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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  February 4, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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school staff found an extension cord with a note attached to it saying it was offering a reward for anybody who find the bomb in the school today. out of an abundance of caution police evacuated all of the student. you can see officials on site here in front of the school with bomb-sniffing dogs, as well. as i bring it over here you will see that all of the students have been evacuated a safe distance over here along prospect avenue. no reports of any injuries. that's the good news and there was a bomb threat about a week ago here, as well, but officials way related. a lot of local streets will be in passaic and we'll keep this in mind and we'll continue to keep you up-to-date. >> mr. hughes, thank you for that. >> now to a developing story new at noon. >> mayor de blasio's deal over
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fell through after the teamsters withdraw their support. >> reporter: andrew siff is live. andrew? >> reporter: pat and david, the teamsters have gathered here to, announce their opposition to the deal that was supposed to be voted through tomorrow, but it all collapsed when, as you indicated the teamsters pulled their support, the framework had been to pull the horses off the streets and to build a new stable in central park over the next couple of years. just a few minutes ago mayor de blasio came out and talked to us about what happened. >> you all know my views on this issue. same views i've had and same views i talked about in the election. we'll find a way forward on this issue. obviously, disappointed that the vote won't happen tomorrow, but we'll find a way forward. >> the mayor did not indicate specifically what the way forward might be. as you may have heard over the last couple of weeks, what this
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the number of horse and dangers in the city and move all of the drivers eventually to a yet to be built stable in central park. despite the controversy and some opposition from the park's conservancy, that deal appeared to be supported by the teamsters. however, we spoke to a number of the horse and carriage drivers who say they were never consulted by union leadership. >> the real main concern was no one ratified for the union membership to agree to the contract so they have to go back and do another one. >> reporter: the teamsters didn't? >> yeah. they didn't ratify with us. they made a contract, but they were supposed to have a vote over the union membership. >> i have always said i can support a compromised deal if the teamsters supported it. once they pulled that support my support went with it. >> reporter: that's council member jimmy van bramer from queens indicating that while there may have been support from the council to pass this measure
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support of many, many more of the horse and carriage drivers and council member bramer said it's time for the mayor and city hall to move beyond this issue which has been politically charged for two years now. mayor de blasio said he is focused on lots of other things, but that this issue is important to him, too, and he's still looking for a way forward. that's the latest live from city hall, andrew siff, news 4, new york. >> thank you. stay with that. happening now, police said from the outset that a girl stabbed repeatedly in her own home knew her attacker and they're questioning her stepfather. this happened on lake street in spring valley in rockland county. the girl who is 15 did survive that brutal attack. she underwent surgery and is recovering at a local hospital. we are hearing from the partner of peter liang charged with killing a man in a stairwell two years ago.
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>> reporter: the final witness r the prosecution has taken the stand and the medical examiner and her testimony included a testimony so gruesome that it forced the family to turn away and she said that basic cpr couldn't have saved his life. we have video now of peter liang entering the courtroom today. his partner continued his testimony to start the day. he was with him at the pink houses the night gurley was shot and killed. peter liang was, quote, a mess after his gun went off striking gurley in a darkened stairwell and he admitted he did not perform cpr on him. liang told landow moments after shooting gurley in the chest. gurley and his girlfriend were walking down the darkened stairwell days before thanksgiving in 2014 because the elevator didn't work. melissa butler has testified that she ended up performing cpr on her boyfriend who was unarmed before he died and speck ulated
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stand and so far that is not happening from what we are told. the medical examiner will be the final witness for the prosecution today. that's the very latest live from downtown brooklyn, tracie strahan, news 4, new york. >> thank you, tracie. an argument inside a deli turns violent. police are asking for your help to catch the culprits. the nypd released these photos and you see four men, possibly teenagers who are wanted for beating a 50-year-old man inside a deli. the group was causing some type of disturbance when the victim intervened and asked them to stop. the suspects yelled back at him and then punched him several times and then left the store. and also in brooklyn, this video shows a trio of men robbing one of the few stores that managed to stay open during last month's blizzard. you see the one man there pulling the gun. they entered the pioneer grocery
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bedford stuyvesant. they took mono free the cash register and walked right out of the store. happening now, police investigating another subway attack. a woman says a man poked her in the shoulder with a sharp object at the 7th avenue 49th street station and this comes as police release the sketch of a man wanted for two other subway incidents in manhattan. he's suspected of slashing one person's hand on the c train and he cut another man's pocket with the razor blade on a 4 train tuesday morning. these incidents have the nypd telling riders to wake up. officers will rouse snoozing straphangers so they could be vigilant. while some riders appreciate the gesture, some are looking the wrong way when it comes to subway crime. >> for my safety i want everyone to be safe and especially me and traveling by myself, if someone wakes me up so i could be safe, i don't mind.
