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tv   Saturday Today in New York  NBC  February 13, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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starting out to the south of town, jersey shore not escaping this. windchill values below 10 below to 15 below. 20 below in new york city. into the hudson valley, all the areas in pink, that's where you can see windchill values between 25 below and 35 below later tonight through tomorrow morning. we're tracking some light snow out there this morning, also, across western new jersey. not really major but they could make things slick from time to time. watch as those windchills plummet throughout the day. feels like 2 below at noon. and feels like around 10 below zero at dinner time. we'll track those windchills hour by hour for you coming up in your full forecast. over to you. >> all right. thank you. of course city officials emphasizing this morning that we've got to take this cold blast seriously. >> ray villeda joins us with how some are dealing with the frozen temperatures.
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you know, we've noticed it getting colder even in e the last couple of hours. when i got in the news van this morning, this wind wasn't here. now we're feeling the wind in downtown brooklyn. behind me there are a few peek walking here outside the atlantic avenue station. but all of those people are wrapped up in as many layers as possible. and the mayor says folks should be doing that wearing as many layers as possible. we know he's having a press conference later this morning about this winter weather. we know he's issued a code blue to try to get homeless folks off the street. and you can see some people here are waving to me off camera trying to make the best of this weather. we did speak to some folks before the show started about what they're doing as this cold weather sets in. >> i put on an extra layer of pants. i put on a hoodie, a sweatshirt. and i'm moving fast. >> i have on a lot of layers. two gloves.
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and this hoodie. >> this is new york. i'm used to it. i got thick skin. you know what i mean? like, if you can't handle the heat get out of the kitchen. >> reporter: or if you can't handle the cold, get out of new york? >> yeah, basically. >> reporter: well, there she said it. not concerned about the weather at all and ready to embrace it. the mayor is holding a press conference at any moment to talk about what folks should do in this winter weather. for example, there has been more than 6,000 heat and hot water complaints just before this chill hit us. that number expected to grow. i'm ray villeda, today in new york. >> thank you so much. and of course you can track the cold with our news 4 new york app. down load it in the app store. it's free. tap the news 4 logo in the corner, select the weather tab. then you can find interactive forecasts, find alerts, and a
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and warm during this ekend's deep freeze. royal caribbean passengers remain in limbo this hour as the coast guard assesses damage to the "anthem of the seas." it is scheduled to sail out this afternoon. royal caribbean assisted damage to the "anthem" was only cosmetic. but there is also damage to the propulsion system. in the last hour, crews began their final testing of the ship. still no decision whether it's safe to sail. the first are scheduled aboard at 10:30 this morning. a new jersey pastor is now facing some disturbing accusations. 68-year-old vicitacio rivas-valle is accused of sexually assaulting two teenage girls when they were between the ages of 13 and 16. congregation. police arrested valle yesterday and he is facing charges including child endangerment. he is being held on $50,000
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investigators need your help to find two people who robbed a woman in brooklyn. the man and woman in this video pushed a 60-year-old woman to the ground and stole her purse. it happened last week in flatbush. and take a look at these surveillance photos. investigators say this woman attacked a 70-year-old cab driver in hells kitchen. the woman asked to be taken to times square but became upset when the driver turned on the meter. that's when she allegedly beat the driver and then jumped out of the cab. an attack on a bus driver also caught on tape. you can see the man angrily punching the 62-year-old driver. this attack happened on the v-8 bus in east flatbush. the driver kept doing his job. he finished his route. he says he wasn't badly hurt. but police want to find that suspect anyway. we're learning that the suspect in that machete attack
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restaurant was known to the fbi. agents say that mohammed barry expressed extremist views but was not under surveillance. the victims are all expected to recover. they are looking at this as a possible lone wolf terror attack. decision 2016 and the gop presidential candidates, they're going to square off in another debate tonight in south carolina. and things are getting ugly again between donald trump and ted cruz. well, both candidates are campaigning for the evangelical vote. trump is also threatening to sue the senator for not being a natural born citizen. and it didn't take long for cruz to fire back. >> well, i will say there's more than a little irony in him calling anyone nasty. given the amazing torrent of insults and vulgarities that
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>> and the gloves also off on the democratic side. hillary clinton and bernie sanders sparring over loyalty to president obama. and the cost of sanders' medicare for everybody proposal. republican candidates donald trump, marco rubio, and john kasich will join chuck todd to recap the debate. they'll be on "meet the press" sunday morning. catch all of that here at 10:30 after today in new york. this morning pope francis begins his first full day of his five-day visit to mexico. he arrived last night to an overwhelmed and excited crowd. he donned a sombrero there, blessed children, waved to the cheering crowds before he drove through the city in the famed pope mobile. the holy father stopped in cuba en route to mexico for a meeting with the leader of the russian orthodox church. a meeting like that hasn't happened in a thousand years. they are calling for christian unity between the two churches. and u.s. officials are about to sign a deal that would allow commercial flights to cuba.
