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tv   Today in New York  NBC  December 30, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EST

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killed this afghanistan. >> amazing the comments you'll make when you're selling a book. plus a war of words. the current police commissioner taking on the former police commissioner to task what we learned overnight. and it is closing time for a time square staple. toys "r" us is closing up shop. "today in new york" starts now. good morning. 4:30 a.m. on wednesday, 30th of december. i'm michael gargiulo. >> and i'm kerry barrett. >> good morning. good to see you both this morning. it's a little calmer out there, but we're dealing with fog and the possibility of even some black ice mainly north and west of the city where it temperatures are getting close to freezing. freezing in franklin and belvedere, above freezing toward the coast. sitting right now at 40, not too
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much of long island much at 40. dense fog advisory for morris, warren, somerset, middlesex in in to mercer and all of these counties again seeing visibilities a quarter of a heil or less and that could get more widespread, that is the fog. so we'll watch it, but right now just dry and cool. some clouds out there. we gradually see the temperatures climb back to the upper 40s, flirting with 50 today, but lots of clouds around. no rain today. that could change tonight. we'll talk about that in a bit. first check on the wednesday morning commute, how is it looking, lauren. >> overall things look pretty good out there. we do have an accident investigation in the bronx. this affects the 233rd street ramp to the southbound deegan. as well as the service road shut down. so i'll continue to keep you posted. van wyck expressway, there is no construction getting in your way. so you can see things moving nicely through the q gardens interchange. more weather and traffic ahead
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today a hero's funeral will take place at st. patrick's cathedral. joseph lemm served new york city as a detective and he died serving his country as a soldier in afghanistan. tracie strahan is there and the highest honors today for detective lemm. >> reporter: so many people are expected here. really thousands of people expected to attend this morning's funeral mass at 10:00. but already people have been lining up in very long lines to he pay respects for joseph lemm for his service to new york and the nation. before three tours of duty in both iraq and afghanistan, he served as a detective in the bronx and received many commendations. his body was flown into the base days after he was killed. he was remembered fondly at awake in west harrison last night. >> it resonates with civilians,
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made, and he patrolled over there to protect what we hold sacred here. >> reporter: joseph lemm is survived by his wife and two children. the youngest, his son, just four years old. we'll bring you back live now to saint patrick's cathedral as cardinal dolan will be the celebrant for the mass at 10:00 this morning. and on the ground here, you can see already several barricades are set up, because so many are expected here in just a few hours. back to you. >> thank you so much. and in the meantime, the long island man who also died in that attack, his wake will be held tomorrow and friday. lewis bonacasa, he was a staff sergeant and he would be laid to rest coming up on saturday. if will about 44 hour, more than a million people will crowd into times square for ring in the new year and among the partiers s party er
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in that mix quich equipped with long guns, chemical detectors and bomb sniffing dogs. >> this is the first time we've had such a full-time dedicated force in such a number in this city. >> so things to remember if you are headed this way. nap sacks and large bags will not be allowed in the area. all bags will be searched. anybody refusing to allow their bag to be searched will not be allowed to speaker. enter. today is the last chance to ride the famous indoor farris while at the toys "r" us. the store expected to close sadly at 6:00 p.m. a spokeswoman says it's not renewing their lease. the lease actually expires next month. she says the company is actively searching for a new location. the four story flagship store opened back in 2001. other stories will remain open. no word yet as to the future of that ferris wheel.
