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tv   Today in New York  NBC  October 8, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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police say the driver took off. plus this morning, an internal investigation launched after this video of an arrest inside a brooklyn bodega went public. and video shows the moment a tanker went out of control on the new jersey turnpike and burst into flames. today in new york starts now. good morning, everyone. thursday morning, october 8th. >> storm team 4 is here with the forecast. chris, it seems not just like a nice morning, but a super nice morning. >> super nice. if you'd like to categorize it that way, i'd say so. in and around the city we still see some 40s in this suburbs. we're seeing 51 at sussex. west hampton at 45 degrees. we have a clear to partly cloudy sky right now. that's the way this day plays out. recovery back to about 67.
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we'll flirt with the 70 degree mark. let's get the first check on this morning commute. >> good morning kwb everyone. you may have just seen video from the tanker accident that took place yesterday on the new jersey turnpike. the accident investigation is finally over and just moments ago the area of the turnpike reopened. that should not affect your morning commute which is fantastic news. let's look at the gowanus expressway. there's an accident on 39th street. both directions not moving right now. they are in the process of clearing it. more weather and traffic come ing up on the 4's. police investigating a hit and run. a pedestrian rushed to the hospital overnight. at the intersection of madison avenue. >> reporter: good morning to you. a very terrible morning for the
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he is in bad shape at a hospital. actually in the back of the vehicle, it looked like he had been checking something. we were told he was near the trunk. when he was hit, the driver who struck him took off. it happened about 1:20 this morning. this is madison avenue and east 80th street. the victim a 60-year-old man was rushed to bellevue hospital. and we're told he's in serious condition. he has trauma all over his body. cops tracked down and spotted the damaged suspect vehicle on the upper west side. the victim or witnesses we're told gave descriptions to police and officers tracked down that vehicle. two men who were in that car were taken into custody as you can see by police officers. we're waiting to see if they will be charged. no names of those two men or of the driver. the victim here have been released. we're waiting for information on that. but in many of these cases as
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you know, hit and runs, they don't track down the suspect vehicle, but in this case a description went out very quickly. less than an hour later, that is when that suspect vehicle was found by officers on the upper west side. back to you. >> katherine creag, thank you. police arrested another person now for the fatal shooting of a queens grandmother seven months ago. she was killed in her home in march. 22-year-old julian douglas was arrested a month later. and now a second man also facing a murder charge. family members believe it was -- police release surveillance video this morning of a man wanted for a shooting. the man was seen getting out of a u-haul van.
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shooting death of vikram ramlogan. this morning we're seeing exclusive video obtained by news 4 that shows a tanker truck crashing into a massive fire ball on the new jersey turnpike. kevin hower had a recorder rolling in his truck. he said he saw a van carrying a mattress and the mattress was on the road. cars swerve to avoid it including a tanker truck, but it rolled over and immediately erupted into flames. hower said he tried to get the driver out, but the heat was too intense. >> being a tanker and as big as the explosion was, i mean, you could see where i got was as close as you could get. >> state police remain on the scene overnight. they have not released the identity of the driver. it is 4:34 right now. time to enjoy weather and traffic. >> today ask another good one. tomorrow things go down hill a
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tomorrow will be a warmer day but then we run into showers. no umbrellas needed, no rain gear needed. a mix of sun and clouds. you want to wear a light jacket early on. highs in the upper 60s to 70. the winds going more southeast today. up against the coast it will be a little cooler. this afternoon. right now first forecast, we're at 59 degrees in the city. patchy clouds out there. that's the way it will be throughout the day. mix of sun and patchy clouds and high temperature in the 60s. rest of the weekend just ahead. let's get an update on the commute from lauren. >> thanks, chris. we do have some overnight track work out there on the rails. the 1, 2, 4, 6, a, f, l, n, and r. major commuter lines look good as far as the buses go. and alternates side parking rules are in effect. >> thank you very much.
