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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  February 3, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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. right now on news 4 new york, more than a dozen killings in new jersey's largest city. newark cops fed up. that city calling in state troopers now. >> more than a hundred killings last year. citizens and cops alike say they've had enough. >> reporter: no question about it. with this murder rate of almost one every other day, i'm told that most of this, 99% anyway are criminals killing criminals. this city is on edge and indeed calling in reenforcements. sirens screaming through the streets of newark are a common sound in this city and this is a common complaint about crime. >> out of control really. >> reporter: crime is out of control? >> yeah.
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every other night you hear about a new murder somewhere. >> reporter: in fact, there has been on average a murder almost every other day. 14 murt dered so far in 2016. newark's mayor and new public safety director have had enough. reinforcements in the form of more than two dozen or so uniformed troopers. 4 investigates has learned that out of a force of approximately 950, roughly 20% cannot be put on the streets for various reasons. out of 380 shootings last year, police have only solved a little more than a handful. this is not the first time newark has reached out for help from state police, called in several years ago to help battle gangs. residents say this larger presence is needed. >> we need every person. >> reporter: state police?
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>> there was a person who she doesn't take her medication and that day she was really upset and tried to kill me. it took the police four hours to get to my house. >> any help they could get would be good. >> reporter: this is not the first time state police have been called in numbers like this. it happened in camden several years ago. but now with some 20% of police officers in this city ineligible for so many reasons to be out on the streets there was no question this was needed. it's part of a 45-day plan by the brand new public safety director to get crime under control, putting more cops into training, doing more community out reach. after this 45-day plan, he says there will be a 90-day plan. other big story tonight, rain continuing to pour across the tri state. this in fact, a look at union square where everybody is trying their best to dodge the downpour.
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worse as the evening goes on. this is in new jersey. several cities in that state now under a flood watch. the streets slick, the traffic slow, the cloud dark. for the lathe est on the rain let's head over to dave price. >> reporter: this is the live radar picture right now. let's zoom on in. you can see this heaviest band which stretches from bergen county all the way up through fairfield county. areas like islip and brookhaven and river head, that's where your heaviest resip is going y iest iest precip is going to be. if you're traveling on 287, 87, 95, you're going to run into tricky conditions. the wider picture shows more moisture beginning to push its
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this is the same strong line that caused tornados in the southeast and a blizzard through the plains states. now it is going to linger along the coastline. we're going to dry out to the west, but we are going to see more rain that may mean street flooding. again, the live radar picture right here, stick around. in just a little while we're going to talk about the possibility of coastal snow as we head into the weekend. stay tuned for that. the wind and visibility causing issues at airports. right now there's an average delay of 1 hour and 23 minutes for inbound flights in la guardia. remember you can track the rain and get travel alerts in the palm of your hand. just download our news 4 new york app. etan pate's dad now asking the judge to over turn a
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that said that convicted child molester jose ramos was responsible for etan's death. this as probability secutors prepare to retry another man pedro hernandez next month. right now there is no indication as to when that judge will rule. also word tonight of a second arrest for a double had had in brooklyn. jerry masonet is accused of helping his 15-year-old girlfriend kill her mother and her mother's boyfriend. the victims rosie sanchez and anderson nunez were found dead in their apartment last month. the nypd on the lookout for a burglar who targeted six apartments on the east side in the past two months. the department released these pictures of the man they want to question. investigates say he stole electronics, cash and jewelry
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between mid d ember and late january. in new jersey patterson police looking for these three men they say robbed a boost mobile store back in december. all of them had their faces partially covered when they burst into the location on market street. one of them pulled a gun and pointed it at an employee behind the counter. they got cash and took off. police offering a $500 reward for information leading to an arrest. when we return, hints to a possible new jersey transit strike. >> amtrak allowing passengers to bring some pets on board some trains. we'll explain next. and oscar winner lupita nyong'o talks about diversity in hollywood. when we see you at 6:30 we talk about why donald trump is attacking ted cruz and calling for a do-over in iowa.
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family of a bronx teenager killed by an nypd officer spent the night in lower manhattan calling for justice. his parents were joined by nearly 30 others and called on the u.s. attorney to convene a grand jury. he was killed during a drug sting in 2012. charges were dropped and a second grand jury declined to indict him. >> i don't know if he has children, but can you imagine growing your kid for 18 years rand and just to get a call one day that he's no longer here. >> graham's parents say they last met with him when the federal investigation met in september. a strong storm creating an incredibly scene on the cost of scotland. this is a waterfall flowing what appears to be unside pside down.
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high winds are blowing against the rocks and the water is actually flowing up and backwards. back here at home, we still have some weather woes, hearing reading reading readington township roads now closed. >> the national weather service in mount holly now reporting a flood warning in hunterton down ity. county. thousand, in the rest of the region here you see a flood advisory in effect. we're keeping an eye on all of this. the good nuz ews is some areas inland are going to begin to dry out. but some others along the coast really getting walloped right now. the rain is going to linger.
