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tv   Today in New York  NBC  October 5, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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call 1-800-341-9716. right now, a doctor found dead. police trying to piece together what happened in the hours before her death. plus, searching for clues in the rubble. this morning, the possibility that a building explosion in brooklyn was not an accident. and devastation down south. this morning entire communities are under water, and the water is still rising. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everyone. it's monday morning. it is october 5th. i'm darlene roo driguez. >> i'm kerry barrett. michael is off today. >> chris cimino is here with the forecast. >> good morning. we have improving weather as we head into the new workweek. thinat's good news after a lousy stretch of weather over the weekend. it's a chilly start this morning. in central park. 40s north and west. even a few 30s. the day planner he will have a mix of clouds and sunshine through
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the day. climbing upe o about 61 at noon. forecasting a high at 66 degrees. emily west in this morning on a nday morning. how are things looking? >> pretty night and quiet. not bad start. let's take a live look at the george washington bridge. upper level looks great. lower level, easy pass only. you will find airport delays this morning. that's due to the wind. 25 minutes at newark. about a half hour at laguardia. an hour and 15 reported at jfk. more weather and traffic coming up. >> thank yoe very much. right now, mystery in chelsea. a doctor found dead in the doorway of a building. today police hope the medical explaminer can provide clues as toel what happened to her. katherine creag is in chelsea. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, darlene. it's really such a mystery. you can see the crime scene einvestigators are here. on the other side of that van, there are also police officers
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here on the scene. we want to show you video of what it looked like hours ago. there were a lot of investigators here. they've been interviewing ighbors. they've been talking even with passers by to try to figure out what happened. the vicyim didn't even live here, but she was founddin the doorway of this apartment building. it appeared she had been strangled. she was found unconscious yesterday morning about 8:30 a.m. she was pronounced dead at a hospital. we're told police wer called and an ambulance flagged down by a man. as soon as paramedics came, that person left. this has been shocking and startling to so many people. >> somebodypaad told us that this woman had died here. it was just very shocking to all of us. >> reporter: and investigators
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showing the photograph of the doctor to people. as you know, this is a very residential there are also reports that she was married with two young children. back to you. >> katherine, thank you so much. happening right now, is being called a thousand-year ather event. more than two feet of rain falling in south carolina. it's turning pngking lots and roads into lakes and rivers. officials are warning residents there to not leave their homes. that's because of scenes like this one. a pickup truck being swept away. near columbia, south carolina, a road crumbled under rushing flood waters. the governor there says this flooding is unprecedented. >> if you're in your house, stay in your house. this is not something to be out taking pictures of. this is not something you w t yoetur kids to play in. >> forecasters say the skies may not clear until tomorrow.
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deaths have been reported there. searchers have found possible debris from an american cargo ship that vanished during rricane joaquin. coast guard crews searched near the bermuda triangle. they say they spotted containers and an oil sheen not far from the last position. the careo ship lost power and took on water when it travelled into the path of hurricane joaquin thursday. 33 people were on board, mostly americans. the ship's second mate sent an e-mail to her mother just before e storm. >> there is a hurricane out here, and we are heading straight into it. winds are super bad and seas are not great. love to everyone. >> rescue planes have already arched 4,000 square miles of ocean looking for the ship. coast guard crews plan to resume that massive search at first light today. a training drill turning into a dramatic real life
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a helicopter on a training flight saw a jet ski in the water. nobody was on board though. then they spotted the rider struggling in the rou surf, drifting in fact dangerous close to the jetty. th> e coast guard video shows a rescuer swimmer pulling the man from the ocean, lifting him to the beach. no word just yet on the jet ski rider's condition. >> scary. >> absolutely. on i a jet ski, you do feel vulnerable. >> that's one lucky person. >> it is. chris, good morning. >> d good morning. we are looking at an improving, better situation this week. a much nicer pattern, a gentler one. chilly this morning. we're looking at a lot of 40s. we've even seen some upper 30s. a mix of clouds and sunshine. a cool breeze most of the day. temperatures bouncing back a little at a time. right now in the city, 52