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police>in jersey city are investigating the suspicious deaths of a mother and son in jersey city. detectives removed bags of evidence on lincoln street. about 5:30 last night a woman in her 20s and her 5-year-old son were found unresponsive. both were pronounced dead at the hospital. crews tested the air for carbon monoxide but that came back negative. the teachers aide caught on cell phone video roughing up toddlers at a private school will not face charges. a grand jury ruled there was no probable cause to indict elizabeth gomez. she was allegedly captured on this video back in may forcefully handling children at hoboken apple school. the school fired her and four others a the video was released. we're now seeing video of police and an emt allegedly beating a suspect over a stolen iphone. the video was taken on september 11th. police have identified the man
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as 21-year-old daniel shefshenko. officials say he stole the emt's iphone and other items from his car hours earlier. they tracked him down using the find my phone app. nypd says it's conducting an internal investigation. charges are being recommended for the takedown of james blake outside a midtown hotel. the civilian complaint review board says the officers used excessive force and abused their power. officials said blake was identified as a suspect. his attorney says he looks forward to a trial. >> we are gratified by the fact they handled this not only in an expeditious way but in a diligent way. >> in a statement, patrick lynch said in part, it is still no surprise that the ccrb which continues to be nothing more than cop-hating branch of the
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would subs stanceuate the manner. the head of nato is calling on russia to end its air strikes. the air campaign caused a close call. a u.s. fighter jet had to take evasive maneuvers when it flew within 20 miles of a russian jet. also russian launched cruise missiles into syria. doctors without borders says it is not satisfied with president obama's apology for the u.s. bombing of its hospital. that facility in kunduz, afghanistan, was destroyed. 22 people were killed. on wednesday president obama called the head of the charity medical group to admit the u.s. military made a mistake. >> the united states when we make a mistake, we're honest ab it. >> we appreciate the expression of condolences but it doesn't change the fact we have 22 dead pauxtients and staff. >> president obama success a thorough investigation is underway into that air strike. but doctors without borders
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wants an international fact finding commission to be created. major political news today on capitol hill. kevin mccarthy could be nominated as the next speaker of the house to replace john boehner. he faces some competition in today's republican conference. utah's jason chaffetz, daniel webster of florida plan to oppose him. the final choice will be made on october 29th. and that's when the house will vote on a new leader, a new speaker. also today the chief of volkswagen's american division could get a grilling on capitol hill over the diesel engine scandal. he'll tell lawmakers he didn't learn about the rig's emissions test until next year. will reveal all of the affected cars won't be fixed until the end of next year, 2016. it's 4:39. still ahead, shocking video fro connecticut. a teenager jumps from a moving car. now police are searching for the
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woman who was behind the wheel. >> plus it's the cost of staying healthy in america. the findings of a new report that's just been released. >> and your weather and traffic on the 4's is coming up. follow us on facebook and
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it's 4:42. here are four things to know this morning. police in jersey city are investigating the suspicious deaths of a mother and son in jersey city. the mother is in her 20s, her son is 5 years old. fire officials say carbon monoxide tests came back negative. just a few minutes ago the new jersey turnpike did reopen after that tanker truck crash and burst into flames.
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the truck driver died. investigators say he was swerving to avoid mattresses that are come off the top of a cargo van. a new report out this morning shows that americans visit the doctor less than people in other wealthy countries, but we spend more on health care. some of the reasons, the cost of medication and use of technology. the report also finds american adults take more prescriptions than anyone else except people in new zealand. don't be surprised if you see costumed superheroes wandering the city today. it's the first day of comic-con the javits center. tickets are already sold out. people have understand, comic con is a thing. >> oh, it's been a thing. it's huge. r days. and tickets get sold out immediately. cities all around the country. >> all right. time for weather and traffic on the 4s. what costume do you have underneath there? >> i've got my batman costume. you are absolutely right. people really flock o that thing. a lot of people in new york now. autiful weather we have.
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this one would be very easy going. just easy going weather outside. nice and comfortable, starting out in the upper 50s. skies clear to partly cloudy. the day will be rather comfortable again. much like yesterday. made it to 73 yesterday afternoon. today maybe just a couple degrees cooler than that. 59 and mostly clear in town right now. weather headlines, the winning stretch continues today. tomorrow, a warmer day. back in the 70s but there could be late showers, especially late afpaternoon and tomorrow night. they're gone by the weekend. weekend is in great shape. starts out a little breezy and cool on saturday. gets a little milder on sat. pollen rert, everything is relatively low. still some irritants out there for the allergy sufferers. low 50s in northwest new jersey for the most part this morning. a couple 40s pop up here and there. califon is 46. where it's totally clear, it's dropped off to the 40s. in and around the city, we're generally in the mid and upper 50s. again, not much going on from chicago on east.