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next week on tuesday, scheduled. it's been five decades since the last commercial passenger flight between the united states and that communist nation. right now we're going to head over to the office of emergency management in brooklyn where the mayor is giving an update on how the city is dealing with the cold weather conditions. let's listen in. >> -- deputy mayor richard buri, our commissioner joe esposito, fire commissioner dan nigro. we have from housing preservation and development first deputy commissioner john shaknai. chair of housing authority and michael kelly. our human resources administration commissioner steve banks, commissioner donna perato. and deputy commissioner timothy hogan. as you can see, all city
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working together to address this challenge. . now we're headed into the coldest part of the forecast now. the coldest temperatures and windchills we've seen in the last 20 years. i want to emphasize to all new yorkers how serious this situation is and how much people should change their habits over the next 24 to 48 hours. this must be taken seriously. it's not business as usual. again, some of the coldest temperatures and windchills we've seen in the last 20 years. right now temperatures are at 19 degrees but when you add windchills, it feels like negative 2 right now here in new york city. wind is a key factor here. we're expecting sustained winds of 25 to 30 miles per hour. with gusts as high as 50 miles
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on top of the extreme cold, we have wind that will affect everyone who's outside. not only in terms of making colder, but also making it hard to get around. that's another good reason why everyone should stay indoors to the maximum extent possible. it says the warmer temperatures that we talked about yesterday have now passed. everything we're going to see in the next 24 hours will just get colder and colder. again, right now it feels like negative 2, but it will get worse. temperatures will continue to plummet today. and with windchill values, we expect the result to be a negative 25 degree reading overnight. so tonight going into sunday as low as negative 25 degrees. 25 below zero. in terms of what it will really feel like. so important to take it
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if for any reason you have to go out, go out for as little time as possible. bundle up. lots of layers. do not have skin exposed. these are very tough conditions especially for people who are more vulnerable. dangerous conditions for seniors, for infants, for people who have diseases and conditions that could already compromise health like cardiovascular situations and lung conditions. you want to be very careful. we also want to emphasize anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol may not recognize just how dangerous these conditions are. people really need to look out for their friends and make sure people do not stay outside i these conditions. wear extra clothing, do all the common sense things to protect yourself. national weather service has moved up its windchill advisory to 1:00 today. that will continue through noon
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as we know, sometimes the weather forecast changes, so we have to be ready for that cold to continue. just because it's right now advised to end at noon tomorrow doesn't mean that's what will happen. it may go longer. certainly we know starting at 1:00 today and going through noon sunday at minimum, this windchill advisory is in effect. temperatures on sunday will remain in the low to mid-teens. and we are not forecast to get above the freezing mark before mid-afternoon or late afternoon on monday. now, an additional factor, we're expecting some light snow on monday morning. again, we watched the weather service. they change frequently because the weather changes. so we're going to keep updating people regularly. at this moment we're expecting only one or two inches of accumulation on monday. we do not expect more than that. at some point that will change into a wintry mix and then
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rain through the course of the day monday. but that, again, could change. we'll keep you updated. we do expect some minor coastal flooding tuesday morning. but it should be less than what we experienced last week. so we're going to keep you updated on that as well. all new york city residents should be monitoring regularly to look for these changes and adjustments you have to make. now, our code blue plan remains in effect. we've been conducting intensive outreach all over the city. encouraging anyone who is on the streets, living on our streets to come in the shelter. last night our homeless outreach teams helped 62 people come in from the cold. in addition, 207 individuals walked in to our health and hospital facilities to escape the cold. so combined almost 270 people came in. want to remind all new yorkers to please look out for your
