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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  October 17, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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rockefeller center this is news 4 new york. right now a young girl fighting for her life. shot in the head in her living room. the hunt for the gunman who fired the stray bullet. trip to israel. the mayor visits the holy city and meets with both sides of the conflict as another day of violence rages on. but first -- >> let's go mets!
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>> a huge night at citi field. the mets preparing to face the cubs. the winner of the best of seven goes on to the world series. >> we are so excited. mets fans waiting for this moment for years. the amazin's host chicago in game one of the series. >> cubs won all seven regular season games against new york. mets know they have their hands full. both have a lot to prove here. nine years since the mets made it to the nlcs, 12 years for the cubs. the mets have not won the world series since 186 and a for the cubs it's been more than a century. >> bruce beck is live at citi field. hey, bruce. >> reporter: natalie, it doesn't get much better than this. new york-chicago. mets-cubs. game one of the nlcs. a dream matchup.
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to look back but look ahead. that was the wild clubhouse scene thursday night in los angeles after the mets clinched their series with the dodgers in dramatic fashion. as fast as you could see a new york minute, the amazin's turned the page and hit the reset button for game one of the nlcs, versus the cubs tonight. >> they are pretty fired up. as you saw at the game the other night they are pretty excited. just talked to a bunch of the guys today. they are extremely excited to get this thing going tonight. with we like the matchups we have. we'll be ready to play. >> reporter: the mets star, known as the dark knight, takes the mound tonight start the series. matt harvey is relishing the moment in the spotlight. >> we can feel it. we appreciate the support. we're out there.
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we're getting more, you know, adrenaline, more fight. and a lot of that goes to them. we're excited to have our first two games at home and be able to play in front of them and all of new york. we're all really looking forward to it. >> reporter: both teams can hit the long ball. the cubs had ten homers in their series against the cardinals. the mets had seven homers against the dodgers. but it's cold and windy tonight in citi field. october baseball for sure. the fans don't care. it is october 17th and their team is still standing. live at citi field, i'm bruce beck, news 4 new york. rob and natalie, back to you. >> thank you so much. we cannot wait to get things started here. go to michael george who's been talking to the pumped up fans. >> natalie, right now fans are arriving behind me. the excitement is out of control.
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more than a typical nlcs and part of the reason for that is mets fans have been hoping and praying for this moment for nearly a decade. >> let's go mets! >> reporter: after a long wait, mets fans are finally getting their day. many told us they have been waiting for this moment for years. >> it is surreal. nine years of waiting and finally here. >> this is our time to shine as a community of mets fans. >> reporter: outside of citi field fans are starting to gather and tailgating has already begun. the mets amazing run has brought new energy to fan a's who haven't had much to cheer about for a while. >> hopefully tonight, hopefully we bring it. >> i have my sweatshirt, my my matt harvey t-shirt. hat, gloves. we're all set. >> he can't remember the last time the mets made it this far. that's because the last time he was 5. >> it feels good to finally be
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>> reporter: many fans told us this is more than a playoff game for them it has brought the city together. >> it means a lot to new york and i think after everything new yorkers have been through it is nice to have a team that made it this far. >> reporter: if you want to know how how much excitement is there is surrounding this. the ticket prices are comp troobl world series prices. the average ticket $80 40. but for mets fans it is all worth with it. >> so much fun. thank you so much. if you are lucky enough to go to the game, bundle up. it is going to be a cold night at the stadium. we have freeze warnings and watches in effect. storm team 4's e ka grow is here. >> some parts of the tristate area below freezing. the freeze warning is for the counties in purple including
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passaic and most of northern new jersey in jerseys /- included. hard freeze in many suburbs. temperatures will dip below freezing for several hours at a time. make sure you turn off your sprinkler systems if you have that watering the grass and any water supplies that led to the outdoors you want to turn them off and fwling potted plants, cover flower beds. you want to do that because temperatures will rebound. we will have temperatures in the 70s in the seven-day forecast. stay tuned for all of those details coming up. love to hear that. track temperatures all weekend with the news 4 app. select the weather tab and you'll see the forecast, radar and more. turning to an horrific crime. a stray bullet flies through the window of a long island home and hits a 12-year-old girl in the head. the girl is in grave condition. police are offering a big reward
