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tv   Saturday Today in New York  NBC  February 13, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag, two united club passes, priority boarding, and 30,000 bonus miles. everything you need for an unforgettable vacation. r the united mileageplus explorer card. imagine where it will take you. now on today in new york, subzero windchills prompt warnings to stay inside this weekend. what you need to know. plus will the coast guard allow another cruise to set sail.
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sale that turned violent. one family says the surveillance video doesn't tell the whole story here. welcome to today in new york this morning on the 13th of february. >> the big story today, the weather. when you go out the door, you're in for a shock. right now we're going over to the storm team 4 weather center. >> just getting into the cold stuff right now. the winds haven't kicked in yet. it feels cold, yes, but nothing like what's coming our way. we have all these warnings and advisories to get to. all these counties shaded in this blue color including long island. where you have the pink color, that's the windchill warning. that's where we're going to see the worst. that's where we'll see windchills as cold as 35 degrees below zero late today into tonight and even into your sunday morning. here's a live look at storm tracker. we are watching some light snow
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but it could be slippery in spots. otherwise clouds and clear skies mixing around. these are your current windchills. again, yeah, it's cold. windchills in the teens and single digits. even 3 below in monticello. this is nothing compared to what's to come over the next 24 hours. you'll see in your day planner, temperatures falling throughout the day. normally they rise. not today. look at the wind whils. feels like 11 now. by lunch, feels like 2 below. and feels like 9 below by 6:00 p.m. we'll track the windchills coming up in your full forecast. over to you. >> thank you. >> and in light of this weather, city officials warning people not to take this arctic blast lightly. >> this type of cold as we know is dangerous. frostbite can take hold in minutes. natalie natalie pascarella has more. >> reporter: all bundled up for the brutal cold moving in
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weekend game plan for many here in brooklyn included yohansa fernandez and her boyfriend. >> i think i'm going to literally stay home. no going out this weekend, no doing anything. i think pajamas with fuzzy socks. >> we need to focus on the most vulnerable. the elderlies, the kids. >> reporter: frigid temperatures expected all weekend long. conditions doctors warn are extremely dangerous. >> this is a deep frostbite. this is where you actually start to do damage to all the layers of your skin including the nerves where you can't feel your fingers at all. >> reporter: ahead of the economy, there was a spike in calls. 6 complaint 6,000 complaints for no heat or hot water. for some staying inside just isn't a reality. delivery driver bobby scott is just starting his weekend on his moped braving the cold. >> i can't. i've got to be in it.
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i've got to get it to them. >> reporter: now, today at 9:00 a.m., the mayor is supposed to hold a press conference here at the office of emergency management likely to urge people to stay indoors and take care of the elderly. for now reporting in brooklyn natalie pasquerella. >> the mayor will have a press conference at 9:00 a.m. we'll bring you the words here live on the broadcast. >> and of course you can track the cold. use our news 4 new york app. select the weather tab and you'll find all of our interactive forecasts, alerts, and all you need to help you stay safe during this weekend's deep freeze. weather also affecting the communicate. train service in and out of penn station is back on track after
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the bitter cold caused a rail to break on amtrak's line. amtrak and new jersey transit commuters rushing to get home for the weekend faced hour-long delays. no matter where they were headed, they were forced to wait it out. >> and we walked in and i saw delay, delay, delay, delay. >> not a good feeling. >> it's life on transit some time. >> wintertime you have to think there is at least 15 to 20. 45 minute is too much. >> a train broke down because of a mechanical issue. completed. seas. royal caribbean passengers, they're in limbo waiting to find out if they're going to make it out of port this afternoon. anthem of the seas is expected to ship out at 3:00 p.m. they'll see whether the cruise will be canceled. the ship.