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check in on your neighbors. particularly our senior citizens or anyone with health problems or disabilities. also, again, stay in touch with your friends, family. make sure everyone knows about the precautions they should take. and another reminder, bring your pets inside. this is not a situation where pets should be outside for prolonged periods of time. if you do not have heat or hot water, call 311 immediately. very important point. we've really been trying to get this point across intensely. if you do not have heat or hot water, call 311 immediately. want to give an update on our housing authority which has at this point, all residents have heat. the housing authority is prepared, weatherized and prepared all 2,000 boilers in our developments. we have 24-hour response teams in place.
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of our housing and preservation development. we have added 50 staff for duty this weekend. now 150 are on duty to respond to heat and hot water complaints. overnight we received 388 complaints. although a number of those may be duplicates. people calling from the same building. but hpd is ready to respond to any and all complaints. that's the basic update. i want to remind people, we have another challenge that comes in the cold weather which is people have a lack of heat in their home trying to improvise. they open up their stove. they use other types of informal sources to heat their home. that can be very dangerous. the better solution is to call us so we can get your heat restored or go some place with friends and family where the heat is working.
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like fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. so we want to remind new yorkers, most fires occur in the winter months for this very reason. so please do not improvise when it comes to heat for your home. and make sure that your smoke detecters and carbon monoxide detecters are working. one other point, because of these extreme winds that we're having, yesterday we ordered all of the cranes in the city, construction cranes to be secured and out of operation. that was accomplished late yesterday. so none of our construction cranes will be operational today given these winds. a couple of words in spanish before we take your questions. [ speaking spanish ] >> that a mayor bill de blasio stating what is obvious but bears repeating, for sure.
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temperatures we have seen here in new york city in about 20 years. and people should take this cold seriously. dress obviously in layers, no exposed skin, and please check on your neighbors, the homeless, and bring your pets indoors. >> this is not business as usual. and while not as visually stunning as a blizzard we saw a couple weeks ago, in many ways this weather situation poses many dangers to people out there. obviously citizens who don't have a place to go. calling for people to reach out to the city if you see homeless out there today. and on a personal note for my firefighter dad with fdny, he went to many fires over the years where people use the space heaters, gets too close to the blankets. everyone trying to stay warm but you have to be careful. we'll have more coming up on today in new york including our continuing coverage of this
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a walk along the brooklyn bridge. an unwise idea today. it is 21 degrees and the
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of this whole weather story that's taking shape. >> yeah. we've seen 21 degrees many times this winter so far. it's not that bad. but the winds are still beginning to pick up. they're going to get bad after lunchtime. that's when things start to go downhill and the windchill becomes dangerous. that's when the advisories and warnings go into effect at 1:00 today. that gives an idea it's when it's most dangerous to be outside. if you have to do last-minute preps and get food shopping done. you still have a relatively safe time to do that between now and 1:00 p.m. although it goes downhill in a hurry especially once the sun goes down later tonight. look at the freezing spray advisory. we don't normally see this. areas along the immediate shore if you have vessels, even cars parked right along the water. when the waves break, they could freeze and accumulate causing a coating of ice to form. watch out that for coastal spots. showing the wind picking up throughout the day. brutally cold, dangerously cold. and record low temperatures. it could be the coldest
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we'll show you that in just a minute. here's a look at storm tracker. we have the showers we're tracking. a brief snow squall with reduced visibility. be careful and watch out for some slick spots. also suffolk county, you're seeing some snow. just starting to get uncomfortable. feels like zero in newburgh. it's going to get much worse than this hour by hour. talking about breaking a record for valentine's day, that arctic air settles over the region into tomorrow morning. that's when the actual temperature is forecast to drop to 2 degrees above zero in central park. the record for a valentine's day? 2 degrees. that was back in 1916. so we're going for the coldest valentine's day in a hundred years. probably going to tie it, maybe we may even break it. you can see this is what it feels like around 5:00 today. windchill values dropping below zero in the city and between 10 and 20 below north and west of town. this is dinner time. it starts to get very dangerous out there.
