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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  February 9, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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time we head home. >> we've got a lot to talk about. the snow continues to come at us in waves. let's take a look. 6:00 p.m. today through noon wednesday, we have a winter weather advisory in effect. watch for snow squalls this time. so localized, much heavier in some locations and not a lot in others real nearby. we'll put the entire region within the 2 to 4-inch range for accumulations all the way from ocean county to suffolk county and fairfield. and then across long island and into connecticut. the live radar picture shows all this stuff moving in our direction. the flood threat has subsided after doing some significant damage this morning. we'll talk about the full forecast in moments. while the snow could be a problem tonight, many in our area are dealing with this right now. coastal flooding.
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morning flooding roads, damaging cars, even forcing our news crew to head to higher ground. katherine craig is in broad channel right now with the conditions there. >> reporter: talk about a fast getaway, rob. even in our news vans, we had to back up out of the street. at this moment, the water has receded. but imagine at one point there was 3 feet of water on this street. water going up to the headlights and taillights of the vehicles you see there. people had to go about their business, go to work, go to school, and neighbors ended up helping each other out. just getting to the school bus stop meant getting a lift from your neighbor to be carried across rising flood waters. in broad channel queens on west 12th road because of high tide this morning, water from the bay and canals flowed into the street. the water rose fast, so much so
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this is what the street looked like at 4:00 a.m. of the street. >> i have a car and moved it last night. >> reporter: other car owners weren't as lucky. flood waters yesterday ruined the engines of seven cars on this street alone. residents made their way across chilly waters to get to work or take their kids to school. >> very frustrating. especially since i lost my boots. the last flood took them. so there i am. >> it's always a surprise. you wake up in the morning and that's it. there's water. >> nobody knew. this was unexpected. >> reporter: not far in howard beach on cross bay boulevard at 164th avenue, drivers made their way across the flooded road. in so many communities near the bay, for a second day in a row, the water rose too close to their homes. and there is construction being done on this street and other streets in the neighborhood. construction workers tell us
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least 3 feet high to prevent that problem of flooding. but it won't be finished until two years. neighbors certainly looking forward to that day that they won't have to deal with flood waters in the street. back to you. meanwhile, flooding on long island left students there stranded this morning. >> the water rose fast while early bird students were already inside the school. storm team 4 continues our team coverage with that story. >> reporter: this island park elementary school behind me is literally surrounded by water. it's been that way all morning long. the water started rising at about 8:00 this morning. some kids were already inside the school. at that point, the school district alerted parents telling them to wait to bring their kids to class until the waters receded. during the last hour or so, we have literally seen some moms carrying their kids across the flooded streets. one man told us he also saw teachers doing the same. one mom described it for us
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frustrating one. >> when i got here, i thought, i'm here now, i'm going to walk across. carrying him and his books, i actually almost fell. it's not been the best morning ever. at least they're here in school and hopefully the water will go down. >> reporter: as you can see there, a teacher is now escorting one of the kids into the school. it's been happening all morning long here. right now, the water is a few inches deep. parents told us earlier, it was even deeper than this. the school has remained open throughout this situation, but some school buses have begun arriving in the last hour. as the waters recede, things are expected to return to normal here later in the day. news4, new york. this was the scene just a shs ort time ago on the northbound fdr drive. a backed up sewer flooded the roadway. it's still a slow go from the 20s up to the 90s on the east side.