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and give them some help. >> a man getting a skeptical look. the strategy is covering up the officers. and now to the race for the white house. on the gop side, accusations of fraud in iowa while the democrats are just hour away from one of their first one-on-one debates. news 4's kerry barrett joins us with where things stand at this hour. >> so much to talk about as we head into tonight's debate. as you mentioned on both sides, hillary and bernie getting red for the first one-on-one. the gloves off and donald trump would like a doover in iowa. >> i do not know any progressive who has a super pac and takes $15 million from wall street. >> the gloves are off, the back and forth between bernie sanders and hillary clinton getting sharp after her razor-thin win in iowa. >> i was somewhat amused today
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himselves up on who is the gatekeeper on who is a progressive. >> reporter: going head to head, they're trading jabs at who is the real progressive and about the money clinton accepted in speaking pays. i don't know. that's what they offered. >> with just a few days to go after the new hampshire primary, lead there. across the aisle, a skirmish brewing between republican candidates ted cruz and donald trump. trump asking for a do-over in iowa, tweeting that cruz's controversial voter mailers were a misdemeanor at minimum. >> oh, that voter fraud! these politicians are brutal. they're brutal. they are brutal. they are a bunch of dishonest cookies, i want to tell you. >> cruz who has apologized and fired the staffers responsible is responding in kind. >> it is no surprise that donald is throwing yet another temper tantrum or if you like another
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>> also just announced, a new debate in march between clinton and sanders. this one will be held in flint, michigan, where the water contamination crisis is getting national attention. >> thank you, kerry. you can watch coverage of tonight's debate at 9:00 on msnbc and you can also head to nbc for live streaming. there are new concerns emerging about hillary clinton's use about a personal email server while she was secretary of state. u.s. officials tell nbc news, a handful contained references to undercover cia officers including one who was killed by a suicide attack in afghanistan. while the identities of the officers were never revealed it is unclear whether they provided significant insight if that server was hacked. >> lawmakers had hoped to hear from martin shkreli today, the pharmaceutical chief who jacked up the price of a life-saving hiv drug by 5,000%, but he isn't talking. >> it's not funny, mr. shkreli.
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getting sicker and sicker. >> members of the house oversight committee criticized him for appearing before them with a smile or si a smirk on his face and instead of answering he was exercising his fifth amendment right and he is facing charges in a ponzi scheme case related to another company he once ran. coming up next at noon, a new york city throwback. >> i'm catherine creag in brooklyn where there could be a street car along the waterfront and you'll see what that street streetcar could look like. >> we have snow in the forecast. what does it mean for the jersey shore, into the city and out to long island? potentially three different things. we'll tell you about it and go
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happening today, mayor de blasio will deliver his state of the city address at 7:00 tonight and he's expected to push for a popular throwback. streetcars on the city streets. news 4's katherine creag is in brooklyn with mixed red action. >> reporter: david, while we're here, this is the waterfront over here. we're right by the brooklyn bridge and this is the area where you could see a streetcar and although a lot of people think this is a great idea. some people just aren't buying it. j street in brooklyn near wilby street looks like this today and years from now it could look like this if a proposal to construct a street car between brooklyn and queens is approved. >> i think people would ride it, but at the same time it will cause more traffic. >> reporter: mayor de blasio is expected to talk about the proposed idea tonight in his state of the city speech.
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16 miles between sunset park brooklyn and the story the queen, it would hug the waterfront and cost $2.5 billion, less than building a new underground subway train according to the city. so far we've found mixed reaction from subway and bus riders and drivers. >> i would love to ride it. it would be a great experience because i shop in queens, and i would love to take it from here back to queens. >> as a truck driver i worry about parking because right now it's already hard for me to find parking. >> if there is an obstruction to pull out of the way, with a trolley car they're fixed and there's no way that a trolley car can move out of the way. >> i think this area is pretty crazy to ride a bike through. >> reporter: the group, friends of the brooklyn-queens connector says it would pass through six ferry stop, 17 subway lines and 37 bus stops. we are told the goal is to have it rolling by the year 2024. and a big question, david and pat, funding. a lot of people wanting to know
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we're waiting to hear back from city hall and previous reports have said that could the train, the street car be self-funded or could it generate revenue from the neighborhoods it serves. back to you. >> katherine, thank you for that. we have more breaking news this afternoon, traffic is backed up on the queens s s queensborough bridge after a taxi overturned. it looks like they've gotten it upright, ed. >> that is right, pat. it is upright from this point and from what we understand there is one reported injury with this. we're not sure if it was a driver or passenger involved here and this is coming off of the upper level going into queens right where it curves in silver dup cup studios and coming out of manhattan and try the queens tunnel instead. that will work better for you. reporting live over astoria and i'm ed hughes, back to you in the studio. >> in today's money report, bad
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>> sue herrera has are join us with a look at that and a look at the markets. >> hi, guys. we're on the plus side for the dow jones industrials average. not bad, but we'll take it. the dow jones industrial average up 50 points at this hour and the nasdaq and the s&p are also positive. gopro swinging to a loss in the fourth quarter. that was a surprise for wall street. very weak sales and people on the street are wondering whether or not the -- kind of the wearable cameras have peaked because that's basically the only product they make. they're trying to innovate, but so far, wall street isn't buying it. the stock is down 10%. also dunkin brands, fourth quarter and the comparable same-store sales slipped and that is because mcdonald's all-day breakfast is really eating in, no pun intended to the bottom line so dunkin says it will have to revamp things a little bit and that was a surprise loss and dunkin is low or the day, as well. a couple of earnings misses to leave you with today.
