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tv   News 4 New York  NBC  February 7, 2016 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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the eyes of the sports world were focussed on super bowl 50 in santa clara today, but believe it or not, we had some basketball to talk about. at the garden, the slumping knicks hosted the nuggets, and it was all denver in the first half. seconds later, carmelo anthony loses the ball and barton scoots in for the easy dunk to put the nuggets up by 19. doesn't that look like a pattern? another pattern. porzingis from downtown. 13 boar nods, but the nuggets pulled away down the stretch. and the difficult lay in to put denver up by seven with under three minutes to plamt the
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game, 101 hchb -96 and a season low, eight game under 500. >> sometimes i think wd'e play with too much pressure on us to make the right plays instead of playing basketball and enjoying the game. >> the same story almost every game lately, that we start of slow, missing shots and not having that energy, then it takes a lot of energy from us to get back in the game and work to get back there. so it's very frustrating. on the ice, the islanders were the only local team in action as they welcomed the last-place oilers to barclay center. leading 1-0 midway through the first period. the captain lights the lamp for the 19th time this season.
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as tavares setting up tal poe sew. give that man a hat. 8-1 the final. it was the islanders' biggest margin of vic thry from 18 years. the washington capitals continued to roll. niskanen takes the puck the length of the ice and splits four defenders and scores a brilliant goal. they lead by a whopping 17 points in the division. coming up on sports final, chad cass cadden is here in the stud to recap super bowl 50 and explain what happened to cam newton and the vaunted panthers fense. >> we coul and talk about this for a while, but this was the story. >> he was so bummed afterwards. i don't think he said much. >> no, did not play a great game. one game de nes your season, this was it. >>
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the street. tough to watch that. thanks for joining us. >> the search for the teenager seen in t,at video. right now police have the person who shot the video i custody. >> they're closed to arresting the teen in the assau . it difficult to watch. >> reporter: shocking, horrifying, disgusting. just some of the words people use to describe this viral video. a 17-year-old sucker punches an elderly man crossing the t reut, seemingly for no reason at all. now police say the 16-year-old who shot the video has turned himself in. >> what has society come to when we're going to stand there and take a swing at somebody? we're not going to tolerate that inna our c y. >> reporter: it happened about two months ago but it exploded online this week. we spoke with a resident who
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right away. she went to school with him. >> that man wasn't doing nothing to him, and he just hit him like that. >> reporter: has he ever done stuff like that before? >> he cursed out teache . no respect. >> reporter: but police know who is, too. they recognized him immediately, because they've had contact with him before. >> believe it or not, most of the intelligence came from police officers. >> reporter: but so far, the attacker is still out there. investigators say he knows police are looking for him. hinas family knows they're looking for him. that a's why patterson's police director is asking him to turn himself in. >> the best thing that llindividual can do is take responsibility for his actions. >> reporter: both the attacker and person who shot the video could face aggravated assault char s. luckily, the victim did not have serious injuries, >>, v y upsetting to atch. and late tonight we did learn that the attacker in that video is expected to surrender to authorities.
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ys that will happen at noon on tuesday. newly released surveillance video might show the people responsible for the mid-air explosion. you see a man handing something off to the suspected suicide bomber, possibly a laptop computer. according to investigators, that laptop was most likely the bomb that blew a hole in the airbus that blew up shortly after keoff. the two men are at least 20 ni rested in connection with that explosion. the u.n. security council ld an emergency meeting today condemning north korea's rocket launch. alh,l 15 members pledged to expeditiously adopt a new resolution with significant sanctions. while north korea says it launched a peacefu earth-observation satellite. they are not buying it. they say it could contribute to
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in taiwan, another survivor has been pulled from saturday's earthquake. however, the death toll continues to rise. it is now 36. and another 100 people and possibly more are still missing kein the wreckage of a collapsed high rise. monday is the first d of the chinese new year, but many taiwanese oelebration have been nceled. and those that have not been have been usually subdued. a radioactive water leak appears to have been contained. but some want to know why this happened in the first place. chuck schumer is urging the nuclear regulatory commission to order an investigation. after water with tritium leaked in whto the groundwater. there is no risk to the public, buatt senator schumer called this a wake-up call. >> this is radio ctive stuff. there's no excuse for pumps th eaking down and what can be
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we dodged the bullet this time. >> the nrc says a faulty water pump caused the leakage. part of the investigation should be to determine why it failed. tomorrow chipotle will shut down all of its restaurants to holiday a company-wide staff meeting about safety. it will run during lunch time from 11:00 to 3:00. it comes one week after the centers for disease control announced that the company's ekoli outbreak sickened p ple in nine differ states. an exclusive, abuse in jails. not of inmates, but those who co's a to visit family and friends behind bars.
