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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  December 21, 2015 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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breaking news, a garbage truck driver trapped after slamming in to a building. we have learned tonight, a new york city detective was one of six american service members killed in a suicide attack in afghanistan. two men run for their lives, chased by a gunman in new york city. >> good evening. we are beginning with breaking news out of yonkerss. >> crews have just removed a driver of a truck that crashed. we have the details. >> reporter: and chuck, right now the work is to move that metruck from out of the building. you can imagine, that is no easy task. take a look behind me at a toe truck, attemptin to do just that right now. this is after firefighters had made sure that the building was shored up enough, there were concerns about the stability of the building after that cru -- that truck came crashing through. >> i just didn't know what to think.
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at first. it's like it's a total shock. >> reporter: a garbage truck slammed in to her taxi service. then she realized the danger was not over. >> i saw the dispatcher coming from the bathroom, i said, you have to come out, you have to come out, because you can smell the gasoline. >> reporter: the building was evacuated and the gas leak contained, but the driver of the city truck had to be removed from the truck by firefighters after the city's mayor said he may have suffereda seizure. the secretary's second day on the job, but seated close to the front of the building when the truck plowed in to it. >> she was bleeding from the nose and had numbness in her mouth and felt her teeth lose. >> reporter: secretary was not seriously hurt. looking at the tow truck, they prepare, try at this point to
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their going to be working on cleaning up that oil spill that occurred right after the crash happened. we are live in yonkerss tonight. news four new york. >> thank you, and one of new york's city's finest has been killed in a sui de bombing in afghanistan. he was one of six men that died in the attack. he was a 15-year veteran of the nypd that served in the national guard. he was on his third combat deployment overseas as a guardsmen. they were walking through a village and a motorcycle drove in to them. the taliban is claiming responsibility. >> screaming shoppers, menyo running for their lives. it was a terrifying scene. one of the two men ended up in the hospital with gunshot wounds to his back and shoulders.
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store drog the shooting. >> reporter: we are told that it started here on the sidewalk and spilled in to the supermarket where the gunman walked in and started firing. the coffee cans have holes where bullets have entered the can. >> he was just fighting right in front of everyone. boom, boom, boom, boom. shooting at the guy. he was running to get his target. >> fires over the heads of shoppers like this woman who did not want her face on camera. according to witnesses these two men seen on video were running from a gunman, the men ran in the supermarket and the gunman followed, and he eventually chased them down and shot one of the men ie t'e back and shoulders three times. the other man was not injured
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it's a miracle that nobody in the store was hit. witnesses heard as many as 11 shots. >> there was gunshot inside. i heard people screaming louder. >> police arrived on scene. collecting evidence, including surveillance video from inside hothe store showing the entire shooting. officers also escorted store employees to the nearby precinct house tore questioning. some of the witnesses. >> these guys have no morals, they do it with children and kids in the store, it's sad, right around christmas time. >> the man accused of shooting the person, he is on the loose. the victim, police say is expected to be okay. i'm live here in the bronx. >> a hiker meanwhile, recovering from a scary fall. he fell from a cliff at hook mountain state park. it took the county's high angle
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bring him off the mountain and take him to the hospital. he did not suffer life threatening injuries. it will be a balmy christmas, we could see a record 72 deg es on christmas eve and a warm 62 degrees on christmas day. let's talk abo the freakishly warm temperatures. >> we have been talking about this for months, it's the strong elnino system. the jet stream is well to the north and will stay well to the north through christmas, that allows the warmer air to move in. the mild temperatures are back, in the 50s and the temperatures have been rising since this afternoon. they are still rising in the mid 50s in queens and 54 in islip,
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everyone is above freezing, even in the higher elevations. you have to go to northern maine to find near freezing. the record high temperature for christmas eve is 63 degrees, that was set in 1996. the forecast is 72, and even on christmas day, the record is 64 in 1982. and we may come close to that as well. i will have more etails in the seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. thank you. >> tracking the temperatures this holiday week, with our app. tap t nbc 4 logo in thee orner and select the weather tab to see the latest forecast and the radar. >> port authority police investigating a security breech. a man was seen wondering the taxi-way, when a worker asked if he had a pass, thisfan allegedly held up a white piece of paper saying he was looking for the a-train. warned the worker not to tell anybody and then walked towards
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>> a family member believes that a father accused of killing a 2-year-old boy may have done so in a fit of jealousy, he was upset over the attention that the child was getting from his mom and could not stand the child crying. this vary he -- this video shows the man carrying the dead boy in the duffel bag being carried. >> i cannot believe that somebody hurt their own kids. >> the father allegedly told people that the child die from sudden infant death syndrome. but it's said that he strangled the baby and left the body in the woods. enrique marquez appeared in court this afternoon, it has been ruled that he is too much of a danger to be in the community. he has been charged with buy
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>> the quick thinking action of boy scouts helped their leader. the bear bit the man in the leg and shoulders when he entered a cafe. that was in rock away, it was yesterday. he then got trapped underneath the bear. the boys first tried to lure the bear with food, when that didn't work, they started the fire to smoke the bear away. >> bear was laying on top of him. >> correct. >> like a trophy. >> basically. or almost like having a human rug that he was laying on. >> the man is expected to be okay. the bear will not be put down. it only showed aggression because it was disturbed while sleeping. >> there was a man hunt of a guy accused of robbing 14 stores in four months. he wore a hoodie and kept his had head down to hide his identity.
