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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  February 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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. live from studio 3 c in 4 new york. >> tonight, breaking news. supreme court justice antonin 79. also breaking right now, canture can captured the man wanted for killing his girlfriend and two of her children. now in police custody. and the frozen apple.
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winds making the weather downright brutal and dangerous. i want to start with that breaking news, the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia. his body was discovered at the ranch in texas. you see it on the map pit . >> the texas governor made the announcement a short time ago. scalia was born in trenton, new jersey and moved to queens as a child. he went to xavier high school in manhattan. he's long been known as one of the most deserve supreme court justices. scalia had retired for the evening yesterday and was found dead this morning when he did not show up for breakfast. the cause of his death is unknown. he was 79 years old. we want to jump now to the weather.
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this in nearly a year and the worst is yet to come. >> the temperature overnight will drop to two degrees in the city, minus ten in the suburbs. when you factor in the windchill, it is going to feel like 30 degrees below zero in some areas. >> we have team coverage with erica grow. >> we still have these wind as advisories in effect for the five boroughs and long island and most of new jersey. that is a windchill advisory. it goes until noon tomorrow. and the windchill warning will be in effect for the northern suburbs until noon as well. windchills will be 15 below zero to possibly as low as 35 below zero in some locations. with these winds, we also have freezing spray advisories for all of our offshore locations. that means that some cars or anything that's close to the immediate coastline could get
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encased in ice. we had some gusty winds as well, 35-45 miles per hour are the peak wind gusts we have seen so far. as we head into the overnight hours and temperatures continue to drop, the windchill will continue to drop as well. it will feel like 31 below zero in monticello by tonight. a low of 20 below zero with the windchill in the early morning hours in danbury. coming up in the full seven day talk about a warmup and the chance for rain, not snow. layers, layers and more layers the best way to cope with this bone chilling cold if you have to go outside. mayor de blasio urging everyone to take precaution out there. >> reporter: i can tell you the cold is biting already. it just takes a few minutes for
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and the wind is starting to pick up as well. the fountain here at bryant park behind me, water is flowing still even though icicles are forming around it. it's about to get much, much worse. it's so cold it's tough to find words to describe it. >> to say it's freezing -- it's numbing. >> we knew it was going to be cold but weust how cold. >> reporter: new yorkers are already enduring windchills near zero. it's going to be a particularly tough night for shane duffy and sullivan. they plan to sleep outside tonight to raise awareness for the homeless. >> we're pretty committed to this. it's unfortunate that the timing is what it is. >> now they're headed to the salvation army to try and find warmer clothes.
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your brain starts slowing down. >> reporter: mayor de blasio and city emergency managers are putting the warning out to new yorkers, stay inside tonight. >> i want to remind all new yorkers to please look out for your neighbors, check in on your neighbors, particularly our senior citizens and folks with any kind of health problems or disabilities. >> reporter: be sure to watch children and the elderly for signs of frostbite. it's a real danger even if you're only outside for a short time. but we did find one person who doesn't mind working outside for hours. tyrone told us he came prepared. >> i've got two sets of thermals on, got my freeze on, my jacket on, another shirt under that and my face mask and my cap on. >> reporter: and right now the city has teams out trying to get homeless people into shelters. so far they've already helped 200 people get inside. if you don't have heat or hot
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the city also has people to respond to those complaints as well. and imagine you're home tonight without my heat. any heat. that's the situation for one bronx woman celebrating her 89th birthday tomorrow. >> reporter: with the cold temperatures, a cold breeze outside. a breeze she can hear and feel inside her apartment. the space heater in her bedroom reads reads 59 degrees and that's with plastic sealing off the windows. romero turns 89 years old this weekend. instead of a cake baking in the oven, hot water is boiling on the stove. she's decked out head to toe in