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>> those all-day egg mcmuffin, boy, putting a hole in dunkin' donuts. >> gopro slipped and dunkin dipped. you like that? >> it may be a night for a warm cup of coffee because we had snow to talk about in the forecast. a lot to get to right now. let's go outside. the top of the rock, a gorgeous view of new york city and cloudy skies right now and the temperature with 53 degrees and talk about what you need to get to and that is the change in the weather pattern as we head through tonight. through, in fact, tomorrow morning during the rush hour potentially and the high snow totals out in eastern long island and the weekend looks spectacular and we got something to get through, comfortable and mild and well above the normal high and we're at 53 degrees in the city and 48 in montauk and just about the half century mark in poughkeepsie and 52 in long branch, bridgewater checks in with 50.
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about. the stationary front and the storm system not just going anywhere. it just rides the coast and it will continue to slide on up as the day progresses and then tonight as it works in our direction, we see snow begin to fall. one to three inches of slushy accumulation along the jersey coast and say from jfk through to jericho and out to sections of long island, massapequa, three to five inches and up through let's say sections of west chester and over to fairfield county, you're in that zone, but look at this, out in the eastern end of long island, from let's say, oh, west hampton out to montauk and up to orion point. there you can see upwarpeds of 5 to 8 inches before this snow goes up into the cape where they get a great snowstorm. i want to remind you tonight when janice joins you at 5:00 and when i'm here at 5:30 we'll go hyperlocal and go county by county and let you know what's going to happen. also we may be adjusting these
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the entire storm team is watching and analyzing the data and we'll come up with a revised forecast during the afternoon. so future tracker puts everything in motion and we start out with rain tonight at 10:00 and we see the snow begin to overtake and a little bit of a mix as we head to 2:00 in the morning and hopefully as many people as possible off the roads, but tomorrow morning we have full snow out to long island, nassau and suv oak and sections of queens during the early morning rush, not a pretty picture. let's put it all together for you. as we head into tonight, snow through tomorrow morning and we are going to see snow totals adjusted through the day so please tune in for the very latest and the weekend looks good and next week, we watch a coastal system and we're keeping a careful an eye on. timing still a question. that's it from here. full plate in the weather department, guys. we'll send it back to you. >> thank you. do you know what's happening at 12:30? i do, indeed.
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hi, sara and jacque. >> we have good stuff coming up today from tonight's intense finale of "project runway junior" to the feud with the one and only ana win tour. we're chatting with tim gunn. >> what food trends should you be on the lookout for in 2016 and we're checking out tasty meals to new york hot spots sure to impress your friends and you. puppies up for adoption and they're back there getting lots of love and attention all that and new at 12:30. >> i love thursdays. up next on news 4 new york at noon, new information on the explosion that blew a hole right through the side of the plane. investigators believe this was
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there are new developments to report in the plane blast over somalia. the head of daalo airlines says
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looks to be explosives residue. mohamed yassin told associated press it's too soon to know if a bomb is behind the blast. passengers onboard might not have survived that if the plane were any higher at the time of the explosion. one passenger still missing and witnesses say he was sucked out of the plane. authorities say someone phoned in a bomb threat at the wisconsin sheriff's office which is at the center of the popular netflix series "making a murderer" and getting justice for stephen avery. it played a prominent role in the show about avery's arrest and trial in the 2005 murder. police say they received the threat around 6:30 wednesday night and they searched the office, but didn't find any explosives.
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we have got some fascinating new video to show you. it is the only known wild jaguar currently living in the entire united states. look at him. it's a big cat. they call him el jefe and he's living an elusive life in arizona of all places. el jefe meaning the boss. he's been photographed several times over the years and he's never been caught on video until now. why am i whispering? i don't know. he's not coming this way. two conservation groups released this video yesterday. most wild jaguars live in remote south america. >> you're whispering and i got
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i started moving. tonight at 5:00, how safe is your passport. >> the big surprise on the jury duty summons that went out to hundreds of people. for bricking news weather update goes to nbcnew
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