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for any information leading to the gunman. the story now from. /- . >> she was a nice little girl. great potential. >> reporter: james green is stunned by the tragic shooting that critically injured his 12-year-old neighbor dejah joyner. >> undescribable. it shouldn't happen to a person, to anyone, but it shouldn't happen to a person as nice as dejah. >> reporter: you can see where the bullet pierced through the family's front win doechl dejah was on the other side, in the living room when the gunman a opened fire from the street. >> the child was shot once in the brain and she's currently in grave condition and the family is with her at this time. >> reporter: the shooting happened around 5:00 p.m. yesterday. police officers combed the neighborhood for hours, but the shooter's motive is still unknown. this block, however, is no
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a man was gunned down here two years ago. his grandmother stopped by to visit with dejah's family. >> reporter: what's your reaction now you have to console another family. >> this has got to stop. >> reporter: today, nassau county officials promising to use every resource to arrest the gunman who shot this young, innocent bystander. >> i think it is time that whoever has information come forward. >> reporter: authorities are determined to get that gunman off the streets. right now they are offering a $75,000 cash reward for information that leads to an arrest and conviction in this tragic shooting. in hemp stead, news 4 new york. violence is escalating in the middle east where palestinians carried out a series of new stabbing attacks today in jerusalem. israeli police shot and killed two knife-wielding palestinians in separate incidents. one was a 16-year-old who tried to attack officers who asked him
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in the west bank, an israeli pedestrian shot and killed a palestinian who lunged at him with a knife. a palestinian woman was shot dead after she stabbed a police officer at a base in hee bron. the officer is okay. mayor de blasio kicked off a three-day visit to israel amid the bloodshed. it's his first visit since elected. the mayor says the situation right now is painful. >> when i'm here in solidarity with the people of israel but at the same time we have to think of every way to support those who are trying to move forward. >> the mayor is expected to meet with some of the victims of the recent violence. tomorrow he will meet with israeli prime minister netanyahu. the latest on lamar odom has he shows signs of improvement in a las vegas hospital.
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woke with up from his coma a, gave a thumbs up and spoke to his estranged wife, khloe conversation. the 35-year-old suffered one stroke and serious damage to his his his organ. who police are looking to talk to after a body is found in an apartment. and a looming bus strike in long island. and no, this is not australia. this little guy is a long way from home but probably not as far as you might think.
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police want to find the husband of a queens woman discovered burned in her bathtub. she was charred head to toe this morning a roommate called 911 when he smelled smoke coming from the bathroom. neighbors say they also smelled smoke. >> everyone was smelling the smoke and came out of their apartments curious to see what was with -- very frightening. since we don't know what is the cause of what happened. >> police questioned several people in this case. now to long island where the search is on for the driver who struck and killed a man in a
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wheelchair and then kept on driving. police say 40-year-old michael dora was in the right lane of east neck road when he was struck. he was rushed to the hospital where he later died. police say the suspect was driving a dark colored car with front end damage. thousands of students on long island could lose their ride to school. bus drivers and other workers rejected the company's final offer for a contract and have voted to strike according to published reports. the drivers are asking for more pay and better working conditions. no word on when the strike would begin. if the bus drivers walk out, 15,000 students will be stranded. the union workers have been without a contract since late june. >> we will keep you posted on that. here's still to come, love this little guy. a marsupial breaks free and goes around a city neighborhood. where it came from and how it was finally captured.
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windchills we have not seen in months. will we ever warm up again, or is it all over?
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the best video we have seen today taken on staten island. buster the kangaroo. he actually lives upstate. he and his owner were visiting the city when buster took off. the video shows him hopping around the travis neighborhood before he owner and police managed to catch up with him. there he goes. we're told he is a legal pet. hi owner won't face any charges. if you try to catch a kangaroo, they can kick in to you. not something you want to do. >> >> a look ahead. it is really cold out there. >> eric will fill us in on what to expect in new york but
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england all the way down to alabama, far inland to kentucky. michigan has six inches on the ground. take everybody out west. more rain expected and that could trigger more mudslides in california. and vice president biden, is he running or not? a new report may indicate if he will throw his hat in the ring. and details on the manhunt and shootout with the drug lord kingpin el chapo. and in louisiana women are trying to find a way to take cans and turn it in to a healthy outlook. they get street treated like queens for the day. no buster unfortunately. you guys have that. >> sounds good. >> fantastic story. we look forward to seeing everybody. >> we will talk about fashion here. you may notice a lot of pink hats and shirts and tutus in the city today.