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you n?n track the weather any time with the news4 new york app. tap the news4 logo in the corner and select the weather tab. jury expected to begin deciding the fate of an nypd officer on trial for shooting and killing a brooklyn man. we spent the morning in court in downtown brooklyn. >> reporter: some pretty dramatic moments from peter liang's defense attorney upstairs. robert brown maintained that the rookie crop followed protocol in the moments after the man was shot. he held up an empty glock to illustrate how much pressure or lack there of it takes to activate the trigger. both sides actually agree that peter liang did not intend to kill gurley in 2014. but he argu d that the prosecution was weak on facts in the case and failed to meet its burden of proof particularly
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of the rookie cop handling his weapon. during tearful testimony on monday, officer liang says he did not have the trigger on his glock when it went off. the district attorney held up an empty glok in his left hand and argued a gun can go off just like that and that the slightest flinch can cause it to go off. we are still standing by for prosecutors to present their closing arguments upstairs. there's charges including manslaug ner and official misconduct. that's the latest, news4 new york. new at noon, we have just learned the teenager who sucker punched a random man on the street has turned himself into police. we showed you this disturbing video of that 17-year-old violently knocking out this elderly man for no reason at all. it
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this video surfaced online just this week. that man fortunately is okay. a 16-year-old who shot that video also turned himself in just a few days ago. all right. turning to politics, the live picture now in bedford, new hampshire. voters there casting their ballots in the first primary of season. brian thompson is in manchester, new hampshire, with reaction to a very controversial remark i guess is one way of putting it from one of the candidates. >> reporter: that's an excellent way of putting it. there's been a steady turnout here really. this is the end of months of campaigning up here in new hampshire, the first primary in the nation. and certainly to a man and woman, everyone i've been talking with has been willing to share their thoughts. clearly, they take thei voting seriously here. this the scene at mid-morning at
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voters will tell you they take this responsibility gladly. >> for me it was who was best prepared to step into the job, gather a team around him or her and run the country. >> reporter: you could probably apply that attitude to most voters, no matter who they support. >> i like the conservative principles, keeping our country strong. >> reporter: i found only fiorina and trump volunteers outside this location. even the trump guy had kind words for fiorina. many of the candidates were crisscrossing polling locations, grabbing hands and looking for those last undecided voters. much of voting focus was on donald trump last night repeating a vulgarity in a female context from one of his supporters talking about ted cruz. >> she said -- i never expect to hear that from you again. she said [ bleep ]. >> reporter: the reaction of voters today. >> i like somebody who speaks their mind. >> reporter: even if he uses a vulgarity.
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>> what's surprising is that he's still a viable candidate. >> reporter: the latest nbc news polling shows trump still holds a big gop nationwide lead while clinton is ahead among democrats. now of course we had all that snow yesterday here in new hampshire. i was told it would not deter voters. you're probably asking, how much snow did they have up here. i've got my ruler, let see how much snow they had. there you go, about half a foot. and look at this. this is what they have up here. let's see if we can read this. their yellow tape is not police stap. it says no campaigning beyond this point. i guess those guys probably aren't really reading all that closely. sorry about the earpiece here. nonetheless, they love the political campaigns up here. and i think we're seeing just that. live in manchester, brian thompson, news4 new york. >> oh, you brought a ruler.
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you can depend on news4 for the results from the primary as soon as they are in. we'll bring them to you online at coming up next here at noon, you will not believe what somebody did to a 5-month-old puppy that now police want to pay you to help find the culprit. and the rally demanding changes and improvements to one troubled subway line. it's love week everybody. today i'm giving three single women the keys to being a keeper. plus, her affair with the pres idential hopeful john edwards was one of the biggest history. where is she now? the current relationship will actually shock you. today at 3:00. coming up next on "new york live" at 12:30, teresa giudice speaks out. what prison was really like for the real housewife. plus, we celebrate national pizza pie day. and brandi is stopping by.
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well, police on long island need your help finding the rson who threw a puppy from moving vehicle. fortunately, that puppy is okay. look at that face. on saturday night, this 5-month-old female puppy was thrown from a dark-colored sedan in union dale. if you h e any information on this, please call police. the nassau county spca is offering a reward. a city council member led a rally in sunny side queens today. they're upset about increasing delays and service disruptions ones seven line particularly during rush hour. they'd like a full lane review to highlight the problems and find a way to fix them. >> enough is enough. we have had decades of service
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disruptions and still there's not the service that we expect, that we deserve, and that we pay for. >> those attending today's rally also called for a couple of immediate improvements like better communication of service disruptions and improved station maintenance. one of new york's most famous eateries is back in business. carnegie deli is piling pastrami again today. the deli on 7th avenue at 55th closed last april after a gas line had been diverted. on their website, they say they're happy to serve their customers again with sandwiches and cheesecake. let's get to today's money report. e credit card company that is cutting out the middle man. >> that's right. bill joins us now from cnbc's global headquarters with that
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>>rtoday, kind of an indesie gh -- indecisive day. we're still getting a lot of earnings. disney will be out tonight. the dow is down 66 points, still below 16,000. interest rates are doing the same thing, going lower. that could be a good thing if you're looking to buy a home when the spring buying season gets started. mortgage rates are now at their lowest level in almost a year. the national average for a 30-year fixed is now 3.67%. down 28 basis points. the 15-year fixed is now at 2.79%.tithat was at 3.02% six months ago. because rates on treasury bonds are still going lower, that means mortgage rates will
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meantime, you mentioned this new initiative by visa. they've unveiled it this morning called consumer transaction -- just a second. it's called the consumer transaction controls. i knew i was going to forget that name. it allows you, the cardholder, to do your own security. you don't have to wait for the bank to do it. you can put spending limits on your card. you can receive immediate alerts about suspicious activity. and best of all, if you lose the card or it's stolen, you turn it off immediately so that it can't be used. you may have seen some banks that allow this right now. with this new initiative by visa, it will be available to all visa cardholders in the not too distant future. so watch for that mobile app. >> i call it the ctc. gets rid of that whole issue. myself. >> those of us in the know.
