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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  February 10, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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have found. no psychological history we can find. he has one prior argument with the mother of the children and that was from yesterday. they had an argument and he took her phone yesterday about 4:00 in the afternoon at the corner of victory and o'connor. >> there's a man in there stabbing babies and she's really scared and they told to her to close all the doors, that they can't find a man, that he already hurt three kids and you know, shut the windows. >> reporter: amanda didn't want to show her face but described the gut wrenching phone call from her sister who lives inside the ramada inn with her children. wanted posters are blanketing the area on staten island. a reward is being offered. they're scouring this area as
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for sykes. police say you should consider him armed and dangerous. if you have any information, call police immediately. we got some breaking news. nbc news confirming now that nj governor chris christie is dropping out of the race for the white house. david? >> nbc's kelley y o'donnell hearing it directly from the campaign that chris christie will suspend his run for president. this is breaking but not a surprise after his sixth place finish in new hampshire. it's a stunning turn of events when we think early on in the campaign how promising it looked for a christie presidency. earlier day carly fiorina also dropped out. for other candidates, though,
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campaigning. donald trump today was talking not just victory in new hampshire but the margin of victory, which surprised many political observers. >> i said i was going to do well there and we really did i guess even better than anticipated. >> in new hampshire, i had millions and millions of dollars spent against me. the light over came the darkness of negative campaigning. and i feel great about it t. >> kasich had company in south carolina today as jeb bush, ted cruz and marco rubio all headed there. >> in my mind you learn from it, you take lessons and you move on. >> chris christie's targeting of
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held hurt rubio but did not seem to help the governor himself. >> the more candidates in this race it makes it possible for trump to win these elections with 33-34 % of the vote. >> and again within the last half hour, nbc news confirming chris christie has dropped out. the rubber meets the conservative road in south carolina for the republican candidates. the field a bit thinner but no less intriguing. >> bernie sanders arrived in harlem to a big crowd this morning less than 24 hours after his victory at the new hampshire polls. as sanders works to keep this momentum heading into south carolina, hillary clinton vows to keep fighting for every vote in every state. a roaring crowd and a hug from al sharpton to welcome bernie sanders to harlem. >> so excited to see him.
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>> supporters gathered outside of sylvia's restaurant. inside the democratic presidential hopeful sat down with reverend sharpton, the same iconic spot where sharpton met with barack obama in 2008. the two spent about 20 minutes discussing the water crisis in flint, michigan, police misconduct and affirmative action. >> we will not be ignored. >> energized by the big win in new hampshire over hillary clinton yesterday -- >> the government of our great country belongs to all of the people. >> bernie sanders' supporters in harlem spoke of his voter appeal. >> what he has to say is truthful and i think that will cross overall age groups and races. >> hillary clinton's supports showed up, pointing out her time in the white house. >> she has experience.
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to be done with voters. >> i know i have some work to do, particularly with young people. even if they are not supporting me now, i support them. >> now reverend sharpton said he has not endorsed a candidate yet. he plans to meet with hillary clinton in the coming weeks. >> the next big contests take place on february 20th, gop candidates onto south carolina for the primary there and the caucus in washington state. nevada is the next stop for the democrats. go to nbc new or our news 4 app for campaign announcements, reaction from the candidates and everything else you need to know about. an after school instructor at a mosque in queens is under investigation, accuses of sexually abusing a nine-year-old student. >> reporter: chuck, a disturbing score ri
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the 46-year-old works at an after school program. that is in fact the mosque here the islamic center of jackson heights. police say he inappropriately touched a nine-year-old girl here twice over the past few months, once rubbing her chest underneath her shirt and a second time last week doing the same thing over her shirt. police say this all came to light during a sexual abuse prevention workshop at that little girl's elementary school where the kids were being taught using puppets what kind of behavior is inappropriate. the child then told the instructor what happened to her and it all came to this. the man was arrested last night for sexual abuse and child endangerment. the islamic center has not responded to our requests to talk.
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out of the hospital, nea[ larly a week after she was shot in the bronx. officer cruz was wheeled out of lincoln hospital today by her partner to cheers from her colleagues. both were shot as they were patrolling a public housing complex in the melrose section last week. the gunman died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. on long island two police officers are recovering from an encounter with a suspected drunk driver. they were looking for suspected involved in a gas station robbery in medical one officer fired several shots, shattering glass that injured a passenger in the car. a third pass ran away. a jury deciding the fate of an nypd officer has asked to handle the weapon used in that killing.
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the past hour. andrew? >> reporter: chuck, this is pretty remarkable and pretty dramatic. jurors got a chance to do that during the trial. and during deliberations they sent a note asking if they could handle the gun. and all 12 jurors pointed the gun and got to pull the trigger. they had a court officer captain next to them triple checking that the gun was empty, under scoring the drama as the juror y tried to figure out how peter liang's gun went off the night achi died. >>. >> it was on the side of the weapon along the frame. question, how do you know that?
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>> reporter: jury ored seemed focused on that moment when liang entered and shot gurley. the prosecutor hinted liang pointed the gun on purpose. >> the inflammatory and inappropriate remarks that were made during the prosecutor's summation yesterday. >> reporter: the judge said no. >> so the application is denied. >> reporter: liang is the rare nypd officer facing a jury after shotting an ing shooting an unarmed man. jurors have about 20 more minutes left of deliberations today.
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they will be back here tomorrow. still ahead, a terrifying trip is almost over for those passengers on board that caribbean cruise ship. it's set to arrive in new jersey tonight and we are tracking it. and students spring into action when their school bus driver suddenly got sick. with the exception of the blizzard, we've had it pretty easy around here this winter with above average temperatures. now we're about to see the coldest air of the season so far. you're going to need every layer you can find. and knew a man stabbed on a brooklyn sidewalk out of
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. finally just about four hours left in what has been a terrifying trip for passengers aboard a royal caribbean cruise ship. >> you may remember those hurricane force wind that rocked that ship as terrified passengers feared the worse. the ship is expected to dock in new jersey at 9:00 tonight.