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cosmetic, it was said. but the final coast guard test scheduled at 8:00 this morning. a man who placed a craigslist ad to sell some sneakers is facing charges this morning. he's accused of running down the person he says tried to rob him instead of buy those sneakers. it was all captured on video. news 4's michael george has the exclusive details. >> reporter: look at the top of your screen. you'll see an accused robber run over by his alleged victim. but in an exclusive interview with news 4, this family member of the suv driver who asked us to hide his identity calls this self-defense. >> and the kid started following him and the kid pulled out the gun to shoot him while he was in the car. and that's when he tried to protect himself. >> reporter: this wild story started when the suv driver posted an ad selling air jordans
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surveillance video showed zachary sam entering the vehicle for the sale. police say the teen then pulled a gun and stole the shoes. >> put the gun to his head said he would shoot him. >> reporter: he leaves with the shoes. that's when the suv makes a u-turn. 20 seconds later, he drives over him. the accused robber losing an arm in the crash. did he hit that person intentionally? >> he did not hit the person intentionally. he said to me when he saw the guy, the guy pulled a gun out to shoot at him. >> reporter: and that's why he accelerated? >> yes. >> reporter: after the crash, the two appear to scuffle and a crowd starts to gather. the badly injured robber runs for it despite missing an arm. but he doesn't get far. now both men are facing criminal charges. the family of the driver says that's not fair. >> he's a very good man. he was making money for his
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>> reporter: and the driver is 38-year-old phillip pierre. now facing attempted murder charges. as for the accused robber, he's in the hospital. today in new york. a new jersey pastor is now facing disturbing accusations. 68-year-old vialla is kussed of sexually abusing two girls between the ages of 13 and 16. both are members of his church. he was arrested yesterday and is facing several charges including child endangererment. surveillance video police hope will help them track two brooklyn. the man and woman in this video pushed a 66-year-old woman to the ground and stole her purse. if you recognize these suspects, you are asked to call crime stoppers.
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woman attacked a 70-year-old driver. the woman asked to be taken to times square but became upset when the driver turned on the meter. that's when she allegedly beat the driver and jumped out of the cab. the driver refused medical treatment. the suspect in the machete attack at an ohio restaurant was known to the fbi. agency said he expressed extremist views but wasn't under surveillance. he started swinging a machete. four people are hurt. all expected to recover. police shot and killed him when they say he lunged at one of the responding officers. decision 2016. the gop presidential candidates will square off in another debate tonight in south carolina. and things are getting ugly again between donald trump and ted cruz. trump is also threatening to sue the senator for, quote, not
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trump also called cruz a liar for running negative ads against him. it didn't take long for cruz to fire back. >> well, i will say there's more than a little irony in him accusing anyone of being nasty given the amaze ing e ing torrent of vulgarities that come out of his mouth. >> and the gloves are also off on the democratic side. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are sparring over loyalty to president obama and the cost of sanders' medicare for everybody proposal. donald trump, marco rubio, and john kasich will appear on "meet the press" sunday morning. catch all the action here on news 4 at 10:30 right after today in new york. and pope francis this morning begins his first full day of a five-day visit to mexico. he arrived last night to a crowd overwhelmingly excited. francis blessed children. he waved to cheering crowds.
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drove through the city in the pope mobile. the pope is planning to visit the most poor and violent areas in mexico. also an historic meeting with the leader of the russian orthodox church in cuba. and a deal to allow commercial flights to the communist nation. it's been five decades since the last commercial passenger flight between the united states and cuba. and it is the lunar new year. in queens today, residents are going to usher in the year of the monkey. a parade of colorful floats in flushing. as many as 100,000 people really expected to line the streets for the parade. it kicks off at 11:00. the monkey is seen as skillful, socialable, and successful at solving problems. told. there you go. coming up on today in new york on this saturday morning, words of warning to those
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plunge for a good cause. what participants in that polar plunge need to know about the dangers. plus -- >> i am cat greenleaf. coming up after the break. and we've got windchills in right now. but it gets much colder. dangerously cold, in fact.