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in places like sullivan county. even in danbury. then the worst of it overnight tonight. this is 3:00 a.m. as you're waking up tomorrow morning, not much better. winds still howling and we have windchills between 15 and 30 below out towards the hamptons as well and monticello. it does ease up by tomorrow lunchtime. and it finally gets warmer with windchills back above zero. and we coast from there. starting sunday night, the winds are much lighter so it feels much better. not as dangerous. we are tracking that wintry mix monday afternoon changing over to rain. and look at that temperature swing. from 2 overnight tonight to 50 by tuesday. that's almost a 50-degree temperature swing over the next few days. you want to stay up to date with the news 4 new york app. scroll down and select the weather tab. see the latest forecast, use our
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weather video. the app is available on the app store right now. over to you. >> thank you. something to bear in mind as you head out, what's comfortable now in terms of clothing will not tide you over throughout the day. thank you very much, raph. stay with us for continuing coverage of this cold.
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early detection is critical in fighting cancer a misdiagnosis or other errors can have serious consequences. for almost 40 years jacoby & meyers has successfully represented thousands of clients. winning them the money they need to take care of themselves and their families. you fight the cancer. we'll fight for you. oh, we're always giggling because it's time to ask produce pete. today we're talking about a
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who can deny that? strawberries. it's the love fruit. >> call me a romantic. when i look at strawberries, i see a heart. now, we usually do strawberries early in the season. like in december we always talk about them. this year why not? because you all -- all you good shoppers out there know you've been in the supermarket, your green grocers store. berries have been high. >> what's up with that? >> florida is a big producer of strawberries. october and november, a lot of heat in florida caused the plants to come on very quickly. and it caused the plants to get bigger. as they got bigger, they produced less fruit on it. then we had cool weather in florida. you remember around christmastime, it was warmer here. >> right. >> cool weather in florida. what that did was it stopped the fruit from turning red. now, florida's not the only producer. we have producers from different places. so mexico and california, too, very cold weather. very cold weather. in 65 years in the produce
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all three, you know, sections got really bad weather. supply and demand equals price. that's what happened. but help is on the way. because it's getting better. the weather is getting better. so you're going to have it. let's go. let's talk quickly about them. when picking strawberries, what you see is what you get. they're always in clear containers. turn them over. make sure. a strawberry will never get riper once it's picked. what we did today -- oh and another thing with strawberries. once you get them home, don't do anything to them. ready to use them. just take them in these containers, stick them in the refrigerator and that way they'll stay really, really good. >> okay. >> you got to remember, though, you want to use them within three to five days of the time you purchase them because it takes six to ten days for them to get here. what we did today because it's valentine's day. what my dear wife did was she made chocolate covered
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and she made these chocolate cups. >> edible cups. >> you see those on the end there? >> uh-huh. >> that's what we call stem berpryes. a lot of people use them during this time of year. they have the stem on them. they cost more because they -- and they're bigger. but what happens is you got to cut them back. that's why you have the stem on them. >> we don't eat the stem, why do they cost more? >> it costs more to pick them. when you get the strawberries home, put them in the refrigerator. and folks, listen. strawberries are going to be a lot cheaper now. and listen, what will be greater than -- >> isn't this great? you can make a beautiful little -- you know, strawberry. you can dump them in chocolate. they're out, they're available. >> speaking of love, you're going to be sharing the love today? >> yeah, i'm going to be at lorden taylor and garden state
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>> the mall. >> in new jersey from 12:00 to 3:00 today. >> yes. come share some love. >> meet and greet. i'll be signing my books and we're going to give a percentage of the profits away to the children's fund. >> bless your heart, pete. and happy valentine's day to you. >> and to my love betty. >> mine too.