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kick out of it because you can go to a ferris wheel anywhere, but the idea that it was indoor, it was great. so i'll miss it. probably more than the kids. >> i was thinking the same thing, we'll miss the sleeking sound of michael gargiulo as it goes to the top. >> and they had the dinosaur, so that will get you. >> that will get you. but hopefully they find a new home. in the meantime, we're dealing with fog out there in parts of the area. the city not pad, long island not bad, but down to a half mile in white plains, quarter of a mile in morristown. monticello down to a quarter of a mile. so watch out, be careful. a little residue in terms of moisture on the road that could lead to black ice in those areas where the temperature is below the freezing mark. really still above normal temperatures again today. up around 50, we could see some rain around here overnight. but the day planner again, look for temperatures in the 40s p
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day. let's find out if there are any early issues. >> nothing too bad out there. we'll talk about mass transit. we have overnight track work on the 2, a, e, f and n lines. so you can expect delays and service changes. if you're getting on the buses, the only detour is new jersey transit bus route 317, everything else running on its regular route and schedule. and alternate side of the parking and meter rules are in effect effect today. missouri dealing with devastating flooding and it will only get worse. the mississippi river is expected to crest in st. louis sometime tomorrow. at nearly 14 feet above their flood stage. governor jay nixon declaring a state of emergency. some of these areas saw more than a foot of rain. nixon confirming 13 people have died from these floods, nearly all of them trapped in cars trying to drive through high water. >> now this rain has moved out,
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is not by any means over. especially for communities along the rising mississippi river and its tributaries here in the st. louis region. >> the governor has also called in the national guard to help out. this has been the wettest december ever in st. louis. new this morning, it is a wa hr of words between two commissioners. the city's current top cop as direct response to comments made by his immediate predecessor. katherine creag is at one police plaza and we should say both men involved are national figures. so this type of dispute really kez resonate resonates. >> reporter: and it's been surprising to so many what has been said. no one ever said that these two bratton and kelly were best friends, but they have always somewhat gotten along. it all has do with the numbers being calculated at police headquarters, crime statistics. this all began with ray kelly the former police commissioner appearing on a radio show days ago saying the police department
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charge of is manipulating cheating statistics to make it looks like new york city is safer than it is. this drew anger from bratton who said ray kelly has been short on details on his claims. kelly, though, said nypd officers are not reporting people who suffer graze wounds or gun shrapnel injuries as shooting victims. kelly claimed the nypt has altered its recording when it comes to shooting starting when bratton became commissioner. here's what both had to say. take a listen. >> you'd have to take a hard look at those numbers. and i can tell you, people don't feel safer in this city. >> amazing the comments you'll make when you're selling a book. those comments are outrageous. my cops work hard, very hard, to reduce gun violence in the city. so for him to deny igrate that hard work and claim in some fashion that we're playing with
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>> reporter: and ray kelly is writing a book about his life with nypd, what the nypd has said about this and it has not changed the way it calculates crime statistics, shooting statistics in 340r7b more than 20 years and that they are down a small percentage compared to this time last year. you'll hear new comments from them coming up in the next half hour. back to you. >> you've covered both men. it's shocking to see them go at each other so directly. they have always been very diplomat tig. >> reporter: right, cordial over the year, but the last few days, a war of words. >> all right, thanks so much. it is 4:39. new this morning, a long island map arrested accusing of stabbing and killing his father during an argument. jordan johnson will be arraigned on second-degree murder charges later this morning. police are were called to the home for some sort of disturbance yesterday afternoon. and that's when they found
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stabbed multiple time. he died in the hospital a short while later. also police searching for the masked gunman who keeps robbing fast food shops in brooklyn and queens. in fact we have this photo of the suspect. can't really see his face, but police say he's hit at least four businesses since november 19. each time, pointing a gun at the employee and demanding cash. officers say he always wears that black ski mask, a black puffy vest and carries a black bag. 4:40. and this morning donald trump taking his presidential cam pin pain to south carolina where he main continue to lash out it at the clintons. clump blasting bill clinton's record with women as the former president prepares to hit the campaign trail himself on monday for his wife. yesterday trump wrapping up of what he called bill clinton's record of women abuse. >> there was certainly a lot of
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you look at monica la quinn ewinsky or paula jones. >> trump said he would soon spend $2 million a week on it tv campaign ads. and former governor george pataki is out of race for president. >> i'm confident we can elect the right person, someone who will bring us together. >> so that video aired yesterday on nbc stations in three early decision states. pataki ran as a moreded a moderate republican, but filled to gain support. this morning we're learning that the white house still spies on benjamin netanyahu. the nsa hands intercepts over to president obama's advisors. this is after the president pledged two years ago to he said surveillance of most allied users. they cited compelling national security concerns as the reason
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and the pentagon telling us about u.s. navy ships close call with an iranian missile last week when will the uss harry truman oig was passing through the straight of hormuz. iranians fired an exercise and a rocket fired less than a mile away. lucky the missile was aimed away from the u.s. aircraft carrier. ahead, done in by delivery. the phone call that led investigators to the teenager who became an international fugitive. plus two postal workers busted, what investigators say they were doing with mail that they were supposed to be delivering. and temperatures are rebounding this morning. weather and traffic on the 4s
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4:44 on a business morning. leftover clouds out there this morning. areas of fog, too. even patchy black ice, but
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to worry about during the day. but the clouds will stick around. showers roll back in tonight, and then by tomorrow morning they're gone and it looks like a police leasant end to 2015. up in greenville, this is orange county, we did have 1.2 inches of snow, 0.7 in bridgeport, cold spring about a half inch, jfk 0.1. so more of a nuance. but it is still winter season. we're still 13.5 degrees above normal for the month of december so far. we're above normal for rainfall total. again the warmest on record so far, 44.1, but we'll break that with just a couple of days left and temperatures probably averaging a little bit above normal today and tomorrow. so milder this afternoon starting out in the upper 30s, low 40s. should get to the upper 40s flirting with 50 this afternoon.