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here's hoping lady liberty has some long johns this morning as she stands guard. it's going to be what pat battle would say is a four, five, does the layer system go up to six? >> i was thinking seven to be honest with you. people think how do you put on seven layers? i'm going to post that later today. show them how. >> here's people not wearing any layers or a little bit. it's not beach weather, but people heading for the polar
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how about that? yeah. >> uh-huh. they are getting ready to hit the water. yes, the icy water, for this icy event. they're not going to let the near-zero windchills on the sideline. but people say the thrill may not be worth the risk. >> i'm already really cold, but i'm still going to go in. >> running in, going under, running back to our house. >> i would suggest not to push it this year. it's going to be extremely cold. common sense. >> well, extra balance squads will be at the beach along with a triage bus and extra police. the plunge scheduled for 2:00 this afternoon. when the temperatures are expected to be heading right -- >> the winds are going to be really howling by then. that's the problem. the temperatures are gradually slipping away but the wind's picking up throughout the day. that's going to bring the windchills below zero for that plunge.
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in russia they do it all the time and say it's good for the health too. >> it's good for you. >> all right. >> so this is a situation that's going to get better by the hour. >> yeah. this is the easiest we're going to have. it feels like 11. that's the warmest all weekend. enjoy if you have errands to do. you can see temperatures are in the 20s right now. 21 degrees and we have mostly clear skies outside. we have a little bit of snow off to the west. it's 11 or 11 is the wind chl at this hour. again, this is going to be the best it's going to feel. winds will pick up. we have the cold in place. we don't have the wind. it will come up throughout the day. even record low high temperatures tomorrow. explain that in a few minutes. here's your windchill forecast though. region by region. 15 to 20 below. this is tonight through tomorrow morning.
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15 to 10 below rather. 20 to 15 below in nassau county. northern new jersey, could be as cold as 20 below by tomorrow morning. the worst is for our northern counties. everywhere shaded in pink here. you are going to see those windchills below 20 below zero. so as cold as 35 below zero deep into the hudson valley. dangerous for sure. you can see on storm tracker, very quiet around the city. but we have snow showers off to the west. right now feels like 19 in poughkeepsie. feels like 10 in bridgeport. this is only because the winds haven't started to pick up yet. talking about the record for valentine's morning. painfully cold air sliding in through the morning. now overnight tonight, the thermometer will drop to 2 degrees. that's our forecast low. and that would tie the record for coldest valentine's morning. and that was 100 years ago in central park. we have that record to come close.
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this is what it feels like. you can see the windchills slipping away. places like danburiry and even down the jersey shore. by 4:00, 5:00, windchills between 10 and 15 below. the winds are howling. it's absolutely dangerous to be outside for any period of time more than a minute or so at this. you can see around 9:00, more of the same. not a good night for dinner outside. sorry for the restaurants. windchills around 10 to 15 below in the city and cold as 30 below in monticello. this is why we're telg you to stay indoors. you can't find a positive number here. 32 below in monticello. this is overnight tonight and tomorrow morning. stay in bed with us. we'll be here. you want to not be outside. i know the dogs, you have to walk the dogs this weekend. that's going to be a tough call.
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31 below in monticello. gradually better by tomorrow noon. that's when we see the winds dying down and the windchills get back to around 2 below which is less dangerous than it will be tonight. you can see the seven-day forecast. 2 for your low tonight. 17 tomorrow. that's the best we can do. but the winds do die down by tomorrow afternoon. then it gets stormy. a wintry mix starting out with snow changing to rain. look at tuesday's high temperature. even though it's raining it's going to be -- select the weather tab. see the forecast, use radar, and learn to submit your own weather video. available in the app store right now. over to you. >> thank you. 6:19 and he gained fame on youtube. now he's releasing a documentary about his life as an internet sensation. >> cat greenleaf sat down with tyler oakley in today's "talk stoop." >> i am cat greenleaf.
