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tv   Today in New York  NBC  October 20, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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first, a major fire burning in manhattan. flames shooting through the roof. live pictures here. smoke is filling the streets there. we'll have a live report. also breaking on long island, a very serious crash overnight. we'll tell you what police are telling us. and it's trump on top. what brand-new numbers reveal about the race for president. "today in new york" starts now. 4:30 a.m. tuesday, october 20th. i'm michael gargiulo. chris cimino is here with the forecast. feeling better. >> big change. temperature 49 degrees. yesterday we were in the mid 30s. suburbs are still a little bit chilly. they're also not as cold. 46 merino. with a better starting point for the temperature we expect warmer readings for the afternoon. by noon, 65 degrees. we're forecasting a high of 69 degrees with developing sunshine.
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let's get a quick check on the commute early on. hopefully no big issues out there, lauren. >> we do have big issues out there. it's early for that. we're going to head over to long island where the northern state parkway is shut down between wolf hill road and deer park avenue. there are a lot of flares out there. in the meantime, the l.i.e. is the way to go. heading over to new jersey on the turnpike and the car lane southbound out between interchange 13a. there's an accident on the shoulder. not causing much of a problem. breaking news in manhattan. large fire broke out on the west side of manhattan. firefighters on the scene. chelsea, west 17th street. many people grabbed their phones. "today in new york's" katherine creag is there. >> reporter: michael, it is so smokey around here but also in the flat iron district where the
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smoke was traveling toward, you can see what firefighters are doing right now, trying to extinguish the flames. you can see all of that smoke there on 17th street. the location of this fire, 221 west 17th street. we want to show you some video sent to us. it was an incredible fire when it broke out. the fire broke out around 3:00 a.m. on the fourth floor and the flames engulfed the upper floors. at least three floors were burning. this is a low rise building which is actually under construction. online, we found the project. this will be known as the dorian chelsea residences. multi-million dollar residences. 1.7th avenue near 23rd street. some of the side streets are open. a lot of people might be wondering towards the flat iron neighborhood, towards the eastville east village that it smells like
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smoke. we're waiting to find out more information. it is believed no one was hurt in this huge fire, michael. back to you. >> huge fire in a crowded area. kat, thank you so much. breaking news on long island in suffolk county. a very serious crash where the northern state parkway runs over parkhill road. tracie strahan has that. >> reporter: you heard lauren talking about the shut down of the northern state. we have a police car blocking off a lot of the ramp where this activity is going on. we're working to confirm reports that this was a fatal crash and a wrong way driver that could be responsible for it. you saw that fire truck passing behind me. there's a lot of police activity going down. we work for more details. we're going to show you video now of the car that was involved in this. we're working to confirm reports at around 2:38 this morning that is the vehicle that struck a
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headed the wrong way and near the ramp for wolf hill road. that car allegedly hit another vehicle. it's unclear how many people were in that vehicle and then crashed into a tree. we're, working to confirm reports about the fate of the person that caused all fl this, michael, as well as the people inside of the other vehicle. again, we're hearing that a wrong way driver led to a crash here near the northern parkway. we're going to bring you more details on this as they become available. a lot of the officials on the scene working this. >> tracie. thank you very much. 4:34. new jersey state senate committee will hold two hearings today in hackensack and it's on the port authority's ten-year capital plan. bus riders are being invited to testify alongside state officials and experts in the transportation area. today's hearings come two days after the port authority's monthly board meeting and it'll
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vote on a plan to replace the now 65-year-old plan. 4:34. storm team 4's chris cimino. this is a sweet part of the week we're coming into? >> we advertised it. i don't think we quite get to 70 degrees but tomorrow and thursday. after seeing temperatures below normal for a couple of days, we're right back above normal. not as cold to start anywhere, including the suburbs this morning. and then much milder by afternoon with the sunshine breaking back out. southwest wind will get a little gusty. we have small craft advisories for gusty southwest winds. starting out not so cold. 49 degrees in the city. even the suburbs lower 40s. we'll be at 65 by noon. 68 by 3:00. sun and clouds, breezy afternoon. high temperature of 69 degrees. seven day forecast just ahead. lauren scala has the commute. let's talk about mass transit.
