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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  February 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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some of them critically injured. >> we have a variety of different injuries. but vast majority of the folks were able to get up off the bus and walk out. >> uninjured passengers were taken to a local school to warm up and get checked ou i police are still trying to figure out how and why the bus crashed. it was traveling northbound at the time. and it was snowing. unclear at this point if the foul weather played a role. >> as far as the cause of the crash, it's currently understand investigation by the con cticut state police. >> reporter: that portion of i-95 in madison, connecticut, exit 61 is still shut down at this hour. and we have reached out to the dahlia bus company for comment. they have not return our calls. we did notice, however, that a couple of wears back there was another incident on a dahlia bus, a disturbed passenger who was stabbing other people on the bus, the driver ended up pulling over and a state trooper shot
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we'll have more on the history of the bus company coming up at 6:00. for now reporting live in flushing, ida siegal, news 4, new york. >> focusing on the weather. this is what we're dealing with. flood cigarette making a mess of queens, new jersey and beyond. and in other spots, snow is piling up tonight. storm team 4 meteorologist janice huff is tracking this for us. >> long island gets the top numbers anywhere from 2.8 inches in bedford-stuyvesant bed up to 6 inches. new canaan 3.5 inches of snow. not much in the city. just flurries. it's coaching down lightly across much of long island. across to brookhaven, west hampton beach into fairfield
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the next storm system is on the way and we're trfcking that in our direction. should be here tomorrow. this will affect new jersey where you have winter storm wa ings and advisories. that goes into effect tomorrow. in the meantime there's also the problem with high tide this evening because of the high tide for these areas. a bit more flooding this evening. we'll talk about more on the snow and wt welian expect tomorrow in just a few minutes. >> as janice just told us suffolk county is getting the most. and one neighborhood won't be plowed at all. >> reporter: we have about five inches of snow on the ground here in riverhead. it is just coming down lightly at the moment. as you can see behind me a lot much black top is visible here on the main roads. but that's not the case on some
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riverhead where town plous never visit. williamson lane wasn't plowed when we arrived but that came as no aprise to residenu here. barry fox and his neighbors know if they don't move the snow no one else will. >> we're left on our own. it's a difficult situation. >> reporter: his concerns are no a few. we first reported on the more than a year ago. williamson lane is one of some 60 private roads in riverhead. roadsethat the town is not required bylaw to pl. but for 70 years riverhead did plow those roads until some homeowners threatened to sue the town for street damage down by plows. that's when the highway superintendent issued an ultimatum to residents, open these pr ate the roads the public or snow plowing would come to an end. >>ldf you want to stay private, then you stay private.
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50 private streets agreed to no make their rods public ones. a few of them refused. on g days like today residents on williamson lane must resort to shovels and snow blowers to dig them self out. if there's ever any issue on the lane here, we're stuck. >> i think either all the roads should get plowed or none. >> reporter: tonight riverhead's town supervisor tells me the residents brought all that frustration on to themselves by refusing to open their private streets and their private beaches to public. we're live in riverhead tonight. taking you now to queens flood cigarette a big problem in some neighborhoods there and residents are preparing for more trouble tonight because high tide is closing in.
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surge took many residents here by surprise. many tell me they usually move their cars here to higher ground but as you can see many didn't get to their cars in time. in fact you can see a little frown face on the windshield of this car and now residents are getting ready for another round of flooding. a total loss for this man's car. one of a dozen flooded during this morning's high tide. >> i didn't know it was coming. i missed the weather alert or something. >> reporter: the storm surge caught many here off guard. they awoke to their cars submerged in water. news 4 was there as residents tried to salvage their vehicles. this man had no luck either to make matters worse he lost his home during sandy and still hasn't rebuilt. he rents this house next door.