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4 just moments ago. mayor de blasio talking about how to protect people from the cold temperatures. extra crews on stand by to deal with problems. call 311 if you don't have heat. this is not the weather to sit in silence. >> definitely not. we definitely want to make sure we're checking on people who may not be able to cope with it as well as others. that's the elderly, disabled, young children. not a day to take the kids to central park, folks. welcome back to today in new york. i'm pat battle. in fact, the ice festival canceled because of cold weather. and just like the snow festival canceled because of a blizzard. >> bizarre events. besides the cold, we're aware of that. there is snow out there we need to track for you this morning. because we're seeing these snow squalls developing. again, not everyone seeing snow. there's no snow in the city right now. but when you get the squalls like this from the arctic front moving through, that can drop
9:31 am
you're driving out there, you need to be careful. mount olive, chester, mendham, new jersey. this could quickly drop visibility. as you get closer to the city now in blaks like bloomfield. you're also seeing that snow shower moving in. and then moving out. we've seen some light snow in suffolk county. here's an interesting squall right around brookhaven. you're tracking this snow causing reduced visibility on the roads. now, through the evening, this is when the windchills are dangerous. around 7:00 it feels like 14 below. and that trend continues. windchills dropping to near 20 below by 11:00 this evening. windy and dangerous cold outside. again, a great weekend to spend indoors. we'll look at the seven-day forecast coming up. and we have a winter storm heading our way in just a few. >> all right. thank you. as the temperatures drop and that wind picks up, officials urging people to stay indoors if you can. >> ray villeda joins us from downtown brooklyn with more. ray?
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the mayor said take this weather very seriously and stay indoors as much as possible if you can. he also said the city is taking extra steps to make sure the homeless who are on the streets are off the streets and inside shelters. this morning as you can see here in downtown brooklyn, people are out and about but they are very bundled up as the mayor said people should be very bundled up in this weather, in this extreme cold. we spoke to some folks this morning who say they're prepared for this weather. >> i'm okay with it. it? >> i'm used to it. i'm russian, so i'm used to it. to it. you know what i mean b, like if you can't get handle the heat get out of the kitchen. >> reporter: and as you can see, a lot of folks like her out here are prepared for this weather all bundled up. the mayor said they have gotten complaints overnight. almost 400 of them about no heat
9:33 am
he's urging folks to call 311 if you find yourself in that situation. and to also check in on your neighbors and on the elderly who cold weather. we're live in downtown brooklyn this morning. i'm ray villeda, today in new york. >> as we mentioned, the mayor just finished up the briefing on how the city is helping deal with the weather. >> here's his message to new yorkers. >> i want to emphasize to all new yorkers how serious this situation is. people need to look out for their friends and make sure people do not stay outside in these conditions. wear extra clothing, do all the common sense things to protect yourself. >> common sense things. case in point, if you don't have to go outside, just don't. there are extra city workers on standby to deal with the heat and hot water complaints that inevitably come with weather like this. if you're having problems, de blasio says please call 311 immediately. then we have this story. this beautiful puppy right here
9:34 am
a woman walking her dog in the morning discovered her literally frozen to the ground in prospect park. >> reporter: this dog was just rescued. she's not been given a name yet, but her case is speaking volumes. gingerly placing one paw after another, this puppy found frozen to the ground this morning. >> she was basically sitting on the ground with her paws and she was hunched over. you know, she was just super cold. >> reporter: jennifer williams discovered the pup in prospect park. the lab/pit mix chained to a tree. >> she wouldn't stand up for me so i wrapped the coat around her and picked her up. >> reporter: she called animal rescue effort shawn casey. >> the bottom of her paws were pretty bloody. she a carried the dog home and saved her life. >> reporter: the pup is suffering. it's not clear who tied her to a tree. >> tying the dog up is never the
9:35 am