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in last friday and confessed to stabbing another driver on a s 74 bus in staple ton. they got into an argument over a seat. the unidentified victim was taken to the hospital in critical condition. 4:37 now. testimony continuing today in the trial of a repeated gangster charged in that legendary airport robbery that inspired the movie "good fellows." vincent nassaro is a long time member of the krim family. mobsters used insider information from crooked airport workers and they made off with $6 million in cash and jules. >> the robbing itself was a rather astounding accomplishment. you hate to give credit to the criminals, but it was so
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>> now assaro's defense blames the government for untrustworthy testimony. tough gun laws in new jersey and connecticut are surviving a tough challenge. the laws were passed after the sandy hook school massacre. they ban serna sought rifles and high capacity magazines. the court knocked out two minor provisions, one in connecticut and one in new york. federal agents now investigating reports that a teenager hacked into the cia director's personal e-mail. not only was john brennan's aol account and so was jay johnson's comcast account hacked. it appears the hacker did not get any top secret information. he did get a list of some cia employees and their own e-mail addresses. 4:38. donald trump getting his highest support ever for his run for president. one in four republican voters now back the new york
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this is accord to go an nbc news wall street journal pole l. marco rubio and ted cruz trail behind the two front-runners. speculation over joe biden's possible run hitting the fever pitch. sources telling nbc news we could get a decision as soon as tomorrow. other sources still say at this point only joe biden knows when he'll be ready to make that decision. there's been many reports they'll pass deadlines for biden's announcement. there are important filing deadlines coming up. this morning america's northern neighbor, canada, about to get a new prime minister. justin trudeau's father, pierre, a legendary name. they unseat incumbent steven harper and in his near decade in power. trudeau criticized his handling
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of canada's economy. happening in sports the mets hope to take a commanding lead. they take on the cubs tonight. right now the mets lead the series of course two games to none. jacob degrom will be on the mound tonight. he's excited to get his team closer to the world series. >> i think we have a lot of confidence going into this game. we matched up well against two great pitchers and, you know, we've got a chaile to take a 3-0 lead. >> we haven't won a game here in three years. it will be a different atmosphere. >> despite the fact that they're in chicago, you can expect the players to be a little bit warmer. temperatures for the first pitch actually expected to be about 65 degrees. tonight's game three starts at 8:00 tonight. right now it is 4:40 a.m. ahead, where you can get a famous new york city desert for a little change.
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rugby player on vacation in new york ends up behind bars. we're going to elyou what police said he told two women. big changes on the way. weather and traffic on the 4s coming up as you look at the hamilton bridge. you're watching "today in new
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4:43 right now. here's four things to know this morning. firefighters have their hands full with a fire on west 17th street in chelsea. live pictures here. you see firefighters hard at work. katherine creag is live there. we'll get an update from kat in 15 minutes. breaking news on long island. very serious crash on northern state parkway. this is the video just in to our
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newsroom. tracie strahan has the story. a tentative deal for a strike on long island. a new contract offer to the union drivers expected to be voted on later this week. time to celebrate. 65 years in business. yes, junior's cheesecake offering 65 slices at their location. we're going to check where those locations are. junior's is located of course in downtown brooklyn but, chris, the key thing is there is also a junior's in times square so we're going to find out -- >> if you can get that 65 cent slice? >> we'll have to vet that. >> see if there's a 10 cent tax so it's 75 cents. >> i had junior's two weeks ago and it was mighty fine. >> you're still wearing it. >> i am. >> sticks to the ribs, that's for sure. this morning, not as chilly. you don't need that hot oatmeal
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that you had yesterday morning to keep yourself waiting. it's cool but not cold. in the upper 40s in town right now. bit of a breeze but it's now west and eventually southwest. that's what's bringing in the warmer temperatures. the headlines, 22. going to warm it up. let that warmup begin for the next two days. minimal shower threat this week. maybe a spritz or two on thursday. that's about it. then it cools down again by the end of the week. some ups and downs with the temperatures. today it's back up. normal high 62. back above normal with 69 yesterday. the high of 53 well below normal. the temperature today, that trend will continue into wednesday and thursday, too. northwestern suburbs, northwest new jersey, you were down in the low 20s in spots. it's 44 at high point. it was double what you were yesterday. 44 at franklin, 40 in oakland. up through the hudson valley, mid and upper 40s. down the jersey shore generally in the mid 40s as well. storm tracker satellite radar, complete left to right motion.
