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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  October 15, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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really happened. pat battle is in teaneck trying to get answers. >> reporter: the 911 call came in from that house about 10:40 last night. the dispatcher said there was no conversation, only screaming in the background. and when police arrived, they knocked on the door. keith knight answered, his hands reportedly covered in blood. >> devastating especially last night when i came outside and i saw the parade of police, i'm like i hope he's okay. and then to find out that he's the cause of it, it was just -- it's unreal. >> reporter: what neighbors did see in keith knight was a quiet hard working man who took great pride in landscaping most of the nearby properties. they didn't see the man police say killed his 834 4-year-old mother victoria and his younger brother ronald in the home where they had lived together for more than 40 years and they're asking the same question authorities are wrestling with. why. >> i have no idea. it's just mind boggling.
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11:00 last night when police converged on the home. inside they found a blood soaked scene from the kitchen, hallway and in to the living room. the mother and her 52-year-old son mortally wounded. neighbors never heard a thing. if there was something going on behind the doors of the white it. >> family feuds, people get into arguments. it's been 50, 60 year of the same people. i can imagine, you know, some people can just lose it. but like i said, it's devastating. i never saw it. >> reporter: a family friend told us keith knight was badly injured in a motorcycle accident several years ago that his brother had been laid off from his job as a chef and spent most of his time taking care of their held derly mother. neighbors tell us they had never seen a police car in front of this house until yesterday. keith knight is being held in jail on $2 million cash bail. pat battle, news 4 new york.
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on staten island where loved ones and freds s prepareds s friends turned out to remember marco steven cass see owe. he was playing inside a vacant building where he plunged 7 stories to the ground. the city has plans to demolish the abandoned hospital. long island official is facing charges tonight for lying. police say he lied about a felony conviction on several job applications. that conviction happened more than 30 years ago. greg cercol is in beth page with the details. >> reporter: we're outside the headquarters of nassau's office of emergency management and tonight the job status of the agency's number two-man is unclear. the county executive's office didn't return our calls to comment after deputy commissioner edward corona went before a judge.
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he said nothing after being release without bail. in just a few weeks, the deputy commissioner of nassau's office of emergency management went from standing with the county executive during hurricane joaquin preparations to planning his criminal defense. >> these charges have no merit. >> reporter: corona is charged with lying four separate times on county job applications. all to hide a 1982 burglary conviction. >> he directly stated he was never convicted of a crime when in fact he had been convicted of a crime. >> reporter: the acting d.a. says corona's appointment to a $125,000 a year position could be a lack of oversight of the county. >> it concerns me when people at high ranking positions were not properly vetted. >> reporter: d.a. investigators discovered the alleged perjury while reviewing employees connected to county contracts. that review was ordered after former state senator and his son
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were accused of soliciting bribes from a nassau contractor. but some wonder if politics played a role in corona's case. he's said to be a supporter of kate murry, the republican opposing in the race for d.a. a spokesman for murry says the timing of the arrest is suspect. the d.a. he says should not mix polities can criminal investigations. now, the acting d.a. dismissed claims that the arrest was politically motivated. corona could face up to four years in prison if convicted. greg cercol, news 4 new york. the city's big office complex at 1 center street just a stone's throw from city hall has a new name. this morning it was rededicated as the david dinkins municipal building. today the 88-year-old former mayor talked about his own experience inside the walls there.