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youtuber or s rks wewrity. you're famous for being you. >> hello, everyone. i'm tyler oakley. >> did you set out to be a media professional? >> no. when i graduated i went and got a real 9:00 to 5:00 job at a desk. i was working on social media for other companies. and it was the most frustrating thing because i would do that all day, have to jump through so many hoops. then i'd come home and do my own stuff where i had free rein, i could do it my own way. >> let your freak flag fly. >> that was working well. >> thanks for hanging out for me today. >> this fame you garnered has allowed you to do amazing things. you met michelle obama. you sang with one direction. >> yeah. those things that happened, never could have predicted. that's one of the things that people that don't get what i do, they're like, wait, what do you
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>> a lot of people in my life, they don't get what i do. i'm 26 years old and i'm wearing a onesie on stage. >> in this documentary of yours called -- >> "snervous." it means scared and nervous. it follows the life in a year of a youtuber. but for people who have never heard of me, it's a good peek into the world. it's something that's happening. >> finally, where is it going? i mean, i hate to be like what do you want to be when you grow up? >> i would like to be a dad. who knows. i would like to take a nap. that would be great. last year was a lot of travel. this is where it's going to be. >> thank you for being on the show. >> you can just -- >> okay. thank you. >> we can all relate to that. you can watch a half hour of talk stoop with cat greenleaf every sunday at 9:00 p.m. on cozi tv. and we will have much more coming up after the break.
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smith with your fandango weekend ticket. >> hey, everybody. so there are three big movies opening up this weekend. we've got "how to be single," "zoolander 2" and the one i have been waiting for "deadpool." i'm super excited. but which one is right for you? first up "how to be single." this is loosely based off of the book. it focuses on four women at different stages of love in new york city and throw in one play boy who runs a bar. this is definitely a little bit raunchy, super sassy, and rebel wilson steals every scene that she's in. if you can mix a sex joke with lord of the rings, i am totally on board. this is one to take all your girls to. next up we have 'zoolander 2" which is the sequel to one of my favorite comedies of all time. of course in this movie we've got our favorite characters back
6:23 am
new ones like penelope cruz and benedict cumberbatch. this is one i'll have to see multiple times. and finally "deadpool." okay, this one lived up to this comic book girl's expectations. super ultra violent, raunchy jokes. i mean, this is like no superhero film we have seen before. who are the good guys and who are the bad guys? you'll have to watch the movie to find out but for me it ended with blood, tears, and tacos. now let's see what movies our fans are buzzing about on this week's fan-ticipation. here are this week's scores. that's what's going on this weekend at the movies. for today in new york, i'm
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well, presidents weekend is one of the busiest times of the year for ski resorts across the country, really. >> yeah. but a new video posted online, it's going viral, and it's reminding people to be cautious on the slopes. >> heads up. it's okay. it's okay. here we go. >> oh, dear. >> i got you. >> winston gosk was skiing with his son in the trees last weekend. ethan suddenly lost control and he got -- you can see him there buried in what they call a tree well. hesk able to rescue him, thankfully. the folks say the video is an important reminder about skiing safety. >> i'm a new parent so my heart skipped a beat when i saw that. the timing on this is really good. so when families come up and enjoy the holiday weekend, they can remember to teach their kids about safety. >> goes on to say skiers should always stick together and keep
6:27 am
coming up next at 6:30, the number of zika cases in the city is climbing. we'll have an update on the latest warnings for women. and there are questions about training after an nypd officer's conviction. and dangerous cold grips the tristrait this weekend.
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one thing you can't say when it's this cold 21 degrees and getting colder here is there are beautiful skies. >> uh-huh. gorgeous. >> welcome back to today in new york. i'm gus rosendale. >> and i'm pat battle. it is going to be a seven layer-plus today. the temperatures are going to continue to plummet. our top story is the weather. raphael miranda with that in the weather center. >> that's right.
