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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  December 9, 2015 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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an entire block roped off right now. good evening, i'm chuck scarborough. >> and i'm kerry barrett. it's a call that is taken very seriously, the smell of gas where people are living and sleeping. >> right now four homes along 6th street in brooklyn are cordoned off as teams try to pinpoint the source of that gas. news 4's ray villeda is on the sc e right now with what is happening. ray? >> reporter: chuck, kerry, the smell of gas still in the air here in borough park. and crews are trying to figure out where that gas leak is coming from. take a look behind me, and you'll see that they're doing that work right now. here is what i can tell you. the fire department got a call around 9:45 tonight about a gas leak. and what you're seeing right now is them trying to get to the service line to then shut off gas to this area and to try to find the leak. now let's go to the video, what we saw when we got here. folks from four multifamily homes were evacuated. you'll see that they were going into their homes, the reason being they are allowed to go inside the house, get some of their belongings. but for now they're not allowed
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not allowed until they can find the source of the gas leak. con edison is here, e office of emergency management as well. they are trying to figure out where that is coming from. as of now, we know four multifamily homes have been evacuated. right now there is no telling how long this work could last. again, they still have not found the source of that gas leak at this hour. the call came in at 9:45. they're telling us they're going to work through the night ty.o from. until then, the folks whinlive in those homes will not be allowed to stay the night. i'm ray villeda, news 4, new york. another big story tonight. a hospital worker and his wife accused of ripping off patients. >> police say this couple stole records of more than 80 patients from lenox hill hospital and tried to rack up more than a million dollars worth of designer goods using the patients' personal information. >> news 4's checkey beckford is live on the upper east side to tell us how this tag team pulled it off. checkey? >> reporter: because of that tag
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scrambling to notify patients whose information may have been compromised. meanwhile, t d.a. is calling this an elaborate and despicable scheme against some of the most vulnerable victims. the manhattan d.a. says a patient here at lenox hill hospital had been dead fewer than two hours befisore the husban and wife team had already stolen the victim's identity and began making fraudulent purchases. >> it's really sad. you can't even brust the hospital. >> reporter: kyle and kris and krystle steed. prosecutors say isle kyle stole social security numbers and birthday dates. his wife krystle would use that info to call up the patient's bank, pretend tock account holder and gain control of their credit card. the couple then allegedly made $300,000 in fraudulent purchases from saks and other retailers over the phone. and they're accused of trying to steal one million more. >> the allegations are suggesting an elaborate scheme. >> reporter: prosecutor says the
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handbags costing $6,000 each. in additaln to sneakers and other goods. and investigators apparenhotly caught them red-handed. >> i was told that there was a search warrant executed at their home, and there was a significant number, amount of merchandise found, high-end merchandise apparently connected to saks fifth avenue. >> reporter: lenox hill hospital says it's in the process of notifying all pu'ients who were affected and updating the security of its system. they say they fired steed while the investigation was under way. and we're learning tonight that kyle steed also worked at est chester county medical center. they're telling us that he no longer work there's. and at this point, he hasn't been accused of stealing patient information at that hospital. meanwhile, krystle steed we're told by her attorney also has two open criminal cases in manhattan and the onx. live on the upper east side tonight, checkey beckford, news 4 new york. >> checkey, thank you. tonight hundreds of
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streets of chicago, calling for mayor rahm emanuel to step down, this despite a public apology today from the mayor about how the city handled a fatal police shooting. largely peaceful demonstrators took to the streets hours after emanuel apologized. their anger fueled by dash cam video showing the officer shooting 17-year-old laquan mcdonald 16 times. that officer is now charged with murder. the killing has already led to the firing of chicago's top co b and a federal investigation into the police department. >> we cannot shrink from the challenge any more than we can ignore the wrenching vidor of a troubled young man, a ward of the state of illinois, failed by the system, surrounded by the police, and gunned down on the streets of chicago. >> emanuel said he apologized because the shooting happened on his watch, and said the police force needs complete and total reform. back here at home, the search continuing for a hit-and-run driver who killed a teenager walking home from a
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news 4's brynn gingras live in jackson heights, queens where friends nd family gathered to remember that teen tonight. >> reporter: kerry, in cases we often see wante bud posters stuck up all around town. but in this case, it is a huge and flashing billboard that drivers are looking at. it's why cops are asking for their help in finding this person who hit and killed that teenager. and tonight his friends are mourning the loss. no candles or words could soothe the grief felt by these teenagers who lost heir friend. >> t the last time i saw him was monday, and i didn't even get to hug him to say goodbye. it was just bye, see you tomorrow. those were the last words. i didn't know i wasn't going to see my best friend. >> reporter: authority says 17-year-old ovidio jaramillo was walking home from a wake on northern boulevard whes a speeding car plowed into him and then took off. witness say the driver accelerated after hitting him. at that same spot more than 24 hours later, friends and family