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we lost everything. just is very frustrating. >> reporter: construction is under way to protect the area from rising waters. the project won't be finished fo fr years. >> we're like a big family. everyone helps each other out. >> reporter: and back here live we're awaiting for high tide expected to come in here in about two hours. mayor de blasio said first responders and sanitation workers were out in areas that were flood. they are cleaning out the storm dreams and pre-salting all roads that are expected to freeze as we expect another potential round of flooding tonight. track the flooding conditions and our snow with our nbc new york app. you'll find any alerts you need to know. and breaking news in the race for president. today former new york city mayor
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first time he is considering a run for the oval office. >> reporter: it's the first time in this 2016 election cycle that it's actually come out of michael bloomberg's mouth that he's exploring a run still after several times flirting with a run. tonight advisors former mayor bloomberg tells me he believes the republican race has gone too far to the right and the democratic race far to the left leaving him a path to run straight down the middle. mayor bloomberg told the "financial times" that he's quote looking at all the options and saying quote, i find the level of discourse and discussion distressingly banal and an outrage and an insult to the voters. one adviser said the theory that michael bloomberg would only run for president if hillary clinton
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is off base. poll numbers convincing the bloomberg team his chances are similar whether it's sanders or clinton onto left. remember the enormously wealthy michael bloomberg can afford to drop a billion on the campaign like another candidate would view it as a drop in the bucket. he might appeal of people tired of partisan politics and politicians who owe favors. recent reports that the former mayor has asked his advisors draw up a lan for a pos ble independent campaign. bloomberg's advisors need to make a move in march to give themselves the time necessary to get bloomberg's name on the ballot. those of us who have covered mayor bloomberg closely he has toyed with thi idea of a white house run for many years. but he's never pulledhe trigger. perhaps not want took a spoiler, not seeing a path to victory, but this year could bring a different outcome plunging
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personality into this very crowded 2016 race. chuck? >> is the world ready for three new yorkers running for president >> this comes on the eve of a bi g day in the race for the white house. tomorrow is the new hampshire primary. today candidates are using every second to sway voters in their direction. we go manchester to find out everything we need to know. >> reporter: the snow as well. you talk about three new yorkers and we have f r new yorkers in this primary system, of course, bernie sanders, born and raised in brooklyn, hillary clinton the former senator from n york, donald trump the reality star and mogul and of course chris christie from new jersey, anyway in the new york area as gd!ernor of new jersey. two of them are leading in the polls, two are scrambling to keep up. crisscrossing new hampshire like ere is no tomorrow, and for
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bench s that's their fate. >> i believe we'll do very well. >> reporter: phone banks have bern going like crazhy. ask these wo clinton supporters. >> starting from dinner time to 9:00. >> you ever not want to answer the phone >> many times. >> do ysu ever not answer the phones? >> absolutely. >> reporter: yet they endure four to five calls a night. >> people in new hampshire care about this so we go through it. >> and feel it's important. >> very important. >> reporter: retail politics here is an art form. and it's a proving ground. >> voters are making this election who is best prepared to be commander-in-chief. >> reporte . a time to see just how strongly people believe about the issues of the day. >> it's got to be raised to a living wage, 15 bucks an hour. rorm former new york senator and secretary of state h lary clinton it's a chance to salvage something from a state that gives the advantage to her>> you may not support me now but i'll always support you. >> reporter: and for new jersey
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>> there's a difference between candidates about who is prepared, wh i' ready and who is d not. >> reporter: now, you have t admit chris christie is optimistic despite what the polls say. he's already released a schedule to campaign in south carolina which holds its primary 12 days from now. in the meantime all of these candid wes, almost all of them anyway will be campaigning tonight just hours before voters in new hampshire go to the polls. live in manchester i'm brian thompson, news 4 new york. >> watch for his reports rougut the next couple of daunys. you can also get the latest from him o nbc new >> still ahead tonight terror at sea. hurricane force winds shake up a royal caribbean cruise ship ath passengers are still stuck on board tonight. hear from some of them t 5:30.
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video of that crane that collapsed in try ibeca tribeca. >> all chipotle restaurants shut down temporarily.
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5:15 pm 4 gaits obtained new video from the scene of a deadly crane collapse in tribeca. >> investigators are trying to pinpoint what caused that crane to come crashing down. we have some new information. >> reporter: there's a lot of developments. first a lot of work still being done here. you can see it. you can hear it. they are jack hammering here just a short time ago. lots been done. west broadway it's back open. the sidewalk is back open. and all of this has the investigation continues. you're looking at the pieces to a deadly puzzle the mammoth crawler crane that collapsed in tribeca now in 35 pieces. only 4 gaits cameras at a brooklyn yard guarded by police, remains of the crane set to undergo an forensic examination.
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repair the damage done underground. neighborhood returning to business as usual. >> unfortunately until this morning we didn't have gas or water. so can't cook food or wash dishes without those. >> after being forced shut during the busy weekend neighborhood restaurant landmark is back. >> we're absolutely open for business, lunch and dinner. >> while mayor de blasio implemented new crane protocols restricting operations from 30 miles per hour 20 miles per hour, no one is paying closer rors -- operators control those cranes. >>my i think the mayor is doing the right thing. >>ri a 22 year veteran crane operator is speaking out. >> safety first. th dis is what we're taught. >> these men have also spent hours with kevin reilly the man operatiig the cr oe when"?t collapsed. >> kevin is doing as good as he can be.
