of the house and senate today. and tonight's gop presidential debate, look for some candidates to target donald trump. the real estate mogul is the front runner and will be center stage at the venue near los angeles. and that could make him a target, especially now that ben carson and carly fiorina are gaining ground. republican insiders say candidates like jeb bush and fiorina need to hit hard to erode trump's support. >> he has an opportunity here to kind of punch trump a little bit in his face, but at the same
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time, stand out as being a very strong outsider. >> governor bush needs to be able to take the fight to donald trump aggressively. >> senator rand paul is planning conservative. in bridgeport, tight race for mayor. ben finch calling against democratic rival joe began non. he's seeking his old job after serving in federal prison. mary jane foster is on the ballot. he is a vice president at the university of bridgeport. the city's largely democratic and the winner of the primary goes on to become mayor. coming up at noon, the sole survivor of the murders of two journalists on live tv is speaking out and recounting the horror from that day. and update on the search for those missing after deadly floods sweep through utah. dave is here with our forecast. more like july 4th than september 16th. how long does the trend continue? we'll have the answers, coming up.
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here at humana, we value sticking with things. when something works,
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people stick with it. more people stick with humana medicare advantage. because we stick with them. humana medicare advantage. the plan people stick with. death toll from the flash floods continues to rise. they continue to sweep a dozen members of one family to their deaths. three sisters and their children. four other rrs still missing. several people were pulled from the water and survived. not far away in zion national park, the bodies of four hikers were found. northern california, firefighters may grain ground on massive wild fires. they have burned through more than 200 square miles and consume more than 800 homes. one person died. thousands still evacuated. cooler weather helped
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firefighters efforts yesterday and rain is expected later today. the sole survivor of last month's deadly shooting on live television in virginia says she thought the gunman was going to kill her. what happened. she was interviewed on the morning news when shots rang out. gardner told fox news after reporter alison parker and adam ward were shot and killed, she believed she was going to get shot in the head. instead, she was shot in the back, gardner then laid on the ground in the fetal position. >> the only thing i could think of is, play dead. i was just concentrating on being so still that he wouldn't shoot me again. and then it was quiet. >> and while still recovering physically, she struggles with spared. today's money report, all eyes on the federal reserve meeting to see if there could be an interest rate hike. the first in nine years.
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>> bill griffith joins us from cnbc global world headquarters. >> yeah, we have a pretty rally under way, and it's not about the fed. it's about oilt prices. they've been rising, latest inventory report shows a reduction in oil inventory, so prices have gone up and stock prices have followed suit. the fed is meeting right now. tomorrow could bring fireworks when we learn whether or not they will begin raising interest rates for the first time in nine years. there's the dow up 81 points, was up 100 points a little while ago. right now president obama is washington. it's the quarterly business round table meetings. he's trying to garner support from them to pressure congress to end tax advantages for private equity managers. this is part of the funding bill that congress has yet to pass. and if they don't pass this in the near term, the federal government could shut down as early as next tuesday. so the president is taking his case to business leaders to try and get them to pressure
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congress on that contentious issue. meanwhile, target has ordered 335,000 fitness trackers from fitbit. not to sell, but to give away to all of target's employees. it is by far the biggest corporate deal that fitbit has ever struck. target is hoping to reduce health care costs by encouraging employees to live healthier lifestyles. other companies have done the same, bank of america, time warner, british petroleum have all ordered fitbits as well. they claim that one company called apyrio reduced by 6% only one year after giving fitness trackers to its employees. so, who knows. if it's on your list constantly, you're thinking about your health, maybe you do something that's healthy and you don't order that extra chocolate milk shake or something. >> yeah. i think it'll just make me feel worse. >> yeah. oh, disappointing this thing every day. zblapt milk shake right now. >> cheers, here's to you.
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>> see you later. all right, dave. this weather is just unbelievable. >> it is. last week felt like we were in southern florida. >> uh-huh. >> this week feels like southern california. >> that's right, san diego. >> and it still doesn't feel like september in new york. winds will change, answers for you. let's walk over to the weather wall right now. look outside. an absolutely spectacular day in the tri-state area. now, of course we do need the rain, let's start out with that, but right now, 80 degrees to 82 degrees, depending on where you are in the metropolitan area, the winning streak of lovely now. and the weekend is in good shape too. we thought we might see scattered shower pop up. we're going to push that into next week. that's when we'll see changes in the sky conditions, but the temperature as well. around the area right now, temperatures pretty much in the upper 70s to low 80s, dend depending on where you are, out on the island, cool 74, let's say 823 in saveville and east
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part. cream ridge, 82 princeton. to a far north, there we see mid-70s. 76 degrees in the falls. now. 75. the humidity is so low. we'll take it. future tracker as we go out 36 hours, there is really nothing to talk about. only complicating factor here is as we head into the overnight, watch for some patchy fog around the suburban area and jersey shore. take it easy on the roads if you're traveling lathe at night and overnight. rest of the day, look at it, it's just going to be gorgeous. we talked the high of 87. nice and 82 degrees during the rush hour or your trip home to be the. 87 again after we top it off, we'll slide down just a little bit. around the area, temperatures pretty much uniform. even out to the island. 84 in morristown, 79 in month
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talk, 81 in bridgeport with a light south breeze. tonight, down to 68. cool to the hudson valley and monticello. mar. now as we look ahead, here's where we see some changes. weekend stays good, but we see temperatures begin to cool off gradually. we'll see an on-shore breeze that'll bring cooler air into the neighborhood, and that means we're finally going to get back down to where we should be at this point in the calendar year. temperatures in the 70s. chance of showers, we'll look at that for, maybe tuesday, wednesday next week. here's your seven-day forecast. check it out right now. like what you see? i do. it's going to be beautiful today and tomorrow. temperatures still in the mid to upper 80s, saturday and sunday, we dip down ever so slightly, losing a few degrees each day. and then monday, tuesday, and wednesday, we're into the 70s once again, a little more cloud cover, and then on wednesday, we'll include a chance of showers.