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tonight, an extraordinary i-teamt exclusive. 11 women gathered right here in our settudio together, sharing similar stories of alleged sex abuse. they say their only crime was visiting inmates in new york city jails. >> they claim they were involved
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some of the descriptions are graphic. here's sarah wallace. >> with a show of hands, how many of you say you've been sexually assaulted. >> reporter: with this unified show of hand these women who'd never met before recognized they weren't alone. >> it goes way beyond just, you know, an invasive search. that's sexually molesting. >> reporter: the women claim they were violated by female correction officers while in the visiting areas of various jails, not only on like ers, but also at the brooklyn house. >> every one of you have been strip searched or body cavity searched. >> reporter: limited pat searches are allowed with a supervisor present.
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she went around my waist, and the next thing i knew, she had her hands in my vagina. >> shy e put her hands -- >> reporter: she made light of it. >> i was fully naked, and she took the glove, the rubber glove she had on and went front ways to my private area and told me to cough. i didn't consent to being searched, cavity searched. i didn't consent to being fondled. >> reporter: several of the women describe being told to squat and cough. >> she took her hand and swiped it in my private area, opened me up, and fondled my breast area. >> reporter: you're naked. >> i'm naked. i have no shirt and bra on. all i have is my panties down to my ankles. and she went under me with her face and told me to cough and watched me contract. >>g) reporter: some say they were
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randomly picked to be strip searched. >> all my clothes are on the floor. lift your breast up. the whole bend cough squat. >> i was headed back to my car. i felt like my body was here and my soul was somewhere else. i felt so empty and lost. >> i cried that day. i think all of us probably had that day. i was sitting there crying like for the whole visit. i was just crying. >> people would be scared to come out and say nick anything about t they don't want anything to happen to their loved ones. >> reporter: janette gave them courage. shes what the first, speaking out last november. her attorney has now filed more than a dozen claims on behalf of other women against the city. >> you know how wrong it is. it has to be wrong, because at least 60% to 75% of the people i have spoken to wound up hysterically crying as a result of the search. >> reporter: we sat down with
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>> dses i ccicern yr that we have this many women saying the same thing, virtually? >> it would concern me if we had one, so yes, it concerns me that we have 12. >> reporter: he would not dit scuss specic cases for legal reasons but did say the department as doubled the number of investigators to look into staff integrity issues. >> if anything's close to what's being stated, that's one incident too many. >> three did it with malicious intent, and they're going to keep doing it until all of us ladies get together and stop it, because we will get it stopped. >> several of the women also c sarah they believe they were targeted because of disputes that inmates had with officers. >> the city's watchdog agency, d.o.i., the department of investigation wants to hear from anyone 40 believes they've been illegally searched while visiting jails.
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you can also e-mail. still ahead, history in the making for a long island high school band. why they're heading to cuba to make music. also brace yourselves for more winter weather. not one, but two storms heading r way, and the first one hie.tting overnight. and i?'s going to hit during tomorrow's morning commute. we've got a lot to talk about
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it's been a thrilling month r the students at north shore high schoo >> they're traveling to cuba to perform and a making history by being the first u.s. band to
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>> reporter: it's rehearsal time for the north shore high school band. but there's a different vibe to tothese sessions. >> very courageous. behi daring and courageous. >> reporter: these youngo musicians are preparing to play for audiences who've never seen a live performance like this. later this month, they bring their music to cuba. >> the fact that they're going to havana blows our min pd. >> reporter: he calls his kids ambassadors. that may sound like a lot of pressure for teenagers. us >> reporter: but the 71 opportunities making the week-long trip embrace the challenge. >> it will show people that we cai n all get along. >> reporter: that's what the bauchl administration envisioned, when it began efforts to restore dlingt ties with cuba the north shore stuchts are among the first to be invited by cuba's ministry of cultural affairs.