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>> for that person to hit him, i mean, just i want that person to know that was someone's child. >> reporter: ovidio jaramillo who was they called dan was a junior. he was part of a social group that afforded him friends from all across the city. many came to this candlelight vigil to pay their respects. >> he always had a smile on his face. that's what you loved abeut him. >> i just hope they catch them. and if that person is watching right now, please, just turn yourself in. you're going to save yourself a lot of trouble. >> reporter: and a steady str m of mourners have been at this vigil throughout the evening. okay, here is what we know about the suspect. police are looking for someone who is driving a black toyota camry. and it's possible there was front damage -- damage to the front end, rather. and of course because of the sign, they need more tips. if you have any information, give them a call. live in jackson heights, queens, brynn gingras, news 4 new york. >> all right, brynn, thank you. some breaking news we need to get to right now. two
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this is after a nasty crash in the boeery. this happened around 8:00 tonight. police say a car just coming off the manhattan bridge crashed into a van and a police vehicle. two pedestrians are injured. we're told the injuries were minor. no word on what caused the crash or if charges will be filed. and new tonight, the nypd says it's linked a third attack to a string of armed robberies in central park. all of them happened monday night. police say each robbery involved a group of four to six teens. the robber targeted three men and two women within a span of a few hours. the robbers did get away with wallet, iphones and credit cards. no arrests have been made. suffolk county's former top cop behind bars, accused of attacking a handcuffed suspect and conspireing to cover it up. james burke made his first court appearance today where the judge ordered him held without bail. prosecutors say that he violated the rights of christopher loeb that is the man suspected of breaking into his department-issued suv back in 2012. he is also charged with
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to cover up the alleged punching and kicking of that suspect inside a police station. >> no one is above the law. not an ordinary citizen, and certainly not the highest ranking uniformed officer in the suffolk county police dertment. >> we vigorously deny that there was, is, or ever has been a cover-up. >> there is a bail hearing set for friday. if convicted, james burke faces more than six years behind bars. and new information tonight about the husband and wife killers who carried off that san bernardino massacre. law enforcement sources tell nbc news syed farook may h e been planning an attack on a california target for three years. investigators also say farook and tashfeen malik were radicalized long before the rise of isis, but may have been inspired by the group's propaganda. >> they were actually radicalized before they started courting or dating each other online. and online, as late -- as early as the end o- f 2013, they were
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jihad and martyrdom before they became engaged and then married and lived together in the united states. police say farook smashed a cell phone, included photos of local buildings. they're now trying to recover data on damaged computer hard home. city leaders condemning a possible hate crime against a muslim store owner. this is in queens. they're planning to meet outside nat ma food mark where sarker was attacked. he said a customer entered the store and started acting strangely after picking up a newspaper with the san bernardino shooting story on the front page. he says the man started punching him, throwing him to the ground behind the counter. haque says he is shocked. he has always felt at home and part of the community. >> we are in america. everybody came to america from somewhere else. we have togetherness. that's who we are. >> thankfully somebody walked in and was able to hold that
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that suspect was later arrested. more backlash here and around the world tonight over donald trump's plan to ban muslims from entering the united states. >> there is nothing left to say about donald trump except that he is a disgusting racist demagogue who has no business running for president, period. >> here in manhattan, elected officials, religious leaders and activists lined the steps of city hall to denounce the republican front-runner for what they call his hateful rhetoric. but according to a bloomberg one-day instant poll, nearly 2/3 of likely republican voters agree with trump's ban. president obama touched the controversy while he was marking the 155th anniversary of the constitutional amendment that abolished slavery. >> our freedom is bound up with the freedom of others. regardless of what they look like or where they come from or what their last name is, or what faith they practice. >> trump's proposal is drawing fire around
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in the uk, parliament is considering a petition to ban the candidate from entering the country. they've already banned 84h ther i -called hate preachers. and later this month, trump is going to meet with benjamin netanyahu during a trip to israel. that trip was scheduled two weeks ago before his recent proposal. a sudden outburst in court today from the man accused of shooting up a planned parenthood in colorado. robert dear declared that he is a warrior for the babies. >> nobody will ever know the amount of blood i saw inside that place. >> the 57-year-old disrupted the court proceedings at least 16 times. he is facing 179 counts, including first-degree murder. police say dear is the gunman who stormed that clinic on black friday, killing two civilians and a police officer. he is due back in court later this month. coming up on news 4 new york, that little known feature on your iphone that may be tracking your every move. plus, forget the firefighters. we're going give you a sneak
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sanitation department and their new calendar. and dave price is here with the forecast. >> temperatures in the 50s at 11:11 in december. hold your horses. we're on our way up to the 60s. we'll tell you about the full forecast, coming up in just a couple of minutes.