things go bad quickly especially with extreme temperatures. >> reporter: sean says this case serves as a warning during these dangerously cold temperatures. >> you have to understand if you're cold, your pet's cold. >> reporter: 4 investigates found lawmakers in albany are considering ratcheting up fines for tethering your dogs outs in extreme weather. >> her back paws are totally, like, swollen and there's all kinds of blood. so her feet were frozen to the ground. >> any dog can suffer from the cold. some do tolerate it better than the others, but no animal or person should be left out in that kind of weather. >> reporter: right now it's too early to tell if she'll have a full recovery. if you have any information about her case, you're asked to call the sean casey animal rescue. marc santia, news 4 new york. >> you can track the cold with
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select the weather tab and you'll find our interactive forecast, alerts, and much more to help you stay safe during this weekend's deep freeze. and right now firefighters in new jersey still keeping a close eye on a fire that burned for nearly two days. it was huge. the fire started at a massive warehouse in hillsborough. it's contained now. we told you about it thursday afternoon and firefighters are there to make sure some of the hot spots don't flair up again. plastic pellets were being stored in that complex. environmental officials are testing the air quality to make sure it's safe. fortunately no one seriously hurt. a long island family says it has evidence to prove the death of their loved one was a homicide. shannon gilbert's body was found with the remains of ten others. investigators tied the other deaths to a serial killer but could not determine gilbert's cause of death. so her family hired a doctor to
9:37 am
he says she may have been strangled. >> it's time now for the police department to do the job that they have failed to do up until now. >> it's just basically about finding out the truth and just giving justice to her and the other families as well. >> the suffolk county police commissioner says detectives are waiting to review the findings before they reactivate the investigation. the conviction of peter liang raising questions about rookie officer training within the nypd. liang was conducting a vertical patrol with another rookie officer back in 2014 when he fired his weapon in a stairwell and killed akai gurley who was unarmed. as part of its effort to improve policing safety, the nypd is now pairing two rookie officers with one experienced field training officer. >> we have trained over 800 field training officers over the last year. and those field training officers are dedicated to mentor
9:38 am
they graduate from the academy. >> the president of the sergeants benevolent association is calling upon the commissioner to suspend those vertical patrols in the city's housing complexes but police say it's essential for safety in public housing. and peter liang's partner is now out of a job. the nypd fired officer shawn landau after he was called for removal. liang was let go immediately after the guilty verdict came down on thursday. a second person may have contracted the zika virus in putnam county. one tested positive for the virus. and doctors are testing the second person. there are a total of 16 cases of zika in new york state. senator chuck schumer urging the government to appoint a zika czar to avoid the same panic we saw with the ebola scare. michigan's governor will answer to congress about his handling of the flint water crisis.
9:39 am
explain what caused the lead contamination in the water supply. how officials came to that determination. residents across the strait have been calling for the resignation of snyder over his handling of the crisis. the mayor of flint fired the police and fire chiefs. we're getting new information in the devastating earthquake in taiwan. rescuers have now pulled 114 bodies from the rubble of a collapsed apartment building there. only one person remains missing in the debris. all but two of those killed in the quake came from the complex. on suspicion of negligent homicide. they're accused of cutting corners during the construction process. and still ahead on today in new york, raphael miranda
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if you were out and about earlier today, you thought to yourself it's not so bad. 21 degrees, we've seen that before. it's deceptive. >> that's what i thought when i came in this morning. okay, it's not so bad. it's getting bad. it's getting much worse. now we're tracking some snow. i can see some snow behind us. look from the top of the rock. you can see jersey city. the visibility is down there. that's because take a look. look downtown to the right. that's a snow squall moving over jersey city right now.