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so we're nice and quiet. high pressure still in charge. we t've got several hours to ngjoy fair weather over the next day and a half. wero've got some patchy clouds right here, but they'll come in and come out. we'll have sun mix in with the sunshine and clouds during the course of the day, sending temperatures back into the upperl 60s. notice the southeast wind. the wind off the water today. partly cloudy tonight, 60 midtown, 50s suburbs. not quite as chilly with a more southerly flow ahead of that front tomorrow. with a southwest wind ahead of the cold front, temperatures warm into the mid-70s tomorrow afternoon. we'll start out with a little sun. then cloud over late in the afternoon. late in the day showers and maybe a thunderstorm embedded in there tomorrow evening. wouldn't be surprised if you get a few rumbles out of it. it's gone by saturday. we're in the 60s over the weekend for the most part. the long columbus day weekend, if you have monday off, beautiful. baback into the low 70s with a good deal of sunshine. another weak front arrives on tuesday. octhat could spawn a couple showers. temperatures will cool down a
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little, back into the 60s at that int. the seven-day forecast, in good shape for the most part. a couple showers friday night and clearing up saturday. 65, 68 sunday. low 70s for monday, columbus day. a shower on tuesday. back to sunshin on wednesday in the 60s. wearing her ranger blue. opening evening went well against the blackhawks. >> that's right. we beattohe thenley cup champions. anyway, some problems on the roads. a look at gowanus expressway. all lanes are shut down. that's by 39th street. two lanes blocked eastbound in the same area. very heavy delays both ways. i'm going to take you to the map so you can see how bad these delayings are and how to get around it. if you're coming off the bqe here or out of the tunnel, you'll want to get off at hamilton hamm l ln to avenue. third avenue runs right beneath the gowanus.
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hamilton avenue and get back on the bqe. you can get around this, just leave yourself extra time. a look at the cross bronx expressway. we have some construction out there. head to the bruckner. that's moving along nicely president alternate side of the street parking rules in effect today. >> thank you. it's 4:47. happening now, residents in south carolina remain on edge as rivers hit their peak from the record rainstorm. earlier this week, this was the scene. it was expected to crest at 16.1 feet this morning, more than five feetr above flood stage. meanwhile in columbia, the city is trying to restore drinking water. >> senator lindsey graham says the di besaster could tleop $1 billion. today marks one week since the u.s. cargo ship el faro and its crew were lost at sea. the coas guard has called off the search, saying it's unlikely anyone on board did survive. they say they searched an area larger than the state of
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california. one body of the 33 missing crew members was recovered. some family members are angry at the decision to abandoneshe search. >> six days? come on. >> i'm not mad at the storm. i'm not mad at aod. i'm just mad. brutally angry. >> the ship was headed to puerto clrico from jacksonville, florida, when it sank. the ntsb is focused on finding its data recorder. however, that could be three miles below the sea. in connecticut, police are searching for a woman who allegedly tried to abduct a teenage girl. her dramatic escape was captured on video. take a lookythre as the moving car. police say the teen was walking to school monday morning when the driver of a charcoal gray toyota lured her into her car. the woman started grabbing at the teen. that's when she jumped out. on long island, a former nypd trans
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officer is now charged with the murder of his wife. 49-year-old paul lightgeb was arrested. police say he was armed with a box cutter and threatened to hurt himself and officers during a long standoff. the body of his wife was found in their lake grove home a week ago. coming up on 4:49 now. amhetrak is going to start getting service back on track north to vermont following monday's derailment that hurt seven people. today you can take the vermonter train all the way up to burlington, vermont. southbound, you still face problems. buses will be used from vermont to springfield, massachusetts, or to new haven. fantasy pay sites draft kings and fan dual are now permanently banning employees from playing in daily contests for money. this comes after a draft kings employee came in second place on a fan dual contest, winning $350,000. new york's attorney general then launched an investigation into the fantasy sites. he wants to know if workers from
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one website used inside information to win one on a competing site. united water is seeking permission or a double-digit rate hike. the utility wants to raise rates by nearly 18%. that would add about $8 to the monthly residential water bill. they say they need to pay for receot upgrades like replacing ageing pipes and fire hydrants as well. now to hockey, the rangers played their season opener in icago against the defending champion blackh ks. before the game, blackhawks raised the championship banner, but the rangers spoiled the celebration. they scored three goals in the opening period, including one by derek stepan right before the first intermission. the rangers beat chicago 3-2. the islanders and devils both open up at home tomorrow night. meanwhile, the nba is investigating reports that knicks head coach derek fisher was in an altercation with grizzlies forward matt barnes. it was reportedly over fisher