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we have update on a story we brought you at 5:00. a woman claims she was sexually assaulted on the metro north platform in mt. vernon. after an investigation, mta police say there was no assault committed. according to police, it appears the woman is emotionally disturbed. it also appears that a children's toy is to blame for a scare at a federal building in new jersey.
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federal plaza in paterson. first responders arriving on the scene. the building was evacuated. paterson's mayor said the object turned out to be a toy remote control aircraft. police say the aircraft would not have had the capability of acarrying anything, but it could transmit video. bomb squ s removed an improvised explosive device from a mississippi school that was found in a student's backpack at warren central junior high in vicksburg. a student alerted teachers and the school was evacuated. two students were detained, one 13 years old. so far no word of any charges. if your kids want one of those hoverboards for the holidays, listen up. this season's hottest gift is quite literally going up in flames. this is what is left of a hoverboard that caught fire while charging in a chappaqua home. hoverboard owners now posting pictures and videos of this gadget catching fire, some of them even exploding. there have been six serious fires reported across the united states.
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home burnt down. the fire danger is being traced to lithium-ion batteries. they have a history of overheating. hover boards are also made in china which means they're not regulated. >> you really don't know how well they're designed, how well they're going to function and what safety defects you can be introducing. >> also late word that has removed hoverboards amid is some of these safety concerns. >>era little known feature on your iphone is making headlines. it's called the frequent locations feature. it stores the data on your phone. get this. that data could be subpoenaed for criminal and civil court case like divorce proceedings. if you want to turn the feature off, click settings, privacy, and select location service and scroll down to system services. choose frequent locations and deselect this to turn the feature off. and of course if you want to delete the stored locations, select clear history. >> that's a lot of steps, jack. >> yeah, don't ask me to repeat that.
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a new study confirming technology is changing how we speak. the study found that the use of a period in your text messages conveys insincerity, annoyance and abruptness, while omitting periods better communicates the conventional tone of a text message. however, the study did show that some punctuation expresses sincerity. for instece, an exclamation point is viewed as tre most sincere. >> you see, i don't agree with that. that's the most overused suspension weighs mark. exclamat n mark. used for everything. >> triple exclamation mark. >> oh, lol. let's walk to the weath wall, folks. nice to see no abbreviations necessary. but the exclamation point, you may want to hold until the end of the forecast. because that going to come after i tell you what the temperature is going to be on sunday. stay tuned for that. in the meantime, temperatures outside 55 degrees under cloudy skies. and of course this is just the
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we are on our way to warmer temperatures. warm right now and getting even more. so a scattered shower tonight. it is a possibility, slim and widely scattered. we'll talk about it and hoe you the pictures and show you who has the best chance of rain in just a moment. again, i think we're going set a new temperature record on sunday or come very close. that record exists all the way back to 1923. tempatures around the ever everyone, hello in larchmont, 52 grees. greenwood at fifth. staten island 52. widen the picture. ll head on out to the east end of long island at 51. same in poe ughkeepsie poughkeepsie. today's highs pretty much in the 50s. relative uniformity with respect to the temperatures. temperature trend, well, it has been above average. the average high is 45 degrees. and we are going significantly higher than that. all the way into the 60s. this is the rain that ma be scattered around the area. keep that in mind.
