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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  December 18, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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right now on news4, packages swiped from doorsteps days before christmas. police say the man who stole the packages from people in new jersey always knew when they arrived. >> that's because he delivered newspapers to the same homes. news4's brian thompson joins with from wyckoff with more on how the police were able to piece this all together. brian? >> reporter: and for people who had packages stole frn their doorstep, there is hope. the police chief tells me he's got two dozen or so packages in a back room here ready to be claimed by anybody who can identify them. they are quite simply targets of opportunity, packages on doorsteps. but the theft of three packages from this wyckoff doorstep set off a police investigation
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newspaper delivery man, 21-year-old brian tore res malaga of patterson. when i told isabel who, she immediately wondered if she too was a victim. her doorstep is just a few houses away from the reported theft. be. >> with the was zi holiday season, you know u.p.s. or fedex could be having a tough time delivering packaging correctly. >> she checked her orders and found the packages were delivered. in suburb ya, many items like packages and this dry cleaning get left at the door. >> anybody ever complained that somebody took the dry cleaning that you left on the doorstep? >> absolutely not. >> wyckoff police say this kind of hall taye gift grabbing is a problem. but the arrest of a newspaper delivery man, thanks in part to surveillance cameras suggests a new twist in a crime of
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>> things that are lael really expensive, they have to be signed for. that's the way we put it down when we order things on line. i think that's the best way to do it. >> reporter: the company employing the suspect, pcf, a northeast region paper delivery service or company says that the employee who was an independent contractor has been terminated or fired, if you will, and in fact they call in a very regrettable incident that does not reflect the employment that they have throughout this region. live in wyckoff, i'm brian thompson, news4 new york. in connecticut police went on the chase for a danbury man who escaped after a scuffle. police were trying to serve several arrest warrants when he tried to run away. he lost his shoes and shirt during the scuffle but still kept running. they caught up with him this morning at his broth's house.
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causing the deadl crash that nearly killed tracy morgan wants the criminal charges thrown out. the lawyer will ask the judge to drop the charges saying that roper can't get a fair trial because of the negative pub policety. a boost in pay for minimum wage workers takes effect. state workers in new york will see their hourly rate two to 10:50 an hour. out the city, $9.75. the faster food industry recently approved measures for its workers. president obama is on its way to california right now to meet with families who lost loved ones in the san bernardino attack. before he left hef addressed the nation and he took some tuff questions about terrorism and the government's massive spending bill.
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the president has to say. >> president barack obama praised congress for passing a budge deal that includes tax cuts. >> i'm not wild about everything in it but it is a budget that, as i insisted, invests in our military a middle class without ideological provisions that would have weakened wall street reform or rules on big polluters. >> passage avoids a government shutdown. >> i wanted to end those kind of rattling experiences that the person people don't like. terrorism. >> we're going to defeat isis. >> the president says his policies have stalled the growth of isis. >> as we keep up the pressure, our air campaign will continue to hit isil harder than ever, taking out their leaders, their commanders and their forces. >> after the deadly attack in san bernardino, mr. obama says he's adjusted security procedures based on what federal
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>> we're continuing to work at every level to make sure that there's no slip between information sharing among agencies. >> the president says he won't fade away and plans to end his term pushing his long standing goals. >> and in 2016 i'm going to leave it all on the field. >> the president now leaves on a 16-day family vacation in hawaii. on the way he meets with the families of the victims in the san bernardino attack. news4 new york. new jersey has extended their hunt is off to a slow start because of yesterday's rainy weather. officials say only three bears were killed on thursday. 20 total since the hunt was extended on wednesday. most of the kills have taken place in sussex county. officials extended the season by four days. still to come tonight, a violent confrontation with a cop caught on camera.