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west to east. there's a front stalled in here. it's not really making the move in our direction. we're getting some of the clouds of it. we're on the southern fringe. we're going to stay on the southern side. that means a southwest wind. eventually it will sag on down thursday and friday. future tracker shows patchy clouds. it did turn partly to mostly sunny. thicker clouds, they stay to the north again. 7:00 this evening, we're fine. generally clear sky. mild night, too, with overnight. then tomorrow look where that cloud lines stays. temperatures in the 70s tomorrow. there will be some clouds eventually working towards us thursday and then the possibility you see a couple of light sprinkles north and west of town for the most part. this is not going to be a significant rain maker. what it will do when it pushes south of us it will change the cool air. ramsey, 71, bruisester 68.
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70 down in long branch. 54 the low tonight. so an even milder night. just some patchy clouds around places like montclair, mount kisco. asbury park 49. seven day forecast shows we do get back to normal and then even more normal on friday. 59 on friday, near 67. it stays dry. we'll fine tune that forecast in the mid 60s. back close to 60 on monday. let's get over to lauren scala. commute time, how is it looking? >> we have a couple of problems out there. northern state parkway where this accident investigation is still taking place. in both directions the roadway is shut down from wolf hill road to deer park avenue. we have tracie strahan live out there on the scene of this accident as well. over to new jersey, we have road work on route 17 between century road and midland avenue. two lanes shut down until 6:00 a.m.
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there are very minor delays right now. we're not seeing any delays on the cross bronx expressway. things are cruising along there at the speed limit. nothing getting in your way right now. for my ferry commuters, everything looks good there as well this morning. staten eiland ferry was operating on a modified commute. today so far so good. we'll have more weather and traffic coming up on the 4s. 4:48 now. double amputee oscar pistorius is out of a south africa prison. he was secretly released last night a full day early. he'll be under house arrest with his uncle in pra tore etoria. tomorrow marks one year. he was found guilty of culpable homicide. prosecutors are appealing to seek a murder conviction. happening now, police are trying to track down an armed robber who struck twice within a matter of minutes in manhattan.
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after he pistol whipped a woman and stole her purse inside a west village apartment. this happened saturday morning after he allegedly robbed a man at gun point. they show his alleged get away car. it's a light gray suv. the death of a long island doctor found in a manhattan doorway has been ruled an accident. the medical examiner said kiers sten sigorney said she died of acute alcohol intoxication. the wife and mother of three had been using cocaine inside an apartment there with the boyfriend and another man. they say they left her in a lobby to be picked ems. it's 4:49 now. an upstate teen is out of hospital and set to testify about a deadly church beating. the hartford police say deborah and bruce leonard beat their 19-year-old son lucas to death because he talked about quitting
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the word of life church. a half sister and three other church members were charged. 17-year-old christopher leonard survived the assault. he is expected to take the stand in a preliminary hearing that's going to happen tomorrow. on long island the victim of a car thief is facing charges this morning. a bay shore woman left her infant niece in a running vehicle when she fwheent a subway sandwich shop early yesterday. the thief jumped in, took off with 4-month-old zuriel inside. away. the engine was running. little zuriel was safe and sound. >> he was the best. he was patient. he found her. >> gail solomon is now charged with child endanger meant. they're looking for the three suspects who took the car. 4:50 now. a street in queens is named for an nypd officer killed in the line of duty.
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28th avenue outside the police department is now called patrolman phillip cardillo way. he was ambushed at a mosque and shot with his own gun. his death is the only unsolved police killing in modern nypd history. 4:51. a major move a deal that oprah winfrey has already made that's already brought in a lot of money. the force strong enough to take down websites. what happened after the new "star wars" trailer debuted? you're watching "today in new york." wow, time warner cable really upgraded their network. 300 meg internet, clearer picture. i know, we get almost 20,000 movies and shows on demand. our new dvr records six shows at once. why didn't we switch sooner? right? everything's better. [bad violin playing] well, almost everything. we're making things better. enhanced dvr, nearly 20,000 on demand titles,
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and up to 300 meg internet. including free wifi at home and on the go. switch today and ask how you could get a $300 reward card.
