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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  October 5, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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call 1-800-341-9716. right now on news 4 new york, all hell broke loose. words from a scared passenger aboard a train that went off the tracks today. that train bound for d.c., but skenl wld to scheduled to sfaup right here in new york city. right now we know the national transportation safety. >> when five of the train's cars careened off the tracks after it hit a rockslide in north field. that's just ten miles north of the state capital. vermont's governor said it doesn't look like any way to avoid the crash. >> one person onboard headed to new jersey snapped this picture from inside the train.
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one of the cars down an embankment. jack is in northfield tonight where he spoke with shaken up passengers. >> the passengers who didn't need medical treatment were brought here to the campus of norwich university. they were picked up on coach buses and now on their way to continue their journeys and all have very harrowing stories to tell. jean thompson was on the amtrak vermonter and took these photos after it struck a rock slide in northfield, vermont, en route to washington, d.c. knocking passenger trains from the tracks. >> all the most abled body people adopted an older person and got them out. >> as governor i join vermonters in expressing my relief that nobody has died. >> reporter: seven of the 102 passengers and crew onboard needed to go to hospitals. one passenger was airlifted for abdominal injuries. >> we are hopeful that those who are receiving medical care right now will make speedy recoverries. >> reporter: he said this was
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not terrorism or some other kind of crime. just an act of nature that knocked stone free from a ledge and sent it tumbling on to the tracks. the governor also said passengers told him it did not seem like the train was speeding or at this could have been avoided. >> i do know that a fright train did go through there late last night and no evidence of any ledge slide at that point. >> that stretch of tracks will remain closed to all travel for the foreseeable future. of course, a lot of cleanup to do. in northfield, vermont, news 4 new york. this is new at 5:30, two subway riders injured in last month's g-train derailment plan to sue claiming their victims of an ongoing feud between the city and the mta.
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announced today he'll use comments made by mta chairman inside and outside the mall in middletown. jeffrey baker was arrested by state police. according to detectives, it turned out he was not armed. he's still charged with menacing and disorderly conduct. umpqua community college reopened today for the first time since last thursday's massacre. officials say classes will not resume until next week. some staff members and students returned today to pick up belongings left behind when they
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were forced to flee the campus. grief counselors and chaplains were on hand today, as well. nine people were killed last week before the gunman killed himself. revived talk of gun control on the campaign trail. hillary clinton says she doesn't need approval from congress for them to work. steve handelsman in washington tonight with a closer look, steve, at what she's proposing. >> david, e thanks. makes her stand ash a candidate in a positive way. hillary clinton says tougher gun laws could help cut america's death toll from firearms. 10,000 a year. >> we have got to keep guns out of the hands of people who should not have them. >> reporter: she promises executive action to require background checks for all private sales. >> at 40% of guns are sold. gun shows, online sales. we need to close that loophole. >> reporter: and she would push
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manufacturers by victims. that congress banned in 2005. clinton's voice cracked, praising moms like nicole who have pushed tougher gun laws since sandy hook. when nicole's son, dylan, died. >> have tried to be the voices that we need to hear. >> reporter: the issue sets clinton apart from all the republicans running and from democratic bernie sanders, who has a mixed record on guns and leads in new hampshire. where clinton was today. >> hillary, if i can call you that. >> or you can call me val. >> clinton played val the bartender on "saturday night live." >> valy wish you could be president. >> me, too. >> now, she's pushing tougher gun control as a female. clinton made sure to mention -- >> who could be more of an outsurd out outsider than a woman president. >> reporter: gun violence and what she says she would do. bernie sanders voted against the
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checks in the early 1990s. his campaign said today that senator sanders would now be willing to vote to get rid of the so-called gun show loophole. live from the hill, steve handelsman, news 4 new york. >> all right, steve, thank you. coming up, what caused a run away truck to crash into an apartment building. we have pictures of the aftermath. and flu season begins. >> doctors say it's time to roll up your sleeves and get a flu shot, but can you find one this early? the redesigned news 4 new york app has it all. watch and read top stories, interactive radar, screen casting and push notifications for news that is breaking now. download the news 4 new york app
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take a look at this video. a run away truck. this picture. a run away oil tanker crashed into a car and then struck the