6:30 am
this is maximum potential for the city and the suburbs. dangerous cold we're talking about. here's the latest advisories and warnings. that pink color, all the counties north of town. rockland, fairfield county. and these are the spots where you'll see windchills between 25 and 35 below zero. this goes into effect at 1:00 today, that's when the winds start to whip up. the coldest time will be later this afternoon overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning. new york city not out of the woods by any means. and all these counties shaded in blue. that's where you'll see windchills between 15 and 25 below. you can still get frostbite for sure. you definitely want to avoid being outside later on today, tonight, and tomorrow morning if you can. if it's an emergency, of course, you have to go out, dress with as many layers as you can. here's a live look at radar. some light snow showers off to the west. not a big deal.
6:31 am
just keep that in mind. step outside right now, you may think it feels like 11. it's not that bad. it does get colder with the winds chills picking up. 2 below by lunchtime. 10 below zero around 6:00. that's when it's really dangerous with the cold. what we're expecting coming up in the seven-day in just a few. over to you. >> thank you. in a lot of areas the temperatures are going to get down to zero. not counting as raphael said the windchills. >> hundreds of residents in the area have no heat and no hot water. so what's the city doing about it? andrew siff has that story from washington heights. >> reporter: 6-year-old jayden morris knows the drill about this weekend. >> put on a hat and put on gloves and put on a scarf so then you stay warm. and don't get sick. >> reporter: but warming your body is one thing. thousands of new yorkers are worried about warming their homes. we got an exclusive tour of a
6:32 am
complex in washington heights. the general manager took us to the boiler room. and we're talking about a giant boiler. take a look. thousands of tenants depend on it working this weekend. if that thing goes down, lots of people don't have heat. >> that is true. but we have a lot of folk who is are in the area to respond to it. in the neighborhood we have a mobile boiler unit that's in place that we can put in place quickly to get the heat back up quickly. >> reporter: so you've got heat on wheels you can bring here within minutes. >> not just at this site but located throughout the city. >> reporter: outside of public housing, there's been a huge spike in calls this week about no heat or hot water. >> everybody needs to alert their property manager. we need to know right away where that's not happening. >> reporter: meanwhile, it's children and the elderly who are most at risk this weekend. suzanne bracker is concerned about her mom in forest hills.
6:33 am
having enough heat. i need her to stay warm and healthy. >> reporter: weekend today in new york. >> outside of public housing, there has been a huge spike in calls this week about no heat or hot water. 1200 complaints tuesday. 1100 wednesday. 1800 both thursday and friday. as dangerously cold temperatures settle in, there is a rush to get people who are stuck outside to safety. the mayor activated a code blue warning. the city is adding extra teams to find anyone who needs a warm spot to stay. the outreach teams they they'll call 311. track the cold with our news 4 app. select the weather tab and you'll find our interactive forecast, weather warnings, and other tools to help you stay safe this weekend. and right now firefighters in new jersey keeping a close eye on a huge fire that burned for nearly two days.
6:34 am
in hillsborough is now contained. making sure the hot spots don't flair up again. they say that plastic pellets were being stored in that complex and environmental officials are testing the air quality to make sure it is safe. fortunately no one was seriously hurt. a long island family says it has evidence to prove the death of their loved one was a homicide. shannon's body was found along with the remains of ten others. investigators tied the other deaths to a serial killer but could not determine gilbert's death. the family hired an examiner to evaluate the body. he now says she may have been strangled. >> it's time now for the police department to do the job they have failed to do up until now. >> it's just basically about finding out the truth and giving justice to her and the other families as well. >> the suffolk county police chief says they are looking into the findings before reactivating
6:35 am
the conviction of peter liang is raising questions about the training of rookies. he was conducting a vertical patrol along with another rookie officer in 2014 when liang fired his weapon and killed akai gurley. the nypd is now pairing two rookie officers with a more experienced field training officer. >> we have trained over 800 field training officers over the last year in the department. and those field training officers are solely dedicated to supervising and mentoring and training the new recruits when they graduate from the police academy. >> the president of the sergeants benevolent association is calling upon the commission tore suspend vertical patrols. but police say it is essential for safety in public housing. and peter liang's partner is now
6:36 am
the nypd fired landau. liang was let go immediately after that guilty verdict came down on thursday night. a second person may have contracted the zika virus in putnam county. two patients recently traveled out of the country. one tested positive for the mosquito borne virus. senator chuck schumer now urging the government to appoint a zika czar to avoid the panic we saw with the ebola scare. michigan's governor will answer to congress about his handling of the flint, michigan, water crisis. rick snyder accepted an offer to explain what caused that lead contamination in flint's water supply. there have been calls that snyder resign over his handling of the crisis. meanwhile, the mayor of flint fired the police and fire chiefs as part of a restructuring plan. overseas the death toll from the earthquake in taiwan continues to rise.