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they'll perform in three cuban venues. but the gift to cuba will extend beyond music. >> i'm brings guitar strings. >> reporter: they will each deliver much-needed supplies to their cuban high school counterparts. >> they believe that they are doing something bigger than themselves. >> reporter: in the end, though, these are still teens, curious and anxious about a trip to a once-forbidden land. >> it's going to feel like going back in a time machine. >> reporter: a time machine where yes, cell phones probably won't work. >> being attached to my phone all the time, i'm really excited to like, get away from that. >> reporter: that excitement is now reaching a crescendo, as this trip of a lifetime draws near. >> you can learn a lot from them also, probably even more than they can learn from us. >> reporter: greg circle, news 4, new york. >> that's such a fantastic story. >> lucky kids.
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i'm dying to go. let's talk some weather with erica, and i see some warnings behind you. >> that's right. a winter storm warning is in effect for suffolk county for the storm that moves in tomorrow. that is for 3:00 to 6:00. the winter weather advisory for the five boroughs. then the coastal advisories for all of the south shore of long island and many locations of the south boroughs and for portions of kblgt and the long island sound. we have flood advisories for all of your shoreline locations in new jersey. we could see two to two and a half feet of tidal departure, so above your normal high tide. this is what we're going to expect from this snowstorm as it arrives. snow beginning before dawn for most of us. the heaviest snow will be late in the morning, and then the snow tapers off by the evening rush.
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as we head into the evening hours on monday, but then another round of snow arrives on tuesday. right now 38 degrees at princeton. princeton, you might not see anything tomorrow, but on tuesday you have a better chance of seeing that snow. 40 in midtown, 41 in poughkeepsie. you can see that system approaching. this is the wchb weel one we'll get tomorrow. hurricane-force wind warnings offshore of the carolinas right now. and a very disorganized system arrives on tuesday. this is what you can expect as far as the snow arrival time with monday's system. along the extreme coastline and for extreme eastern portions of long island at 4:00. 7:00 for the five boroughs, and then 10:00 further to the north, into west chester. less snow inland.
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putnam and duchess counties, also for bergen and passaic county out toward somerset county, but one to three for the boroughs boroughs. three to six for suffolk county and maybe out toward the twin folks you could see more than six inches. so a good amount of snow throughout the day. it looks like we're going to see the snow falling lightly throughout the entire day. but then windy conditions as well. winds gusting at much as 30 miles per hour. and that's going to prevent temperatures from riding. we're going to stay in the 30s. light snow from sun rise to sunset. but you saw the accumulations, not a lot of snow. on tuesday we f ve a better chance of snow for central new jersey and temperatures are remaining cold, an arctic plunge moving in late in the workweek, back to you.
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and we're coming right back. t first, here's bruce with a look at what's ahead. >> coming up on sports final, chad cascadden is here in the studio. it was all about defense, wasn't it? >> we haven't seen a defensive performance like that since about 2000, with the baltimore ravens going after it. the jets wish they had a defense like this. they were after carolina, i don't think you'll see anything like that in a long time. >> so what happened to cam newton and company? chad is here to talk about it in sports final right after news 4 new york. stay with us. y. sfx: doorbell beer's here! i heard you ordered bud light on minibar. uh...jb smoove?? i'll take that. order bud light now on
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oh, my god. >> an explosion fit for the big screen. a film crew wlu up a double-decker bus for the latest ja ie chan film. but they were on stand by n case anything went wrong. they posted a warning on twitter warning londoners that every prtulaaution had been taken. the broncos may have won the super bowl, but it was all about the pandas at the box office this weekend. >> i wonder what this does? i should pull it. >> kung fu panda stayed on top for a second week in a row. it follows po, the panda, as he
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>> it earned $21 million. coming in second, "hail caesar", and then the "revenant" ." babies won big. >> puppy monkey baby. who does t love puppies, monkeys and babies. it is another perfect combo of th ree awesome things. >> and t n there was this dorito commercial. >> give me that! >> ah! >> we just saw that one for the first time. an early taste forholeesy doritos. what was your favorite commercial? i want to hear this, because i need to catch up and watch some of them. check us out on social media and
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>> that was ridiculous.


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