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side of an apartment building in yonkers today, spilling 100 gallons of home heating oil. the truck positive driver wasn't in the truck at the time. he made a stop to make a delivery. the hazmat team responded and nobody was hurt and the building wasn't structurally damaged. the nation's highest court will not hear a challenge to new york state's requirement that all kids be vaccinated before they start public school. the justices let stand and appeals court ruling that says the policy does not violate students' constitutional right of religious freedom. three new york city parents challenged the rule after their kids were banned from attending cool. coming up, protecting your family in a fire. better get baquero for what you need to have in every bedroom. olympian turned killer oscar pistorius will not get out of
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coming up on news 4 at 6:00, outside the luxury plaza hotel where a robbery took place inside and the suspect is still at large. plus, if you feel cramped inside your studio apartment, how would you feel with several other people living there with you. the shocking overcrowding in some of the city's public housing. those stories and a whole lot more all new tonight when chuck and i see you at 6:00. >> sibila, thank you. the gunman accused of murdering a bronx cabby will not testify before the grand jury weighing his fate. nicholas sanchez made a brief court appearance today. prosecutors say sanchez shot berry inside his lincoln town car in the bronx. berry's heartbroken family was in the courtroom today to face
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>> to his wife and his three kids. make me very sad because now who are going to take those kids to the corner store? who's going to take them to school? >> we're told barry's widow is pregnant with the couple's fourth child. sanchez is due back in court later this month. a new york university student being detained in north korea has been released. arrested for crossing the chinese border and held for six months. he's a native of south korea, but has permanent status in the u.s. and lives in new jersey. nyu was "relieved to learn of his released and glad for this good outcome." form olympian oscar pistorius will stay in a south african prison for at least another month. pistorius was convicted of culpable homicide in the death of his girlfriend. he was eligible for house arrest on august 21st, but a parole review board ruled his case should be considered all over again.
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still seeking a murder conviction and plan to appeal to south africa's supreme court. more action tonight on the crackdown on synthetic marijuana and other designer drugs in new york. eric schneider filed lawsuits against two alleged distributers. sell k2 other hallucinogetics as alternatives to other street drugs. but their deceptive labels makes them especially dangerous. >> none of us and certainly not the people that are consuming them know what's in them. that is a severe problem and it shows up in our emergency rooms every day. the attorney general says new york has seen a ten-fold increase in er visits and emergency calls related to the use of marijuana or syntheting drugs surs this past summer alone. this deadly explosion in brooklyn over the weekend shows just how fast the fire can spread.
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the heat and smoke putting property and lives in danger. it is a strong reminder for families during this fire prevention week to make sure they're doing everything they can to stay safe. better get baquero for the tips to protect your loved ones. here's lydna baquero. the fire that raged through the apartment where donna and matt downing once lived and that's why they and their four children take fire safety seriously in their rockville center home. >> a place to go if you exit the back of the house. a different place to go if you exit the front of the house on different ways to communicate. we have four young kids, it's important that they all know where they can go. >> prevention can get you so far and detection can save a life. >> reporter: brian runs the buff project, helping spread tips for fire safety. >> the average home has 1.8 smoke alarms in their homes. they should be up to 7 to 8 smoke alarms per home. >> we have 11.
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in each of the kids' rooms and the hallways and the attic, the basement. so, it adds up pretty quickly. >> reporter: how do you spark the conversation with your children? brian came up with this idea for an alarm featuring your favorite football team. >> how do we make this into a family discussion and make it cool and make it hip and apply for a license from the nfl and they granted us a license. >> reporter: but remember to replace the battery in those alarms and keep in mind they don't work forever. >> one out of five smoke detectors that are in homes today do not work. >> reporter: newer alarms last up to ten years. and with carbon monoxide detectors, brian says you should have one by the boiler and also recommends one on each floor. >> an ongoing conversation with the kids. great to talk about it during fire safety week, but something that you talk about all the time. >> reporter: news 4 new york. >> that is a great idea. the sports themed alarms there. to get in touch with our consumer investigative team, send an e-mail to better get
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baquero at a typhoon in china triggered several tornadoes over the weekend killing at least 15 people. officials in the province say the tornadoes overturned a bus and blew a crane off the top of a building and flattened a makeshift house. brought fierce winds and torrential rain and cut off water and power to thousands. janice huff, we saw a lot of rain here at home. a few days ago, but we're still at a deficit, right? >> yes, we are. i'll show you those numbers. even with all the rain we had, we still need more to climb out of the deficit. we're still running low around here. but now we've got dry skies and we can enjoy some nice weather for a few days before the next chance for rain comes in. yesterday was beautiful. we still have a few clouds hugging the coast line today on the outer edges of joaquin. that's joaquin. but it's large. but category 1 and moving away from bermuda continuing into the middle of the atlantic ocean, away from us. then this upper level low, the low pressure system that brought the flooding rains to the carolinas, which is south carolina, mainly.