6:37 am
bodies from the rubble of the apartment in taiwan. two architects are being held on suspicion of what they call negligent homicide. they're accused of cutting corners in kruk. still to come, raphael miranda will be back with a check of the forecast which is getting colder by the minute.
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there's cold and then there's dangerous cold. we are dealing with that today, aren't we? >> yeah. by the afternoon. right now in the cold stage. windchills around zero in some spots. we've seen that before. it's the 20, 30 below range that we're getting to tonight. we'll time it out in just a minute. you can see it is dry in the city. we have mostly clear skies, some clouds. it feels like 11 in central park. and it's going to get much colder again. this is the warmest time of the weekend right now.
6:40 am
lot of, freezing spray advisory in effect for everyone right along the shore here. that spray that kicks up off the ocean will freeze on contact. so if your car is right along the shore, it may get a coating of ice on it. also of course the boats look for the light to moderate ice accumulation. that's how cold the temperature is going to be. even the ocean water with the salt in it will freeze on contact later on tonight. we're talking about the windchills again. this is region by region. 10 below to 15 below. jersey shore, nassau, suffolk counties, new york city, the five boroughs. then as you head to northwest, that's where e the windchills later on tonight into tomorrow morning will be well below 20 degrees below zero. very dangerous windchills here. on storm tracker it is quiet. we had light snow showers in western new jersey, but nothing major there. windchills right now in the
6:41 am
feels like 11 in islip and 5 below in monticello. we're looking at the potential for two cold records on valentine's day. potentially the coldest high temperature as well. it's been as cold as 17 for a high temperature on your valentine's day sunday. and that's our forecast high for tomorrow. so we could break, if we don't even get to 17 that's a possibility we could set two separate temperature records in central park. here's what it feels like later on today. the numbers keep going down. an we are well below zero by 4:00 were 5:00. that's when especially once the sun goes down, it's going to feel brutal out there. feels like 25 below in the hudson valley. then again the worst probably after 8:00 p.m. when we see those windchills in the teens. and by overnight tonight, that is when it is dangerous. 32 below in monticello. we have windchills all around the region. look at the hamptons. 20 below in hampton bays. doesn't get better by tomorrow morning.
6:42 am
some folks will peak in terms of how cold it feels. windchills between 20 and 30 below from dan burr to monticello. feels like 14 to 15 below zero. eventually warming up throughout the day tomorrow. for today temperatures dropping throughout the afternoon. dangerous cold and the winds are out of the northwest around 20 to 30 miles per hour. overnight tonight, there's your low. tying a record in central park. that's 2. that's the actual temperature. but again windchills around 20 below in central park at times. you can see in the seven-day forecast, gradual improvement tomorrow because the winds are going to be lighter. still going to be frigid with a high of 17 degrees. then temperatures steady overnight. monday back above freezing dealing with a wintry mix and rain on tuesday. then much milder heavy rain and high of 50. stay up to date with the app. you can see the latest forecast, use sbraktsive radar, and submit your own weather video.