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he forced his way in and soresed someone to open the safe. he has been targeting stores that have female employees. a man faces a long list of charges after leading police on a high speed chase. he was clocked at 127 miles an hour in a 55 mile an hour zone before they tried to stop him. according to investigators, he was driving while intoxicated and carrying marijuana. >> bill cosby going on the offense in response to one woman's sexual allegations. suing beverly johnson for defame tion, he said she is doing it to resurrect her career. it's the first time that cosby has taken legal action against an accuser who has not sued him first. johnson has not commented.
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why a man is suing his ex-wife what she is writing on the alimoniy check. >> she intentionally drove in to a crowd of people twice on the vegas strip. we are learning more about the woman behind the wheel. >> and it's usually the lift-off that gets all the attention. the space-x rocket landing has scientists buzzing. and ticket trouble, where you are most likely to get a parking
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it's the holidays, which means a house full of people, who al want to get online. so hurry and get verizon fios. only fios has the fastest internet and wi-fi available,
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and right now, for only $79.99 a month online, you get 50 meg fios in rnet, tv and phone for your first year. plus, with a 2-year agreement, fios gives you $400 back, and all the premium movie channels for a year. so go online or call now for this great offer. get out of the past. get fios. third time was the charm for space-x tonight, the company succeeded in landing the 14 story high booster rocket safely back on earth after a space launch. it touched down in florida, balancing on four legs after
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satellites in to orbit. the first to attempt failed. the space-x founder said that the ability to reuse the rockets will lower launch costs. the driver accused of mow down dozens of people said she was sessed out and living in her car. she is originally from oregon. authorities say she intentionally drove up on the sidewalk twice, killing one person and injuring 37 others. her 3-year-old daughter was with her the entire time. investigators say she had been fighting with the girl's father before all o this. >> we believe that she had some disassociation with the father of her child. we don't know the exact event that caused her to snap. >> her attorneys say she is on suicide watch in jail. there's one less republican
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graham tried to run on a strong national security platform, but he failed to win significant popular support. donald trump's popularity in the polls played a roll as well. those from clinton's campaign said she will not apologize for comments made during the debate. trump responded by calling her a liar and demanding an apology. hilary clinton can count on one more supporter in 2016. her daughter announcing that she and her husband are expecting their second child. hilary clinton responded, your dad and i cannot be happier for you. >> a long island teen went on a drunken tyradi is getting a chance to keep his record clean.
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form of probation. if he stays out of trouble, the innocent will be taken from his record. he berated food service workers for not being served mac and cheese. nothing like a parking ticket to make you go on a rant, if you want to avoid getting ticketed there's a couple of neighborhoods to avoid with your car. a company called rent hop did an study of the most ticketed areas. what is the most ticketed neighborhood according to rent hop? it is the upper east side. so if you have friends or relatives driving in for the holidays or if you are headed that way, be wear. >> one of the real housewives of new jersey is coming home for the holidays. teresa giudice will be reunited with her husband and four daughters. they have plead guilty to bankruptcy fraud.
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prison and her husband is expected to start his prison term in march. a new jersey man being paid alimoniy by his ex-wife is suing her because of what she writes on the checks. he is aaccusing her of harassing him by writing bum and loser in the memo line. she pays $774 a month and write anything she wants on the checks because it's a note to herself. the lawsuit wants compensation for emotional distress. >> i guess you can write whatever you want for the memo line. hey, janice. >> what is happening. well of course in weather it's all about the temperatures. the readings have been warming up overnight, if you were out earlier and went out again later you are thinking did it warm up? it did a few degrees. we will check out of the temperatures in a moment. we are not done with that warm-up, that is for sure. record warmth is expected towards the end of the week for the holiday.
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the top of the rock camera of the beautiful colors for the holiday at the empire state building. cloudy skies, 56 degrees, and the weather is quiet. it's mild and quiet across the area, and what else is new? we have seen it all month. except for saturday. a mild night ahead, as you can see from the temperatures. it will not get cool at all unless you are way north and west. more showers tomorrow morning, we have a system coming through and again on wednesday. and then, record warmth for christmas eve. yes, temperatures above 70 degrees. right now, it's in if the 50s in a lot of areas. 40s right now in yonkerss, across long island and connecticut, you are seeing the same. cool spot in stanford. and jersey shore temperatures are in the mid 50s. 40s .