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still seeing clouds on the edge because of that. gradually, more sunshine and warmer temperatures here. in the meantime, weather itself is improving. over south and north carolina. rain is not as heavy as what they saw over the past three days. now, these are just estimates from the radar itself, not from actual observation. this is just the past 48 hours. we're not even counting friday when it started. and that piled on top of these numbers goes over 20, 25 inches of rain they've seen there. anywhere from 8 inches to about 15 inches. so, about a foot of rain in just 48 hours across central south carolina. but now the rain has tapered off to lighter showers, thank goodness. now, in terms of our rain. shiba mentioned a deficit. still running four and seven inches below average in the rainfall department. we will get more later in the week, but not going to be days and days of it. 67 today. the average 68. so, we're pretty close to that,
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but tomorrow we'll go above average as many of us will see temperatures in the 70s. right now most readings in the 60s from madison to harrison and jersey city at 64 and same in floral park. temperatures in the low 60s win west park and it's pleasantly cool everywhere. from the jersey shore inland new jersey. mainly in the 60s, as well. 59, though north and west we have some 50s on the map up towards hunter mountain and high points at 55 and 60 in west millford and chilly right around 40 tonight in the suburbs north and west. 52 in the city. still cool, but we gradually warm up each day this week. until the end of the week, so, a great october day tomorrow. get ready for 72 degrees for the afternoon high in the city. even warmer on wednesday. by the time we geet end the of the week, it's slightly cooler. we get some clouds and showers coming in. the showers are likely on friday, but nay should be gone before the weekend. tonight's lows. mainly low 50s around the city.
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union at 50 and 40s in scarsdale and liberty and millbrook. rockaway you're in the 40s, as well as long branch. still cool and winds are out of the north now, versus the east or the northeast. a bit breezy tomorrow. the jersey shore. but temperatures should reach the upper 60s. chilly start north and west in the 40s in the morning. and for long island and coastal connecticut, you'll have a nice day, too, as the temperatures warm up. we're talking 72 in midtown and 74 on wednesday and 60s thursday, friday. get your umbrellas ready for that day and then clear out nicely for the weekend. back to you guys. >> thank you, janice. flu season is here and that means the coughing, the sneezing, the fevers will be coming soon, too. >> it's everywhere. up next, new 4z finds out where doctors are already seeing cases of the flu and how this year's vaccine may be better at keeping you healthy. but, first, our social pick of the day thanks to elena. a blend of democracy and commerce. george washington there.
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it might seem like summer just ended, i know it does for us. but flu season is here and the centers for disease control is when october typically begins to spread. >> as we tell you every season, getting a vaccine is the best way to protect yourself and your family. even if you got the flu shot today, you wouldn't be protected until the 19th because it takes two weeks for the antibodies to develop.
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effective and is there enough of a supply? >> well, we sent news 4 lori to find out. >> so, you know, we do this every year. and it helps you keep healthy. >> reporter: 9-year-old put on a brave face for his yearly flu shot. his dad making sure the family stays healthy. >> prevention. >> reporter: prevention is key to dr. altman. she says flu season is off to an early start. already treating several patients. >> history repeats itself. every year, there is an influ wensa epidemic. >> reporter: the cdc says last year's vaccine was only 20% effective against the two strains that sickened so many people. this year's quad vaccine casts a wider net. >> the vaccine is formulated new
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and the scientists do the best they can to predict and estimate what vaccine strains are going to be around for the next flu season. >> reporter: the cdc has already distributed 92 million doses of the flu vaccine. this early supply is not a problem but recommends rolling up your sleeves early. >> you can get vaccinated at any point during the season, however, the best timing is before the season begins or as early as possible into flu season. >> good job. >> reporter: she says it's quick and easy. just ask lewis who gives it a thumbs up. news 4, new york. >> he's not amused. >> good sport. get me out of here. that does it for us. thanks for watching. >> stay right here, the news continues at 6:00. >> live from stoud udio 3c, this is
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news 4 new york at 6:00. a second body discovered in the rubble of an apartment building that exploded over the weekend as police investigate a bizarre twist in the possible cause. and if you think your apartment's cramped, wait until you see how overcrowded some of the city's public housing has become. i'm chuck scarborough. >> i'm sibila vargas. >> entered the currency exchange and pulled out a gun. he's still on the loose with the his stolen loot. >> rob schmidt is live at the plaza hotel with the latest. this is crazy, rob. >> it is crazy, sibila, chuck. there are surveillance cameras everywhere. why rob a shop at the plaza hotel? that's anyone's guess. but, tonight, seven hours later, this thief is still on the run. a hold up at one of new york city's most upscale hotels. the plaza right on the park at 59th and fifth. the scene of an armed robbery this morning.
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police say around 11:15 a man in
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