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dense fog a problem, morris, warren, somerset, mercer county. dense fog advisory in effect there. you can see the visibility in the city right now not bad, but down to a half mile in white plains, only a quarter of a mile in morristown. so take it slow. a little extra space you and the car in front of you. but no rain to worry about today or ice early on this morning. 34 rhinebeck, 32 la grange. and there are some folks near or just below the freezing mark. and if there is any moisture left on the roadways there, be careful, it could be a little bit of patchy black ice. 40 in the city and farmingdale. storm tracker shows shall clouds around, but the biggest picture shows the next area of rain moving in our direction coming out of the south and east, we'll get brushed by this system later on tonight with some showers. so starts out with clouds today. maybe a break in one or two spots, but for the most part, a lot of clouds around throughout the day.
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evening and then rain probably after 8:00 or 9:00 and then overnight rain pushes east of the area, finally bag ck into some sunshine tomorrow. about mid knit, 41 and partly cloudy skies. friday day one of 2016, not bad, 44. which i will xwrer over chillier over the weekend. back to the low 40s on tuesday. but again, a quiet start to the new year at least weather-wise. let's see if it's still a quiet commute. so far so good. chris talk ps low s about low visibility. no accidents, but we will head over to the major deegan. in the bronx we do have an accident investigation that shuts down the ramp to the southbound deegan from east 233rd street and also the service road closed because of this. heading over to the belt, there is some garbage in the road way eastbound out by rockaway parkway. all lanes subject to closure, but not really any delay out here.
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brooklyn bridge where we have no road work for a change. you can head into manhattan and also the williamsburg bridge and manhattan bridge are in great shape. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect today. today the texas teen aernlg known for his affluenza defense in a drunk driving case will be back in the u.s. ethan couch was given probation after killing four people in that crash. the defense argued couch didn't understand right from wrong because of his parents' wealth. couch and his mom allegedly took off to mexico earlier this month. police arrested them there monday. marshals alerted mexican authorities to their location after they reportedly used one of their phones to order a pizza. two new york city postal working facing charges, one for alledgedly trashing the mail, the other for stealing gift cards. daniel darby tossed mail he was supposed to distribute into
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he alledgedly claimed he was overwhelming by the amount of mail he had to deliver. investigators say he even opened some of it. >> someone's check they're waiting for, that could be someone's christmas gift, that could be something that they really need for that particular day or week. and they're not getting it because you're throwing the mail out because you don't want to do your job. >> investigators also say red hook broog lynn post office supervisor james hayden stole at least $1,000 worth of gift cards from the maim. both men suspended without pay. happening right now, police looking for a missing man in queens. take a good look at this photo respect this is 7 #-year-old charles booth the and he may be in need of medical attention. he has diabetes, alzheimer's and did i i dementia. and the body of a man missing has been pulled from the
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anthony urena was discovered. an autopsy will determine how urena died. the nypd is looking for a couple caught on camera buying an engagement ring. nothing wrong with with that, but security individual i don't showing the man and women entering a zales store in october. police say, though, they used a bogus credit card to buy that engagement ring and a wedding band worth $5200. that credit card was fraudulently obtained in a 34-year-old man's name. and this surveillance video from a burglary happened last month at the mad dis ison avenue furs. they threw a brick through the glass front door. they were wearing head lamps and made off with 30 fur coats. a connecticut lifeguard
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place say he set cameras recording people without their knowledge instead of the lifeguard shack. police say they searched his home and found the videos, photos and even sunglasses that he had that had cameras built into them. collins is also accused of possessing child pornography. we're now learning what sparked the deadly fire in williamsburg. this story breaking monday here on "today in new york." investigators believe faulty electrical wiring ignited the flames on the building on richardson street. two people lost their lives. the fire started in the basement before burning through all three floors and spreading to a smaller building behind it. the disgraced former state senate leader now in line to get his state pension. he filed his retirement papers 11 days after he was convicted on federal corruption charges. lawmakers are legally guaranteed a pension even after a criminal conviction. it is estimated he will get about $90,000 a year.