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>> thank you so much. >> see you tomorrow. >> all right. let's go to -- you know, it's shockingly cold today. we're really getting down there. >> this has turned out to be a somewhat unpredictable season. everyone thought spring for several months and then winter show up. let's walk on over to the weather wall and try to solve all the riddles that confront us today. the rain taking a break i guess to smooth out the ice for a moment. 33 degrees, cloudy skies out there. i saw a couple snow flakes. maybe you do too. more snow by evening by the way. heaviest probably central new jersey onto the island as another system rolls through the area. and then a weekend arctic attack. say that ten times fast. maybe that will warm you up over th we weekend if you do. the coldest air of the season. single digit temperatures. we'll get to that in a moment. if you missed the top of the
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alert, an advisory in effect for much of the viewing area. watch for snow squalls. some of this could bring heavy snow in a very short amount of time to some limited areas and then nothing just miles away. so slippery road conditions are going to be a possibility and a broad range of 2 to 4 inches possible including the city. so practically speaking, you'll be shoveling in these areas potentially in spots from tom's river over to long branch, east hampton and norwalk and west port. you'll be sweeping it off the porch in warwick and the upper section of westchester county. in poughkeepsie, no big deal again. you've gotten a lot of breaks this winter. here's the storm system. it's working on a trajectory from the southwest to the northeast. let's put it all in motion for you. 6:00 it's out west rolling into
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then by 8:00, we're seeing the squalls push into the jersey shore into the city and up through areas of the hudson valley and then by 10:00, it pushes out and envel lops all of nassau county and sections of suffolk county. what we're dealing with are colder temperatures. right now we're at 3 degrees. so there's not much room to go down. 29 in poughkeepsie. it's going to be chilly as we head through the next several days and chillier yet into the weekend. there's that snow tonight at 9:00. that's when it gets particularly heavy. here's what we see. again, 2 to 4 inches tonight. scattered snow flurries and squalls overnight. into thursday even we see some light snow into the morning hours. breezy conditions, too, so it feels cooler. then the temperature drops. a painful wind saturday. 6 degrees overnight.
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find someone and hug them on president's day 34. that's your forecast. we got a busy active night. janice will be here at 5:00 and i'll join you again at 5:30. >> dave, thank you. "new york live" is next at 12:30. >> hey, ladies. >> coming up right here, teresa giudice has her first interview since the release from prison. what the real housewife says life was really like. twist? we are checking out cool shows in the theater world sure to spice up any valentine's day. that and so much more. >> we'll see you then. still ahead, the man facing charges for assault by al investigator. i am not kidding.
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some drivers in california were filling up their gas tanks when something totally unexpected happened. the giant canopy over the pumps -- look at that -- collapses. workers were up on the roof. the canopy buckled before they could get down. amazingly, nobody, none of the workers or the customers filling up and trapped underneath that were seriously hurt. all right another crazy one. a man facing charges including assault with a deadly weapon. the weapon was an al investigator. police say he captured a gator from the side of the road then threw it into a wendy's thrive-through window. his parents say it was a stupid prank and a friend of his was apparently working inside. his parents are generous. >> yeah.
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if you haven't seen this, walk over to your tv and take a look. >> it is the cutest video of the day. this is the panda cub out trying to climb a tree yesterday. apparently got a little stuck. seeing that her cub was in trouble, his mom came to the rescue to help him down. that is so cute. the entire incident captured by the zoo's pan ka cam. he's 6 months old and still learning to climb.
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>> good for him. tonight on news4 new york at 5:00, you've seen the big promises get hundreds of dollars as a reward for switching your tv provider. >> what happens if you still don't get your money? >> go to >> yep.
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