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a lot of 40s in the nearby suburbs. slow climb back to the low 60s by noon with a mix of clouds and sun. stays breezy through the afternoon. forecasting a high today of 66. here to talk about the early commute is emily west. >> good morning, everyone. not much going on with the roads. very light and quiet. subways look good. earlier problems with the a and d, but that's cleared. no delays with your commuter rails. for the buses, just the b-16. that's detoured. everything else looks great. alternate side is suspended, but u have to feed the meters. more weather and traffic coming up on the 4s. >> emily, thank you. right now there's a search in brooklyn for a woman missing in the rubble of that building that exploded. now investigators are trying to figure out how it happened. tracie strahan is in borough park. >> reporter: good morning. still a lot of activity out here, as you can see. investigators are sifting
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through that rubble for that missing woman. over the phone, police tell me there have been no updates on that so far. but investigators that are till here are probing the possibility that that woman may have been involved in what happened here. we do, however, confirm the identity of the woman that was discovered here. she was discovered on saturday. the native of the dominican republic lived on the third floor of this building on 13th avenue and was killed when the building exploded. sources close to this investigation are telling news 4 that the woman that's still missing from a second floor apartment may have been suicidal. those are thoughts she expressed via social media. there's a possibility that she played a role in causing the gas explosion. that's something that's being explored. >> we don't know what was heard, that a stove was being removed. we don't know if that caused this incident. >> it's going to take weeks, if not months, until we find out
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we do know it was a gas explosion. >> reporter: as we bring you back live, you can see this area remains barricade. still a lot of work going on. 39 residents have been displaced, not only from the building that exploded but nearby buildings. there's a fear they're not structurally sound. none of the debris they're sifting through has been removed because this investigation is still ongoing. back to you. >> tracie strahan in brooklyn. thank you. it is 4:38. new this morning, we're waiting to hear at pretty much any minute about the release of an nyu student from north korea. he said he hoped to go home to his family in new jersey. right now he's supposed to be freed at the border of south korea. he was taken prisoner in april. the north says he entered that country illegally. the bronx mother accused of tossing her newborn out of a window is expected back in court today. jennifer berry is being held without bail on murder charges. prosecutors say she gave birth
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tossed the child out of a seventh floor window. they say she hid the pregnancy from her boyfriend. happening now, police are looking for this man. he's wanted in connection with the murder of a woman in the bronx. yesterday officers discovered a woman shot in the head in the passenger seat of an suv. she was pronounced dead at the scene. if you've seen this man, please contact authorities. the pentagon promising a full investigation into the apparent u.s. bombing of a hospital in afghanistan. that facility was run by doctors without borders. it was in kunduz. they say 22 people were killed. president obama is offering his condolences. doctors without borders say they are not enough. >> we need to understand why this happened, and we need not to be understood through an independent investigation. there's a lot of blood, and this is one of the darkest days in the history of our 44-year organization. >> the u.s. military says taliban fighters were firing from the hospital.
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doctors without borders say that is not true. and in syria, there's word that isis has destroyed another ancient wonder in palmyra. reports say that a 2,000-year-old arc detriumph was pulverized. the area is a world heritage site. happening today in new york, attorney general expected to crack down on designer zrug er er drugs. the drugs known as k-2 and spice are popular among young people and have potentially deadly side effects. straight ahead, the social media post that has several colleges and universities on edge this morning. plus, in the wake of another mass shooting, the plan that hillary clinton will unveil today. and it's a cool morning out there, but a fantastic week
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straight ahead. your weather and traffic on the 4s is coming up.
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it's 4:43. four things to know this morning. police are investigating the death of a doctor found in the doorway of a building in chelsea. dr. kiersten cerveny lived on long island. katherine creag will have the latest on the investigation. also, we're weight for word from overseas agent the nyu student detained in north korea. that country will reportedly release joo won-moon any moment now. he was taken into custody back in april when north korea said he entered their country illegally.