6:43 am
over to you. >> thank you. coming up after the break, a powerful play returns in this week's visiones. >> and treats to keep out of your pet's reach. plus we'll introduce you to
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6:45 am
sflmplts audiences are going to get another chance to see a performance that garnered rave reviews around the world. >> here to explain is lynda baquero with this week's visiones. >> critical acclaim and popular demanding with a powerful play hits new york stages once again. here to explain are lead actress in ashes of light or the play's award-winning writer and director. great to have you both. >> thank you. >> congratulations.
6:46 am
it's been performed in the dominican republic. there's a production being put together in argentina. and it's being studied on the university level. why do you think this play is striking such a chord with audiences? >> marco wrote a great story of the two generations trying to find a place together. and that's such a common thing that will never end. no matter what culture. you know, the kid goes away to school and forgets where his mom needs. and she's a single mother. i think that touches a chord with everyone. children forget the elders. >> we've got some images of the production. and you play the main character, right? >> yes. i am the mother. my son has gone off to college for some time now. he's been gone now for five years. he's graduated and everything. he just hasn't returned. and his father passes and so he comes more for that. and of course i'm excited to see him.
6:47 am
certain things. >> some drama there, yeah. and we should point out the subject matter is mature. probably not appropriate for young children. this is -- what is this based on any particular experience? you were born in the dominican republic republic, right? >> i was born in new york city. but formative years were in the dominican republic. but then i grew up on the upper west side. i was surrounded by these dominican women that were just fighters. and they're very street knowledge and they're all about giving you a lot of love and a lot of food. there's a lot of food in this play. but it's also tough love. so that's kind of what the play also addresses. in dramatic comedic form. there's drama and comedy. it's a universal theme of tough love with parents and children. >> something that strikes -- so many people can relate to. tell us about the performances. coming up starting february 18th?
6:48 am
26th. the last week will be a thursday and friday at 7:30 p.m. at the dominican commission of culture up in the heights. >> that's right. 541 west 145th street. tickets are only $15. what's the website -- >> crazy. >> yeah. >> and only six performances. >> limited production. again this has received such rave reviews. tell us where people can get tickets. >> get your tickets because we're almost selling out. look it up as luz. you can also look up the whole name. but luz. and get them now. >> very quickly, i know you've been working lots of different things. any -- i know that we've got a season coming up on netflix of a show you're on. any other productions you want to talk about? i know there's only certain information you can give. >> only certain information i can give.
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request t the unbreakable kimmy schmidt." >> presented in spanish with english super titles. both english and spanish speaking audiences can understand. thank you so much. >> gracias. in new york state, we believe all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today
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the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. with hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl. dd perks members, indulge in a medium hot or iced latte or macchiato for $1.99.
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6:51. time for this morning's pet profile. tomorrow is valentine's which means flowers and candy. for our valentine's day favors, that can pose a danger to your furry friends. nancy, before we get to that, i think we'd be remissed if we didn't talk about the cold weather. >> it's important to know if you
6:52 am
is too cold to let them outside for too long. we suggest that only relief breaks today and tomorrow while it's so cold. walk them to the corner and back and then straight back home for inside play. >> super quick. all right. so when it comes to valentine's day, what are we concerned about? certain flowers and plants can cause a problem. >> lilies and roses are the most common valentine's day gifts. they are toxic to cats and dogs. keep them away from their reach. >> we talked about the danger of candy and chocolate. bad thing to feed to your dog. >> that's right. there's a substance in chocolate that is very poisonous, toxic, could even be deadly. it's stronger in darker chocolates but you want keep it away from pets. makes them very sick. >> and you know when you have a lot of gifts, you might have some wrapping paper, plastic. >> candy is another other. they have a substance in it that makes it shiny. that's very poisonous for dogs and cats.