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the way up in hunter. and monticello is one of the cooler spots at 39. that is not that cold. how much warmer south. 50s in d.c., 60s in montgomery, alabama. and 70s in new orleans. that's where the warm air is coming from. we will have a southwest wind kicking in the rest of the week, with showers on and off, a batch of heavy rain is expected to wednesday, but lighter showers for tomorrow. so, it stays cloudy, we are not going to see much sun the next couple of days. towards the end of the week, the temperatures are at the warmest. for tuesday, mostly showers are in the morning and midday, and then tapering off in the afternoon. sprinkles, so your morning commute will be wet, temperatures will remain in the 50s and 60s throughout the day and then going in to wednesday. we start to see more heavy rain coming in from wednesday morning to wednesday afternoon. and between now and thursday morning. we will have as much as an inch or more.
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and most will be over on christmas eve. record warm temperatures. 72, if that happens, it surpasses the record by ten degrees. and on christmas day. 62, with the record on that day at 64. so, we are going to be close. and for tomorrow, temperatures upper 50s, to the low 60s. with showers in the forecast. 60 on wednesday, with rain. so it doe not cool down yet, 7s would be the record on christmas eve. and christmas day, it clears out, it's a nice spring like christmas with the high of 63 and then we are back to the 50s over the weekend. it's still not cold. the pattern is not changing enough to bring us much cold air at all. >> do i recall you said something about elninio keeping us mild? >> could keep us mild to the spring. generally speaking, it could be a mild winter, indeed. >> interesting. john what is coming up in sports.
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conversation changed on odell beckham, jr., from a dynamic player, to now, in the last 24 hours. boy. all the wrong reasons he is grabbing the headlines this time around. the nfl talks tavgh to the giants wide out today. we will have it for you. carmelo anthony was rolling tonight and then he slowed down late in the tilt with orlando. ho that affected the knicks, not just tonight, but going ahead. that's coming up on news 4 at 11:0
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a big win tonight for the owners of three new casinos in up state new york. projects have been approved the casinos will support more than 3,000 full time jobs and jeb rate $65 million in taxes. competitors disagree with the numbers. saying they will be pulling the revenue away from the existing revenues. >> steve harvey apologizing for the cringe-worthy moment. he feels terrible about this. >> koe there it is again. he mistakenly announced miss columbia as the wipoer. he misred the cue card and she lost the crown, right there on the stage where it was given to the real winner, ms. philippines.
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unfortunately human error can eocome in to play on live tv. >> john travolta somewhere is thanking him. do you remember the adele incident? who knows. anyway. >> we will be right back with
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the sports desk is brought to you by verizon fios, leave slow internet behind. odell, oh, no. >> oh, no, big oh, no on this one. the nfl has suspended odell beckham, jr., for a game. that means the giants will be without their most dynamic player for what could be the most important game of the season. for what? he was angered by the sight of panthers players carrying a baseball bat on sunday. and making derogatory iy remarks. the fact is, beckham lost his composer with josh normal n.
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the nfl said that at numerous times during yesterday's game against the carolina panthers, your actions placed a fellow player at unnecessary risk, and clearly did not meet the high standards of sportsma hip expected. before punishment was handed down, tom coughlin expressed his displeasure on a conference call. >> i will not defend his actions yesterday because they were wrong. this particular franchise and organization does not tolerate that. i hope he learns exactly what should be learned. that there's no place in this game for these personal battles. and that he is responsible to his team and to his franchise and ownership just as we all are. >> all right, pending appeal, the giants move on to the vikings sunday, and we will move to the nba. the knicks and nets in action. knickss hosting orlando, not much to like early, except for
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he was struggling for shooting. after trailing most of the game, new york rallied in the fourth. carmelo anthony an had 23 and sprained his ankle. thomas was 9 for 9, and too much orlando down the stretch. off the knicks turnover. oladipo, the easy slam at the other end. the knicks lose 107-99. melo said he will try and play against the cavs on wednesday. nets all over the bulls, thanks to brook lopez. the nets snap a five-game losing streak, and stun chicago, 105-102. back home in barclay's center, the ducks being beaten. this does not come as easy for josh bailey. easier than that. that was a cherry picking of a goal right there off the
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islanders snap a three-game skid. islanders are starting to heat up. all right, odell beckham, dominating the conversation todayr for all the wrong reasons and giants will try and move forward now. but really, really tough spot for the kid. >> okay, john, thank you.
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there is a place where the cold melts away the hustle and bustle dies down and the only thing left is what's truly important. the radio city christmas spectacular presented by chase. you bring the family, we bring the joy. don't wait!
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