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all in all, a spectacular forecast, our eyes are still on rain though. eep an later. >> all right, dick price, thank you. new york live next at 12:30. >> leer jackie and lauren -- here are jackie and lauren. mary popens gets a modern makeover. which actress is the odds on favorite to pick up the umbrella. and our week long celebration of all things pizza begins with three viewer favorites that can be found on long island, all three, and trust me when i say they are good. >> that looks good. >> and the pizza is here now, right? >> it is, boxes and boxes, stick around. >> all over that. >> okay. see you then. still ahead at noon, it is down to five. the cities that are now one step closer to hosting the olympic games in 2024.
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we have breaking news right now. in an update, sad update here on the condition of governor cuomo's aid who was shot in brooklyn. . family tells us he is now brain dead. he was governor cuomo's first, first deputy council of the empire state development agency. he was shot earlier this month during festivities leading up to the india day parade. police believe he was caught in the cross fire, that gunman still today has not been caught. we are six days away from pope francis' visit to the united states. and it does appear the holy father looking forward to the trip during his weekly address at the vatican this morning, he called this journey, a mission to which i am going with great hope.
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and he also asks for everyone's prayers. he leaves for cuba this saturday before then traveling to washington, d.c., new york city, and philadelphia. according to to the vatican, the 78-year-old pope, he's brushing up on his english, but he is scheduled to deliver four of the 18 addresses he'll make in the united states in english, and the rest will be in spanish. darlene rodriguez, today in new york anchor will be traveling to cuba for the pope's trip. look for her report starting saturday night at 6:00. learn more about the pope's visit on our website, olympics are closer to returning to los angeles. l.a. is among the five finalists picked by the international olympic committee to host a 2024 summer games. the other four are budapest, hamburg, paris, and rome. los angeles hosted the olympics in 1984, maybe you remember that. and way back in 1932. still ahead on news 4 new york at noon. a stunt man gets a cramp. >> oh, we have the video for you next.
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don't try this at home. this daredevil walked high above melbourne today, but not only had to overcome gravity, but a leg cramp. >> kent peterson was 1,000 feet up, he says his leg cramped and he sat down. or lied down on the wire. he powered through and completed
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what australian media says is the highest tight rope performed in the country. that would send me into retirement. >> you have to have a strong core to perform that. >> clearly. tonight on news 4 new york starting at 5:00, buying a used car, get a car history report, good to go, right? >> not so fast. better get to carol for what you need to know. >> for breaking news and weather updates, be sure to log on to or our mobile app. >> new york live is coming your way next, good pizza. we see it right there. have a good day.
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hi everybody, welcome to new york live, happy hump day, thanks for tuning in, sarah's off today, but filling in is our good friend, lauren.
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>> nice to be here, good to see you. >> we've been watching you covering the best pizza places in new york city and beyond. >> it is very exciting. it is. >> and we have pizza today. we have a great show, including a visit from william baldwin in just a bit. also coming up, new york live's pizza week continues with some long island favorites from you, the viewers. find out what makes these local eateries so special and delicious. as double duty on a play we're talking, would you still love me with kathleen turner. ka can not wait to talk to her. first from controversy in the world of daytime and late night talk shows, to the casting of a big screen reboot. >> here are a few stories in the entertainment world that has everybody talking today. >> the host of the view are in hot water today, and this time, it's with america's nurses. it all started when michelle collins picked fun of miss colorado's monologue in which
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she discussed her profession as a nurse during the talent portion. >> then there was a girl who wrote her own monologue which i was turn the volume up, this is going to be amazing. let's listen. she read her e-mails out loud. that's not a real -- >> why does she have a doctor's stethoscope. >> nurses immediately took offense to behar's comments posting stories, pictures, and hashtags. meanwhile, a new highlight stunning lack of diversity in late night. le all-star photo brings together nearly every current and future host, including stephen colbert and trevor noah, but many have made note of the lack of female presence in the late night landscape. chelsea handler's new show can't come soon enough. finally here's something that hopefully won't cause any controversy. mary poppins returning to the big screen. disney has announced it's developing a new live action musical that takes place 20
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years after the classic 1964 film starring julie andrews. and already, beths s on who will replace. adam amys and kristin bell in contention. no release date has been set, but this one project we should all get behind. >> now who do you think should play? i heard off great person. >> i think amy adams would be a great mary poppins. when you think about julie andrews, almost more like a character, i think she'd be great. >> i agree. >> we have to talk about the view and what happened with it. they have now issued an apology. >> yeah, on the show today. we entioned they were nurses of the america are upset. we love nurses, we did not mean to offend any nurses. i think they were just kind of having a fun time making fun of that particular contestant. >> right. >> absolutely.


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