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>> how a traffic stop led to the suspect throwing punches and it doesn't stop there. plus dave price is here with your weekend forecast. >> we're going to talk about a couple of things we haven't talked about in a while. cold temperatures, cold winds and a weekend that feels like winter. all coming up in just a couple of minutes. stay with us. lester holt has a look at what he's working on. coming up on nbc nightly news, we'll tell you why the travel getaway may look a lot different than previous years. also growing concerns over a synthetic drug being sold through the mail and linked to bizarre behavior sending people to emergency rooms and we'll look at the proposal that could keep teens out of tanning salons when we see you coming up
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to florida now where a routine traffic stop turned into
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it all start when deputy chris lester pulled over a driver on a moped moped. >> no. i don't want to problem. >> the officer as you saw got punched by a man identified as career criminal andrew coffee. that's the officer there. but the confrontation didn't end here. take a listen. [ gunfire ] pull lets began flying when deputy lester got up, filed off multiple rounds. coffee fired back. a chase began after that. coffee was shot twice and is in the hospital. that's the suspect. the officer was shot in the leg. he's doing okay after all of this. police say the suspect has been arrested about 20 times and get this, he was recently released after spending 21 years behind bars for attempted murder. well, the teenager who took
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her baby during a robbery will be practicing his moves for the next three and a half years in prison. the attack caught on camera a little over a year ago. you can see there, along do brown kicking the woman to the ground to steal her cell phone. she was care ruing her 3-month-old son in her arms. brown pleaded guilty and he's been sentenced to three and a half years in prison. the woman he attacked was in court today. she says she still feels pain and says her son still gets scared. banned from using tanning beds. who the government wants to g keep out. >> are you a little tired of sleepless nights? better get baquero shows us some new apps to help you get a
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coming up tonight on news4 at 6:00, an exclusive, a restaurant closes, the owner in jail and now a couple left in the cold. concerned their engagement party may not happen. money. we'll take you on a tour of an interesting program that gives sight to those who are impaired. all new tonight at 6:00. i will see you soon, dave. mayor de blasio says that pre-k enrollment is up to 60,000 here in the city and the process for next fall will begin on jan 25th. families will get acceptance letters in the beginning of may. mayor bill de blasio says the program is growing with 3,000 more children enrolled today
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chrysler is recalling nearly 56,000 of its 2015 and 2016 models worldwide. the companies cites a water leak. two complaints led to the recall but no one has within hurt. no fires reported. the jeeps were manufactured between january 15th and september 10 and dealers are going to inspect and replace the parts. the food and drug administration is moving to ban anyone under the age of 18 from using indoor tanning beds. under the proposal, adults would have to sign a waiver every six months acknowledging the risk of skin cancer linked to the devices. this is the first time that the fda has recommended a ban for children and teens. >> and now we commonly see women in their 20s with mel no ma and the one factor they're doing differently is almost every one of those young women has spent
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>> the fda would be able to seize machines and fine businesses of those who do not follow the rule. our days of laying out in the sun may finally be over. >> come to an end this weekend? >> just for the short term. let's get to it right now. if you hear a knock knock at your door, it's the cold air. it's right here and it's on its way in. if you want snow out of this, though, sorry. it's only going to be flurries and most likely to the north and west. and then it's back to the future on monday we return back to warmer than normal temperatures. 46 degrees outside right now. overcast skies. cloud deck at 3500 feet or so. 42 in white plans, 34 in monticello, cooler and that's where the cold air is coming from, 43 in bridge water. it feels like we're in the low 40s right now. but as you head out into the suburbs, we're in the 20s as near as newburgh and of course
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57 was the high temperature today. that was in the wee hours of the morning and we've been sliding ever since. our average, though, 15 degrees less at 42. we'll finally get there this weekend. but again on monday we do a turn around. the system that's pushed out into the atlantic, still a little moisture there as we head out to the eastern end of long island. that should be gone soon. and over the city right now we are clear and we have beautiful conditions. let's go up to chopper4 right now with a gorgeous picture of our skyline as we say good eve tong the crew high above the tri-state area, keeping an eye on things. now let's go back to the maps and see what's happening wind wise. the winds are going to pick up. 21 miles right now is what it's gusting at or blowing at. 17 in white plains and we're going to see sustained winds 15 to 25 as we head into tomorrow and gusts above 35 miles per hour. it's 31 degrees at 11:00 at
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you wake up t homorrow morning to mid-20s and low teens in the north and the west. and tomorrow night at dinnertime as you walk around all day in your downed jackets celebrating winter, it's going to feel like it's 27 in new york, 28 in hampton bays. breezy tonight, 33 degrees. as far as the seven-day forecast goes, this is what you expect. 46 degrees on sunday and it will be warmer and nicer, the better of the two days. winter arrives on monday at 54. look at that as we head into the latter portion of the week. christmas eve, back to 64 degrees. record territory. 58 as we head into christmas day. >> i like all of your graphics there. >> a lot going on there. do you think the month break as record? >> we're going to shatter the record for the month. all right. everyone knows the value of sleep, right? beauty sleep. but it can be especially tough to come by during this holiday season.