6:53 am
trouble, right? >> yes. and all the wrapping and ribbons can cause problems in the tummy. >> we started trends of giving pets at the holidays. this is a big thing at our house. wish lists for animals. i don't know how they're put together. it's a big business. this is now extended to valentine's day as well. >> 30% of all dog owners buy their pets valentine's presents. >> i'm surprised it's that low. what do you get your pet on valentine's day? >> a treat, something they can play with inside. if you have a dog with a special treat inside that they have to dwig. a bone, something like that. a cat, a play toy for a cat. inside play. >> so there are appropriate things here. you've got a big event coming up today. >> sure do. >> very fashionable part of town. >> that's right. on beaker street between sullivan and thompson. we're having a pop-up adoption event.
6:54 am
and it starts at 11:00, goes to 4:00. we'll have these two pets and many more up for adoption. >> let's talk about david's friend here who just a second ago, the eyes were closed. there you go. >> this is the most beautiful cat. such a gorgeous -- 2 years old. domestic short hair named harlequin. available today at 11:00 on blooeker street. but look at that face. >> and the beauty mark there. a cindy crawford cat. i love that. and this dog here, one of the most chill we've had in a long time. >> she is lovely. >> she needs a little time at the spa but after that -- >> she's a little matted. but she's about 4 years old. her name is pookie and she is an angel. she is very easy to hold. you can see, she's a blond.
6:55 am
king charles spaniel mix. with a little mall tese. >> a great apartment dog. you can find out more about these animals on nancy, david, thank you very much. >> thank you. it's time now to check in across the street with erica and craig to find out what's coming up on weekend "today." >> good morning. just ahead on a saturday morning on "today," it's miserably cold outside. so we're all going to stay inside, right, and hunker down. this bitter blast of air isn't just hitting us here in new york. 65 million people across the country from the midwest all the way over to the northeast are going to be affected. so dylan's going to have more on that for us. also ahead this morning, the surf is up. four stories high, in fact. we're going to talk to some of the surfers who are crushing these giant waves out west. we'll also introduce you to four women who hope to one day make it to mars. they're waiting on their mission assignment. they're part of the newest crop of nasa astronauts.
6:56 am
conversation with ben stiller and owen wilson as "zoolander 2" hits theaters this weekend. and just in time for valentine's day, how to know you're really in love. and we've got food and mimosas if you want to come over for breakfast. be here around 8:47. >> valentine's gift to you. >> i know i love mimosas. >> so gus knows he's in love with the mimosa. that's good. we got one out of the way. >> i love both of you. >> love you, pat. >> more than any mimosa. >> oh, pat. >> thanks. we're coming back with a final check of your weekend forecast. you are watching today in new
6:57 am
6:58 am
all right. raphy is here with one last look at the weather. it's not just the temperature, it's the wind that's a problem. >> and they're not in place yet. the winds are going to pick up
6:59 am
morning into the afternoon. that's when the cold turns dangerous. so it's a little chilly right now. but it gets brutally cold through the afternoon. e herbal sply tonight. want to show you the warnings and advisories again. all shaded in pink, westchester, rockland, fairfield county windchills between 25 and 35 below zero later on this afternoon, overnight tonight, and into tomorrow morning. windchill advisory in effect, all the blue shaded counties including the five boroughs of new york city. all the jersey counties. windchill as cold as 25 below zero later this afternoon. that's when you need to avoid being outside if you can. only go outside if you really have to. because look what we're dealing with tonight and tomorrow morning. 15 below to 10 below south and east of new york city. that's suffolk county. when you head into westchester county, 15 to 20 below zero. those are your temperatures tonight. and the worth in the areas
7:00 am
between 20 below and 35 below. tomorrow the high temperature stuck in the teens throughout the day but it does get less wind y i so the danger does ease up by tomorrow morning. >> thank goodness it goes through quickly. but be careful out there. don't forget to look out for your elderly neighbors. see you back here at 9:00 today. >> we'll have the mayor's live press conference with our coverage. good morning. life threatening cold. polar vortex delivering bone-chilling temperatures from minnesota to the northeast. record setting cold pushing the mercury to near zero in the big apple. warnings everywhere to stay inside. >> you should take this weather very, very seriously. >> how long will it last? dylan is tracking it all. southern discomfort.


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