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>> i will always be at your service as one of new york city workers who was satisfied at the end of a busy week's work in this building. always proud and knowing that we worked as hard as we could as long as we could and for as many as we could to do the right thing always. >> mayor de blasio presided over the say mother. david dinkins is the fair's city's first african-american mayor. still to come, the search for a stolen puppy. >> a family's message for whoever stole their pet from the
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bronx home was ransacked by burglars who stole cash and also their 2 month old puppy. and so now that couple and police want your help finding the siberian husky. beautiful. she's been missing since tuesday from her owner's home in castle hill. the thieves pepper sprayed the family's three other dogs and they also took off with $1,000, sneakers and a playstation. the chef involved in that now infamous confrontation with the uconn mac and cheese kid said he forgives the kid but he shouldn't allowed back at school. he accepts luke's apology. the 19-year-old student went on a foul mouth tirade while demanding a serving of bacon mac and cheese. in the letter he went on to say that he should be expelled and even suggested he join the military. this is part of that letter. "i feel there are more deserving
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students living in state who would not squander the chance like he has." coming up, government forecasters have just released their winter predictions. so we're all wondering, can we expect a lot of snow. plus this happens a lot, people forced to pay hefty medical bills with a promise they will get reimbursed by their insurance. but what if those payments never come? better get pa baquero. but first the social pic of the day, many of us wearing purple today for spirit day. this is the "today in new york" crew taking pictures holding signs up there will with a positive message. our p.a. production assistant nick took this picture all of us standing up to bullying today to lbgt youth. if you have a pic you'd like to share, use #nbc4ny when posting to twitter or intake
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remember the story of aunt who sued her nephew? they tell nbc they love each other now. plus police have made an arrest after a woman is caught on tape dropping off a dog that had been missing for more than a year. and what do you think of those little tvs in the back of the new york city taxis? you might not have to look a them too much longer in some cabs. those stories and much more all new tonight at 6:00. new fallout tonight from the volkswagen emissions scandal.
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a recall of every car fitted with that emissions test cheating software. germany's transport minister says the company will need replacement software this month. they will begin fitting the vehicles with them next year. volkswagen also faces possible fines in the u.s. meanwhile toyota is taking a step toward the future. the automaker says it wants to virtually eliminate gasoline powered vehicles from its complete by 2050. the company also believes hydrogen cars will be the long term answer, not electric vehicles. toyota recently introduced its first fuel cell vehicle. only hundreds have been sold, but the company is hoping to sell 30,000 a year by 2020. yahoo! hopes to make life easier for its users of the mail app by getting rid of passwords. the new app out today has a feature called account key. instead of typing in a password, users can click on a notification sent to their smart
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users who aren't quite sold on the feature can still opt to use their passwords. >> sounds easier. >> we'll find out. when a manhattan man ended up in the hospital, he says he was grateful to have the help of his sister. she paid thousands of dollars in out of pocket costs. >> he qualified to get the money reimbursed, but when months passed without a refund check, he said better get baquero. here is lynda baquero to explain what happened. >> and the amount was quite large, more than $7,000. and we wondered what is would holding up the money? the answer was quite simple. robert nolan has spent years working as a company manager for broadway shows. but off stage, robert was recently hospitalized facing a huge bill. >> unfortunately, when i was admitted to the hospital, i did not have any insurance. >> reporter: it was a voluntary stay, so his sister degreed to pay money up front to get him admitted last january. the cost? $7674. but robert found a way to get
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>> we were told that once i was accepted by medicaid, i could apply to have that money refunded. >> reporter: he applied for head kad. several months later, he received this letter. >> one of the receipts was filled out by hand. and that was not acceptable to the state of new york. >> reporter: robert wrote to the division of mount sinai hospital where he stayed asking for a more official not handwritten receipt. >> i was told i would get a refund check sometime in early july that within two weeks, i would get a refund check. >> reporter: when that didn't happen -- >> i went and better get baquero. and so on sunday, i sent an e-mail to your office and yesterday i got a phone call. and here we are. i would just like to get a check so i can pay my sister back the money that i owe her. >> just wants to pay her back. so we contacted mount sinai and problem solved.