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times," volkswagen began installing software that could cheat emissions information. and of course a state of emergency still in effect in south carolina where record flooding has left neighborhoods under water. people are being told to stay in their homes after some areas saw two feet of rain. 4:44. that is historic flooding, chris. i know you've been watching the situation there over the last couple days. >> it's a blocking pattern that set up. there was heavy rain and it never shifted in any other direction other than in south carolina. you're going to see it in a second. meantime, we're dealing with cool temperatures out here this morning, but we're finally drying out. we started to dry out yesterday afternoon. got some sun peeking through the clouds. still a bit breeze y breezy, although not as windy as it has been. things will gradually improve. weather headlines, talking about a pleasantly cool fall day
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today. into wednesday, temperatures getting to 70, maybe better than that. our next chance of showers, probably not until friday. we have a good stretch of dry weather. 50 right now in chelsea. 50 in green ridge and staten island. a lot of 40s. skies are partly cloudy. we had some clouds pushing towards us. meantime, what's joaquin up to? after brushing across bermuda, 85-mile-per-hour winds now, a category 1 storm, expected to take a sharp turn towards the north and east, well out to sea. again, thankfully stayed away from the eastern seaboard. you can see that plume of moisture around another area of low pressure that was sitting off the southeast coast. this is that plume of moisture that was aimed right at south carolina for three straight days. you can see more rain to come there. it will it shifted a little further north. for the most part, just insult to injury being add there with maybe another 2 to 4 inches of rain possible. for us, some clouds we're
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i think we'll poke some holes in the cloud cover from time to time, allowing for some sunshine. we're still a little below normal. the cool breeze prevailing from the north and east. that should ease up tonight. clear to partly cloudy sky. 52 in the city. 40s in the suburbs. repeat performance of last night. tomorrow, we get into the good stuff. plenty of sunshine, lighter wind. beautiful october day. a high temperature of 72 degrees. perfection. we stay at 74 on wednesday before we cool it down just a little bit into the upper 60s on thursday. it stays dry. then that next line of showers with a cold front approaches us on friday. that could bring us on and off showers and temperatures in the upper 60s. if everything times out, that front pushes east of us just in time for the weekend and we get to nicer weather again. 66 today, still breezy. tuesday and wednesday, the gems in the low to mid-70s. drying out over the weekend. saturday and sunday with temperatures back in the mid and upper 60s.
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despite the northeast wind, it's blown in emily west. how did that happen? >> good morning, everyone. a live look at the gowanus this morning. moving along just fine through industry city. you can see how light and quiet it is. what about through queens? the grand central, same story there near laguardia. no problems both directions. let's head to connecticut where the turnpike, no delays there. we have wind delays reported. at newark, about 25 minutes. half hour at laguardia. jfk reporting an hour and 15. commuter checklist, everything is running on schedule. and you can relax today. alternate side parking is suspended. more weather and traffic coming up on the 4s. >> emily, thank you. 4:47 right now. the family of a man killed in a hit-and-run in flushing is opening up about his death. mariano contreras was hit as he walked home from the diner where he worked.
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police say he was jay walking when an suv struck him and kept going. it happened yesterday morning. family members are devastated. >> they told me that he died the moment that he got hit by the car. he was one of my best friends. >> police are looking for the driver, but so far no arrests have been made. 4:47. this morning, college campuses in philadelphia on alert because of an online threat. the fbi issued a warning after a post was found on social media. this post threatened violence for philadelphia area colleges at 1:00 this afternoon. however, there wasn't a specific college or university identified in the posting, but some schools, as you may imagine, are adding extra security with police making extra patrols. we're learning more details about last week's shooting rampage at a community college in oregon. prayers for the nine people killed and the survivors were held during church services in roseburg.
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randy scroggins is the pastor. his daughter was spared by the gunman. >> he called for another young man to come up front and said, you're the lucky one, you're going to live today. everything that you need to know about me and what i'm doing is in my backpack. >> the gunman's father says he has no idea how his son got ahold of 14 weapons. umpqua community college will reopen today, but classes will not start for another week. meanwhile, today in the race for president, hillary clinton will propose some tough new gun controls in the wake of the oregon shootings. she would like to end what's called the gun show loophole. that's why background checks are not required for gun buyers at gun shows. and clinton says she might change that by executive order if congress fails to act. she'll talk about gun control on the "today" show at 7:00. on the republican side, donald trump is seeing his lead shrink. that's in two key states. in the latest nbc news "wall
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street journal" poll in new hampshire, his edge over carly fiorina is just five points. he's also down to a five-point lead over dr. ben carson in iowa. those, of course, two early decision states. today is the first monday in october. that means the supreme court is back in session. this year abortion and affirmative action are before the justices. they'll decide how far texas can go with new medical restrictions on abortion clinics. also how far the university of texas can go to admit students who bring diversity to the campus. still to come, why new york's attorney general has a warning for mets and yankees fans. and it could save you money or cost you. disney's new strategy. you're watching "today in new
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welcome back. 52 degrees looking at the george washington bridge on a monday morning. california divers showing off some incredible video of a very special close encounter. the marine biologist went swimming with a whale shark off the san diego shore. this one is 20 to 30 feet long. it is extremely rare to see these gigantic sharks with the distinctive white markings in california. they'll typically swim in warmer, tropical waters. a whale shark. so two words together in a combo i don't think we want to see while we're swimming under water. >> especially not when it's 30 feet long. >> you can play connect the dots on it. come on. >> you should do that. >> i don't believe they're dangerous. this is what i've learned from my children's shows they watch. >> now we know.