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all right. live look there from the new jersey turnpike. not far from newark liberty airport. they're hoping to plunge into the record books. pe,erfect, right? 61. they are wind suit sky divers from 11 different countries. they're out to set a new record for the largest ariel formation. jumped from three different planes. 12,000 feet. they were able to form a diamond in the sky. like gliders. previous record set in june by a group of 42 flyers. there's going to be a new hess toy truck this holiday season even though the hess gas stations are a thing of the
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past. they unveiled a red fire truck and a green truck. >> most of them were green. >> they go until november 1st. they've been selling trucks at gas stations since 1964. last year the company sold their stations to marathon petroleum. you can get the truck online and at mall kiosks around new york, new jersey, and in pennsylvania. this is chris's gift to you for the holidays. >> you know you love it. >> i'm going to get a toy truck. >> a red one. >> hook and ladder and everything. all right. this morning, much different feel out there. temperatures in the upper 40s in and around the city. even the suburbs low 40z compared to the 20s. 69 degrees expected high. close to 70 with some patchy clouds early but it turns partly to mostly sunny and then tonight, not as chilly as reechbt nights. 54 in town with some 40s in the suburbs. a look at the weekend forecast coming up.
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>> that would be fantastic. lauren, what's happening? >> the boroughs look good for a chang at this hour. no construction delays out there. here's a live look at the brooklyn bridge. the manhattan side is shu down. the bqe is not causing a delay. heading over to the long island expressway by the grand central parkway, smooth sailing. heading over to long island we have a closure on the northern state parkway. >> lawn, thanks so much. he's known as the texas clock teen. he was at the white house last night. he chatted briefly with the president. this was during the second annual astronomy night. he spoke with astronauts and nasa scientists. he said he didn't have time to pack the homemade clock that got him arrested at school. the president had invited him to bring it. the force is strong with "star wars" fans. so much so that they crashed the movie theater websites.
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way. i will finish what you started. >> that's actually my voice. the new trailer for "the force awakens" was unveiled. pre-order tickets went on sale. because of the demand fandango's website crashed. the new movie opens on december 18th. harrison ford. you may never know what it's like to score a knock outlike rocky but sly stallone put up props from his "rocky" and "rambo" movies. the gavel will fall december 18th as well. fans getting a sneak peak. don't try to carry that on the plane. the auction could fetch up to $6 million and it's going to go for military and veterans charities. in sports, you go bring
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nights for the giants down to philadelphia taking on the eagles. eli manning and company, great opening drive capped off with a touchdown to odell beckham jr. eli threw two picks including this one by norm carol for a touchdown. that put the eagles up for good and philadelphia wins it 27-7. >> i thought our first drive was as good a drive as we've had, and that really excited me for the rest of the day and then from that point on there wasn't a whole lot to get excited about. >> you know, i had a bad turnover, bad interception given them a touchdown so can't afford to do that. >> all right. the giants can turn around though if they win against dallas on sunday. right now, this is interesting, no team in the nfc east has a winning record joompt 4:58. congress will be looking into the daily fantasy sports website such as draft kings and fan dual. in november they'll look into
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the daily games. an investigator hired by draft kings finds there was no wrongdoing by an employee who won $350,000 on rival fan dual. according to the attorneys they say it's impossible to use inside information to win that contest. coming up on 5:00 a.m., take us with you. keep watching "today in new york." and our next hour starts right now. we're following two breaking news stories right now. a tough fight going on right now in manhattan, in chelsea. these are live pictures from chelsea. a fire that has just jumped to a fourth alarm. >> plus, there's also breaking news on long island. a serious crash and an suv bursts into flames. >> it's your chance to weigh in on the future of the port authority bus terminal. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everybody. 5:00 a.m. on this tuesday, october 20th.
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i'm michael gargiulo.
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