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programs designed to promote the optimal night's sleep. also has a program to sleep in a power nap as well as a relaxation mode. and it makings waking less jarring with a gentle alarm program to ease you awake. the app is available and costs $4.99. linda baquero, news4 new york. >> to get in touch with our consumer investigative team, send an e-mail to better get ba cara e baquero. the school district in new hampshire has banned dances. the principal at the high school canceled all regular dances over concerns that some student dance moves have become too sexual. they want a culture that's safe and respectful. but many students are happy about the decision and started a petition to bring back the dances. >> there are a lot of people that don't feel proud about the
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>> every dance is inappropriate for a while and then it becomes part of the past. >> the junior and senior proms will still be held as scheduled. up next, it is christmastime here in new york. but it's not all nicely wrapped presents and parties. >> our senior correspondent looks at two very different ways that people are celebrating the holiday and find outs what some are doing to help those less fortunate. but first, our social pic of the day. jenny ruby took this photo, a quintessential new york brown stone dressed up for the holiday. >> beautiful. if you have an interesting pic you would like to share, use the #nbc4ny on twitter and instagram and may be selected as the
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around the tri-state area and here in new york city, many of us are getting ready for christmas. tonight gabe pressman reports on two different views of the holidays. >> at this christmas season new york is a city of contrasts. the glitter and bustle of avenue. people looking past sacks laden with gifts, the warmth of the holiday season so apparent in the city's center. the tree, the salvation army seeking contributions, a busy happy time. but a contrasting scene two miles to the south. the church of the holy apostles on 28th street and 9th avenue. people line up five mornings a week --
5:55 pm
>> -- for a meal, turkey and mashed potatoes. on this day, an army of volunteers serving 1,000 meals and among the guests, are people striving to make ends meet and fellowship. one man mourns the passing of used to be. >> the sad part about it is when you see hundreds of people lined up on a friday night busting to get into a walmart to get a deal. it has nothing to do with the savior. the spirit rit of christ will still dwell within the hearts of some humans. they will not let people go hungry. >> this woman recalls celebrating hanukkah with her parents a long time ago. but for the people dining here -- >> it's hard.
5:56 pm
one place where they have a feeling of getting together in what used to be the family christmas meal or the family holiday meal. >> so many people are homeless and hungry in the heart of new york. >> the pastor of holy apostle says to open up the church to the poor and homeless is his faith. >> we serve food but much more than that. this is a place of compassion. it's a place where people can come who feel marginalized. >> thank you so much, merry christmas. . >> a city of contrast days before christmas 2015. gabe pressman, news4 new york. thank you for watching. stay with us as the news continues at 6:00. i lost -- i don't want to
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>> now at 6:00 within an engagement party ruined, the restaurant shut down and the owner behind bars. a news4 exclusive. plus -- heroes welcome. new york's finest applaud a fellow officer who returned to work after being seriously injured in a hatchet attack. and talk about a slam dunk delivery, a former new york knick helped bring his own daughter into the world. here the 911 call. >> chuck and sibila are off tonight ap long island family is speaking only to us concerned they may be out more than $1,000. the deposit for an engagement party. the issue here, the restaurant where where they made the deposit is shut down. >> the establishment says it's for renovation but if family is not sure. the owner is behind bars on federal bribery and fraud charges. greg cergol joins was this exclusive story. >> reporter: david, the queens
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money back brought them here,
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