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her son who is visiting can't even take his coat off. >> i haven't take it off since i've been here. that's how cold it is. >> reporter: saturday morning mayor bill de blasio said the city got 388 heat and hot water complaints in the last 24 hours. count romero's complaint as one of them. she's got a small notebook full of the times she's called. in spanish she tells me she's only gotten temporary fixes, nothing permanent. for her birthday on sunday, she tells me she'll be at charge. it's warmer there. >> she says she'd rather go to church than stay in here under these conditions. >> reporter: other neighbors are facing the same conditions of not having heat in their apartments. late tonight, the new york city housing authority told us they visited romero's home and found the apartment was only
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they also found that a kitchen window was open. they're working now to fix the issue with the heat. and you can track the cold with the news 4 new york app. let's get to some breaking news in a tragic story from earlier this week. a staten island hotel stabbing that left a mother and two of her daughters dead. the suspected killer in this, michael sykes is now in police custody tonight. he was arrested by u.s. marshals outside a friend's home in queens after that friend called 911. authorities say sykes stabbed rebecca cutler and her children. a two-year-old girl survived. sykes was the father of the youngest child, just four months old. police say he killed that little girl and her one-year-old sister. the cruise ship that was rocked by a storm last week just departed from new jersey in the
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here's video of that that our crew shot for another cruise. i spent the afternoon there at the port while the ship was being inspected. i talked to passengers, some of them nervous, others confident that the ship is safer than ever this go-round. a frigid afternoon for the much anticipated departure of the anthem of the seas. i caught up with this family as they rushed to the terminal. >> we're putting trust in the coast guard and the cruise line. i'm sure they wouldn't let us go if they didn't feel we'd be safe safe. >> reporter: today's conditions should provide for much called a cruise from held. l. the trip cut short after rough
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exterior and a key part of the ship's propulsion system. inspectors came back out here to the port to start checking out the anthem of the seas around 8:00 a.m. those inspections lasted more than five hours, a process that seemed to ease some of the concerns of the passengers i talked to. >> i'm sure they're going to take every precaution if the weather turns sour again to avoid any problem. >> those passengers told me they think the chances of hitting another storm like that are pretty slim. that ship is headed to port canaveral florida and then the bahamas. jose was found shot on el ellison street.
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time. if i'm buying one banana, he treat me as good as if i buy $8 or $10 food. >> police believe the victim's landlord may have killed him due to a rent dispute. fire and ice in new jersey as crews worked for hours to battle a building fire. this is the aftermath right here. the three story apartment building collapsed early this morning. as you can see, the frigid temperatures turned much of the water used to fight the fire into solid ice. that blaze broke out around 1:00 this morning around main street in patterson. it's not clear what caused the fire. nobody was hurt. more than 50 people have been left homeless. still to come, the pope gets a hero's welcome on his first full day in mexico. and a wild scene in
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. in pennsylvania bad weather and snow is to blame for a deadly 50-car pileup. look at this. tractor trailers and cars tangled together across three lanes of traffic in fredericksburg. several people died. morning. interstate 78 was shut down in both directions and will remain closed
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d until midnight. six remaining republican candidates prepare for their final faceoff before the south carolina primaries. the debate is going down tonight in greenville. donald trump has a commanding lead over his gop rivals at 36%. ted cruz and marco rubio are battling for second place. and all eyes will be on rubio after what was described as a disastrous debate performance in new hampshire. pope francis is in mexico city today. he was welcomed by tens of thousands who lined the streets as he made his way to the presidential palace where he met with the mexican president and his wife. he also spoke to catholic bishops and church leaders today
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up next on news 4, the prijd frigid forecast.