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that's because it is the 13th annual avon 39 walk to end breast cancer. thousands of participants, including breast cancer survivors known as the 39ers will walk 39.3 miles over the next three days to help to raise money for research and awareness. looking good. >> very good. >> not too bad. it was real today. i got a little wind coming down 49th street and off the water from the west. >> absolutely. my afternoon jog was a little gusty. tomorrow more of the same. the winds will diminish a bit. temperature s will drop a little further. overnight tonight, it will be cold out there. we are already down to 51 in central park with partly cloudy skies. a look at the weather headlines. we have the coldest air of the season overnight tonight. some of us will dip to the 20s. chilly sunday but less breezy.
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in general completely dry. 50 in massapequa. 52 valley stream. on long island, low 50s. upper 40s in danbury. 37 monticello. a chilly night in the catskills and a few snow showers showing up on storm tracker in the adirondacks. you can see the lake effect here. that's what we were talking about earlier with the snow that has falln in the michigan area. we're not going to see that but we will see the temperatures plummeting. here's a look at the feels-like temperatures. down to 28 with the feels like forecast. 27 south brunswick and rebounding to feels like in the mid-40s in the afternoon on sunday. monday morning, it is going to feel in the upper 20s, even in midtown as you step out the door and make your way to work with. our overnight low will be 39. it will be chilly but we have a hard freeze north and west. that's where it will be down right cold an the wind will
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continue out of the northwest at ten miles an hour overnight tonight. tomorrow morning, we will see temperatures in the 30s. rebounding to 51 for the high. it will be breezy, little cooler as you head to the north and west. high temperatures will be in the 40s. we're looking at temperatures so cold that you could see a few flurries or wet snowflakes until noon. if you are heading down to citi field tomorrow night, we have that cool air in place. i think you are going to be okay. if you head to the ballpark you will enjoy it regardless of the start time temperature of 47 degrees. a look at the seven-day forecast, slowly rebounding here. 53 on monday afternoon. back in to the 60s by tuesday. and temperature of 70 degrees for the high by the time we get to thursday. improving weather. >> snow flurries, did you say that? >> yes, north and west of town. >> i'm out of here. >> heard there is a baseball game.
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one story tonight matters, game one. mets and cubs in the nlcs. we will head to citi field next and check in with bruce beck.
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first nlcses since 2006. mets and cubs two fan bases as frustrated as faithful. this october there is hope. few bats like wright, only bat left from the nlcs team. th,ere is pressure. lester also playoff tested from his red sox days against the
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lefty terry collins. struggling lucas at first. citi field to join bruce beck. the pressure is on matt harvey on the mound tonight. i expect to hear the citi field crowd louder than next to standing by a 747 near la guardia. >> reporter: the place should be electric tonight. anytime you have knicks bulls, giants against the bears or mets cubs there's reason to get pumped up. will flores bat seven starts for the amazin's? moments ago i asked him about going up against the big game pitcher, jon lester of the cub cans. >> we had a lot of good pitching the last couple of days. i think we'll be okay. >> are you guys emotionally ready to say the dodger series is over and now we have to focus on the cubs? >> yeah. it's over. we won the series and now we have a big series coming and we just have to win it.
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>> reporter: what's your message to the fans who might be cold like you will be in the field. >> yeah, just keep cheering. we will be playing 100% and we'll win. >> it is not really cold, is it? >> little bit. >> manager terry collins said he needs them to step up in the series. wright was 1-16 against the dodgers. the cubs are taking batting practice behind me. they are absolutely mashing the baseball. keep an eye on that. they are a tremendous hitting team. ready to go tonight and the first pitch can't come soon enough. back to you. we all agree with that the cubs young lineup is good. mets bats need to get going tonight.
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the cubs. neck in on the alcs. the blue jays leading 3-0 in game two in the seventh. two nfl notes, beckham jr. is questionable for monday against the eagles. he didn't practice all week with. tomorrow this jets catch a break because washington will be without jackson. they are trying to get to 500 taking on 4-2 indiana. first quarter, the end zone 24 yard touchdown give them the lead. just before the half, 27-24 rutgers advantage. indiana has taken it back and then some. indiana now up 45-27 in the second half. syracuse at virginia. 30 seconds left in the second. dungy keeps it. look as he goes matrix to get to
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hurdling a defender, taking the hit and giving them the lead. 24-21 in the final. >> all right. game one tonight, mets and cubs. got a feeling this thing goes seven games.
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>> i'm back, baby. keep clapping for me.
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>> tracy morgan returns to
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