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mount sinai spokesperson told news 4 an unintended billing error caused a significant delay and they regret any inconvenience. we're happy to report that robert received a full refund immediately, $7674, and he's grateful that he can now pay his sister back for her generosity. he was so grateful for that. >> what can be done to prevent a situation like this? >> with all hospital billing, you really have to be careful. make sure that you pay special attention to the codes to see exactly what you're being charged. and there are databases online where you can search medical billing codes and see what they stand for. also it if needed, ask for an itemized bill and it could be pretty lengthy, but possibly worth your while to review. it could be 10, 15 pages long. but again, it could be worth it. very difficult time consuming, but could save you money. >> to get in touch with our
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get baquero@nbc new so most of the country may have to brace for a brutal winter. that at least according to the national oceanic and atmospheric center. and they say the el nino effect could be the strongest on record. they're predicting above average precipitation for the entire southern tear oifg the ier of the country. if could also present a danger. >> heavy rainfall could occur in southern california and the west. could increase the likelihood of mudslides, debris floes. >> and also above average precipitation and cooler temperatures in the southeast and along the east coast, right up to southern new england. dave price, cooler weather
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>> yep, a hiptd of thing nt of things to come. 62 right now under fair skies. cloudying up later on. shower possible overnight and even tomorrow. getting windy and then the big temperature drop as we head into the weekend. that's the big headline for saturday and sunday. 63 degrees right now in sheepshead bay, 62 in central park. same out in floral park and oceanside. got cool temps to the north and west, but other than that, a comfortable evening so far. so what's happening? well, we have all of this working in our direction. clouds and rain and then the cool temperatures driving it much more to fall-like conditions for most of us. we put it into a motion and by friday morning, you see the the cloud cover. then the showers possibly rolling through. some of this may break up over the higher elevations. we could see a shower as late as friday at 6:00. so let's just keep that in mind. we keep it in the forecast as a possibility. it will be breezy tomorrow, then
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things begin to die down a little bit and then as we head into the weekend, we see the winds gusting up to 20, 25 miles per hour with gusts higher than that. tonight 52 degrees mostly cloudy skies, a late shower. again, not out of the question. we'll keep it as a possibility tomorrow. we'll call it mostly sunny, 63. 64 at 5:00 p.m. nice day all in in all. fall folfoliage, you can see great stuff in the hudson valley. and all of new england in fact looking great right now. but cool air is coming. look at those morning temperatures. we wake up to temperatures in the 30s and breezes which will make it feel cooler than that. and those cool temperatures stick with us monday and tuesday. wednesday and thursday, look at
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that back above normal conditions. nice week ahead. an update to a story we told you about at the 5:00. chopper 4 over the scene this sunset park where nypd officers and federal agents are scouring a building. our sources are now telling us this is connected to a sex trafficking investigation. the hotel owner is under arrest, the feds are shutting down the hotel. we're told the hotel in queens is also being raided. coming up next, it's fairly easy to sign up to be an organ donor, but how many people actually do? >> new york has fewer donors than any other state. so what does that mean for people waiting for life saving transplants?
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so october is domestic violence awareness month and nbc 4 and telemundo 47 are joining forces with experts and community leaders to answer your questions. this is a live look and we have social service sxernt experts to address a wide range of questions. the number is at the bottom of your screen, and this panel will be there to address all of your calls in both english and spanish until 7:00 tonight. more than 10,000 new yorkers are on lists waiting for life saving organ transplants, but only one in four new yorkers are organ donors. >> and that can mean long waits for people who don't have a lot of time. sheldon dutes talked with one person dealing with that and found out what you can do to help. >> reporter: she needs a lung.
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>> i was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis in 2013 my lungs don't work anymore. >> reporter: she relies on oxygen to breathe. she and more than 10,000 other new yorkers are on a long list hoping and praying for the call. >> it makes me really nervous like i live in a fear that i will never get a second chance of life. >> reporter: only 25% of the state's population is currently registered to donate organs. the national average is 50%. >> we believe that the major objects obstacle, the system is not user friendly railroad the friendly. >> reporter: part of reason why negotiation don't register for organ donation -- >> there is a lot of questions. people have fears. death in itself is not an easy subject.
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important for people to familiarize themselves with the registration process. >> look how easy it is. you go on our website, you can register online. >> reporter: and you can also register through the dmv, state organ donor registry or seen up for a new york city i.d. a decision that could make a world of difference for people like prussia. >> they have no knowledge how it could help someone. >> reporter: sheldon dutes, news 4 new york. and that will do it. thank you so much for watching. stay with us as the news continues at 6:00. police use a cellphone to track down a convicted trail rapist on parole. and de blasio makes a trip to israel and plans to meet with israeli and palestinian children.
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and do you find those little tvs in the back of taxicabs annoy annoying annoying? some could be disappearing. and we begin with the arrest of a rapist. i'd today see >> reporter: most people who have smartphones have the find my phone app. well, police say so did one of the victims in this case. whand they found the phone, they also found a convicted rapist right at the intersection behind me here. and now they think that same man raped another woman after getting out of prison. the 36-year-old is back behind bars tonight, the registered sex offender released from prison just a few months ago for raining an 8-year-old girl is charged with attack again. >> it's very jerry. i live here with my two
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