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dating barnesf estranged wife. meanwhile, the knicks opened their preseason at the garden against a pro team from brazil. carmelo anthony playing for the first time since he had surgtiy. he had 17 points. the knicks win it 100-81. meanwhile, lebron james had fun with some young fans as the cavaliers hosted the atlanta hawks. he snapped a selfie with about 30 kids while checking into the game. then lebron invited one of the kids to sit next to him and j.r. smith on the cavs' bench. the girl is a little overexcited, you might say. look at her. she can't believe she's there. what a great idea. that's so nice. >> so sweet. she looked like she was shaking. >> so great. >> very sweet. >> come on and sit with me down on the bench. it's 4:51. still to come, why jetblue is getting into the farming business at jfk airport. and it's a monument built to pay tribute to the victims of hurricane sandy. this morning, why some are
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saying this has to go. you're watching today in new
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welcome back. 4:54. it is thursday morning, isn't it? >> it is. thyat's the new jersey turnpike by newark liberty airport. >> which is open, thank goodness. >> absolutely. after a rough night. we'll check weather right now. chris, nice day. yesterday and today. >> beautiful. this is perfect weather. temperatures low 70s. >> just great. >> nice stuff. may be a couple degrees cooler. we finally made michael happy. i'm sorry, there will be a few clouds mixing with the sun
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today, michael. cooler along the coast. tonight, another quiet evening, partly cloudy, about 60 in town. tomorrow may be the umbrella day, especially later in the da by. we'll talk more about that coming up. we need a little rain still. >> we do. all right. thank you, chris. lauren, what's happening? >> we have a couple problems on the roads. one of them being the gowanus. i'm going to show you what the bqe looks like by the brooklyn bridge. actually, we'll get to that next. we'll look at the holland tunnel, ere things are moving along nicely. we have some roadwork, but no delays in either direction. let's head to the bqe now. you'll see there are some headlights out there. okay. we're at the gowanus, just kidding. we're having a good morning. it was shutdown westbound. a slow ride in both directions. this is out by 39th street. so third avenue would be the best option to get around this. >> all right, lauren. thank you. 4:55 right now. the national transportation safety board is now investigating a plane crash in the backyard of a southern
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investigators say the pla took off yesterday from the compton wopoodley airport. it quickly experienced engine trouble. the pilot tried to make an emergency landing on the road but crashed behind a home. he is not seriously injured. no one else is hurt. one new york city airport is now host to a small farm. and it's no small potatoes, you might say. at terminal five, jetblue has the first of its kind blue potato farm. along with the potatoes, 2,000 herbs, plant, and other vegetables are being grown there. many of them are the key ingredients for the chips they serve. the entire operation will be unveiled later this morning. next summer you won't feel that blast of cold air from buildings on a hot summer day. the city council made till legal. most doors and restaurants must keep their doors closed when the ac is on. the goal is to cut energy use
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and the controversial movie ad that was banned from the subway system can now be posted. it promoted a documentary about muslim-american comedians. the mta had declared it forbidden political speech. on wednesday, a federal judge ruled against the mta. on long island, three schools in suffolk county have tested positive for the legionella bacteria. it was detected in the cooling centers of three sachem school districts. no reports of anyone at the school coming down with the disease. meanwhile in connecticut, legionella bacteria was found inside the cooling tower at greenwich high school, however it is not the same strain commonly associated with legionnaires' disease. the tower was disinfected, and no one there is at risk. in new jersey, many
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residents in highlands say a new sandy monument on the beach is an eyesore, and they want it taken down. take a look here. the monument is dedicated to all those who survived the superstorm. it was donated to the community by a group of local contractors. but some residents say they don't even know what the design means, and it actually blocks the view of the water. >> uh -- what is this -- is this a purpose to this? >> projects, on their nature, sometimes come with change, and i think this is going to be positive for the community. >> the designers of the monument say it was inspired by roman structures, and the form plays with the ideas of sun and shade. mainly blocking the sun from people who want to see it. >> all right. it is coming up on 5:00 a.m. if you're about to head out the door, take with us you. >> keep watching "today in new york" by downloading the news 4 new york app on your mobile device. our next hour starts right now. new this morning, a
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police say the driver took off. plus, this morning an internal investigation launched after this video of an arrest inside a brooklyn bodega went public. and tragedy on the roads. a tour bus on its way to new jersey crashes in connecticut. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everybody. coming up on 5:00 a.m. on this thursday, october 8th. i'm michael gargiulo. >> i'm darlene rodriguez. chris cimino is here with the forecast. >> good morning. a nice even 60 degrees this hour in the city. a little milder than it's been recent mornings this week. that's been the trend, each morning a little more comfortable. still cool up to the north. 60 in the city. mid-50s central long island. the coldest spot in westhampton down to 44. sunshine today mixes with patchy clouds at times. a little breeze out of the southeast. may be a couple degrees cooler than yesterday's low 70s. forecasting a high into the upper 60s. let's find out how the commute
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is rolling along so far.


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