4:54 am
and you run into one, you don't have to run. >> it's a gentle shark. i'm going and looking that up. >> me too. >> we're going to look up some good weather, actually, today. not only for today but the bulk of this week. nicer stuff heading our way. a mix of clouds and sunshine for today. it will still be breezy, just not as windy as it has been. temperatures bounce back to the mid-60s. then clear and partly cloudy tonight. 40s once again in the suburbs. a little warmer tomorrow. we're talking 70 or better for a couple days. that's not bad in october. good stuff. >> i like it a lot. chris, thank you. >> looks pretty nice this morning. we're not seeing any big delays. let's look at the alexander hamilton bridge. no delays getting into the george washington bridge. heading the other way to the cross bronx. a good go-to if you're taking the tappan zee bridge. both directions, you are not going to find any delays. so far, so good. starting off your monday morning ride. >> let's hope it stays that way.
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emily, thank you. so there's a group near atlantic city that's hoping you'll love lucy. you know obviously i'm talking about lucy the elephant. the organization that runs this beloved jersey shore attraction says that lucy needs a bit of a trunk lift. the six-story wooden elephant was built back in 1881. she's constantly blasted with sand and exposed to the elements. so her paint is peeling and some of her wood is rotting away. they're selling t-shirts and asking for donations online. now may be the best time to get the cheapest flights for the holidays. according to the annual orbitz holiday insider survey, your best day to book a flight for the lowest price for thanksgiving is tomorrow. you can also get the best bargains for the other holidays this week too. the best day to book for christmas is friday. for new year's eve, it's saturday. >> very cool. if you're around the upper east side today, you may catch a glimpse of gotham's favorite crime fighter.
4:56 am
or perhaps at least his car. how cool is that? one of three batmobiles custom made for the '60s batman tv series will arrive in the city today. you can check it out at the new york historical society as part of an exhibit called superheroes in gotham. the show takes a look at the role new york city has played in the history of comics and their story lines. it opens this friday, just in time for comic-con. in sports, the giants tighten things up in the east. eli manning throws the short pass to jennings, who does all the work. that put the game away. the giants beat the bills 24-10. the giants now tied with dallas and washington at 2-2 in the division. meanwhile, the jets took care of business in london taking on the dolphins. eric decker gets the touchdown pass from ryan fitzpatrick just
4:57 am
and chris ivory ran for 166 yards and a touchdown in the game. the jets go on to win it 27-14. they're now 3-1 and have the week off. all right. good stuff there. happening today, jets defensive lineman sheldon richardson is due back in a missouri court. he's accused of five misdemeanors stemming from an apparent street race. police say he was driving his bentley at speeds of up to 143 miles per hour. one of the passengers was allegedly a 12-year-old relative. meanwhile, richardson completed a four-game suspension for his violating the nfl substance abuse policy and should be back on the field to play washington. both the mets and yankees playing postseason baseball, and new york's attorney general has a warning for fans. he's telling people to be on the lookout for ticket scams. some advice he's offering, buy directly from the team's website if you can. avoid paying for tickets in cash or wire transfer. using a credit card and maybe
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paypal gives you a bit of protection if these tickets turn out to be fake. he also says if the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. all right. a trip to disney land may soon be a little cheaper if you're willing to go on slower days. "the wall street journal" reports disney's considering demand-based ticket pricing at its u.s. theme parks. tickets could cost less on off days or there could be other amenities included, like free photos or parking. this week disney is expected to survey past visitors to see how they feel about ticket pricing options. the story of an astronaut left for dead on the red planet topped the weekend box office. >> begin abort procedure. >> let's wait it out. >> prep emergency departure. >> we're scrubbed. that's an order. >> so "the martian" debuted at number one, earning $55 million. matt damon starring as an astronaut who's left behind by his crew. they believe he was killed in a storm. "hotel transylvania 2" was in
4:59 am
second place earning $33 million. >> i want to see "the martian." >> i do too. especially with the news that came out about mars recently. >> there's water. you can grow things, allegedly. it's 4:58. if you're about to head out the door, take uses with you. >> keep watching "today in new york" by downloading the news 4 new york app on your mobile device. our next hour starts right now. and right now police trying to solve a mystery. a doctor found dead in the doorway of a manhattan building. also, a building leveled. this morning crews searching for a victim in the rubble as investigators try to piece together what happened. and just released, a new report that says we're shelling out more than ever at the atm. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everyone. it's monday morning. it is october 5th. i'm darlene rodriguez. >> i'm kerry barrett. michael, of course, off today. >> storm team 4's chris cimino is here with the forecast. >> good morning, ladies. on the chilly side, especially in the suburbs.
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a few upper 30s, even in


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