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off the coast of long branch. >> reporter: no doubt those passengers will be happy to set food on solid ground again after their ordeal. their ship will make its way under the bridge behind me on the upper new york bay and then all the way around into the port here at cape liberty where the coast guard is expected to check the ship for damage caused by scenes like this one, hurricane force winds that sent chairs on board that ship flying sunday. huge 30 waves covered the windows of guest rooms, broken glass and over turned chairs were everywhere after the ship was tossed around like a toy off the carolinas. it ran into the storm. passengers telling us through skype that the captain told passenger over the loud speaker that this was one of the worst storms he'd ever encountered,
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in their rooms. one man from queens told us he and his family prayed, fearing the ship would split in half. as bad as it was, it appears there was no serious damage to the ship. we spoke to a man who was on board the ship last month and he also encountered some bad weather. >> we hit bad weather on the way back and i fell down and banged my head, got a big bruise on my backside. as a matter of fact, i saw this big huge round flower pot that i used to walk past every day. that thing was all smashed. >> reporter: florida senator bill nelson is calling for the nt ntsb to investigate why the ship was sailing days before the storm. royal caribbean telling us they plan to make the disembarking process as smooth as possible
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right now you're taking a look from chopper 4 at the anthem of the seas as it makes it way toward cape liberty. >> i'm sure they're excited. police in the bronx are looking for a violent thief who followed a man home, beat him up and robbed him. this is a photo of the man police are calling a person of interest in the case. officers say the man that they want to find followed the victim to an apartment building in the the fordham section, knocked the man over, punched him and stole 700 $700 from him. the transit union is planning to strike if the transit agency doesn't make a better offer. the union set a march 13th
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if the conductors do walk, it will be the first nj transit strike since 2013. the driver had a medical emergency. students say the driver failed to respond to them when they pointed out that he'd missed the exit to their school. as the bus driver swerved down the highway, the teens managed to get the disoriented driver to hit the brakes. one of them then put the bus in park, the other took the keys and called for help. no one was injured and the driver is listed in stable condition at a nearby hospital. time for the weather now. janice gave us a little hint earlier. we are heading down into the single didn'ts gits and by low with the windchill. >> the winds have increased so
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this is nothing, though, compared to what we're going to see this weekend. it turns blustery tonight. snow shower possibly here and there. and then the arctic blast comes in friday night into saturday. temperatures ranging from the upper 20s in monticello to the upper 40s in farmingdale. the 20s in cleveland and louisville, the teens in chicago and minneapolis and the single digits up around international falls. we see below temperatures across the region. the polar vortex that spoke of cold air that occasionally drops south is going to be dropping south to our area coming up this weekend. temperatures on saturday morning in the teens will feel like about 4 above in the city. outlying area will feel colder than that. sunday morning a temperature of
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will feel like minus 15 in the bitterly cold. and we probably won't climb out of it until the middle of next week. so 30 degrees on monday afternoon with a lighter wind will make it feel a little bit better, but sunday morning's record low is 2 above. that was set in 1916, a hundred years ago. we're forecasting five, but it could go lower than that so we're going to come close. you might see a flurry or two in the atmosphere later on tonight. but overall it's just cold and breezy. we fall down below freezing by 9:00 in the city. and then north and west in the morning, you've got flurries, your windchills are in the single digits tonight. wind gusts up around 40 miles per hour. a few scatters snow showers here
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it's mainly the cold with the painful winds too. temperatures in the 20s will feel like the teens and single digits at times. tomorrow, dress for the windchill. 29 is going to feel like 19 most of the day. make sure you're all layered up. this will be the coldest air of the season so far coming in saturday night into sunday. we won't even make it up to freezing over the weekend. here's a look at your seven day forecast. valentine's day will be the coldest day at 18 for the high temperature. that morning about 5 degrees. and then it gets a little bit better in terms of the temperatures, windchills go away by tuesday. president's day is cold but not as cold as what we're seeing. 30 and sunshine. rain showers coming up tuesday and highs back into the 40s by then. dave price is coming up in just a few minutes to track those
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neighborhood by neighborhood for this weekend. christian is s here and around e gun begun the season leading unto ing ing up to easter. today is ash wednesday. this year the pope is suggesting for lent people give up indifference to others. a recall involving nearly half a million trucks. the issues with the brakes tha you in serious danger.
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we have a commuter alert for you right now. there are delays on the a, c and e subway line. we're told a person has been hit by a train on canal street. general motors is recalling trucks because of the brake pedals that could come loose and not work. there have also been no reports though of any accidents zu to the -- due to the problem. volkswagon is planning to recall 680,000 cars with those potentially dangerous takata air bags.
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2006 and 2014 have takata air bag inflators which can explode and spray metal fragments. in connecticut a proposed budget cut could reduce funding for the university of connecticut by about 30 million dollar. u who is the driver of a self-driving car? is it the human inside the car or the computer that's running the car? federal regulators are now weighing in. the national highway traffic safety administration say it will interpret the computer that is piloting the car as the vehicle's legal driver. that will give the vehicle's developers more flexibility in meeting safety standards. it's getting close to tax
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this year you might get a letter in the mail from the irs. it is not a bill, though, or a refund. what you need to know coming up. plus a man stabbed in broad daylight seemingly out of nowhere. why police are investigating whether this is a hate crime. also four years after her family was killed in a christmas day fire madonna badger sits
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