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seize it, though. it's official, video slot machines are headed to belmont park. that track selected as the site for a video lottery terminal casino. the new machines will enhance the entertainment experience as well as bring in more money for the county. this is something they have tried at other parks in yonkers, as well. it is 4:52. still to come, a local officer arrested because he went on vacation. and then it's a remarkable discovery in the rubble left behind by a texas tornado.
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4:54. time for a check on the weather
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as we wind down 2015. chris. >> a couple of days left that's it. it goes out pretty quietly. it may get soggy again tonight, but no snow or ice to worry about. dense fog this morning. visibilities a quarter of a mile or less. so just be careful early on this morning. there will be pockets of dense fog. and even patchy black ice north and west of town. otherwise plenty of clouds today, high in the upper 40s. maybe a sprinkle toward evening and then they will evolve into showers overnight tonight. they will be out of here by tomorrow morning with a low temperature in the mid-40s. and by new year's eve, it looks like it will just be partly cloudy and about 41 degrees which is cool, crisp, but not bad. we've had some pretty cold new year's eves in times square. >> last year was rough. >> i'm going to be in times square, so thank you for that. i'm excited. roads, everything pretty
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exception of two things p detour on new jersey transit 317. and then the problem on the l.i.e., there is an overturned truck out there, it blocks at least three lanes if the not the entire main roadway. this is westbound out by exit 61. so everyone is being pushed off the road. once you get passed it, everything moving. so something to keep in mind. well, this was certainly not how they wanted to spend the weekend. a new mexico couple survived for 20 hours after driving in to a 12-foot snow bank. jimmy and betty anderson were headed tout out to deliver newspapers and the blinding snow caused them to drift off the road. they called 911, but rescuers cooperate find couldn't find them. they survived the 18 degree weather before they were rescued 20 hours later. and this morning a story of survival in the tornado
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the berkshire family's home was destroyed in the tornado saturday and their dog was missing. days after the storm, they came back to the spot where their home was, tried to salvage what they could, and they found sawye represent bear he sawyer buried under the rubble. and hours later they found their other dog. an officer facing charges after allegedly lying about military duty. investigators say that the department granted donald chen two paid weeks off to train for the u.s. army reserves. but when the army went looking for him, he allegedly claimed that he was in taiwan visiting his sick father. well, he late her er r admitted that he was vacationing with his girlfriend in hawaii. he resigned on december 14. a man recovering after flying through the windshield of a tour bus during a sudden stop
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this happened at around 11:00 yesterday afternoon near the lincoln tunnel. police say the guy was standing and he lost his balance and both he and the windshield ended up on the street. amazingly he wasn't seriously hurt. we are told that this baltimore based tour bus was headed into manhattan. governor cuomo has signed off on a possibly life saving change for smoke detectors in the state. starting in 2017, every smoke detector in new york must come with a ten year nonremovable battery. it bans the sale of in any smoke detector with relaysable placeable batteries. supporters say the new law could save even more laws. rabies alert in middletown. a raccoon that had contact with a dog tested positive for rain department warning
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interaction with wildlife and keep their pets leashed. in in new jersey, a woodbridge pet stop owner is in trouble with the law once again. rocco was arrested for allegedly trying to sell sick puppies. animal control took several dogs out of fancy pup store. they say they will be under quarantine for a few week. they also took two dogs from a car dealership that he owns. animals he says are personal pets. >> i've inspecteded animal pet shops for 30 years. this is probably the worst. >> they just told me in a very nice way, look, we don't want the store here, we don't want a puppy store here, we don't want any puppy store here. >> officials allege he violated a court order barring him from selling animals. he says after this latest brush with the law, he will shut down his puppy store in woodbridge. seaworld fighting a ruling
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breeding captive killer whales.
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