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and, again, i think a lot of it is going to break up over the catskills and into the poconos. with this. just a quick scattering of shower activity to the east and to the north of us tonight. as we head through the rest of the day tomorrow, yes going to wind up with much clearer skies. as far as the next seven days go, well, i think you a going to love what you see, if you like warm weather. temperatures get into the 60s as early as friday. a mix of sun and cloud as we wind up into saturday. stay at that 60-degree mark. 64 on sunday. tieing a record, and we could very easily break it. we'll watch it for you. >> we'll keep an eye on it too. thn?k you very much. >> i love records. the mets struck out yesterday at the winter meetings. but today they solidified their infield. coming up in sports, asdrubal cabrera, as the amazins turn up the heat.
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heaton knicks from the opening tip and send new york packing for their next western stop. the lowlights are just ahead. >> all right. thank you, bruce. also, a look at what jimmy fallon has coming up tonight. one of his guests, of course, "snl" alum amy poehler. check this out. >> these people seem like they would be marr- d. okay. good ahead no. >> you never know. married people work together. go ahead. listen to these two and tell me if you don't think they're married. go ahead. >> i know they're not married. >> are you sure? >> yeah. >> chuck and carrie are not married? >> that's the name of a good movie, though. >> that's a really bad married calledkehuck and carrie are not married. >> but they are really happily married. >> of course they are. they're in love. >> some fluke in the mail, they get a divorce. >> i'm never going to get married. and chuck is me neither. >> you guys are legally married for 13 years. >> what? okay.
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>> thank you, chuck and carrie and everyone in new york. amy poler is my guest tonight. kevin nealon. and chuck scarborough. >> oh, chuck scarborough. he h is not married to carrie, nope. >> gosh. >> look at the rumors. >> i know. we're so actuallyereally happily married. you can catch more of jimmy on "the tonight show," right after "news 4 new york at 11:00." right? is there something you want to tell? >> no, no, we're out of here. i'm in so much trouble now that i'm speechless.
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well, okay, move over for the fdny. there is a new calendar in town. >> meet the ladies and gentlemen of new york city's sanitation department. the sanitation commissioner hoping to show a more glamorous side of the men and women that are responsible for removing more than 10,000 tons of trash every day. the calendar, by the way, goes on sale tomorrow for $14.95. >> i hear you're only allowed to use disposable incoe to buy it. >> that was bad.
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the verizon fios sports desk is brought to you by verizon fios. leave slow internet behind. get fios. >> welcome back, bruce beck here with sports. trade city to,y. >> yes, indeed. the mets are wheeling and dealing at the winter meetings. after missing out on their top target ben zobrist last night, the team quickly turned to plan b. neil walker is on his way to flushing. in return, jonathan niece heads to the steel city.
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entire career with the pirates. last year he hit .269 with two home runs. he also represents a defensive upgrade over daniel murphy whose time with the mets is likely wi niece's departure, it could mean a reunion with 42-year-old bartolo colon. wins. and the mets weren't done. later in the evening, the amazins agreed to a two-year deal pending a physical with short stop asdrubal cabrera. the switch-hitter had a nice bounceback season with the rays in 2015 and could play all over the infield, giving the mets much needed depth and versatility. i like the moves by the mets, but i think they still need one more big bat. the yankees shift reliever to the tigers for two minor league pitchers.
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gordon hayward had 13 in the first quarter, including three trifectas. in the second quarter, it was more of the same. trey burke to jeff withy. 38-11 jazz. then it's another hayward trip toll make it 49-18. it was just as ugly after halftime. carmelo anthony fires an air ball and hayward beats everyone down the court for the flush. the knicks left their injury and effort back in new york. 106-85 the final. in college hoops, st. john's hosted niagara. and points were few and far between. leading by 7 n the second half, freshman frederico inbounds the ball and eventually gets it back and knocks down the trifecta. he finished with a team high 11. the johnnys win it, 48-44. the rangers are in vancouver tonight, kicking off a three-game western canada swing. and right now it's scoreless in the second period.
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who are gearing up for the titans. and for the first time in 17 days, darrelle revis was on the field. head coach todd bowles is hopeful he can do more tomorrow. as for the 3-9 titans, this could be setting up as the ultimate track game for the jets. >> i don't think it's a track game. we know they got a good team. we're st going to play another opponent. well got to take care of ourselves, and if we don't, we're not going to win. >> we're not a good enough team to overlook anybody. we've got to treat everyone like itse's the play-offs, you know. we're in the play-offs right now trying to win each week. >> cliche city. the giants are back at work tomorrow. big blue is in miami on monday. it's week 14 in the nfl. and both our teams somehow are still alive. >> all right. impressive. >> hang in there.
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