9:43 am
you have to be careful for can really cut down the visibility in a hurry. so snow squalls moving into the city as we speak. downtown especially. take a look at your weather headlines and i'll explain everything for you. the winds are picking up. brutally cold throughout the weekend. and record low temperatures tomorrow morning. again, it could be the coldest valentine's day in a huh years in new york city. windchill values tonight into tomorrow morning, 15 to 10 below. that's for the jersey shore. ocean county, suffolk county. but new york city in that 15 to 20 below range. same story for northeast new jersey. it's as you head north of there into putnam, orange county, rockland county. you can see the windchill values below 20, down to 35 below zero. right through tomorrow morning. then it garage rulely gets warmer by tomorrow afternoon. you can see one snow squall just off shore. thankfully the heaviest staying off shore there. but we're tracking moving in
9:44 am
again, not a lot of snow here. but when it comes, it could have high intensity, low visibility into jersey city. watch out for that if you have to drive out there. you could have that slick spots and visibility. we're tracking the winds. already gusting between 30 and 40 miles per hour. this is just the beginning. we could see gusts up to 50. the winds are really ramping up now. they'll continue to do so as the temperatures are dropping through the afternoon. this is what it feels like right now. seeing windchills at 15 below. most of us still in the single digit range. this is the warmest you'll see for another 24 hours or so. this is what it feels like later on this afternoon. everyone's below zero by this time. as cold as 25 below in monticello. howling temperatures in the single digits. later on tonight, temperatures still dropping below zero. and the windchills up to 30 below in monticello. probably want to cook inside
9:45 am
stay safe. 16 below in north port. windchills even colder around midnight, 1:00 a.m. this is the heart of the cold here. and as you're waking up tomorrow morning, 7:00 a.m. sunday. still in the worst part of the cold here. the most dangerous time, 16 below in asbury park. windchills in the 30 below range deep into the hudson valley. temperatures dropping throughout the day today. it is certainly a dangerous day to be outside. the winds gusting up to 50 miles per hour at times and there's the potential record low. 2 degrees. the actual temperature, not the windchills, in central park. that would be a hundred-year record we're going to tie or break for valentine's day. we are tracking a winter storm, that's monday afternoon into tuesday. looks like it's going to start out as some snow, maybe a mixing with changing over to rain. then heavy rain and even flooding a possibility on tuesday with a high temperature of 50 degrees. it's going to be mild. of course you want to stay
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the news 4 new york app. select the weather tab and see the forecasts, use radar, and submit your own weather video. the app is available in the app store right now. while you're online, of course you want to play our interactive trivia game. this week we're testing your knowledge about the greatest show on earth. stay with us for ringling
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welcome back on a saturday morning. and it's time to play our interactive trivia game. as the snow squalls make their way up town, let's congratulate last week's winner laurie andrews. she's the one to beat. take it away. >> it is trivia time. today's trivia sponsored by the ringling brothers and barnum & bailey circus. here's how you play.
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you have to hit refresh because your web browser is up-to-date. the questions are going to pop up on your tv screen. you'll have 12 seconds to choose an answer by selecting those options on your browser. let's get that countdown clock started. all right. today's trivia inspired by the greatest show on earth. presented legends. takes place at the barclays center february 5th to march 6th and at the prudential center after that. don't miss your chance to see the famous elephants in the new york area before they move to their new home at the ringling center for elephant conservation in florida this may. remember, the only way to play is by logging onto good luck, everyone. three, two, one. question one. what bridge did p.t. barnum walk
9:50 am
was safe? it was the largest suspension bridge in the world when it opened but not everyone thought it was safe. it was number one, the brooklyn bridge. at the time brooklyn and new york were separate cities. he showed the strength of the bridge by leading 21 elephants across it. question two. the co-inventor of the modern day cotton candy machine had what profession? his name was william j. morrison. he was a popular children's author and helped create a chemical process to purify drinking water. but he went to school for dentistry. yes. in 1897 he helped invent the electric candy machine which they called fairy floss. who walked a tight rope between the world trade center towers? the art of walking a tight rope can be traced all the way back to ancient greece where they
9:51 am
number three is is the answer here. it's felipe petit in 1974. on a wire with no net. a quarter of a mile in the sky. question four. ringling brothers and barnum & bailey presents legends features what type of elephants? they have the largest herd of these elephants in the western hemisphere. they are number one the asian elephants. you can tell them apart from other elephants because they have smaller ears and the ears are shaped like the continent of india. check that out next time. a herd of elephants is also known as what? when p.t. barnum marched his elephants across the bridge it was like number two, yeah, a parade. that's right. a group of elephants can be a parade while a group of cats is a cloweder. and a pride is a group of news anchors. just a group of lions.