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said the rater w t bringing the boom down when it collapsed. operator could have bailed oei of the cab. but jim says i- designee stayed in that seat, you know, put his life at stake to protect the public. he swung that crane to the street where it didn't hit those bu ildings adjacent to the job he was doing. for us kevin is a hero. >> back here live you see crews working through the dinner hour to get everything restored and back to normal. weaz talked to experts today and they tell us it could take weeks not months before they learn just what caused that crane to collapse. we're live tonight in tribeca. all new at 5:00 a man who took a hammer to the heads of o people at a brooklyn subway station got a 12 year prison sentence. this happened wo years ago at bedford-stuyvesant.
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behind as they bought their metro cards and got away with less than $200. he pleaded guodilty. janice is standing by. we're having a typical winter mix. >> we've seen snow today across the area. we have flooding because of this big low pressure system, a nor'easter that stayed far enough away from us. the shore area has big effects and across long island more snow four. look at it winding ut. it even kraused prooms we're talking about that cruise ship. just south of nova scotia and moving away. snow on the back side of it. yet another storm system coming for tomorrow and wednesday. so storm one is moving out. storm two is coming tomorrow. start off with on and off showers but heavier snow will come in late tuesday night into wednesday. coastal flood warnings are still in effect for south and east facing shores.
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n 7:00 and 11:00. then minor flooding for these areas in green. mainly across long islandusound, some of the back bays in new jersey you'll have minor flooding. not quite as bad. in terms of snowfall, now we got it in stages because it's gndng to come in stages. this evening, mainly just flur es across eastern long island you may see an additional one to two inches of accumulation over suffolk county. a coating to an inch over new jersey and the city toniodt. generally on the light side. still roads can be slick. toxcusrrow we stae, to get the second system coming in. 's coming in from t south and west. is heaviest snow tomorrow is across southern new jersey, two to four inches. central new jersey to the coast and south facing shores of long island coating to an inch. light. the city will come in that coating. north of the city it stays dry tomorrow. tomorrow night into wednesday morning, we're likely to see the highest time period for snow, tomorrow night
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morning four plus inches along the jersey shore. maybe a coating to an inch in the city. the farther south you go this time the more snow you're is going to see. today the city not much at all. a trace, bay side with a couple of inches just under an inch at laguardia. winds up there to 40 miles per hour. we have a lot happening with waves of snow coming through starting tomorrow into wednesday morning and then drink out. we get to the weekend with that ridiculously cold air that's coming in for the weekend with lows down in the singlutdigits, maybe belowzkero in some areas. dave price is coming up at 5:30 toalk about the impacts, what you'll see in your area whether you need a shovel or broom to get the snow away. he is off t he court and out of a job. the head coach of the knicks has been fired.
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fast after one and a half seasons as head coach of the new york knicks, derek fisher was fired today. a bad losing streak. poor effort. and even worse, execution spelled his doom. the numbers aren't pretty. 96 losses in a season and a half including a currents streak of nine in the last ten games. although fisher played for team president phil jackson all that lodsing caught up to fisher in the end. >> i atheist think it's the business of winning. and he was dedicated worker. some of that onus is on the players. >> reporter: into the fray steps in another jackson disciple. unlike fisher, he brings prior head coaching experience to the table.
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the knicks back to respectability. >> this is a historic franchise and this is a franchise and a fan base used to winning. we're not so talented we can just throw our talent out there and win games. we have to put an awful lot of effort into it. >> reporter: the knicks are currently five games out of a playoff spot with 28 games to play. now you may be wondering what i'm doing here at the prudential center in newark. that's because tonight devils all time great is getting his own statue. it's called the salute and at 6:00 p.m. during sports i'll talk live with marty. that's the story from the rock. i'm bruce beck, news 4 new york. back to you. >> still ahead as we continues a major rescue effort in taiwan. >> an earthquakekreduced 17 story apartment building to a le of rubble. many are believed to be still trapped.
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>> and coming up at 6:00f >> the snows in the new hampshire, kids onto bus in new york campaigning for the next president. >> when i heard the candidates speak yas eye-opening. >> join chuck scarborough and
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a recuse is still going on in taiwan. 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit on friday. workers pulled an 8-year-old girl alive from the debris today. 20 minutes late ear woman believed to be the girl's aunt was also pulled out alive so they are making progress. crews have rescued 170 people but the death toll is 38. >> chipotle is serving customers again after being closed for a meeting. they are recovering from a naonwide e. coli outbreak. earlier 50,000 employees filled conference rooms and movie
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company's top executives. they apologized and said chipotle is implementing new techniques. >> the u.s. agreed to send $250 to puerto rico to help fight the zika virus. the island has 22 confirmed cases of mosquito borne illness. the money will be used in part to help boost health services. puerto rico is on the list of place where's the cdc is adumvising pregnant women not travel. >> david is here with what's coming up. >> we got a new rabies warning tofu tell you. and what you s uld do to keep your family safe. flooding fears along the coast a tense evening in parts of our area where the worst is yet to come. and what's being done to protect
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