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as you can imagine, we'll have much more on this breaking news we're just learning about, the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia. also ahead, the latest on that deadly weather related pileup in pennsylvania. more than 50 cars involved in a crash on the interstate there. . and the republicans are set to take the stage in south carolina tonight in their last debate before that state's primary. there will likely be much discussion as well about the impact of justice scalia's death. we also have an interesting you on nbc nightly news in
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look at that ten degrees. i haven't seen that all winter. >> yeah. this is the coldest it's been this winter. it's the coldest air we've had in the tri state since last february. tonight we could have a new record low temperature. right now taking a look at times square. it is bitterly cold out there, clear, ten degrees with a windchill of 16 below zero. we could have the coldest day ever on record on valentine's day tomorrow. here's a look at the coldest high temperatures we have ever had on this date. in central park 17 degrees. bridgeport 18. bridgehampton, new york, 14 degrees. newark 15 degrees for the record coldest high temperature on this date. with the cold, the wind and the very dry air, some unusual things can happen here in the tri state. quickly. not just your car battery, but
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very, very dry air is bad for electronics. ocean water freezes. that's not that easy to do. and freezing spray along the coast could encase some things that are very close to the coastline in ice. we are looking at just six plains. four below zero in monticello. one degree in newburgh. when you factor in the winds it feels like 6 below in morris morristown. islip with a windchill of 12 degrees below zero. we just had a few light areas of flurries and snow showers. of course the big story is the cold. waking up tomorrow morning it's only going to feel like one above in midtown. and still below zero with the windchill in the northern and western suburbs. but by the afternoon on sunday we will start to see some relief and it's because the winds are going to diminish, not because
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get milder. wind gusts still in the 20 to 30 miles an hour range overnight. tomorrow morning back to about 20 to 25 miles per hour with the gusts. that windchill is going to be brutal. but at least it gets better as we head into the afternoon as those wind gusts will be down in the ten miles an hour range. improving weather on monday. but if this next storm system arrives early enough, we could see some light snow before the day is done. of course it's president's day. a lot of people have the day off. looks like there's a possibility that some kids will be a delay in their return to school on tuesday morning with some freezing rain possible. so the nba trade deadline is about a week away.
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there involving carmelo anthony, we'll have that coming up in sports. he speaks on the blockbuster trade proposal that has him teaming up with lebron james. check this out, bro. what's that, broheim? i switched to geico and got more. more savings on car insurance? yeah bro-fessor, and more. like renters insurance. more ways to save. nice, bro-tato chip. that's not all, bro-tein shake. geico has motorcycle and rv insurance, too. oh, that's a lot more. oh yeah, i'm all about geico. expect great savings
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carmelo anthony says he has no plans to leave new york. he's tired of this trade talk. the rumor of the day is a discussion to send -- this was the buzz. lebron james called the report false. after the workout carmelo said he doesn't want to leave the knicks. >> i'm not going nowhere. when you're in new york, you're
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that. >> yeah, yeah. >> it's always who's next. ain't nothing guaranteed when you're in new york. >> so you have no intentions on leaving the knicks? >> no, no, no, no. not at all. i mean, there's nothing out there for me right now. i'm not entertaining no trade talk. >> there's that. the capitols continue to run away with the metropolitan. the devils traveled to take on the flyers. this was a big game for them. it didn't take long for the devils to light the lamp. less than seven minutes in cleaning up the mess in front. he somehow sneaks this puck past past. the devils had a power play in over time and they took advantage on the man advantage. they circled the puck to henrik.
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2-1 the final. jersey just one point behind the third place islanders to visit carolina later tonight. rangers are off today. and on the injury front it is a good news-bad news scenario. nash will be shut down another week with a bone bruise. the scarlet knights are still winless. they hung tough. greg lewis here with the tip, cuts the back eye uckeye's lead to 7. now, 27 straight big ten losses for rutgers. they fall 79-69. today in columbia number 22 2 2
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the cats coach thought we needed to make a call. instead he was the one that drew the whistle, a technical fall. then the official says let's make it two. you, you're gone. he had to be held back by three of his players. coach cal is incensed. and he fired up kentucky. they go to a win. he did not speak to the media afterwards. one of his players was asked how
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. this dragon and its helpers not afraid of a little cold. marchers and parade watchers showing up for the lunar new year parade in flushing. >> among the marchers you see there governor andrew cuomo. he was awarded man of the year by the flushing chinese business association. >> i don't know if the governor had enough clothes on. that jacket was a little lean. >> needed it today. >> it's only going to get worse tonight, of course. our low temperature tonight two degrees.
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will feel like 20 below in midtown, possibly as bad as 35 below in the northern and western suburbs. we'll only rebound to a high of 16 degrees tomorrow. that could be a new coldest high temperature for this date in central park as well. so this cold snap, one more day, really, really bad. >> not to be toyed with. thank you. >> see you at 11:00. on this saturday night, breaking news. antonin scalia, the longest serving justice on the u.s. supreme court is dead. he was the court's most influential conservative. tonight, we look back at his life and his legacy. deadly weather. dozens of vehicles crash in a massive pileup in pennsylvania. a large part of the country endures extreme life-threatening cold. the showdown. tonight, republicans debate. a make or break moment


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