9:52 am
the ringling brothers and barnum & bailey center for elephant conservation was founded in? the elephant has always been a symbol of the greatest show on earth. and this center ensures people will enjoy the asian elephants for years to come. the answer is number one 1995. for 20 years the center for elephant conservation has fought to save these majestic creatures. question seven. which is not a religion where elephants are considered say cred sacred? at least one of these religions believes in an elephant headed god named ganesha. patron of learning and remover of obstacles. which does not? it's catholicism. before giving birth the mother of buddha had a dream of a white elephant carrying ae lotus. number eight. what state grows the most peanuts in the u.s.?
9:53 am
peanuts in the united states in 2014. that's 1.2 billion tons. it's number two, georgia according to the georgia peanut commission there are about 3500 peanut farmers planting 600,000 acres of peanuts. question nine. which animal possesses a genetic link that's believed to protect against cancer? mon this animal has a rare occurrence of cancer and has a genetic link believed to protect against the link? elephants is the answer. the conservation center researches this link. how much food does an elephant eat every day? these pack a hyderms can really pack away the pounds. how much food do they eat? it's 200 pounds of food a day.
9:54 am
grains, fruits, vegetables, and about 50 gallons of water a day. good to stay hydrated. i like that. they've also been known to love pumpkins and watermelons. today's winner is 0723 with a fantastic score of 9,313 points. and congratulations to all of our top ten players and the players that did not make the list this time around. don't forget to fill out the form at the end of the game.
9:55 am
early detection is critical in fighting cancer a misdiagnosis or other errors can have serious consequences. for almost 40 years jacoby & meyers has successfully represented thousands of clients. winning them the money they need to take care of themselves and their families. you fight the cancer. we'll fight for you. okay.
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the storm team 4 team will be keeping an eye on it all day. >> could see the snow squall. it's now in brooklyn, queens, and staten island because we can't see them anymore through our window. visibility is reduced there. also downtown looks good. watch out for the snow squalls moving through throughout the morning. they should be gone in the afternoon. that's when the cold and dangerous cold really settles in as the winds pick up. windchill warnings in effect 35 below zero. for all of those counties shaded in pink including westchester, rockland, and fairfield. under advisories for windchills between 15 and 25 below. again, dangerous to be outside. stay indoors if you can all weekend long. until tomorrow morning, this is what it's going to feel like outside. 20 to below zero in new york city. and north as cold as 35 below zero. tomorrow still frigid but less windy by the afternoon. monday we're tracking our next
9:57 am
could start out as snow and ice changing over to rain. then it's flooding potential with the temperature of 50 degrees on tuesday. wild ride over the next few days. >> look at that. crazy. all right. raphael, thank you. and thank you for spending your saturday morning with us. stay tuned on instagram and twitter. i'll show you how to layer up.
9:58 am
9:59 am
i'm sara gore, and this is open house. this week we're stopping by the former homes of old hollywood stars. they include the connecticut estate of katharine hepburn, the new jersey home of silent film star gloria swanson, the glamorous hollywood home with ties to the james bond movie empire, plus the toluca lake estate of bob and delores hope, and the los angeles area residents of both spencer tracy and agnes morehead. just imagine the hollywood parties here, the laughter, the tinkling of the glasses, the strolling violinist, and the stories that were made yesterday.


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