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coastal light snow could be in the picture thursday night into friday morning as the weekend begins. the weekend outlook itself looks beautiful but there may be something brewing for monday. we're watching that. live radar right now shows moderate to heavy downpours really walloping fairfield county. we're talking about route 7, route 8, 5 3. and route 15. in the meantime we look at long island, brookhaven and smithtown over to babylon. you're see pockets of heavy rain as well. the bad news is we're going to see more moisture come on up and hug the coastline as we head through the rest of the evening. tonight coastal rain in the picture for most people from long island through connecticut and down through the jersey shore.
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mild temperatures stick with us for the most part. 57 in scarsdale. south winds ten to 20 miles per hour tonight into tomorrow morning. still could see those showers sticking around for a little while. 48 degrees should be the temperature at 8:00. noontime, mild, back up into the 50s, well north of our high temperature which is in the upper 30s at this point. mostly cloudy skies, 48 degrees at 5:00 p.m. then we're watching what may happen. storms which are brewing to our south, pushing up right along this stationary front. we could see some coastal snow in our picture. we're keeping an eye on it. slushy accumulation is possible. stick around. janice is going to have the full forecast and we'll let you know
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weekend looks like. here's your seven day forecast. we are going to see temperatures stay warm over the next 24 hours. weekend looks terrific. but monday and tuesday we could be looking at another storm. more on the radar picture with janice in just a little while. chances are either you or somebody you know has had a problem with a moving company. it is one of the top consumer complaints every year. for an exclusive look at an under cover sting operation targeting movers, better get baquero. here's news 4 consumer reporter linda back with tips you need to know before you make your move. >> we went along with new jersey officials from the division of consumer affairs as they hauled in one mover after another. and show you why you need to take these steps before hiring any mover in any state. >> this is a sting operation. >> move your steering wheel back and forth.
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>> and of the 21 companies who showed up, all were unlicensed. >> there were five arrests made by the state police for outstanding warrants. and there were also multiple motorcycle motor vehicle violations found. >> were those results surprising to you? >> unfortunately, it wasn't. this is a big problem. >> steve lee is acting director of the new jersey division of consumer affairs. his office also found mover who is showed up ed ed ed ed up in rented trucks a violation of the rules and so-called predatory moving. >> they'll quote you one price to get you to start a move and then they hold your possessions hostage hostage. >> that's why you should get an estimate in writing. >> the requirement is that someone needs to come to your home in person to do that estimate. >> check that the mover is licensed in your state. to get a license the company must have certain minimum
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restitution if there's a problem. >> a lot of those cases if they're unlicensed there's nothing the consume other the r or the state can do about it. >> also as your good arrive check for lost or damaged items. you have up to 90 days to file a claim but the mover only has to compensate you up to 60 cents per pound unless you buy additional coverage. >> folks should always come to us if they have complaints. >> you can contact his office at njconsumerafairs njconsumerafairs oscar winning actress lupita
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nyong'o will appear on broad way. lupita won an oscar for her breakout role in 12 years a slai. slave. >> in tv and theater is the way that we collectively dream and those collective dreams inform our collective future. for them to be inclusive of the world we live in is only better for the future. >> eclipse is playing february 23rd. >> she's so talented. and history in the making for a high school band. >> a trip to cuba. it has been one year since a metro north train slammed into an suv in new york killing six people. news 4 investigates if anything has been done.
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>> reporter: they're calling it clean yc.
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these sessions. >> be daring and courageous. >> reporter: these young musicians are preparing to play for audiences who have never seen a live performance like this. later this month they bring their music to cuba. >> the fact that they're going to havana just blows our mind. >> reporter: the band director david soto calls his kids ambassadors. that may sound like a lot of pressure for teenagers, but the 71 students making the week-long trip embrace the challenge. >> it will show people that we can all get along. >> reporter: that's what the obama administration envisioned when it began efforts to restore diplomat ties with cuba. they'll perform in three cuban venues. but the students gift to cuba will extend beyond american
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music. >> i'm bringing guitar strings. >> reporter: matthew and his classmates will all deliver much needed artistic supplies to their cuban high school counterparts. >> they believe they are doing something beg igger than themselves. >> reporter: in the end though these are still teens curious and anxious asht a bout a trip to a once forbidden line. >> being attached to my phone all the time i'm really excited to like get away from that. >> reporter: that excitement is now reaching a crescendo as this trip of a lifetime draws near. >> we can learn a lot from them also, probably even more than they can learn from us. that will do it for us. stay with us as the news continues at 6:00. live from studio 3c in
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now at 6:00 april showers in february. warm temperatures and heavy rain across the tri state pose flooding and travel concerns. plus, one year after the deadly metro train crashed in new york, have any of the promised safety improvements been made at the rail crossing? and the nypd releases the first crime stats of the year. the storm is hanging overall of our heads right now and soaking the tri state. >> flood watches in effect for several counties in our area and a flu a new flood warning in new jersey. this was the scene in manhattan just a short time ago. janice huff is tracking the rain for us right now. >> and the flooding warning too in effect for hunterdon county along the neshanic river. roads may be closed in this area
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as a result of the water coming
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