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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  February 18, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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right now, a parking ticket had a doctor seeing red and then seeing handcuffs, put under arrest. after investigators say she hit a cop with her car in hell's kitchen and took off. >> the driver didn't get very far from the scene near west 50th street and ninth avenue. she was caught by officers just blocked away. >> reporter: we're talking about a 40-year-old surgeon who threw a tantrum when she got a ticket. it ended up costing her. right now she's at the midtown
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a new york city surgeon is under arrest tonight, all over a parking ticket. that's what was being issued to doctor rachel wellner the owner of this white volvo. she got double parking at the corner of 55 th and 8th avenue. when officers wrote her a cursing. she took off and hit one of the officers in the shin, injuring him. authorities eventually chased her down a few blocks away and they arrested her, a cancer specialist. she was arrested on a number of charges including resisting arrest and reckless endangerment. >> that officer did go to hospital but he is expected to be okay. and we have new information
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a jersey city mother and father to make a very difficult split second decision, to drop a two-year-old girl and her five-year-old brother out of a window to safety. tonight that little girl is in the hospital with burns to her arms. the little boy is okay. officials believe this inferno started in a utility room. a neighbor describe what had she said was a terrifying scene. >> i was up anyway and went to the kitchen. i saw the smoke and a big light, looked like a bomb. i was alarmed about that screaming. that was terrible. >> three families have been displaced by that fire. and one firefighter who was hurt was released from the hospital and is doing okay tonight. tonight money is pouring in to help a fairfield family who police say was violently attacked by the father in the home. more than $126,000 has been raced on a go fund me page to help the andrews family. christopher andrews stabbed his
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andrews was shot and killed by police. his wife and children still in the hospital. on long island a heroin epidemic has prompted the creation of a task force to combat that problem. officials say the group will work full-time to investigate every heroin overdose in hopes of cracking down on dealers and traffickers. news 4 spoke to one father who lost his son to heroin four years ago. >> you know, i just think this is an incredible program. my advice to other parents is to take out the thought that it can't happen to me. >> the task force will include officers from both counties as well as a federal analyst. the port authority has pushed back a vote on a $4 billion plan to rebuild la guardia airport. the proposal calls for demolishes several buildings and replacing them with one central
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how safe is the drinking water on long island around the old grumman island plant. the plant built navy fighter jets for 60 years. they also dumped toxic chemicals into the surrounding soil. a new study raises questions about a requirement for restaurants to post sodium warnings on menus. the study looks at more than 35 years of research and found no consensus among scientists about whether a population wide reduction of salt can improve health. the city's health department says it is still committed to its sodium intake recommendations and the law will be enforced on march 1st. it is day two in a funding fight pitting the big apple against the white house.
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the police commissioner. and an uber customer gets slapped with a mystery charge for more than 700 pesos. it was a ride in mexico she never took. and dave price is here with the weather. >> it's a case of perfect weather and perfect timing. that is unless you're a skier. we'll explain when we see you in just a couple of minutes. and lester holt will be here on. tonight, trump versus the pope. why they are now at odds. if a hospital can have their computerer data taken, how is s
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well, police are hoping that that video will help them catch a rather clumsy thief. security cameras caught the man as he fell through the roof of a popeye's restaurant in jacksonville. he worked on two safes under the counter for hours before he finally broke into one. a year after a driver was killed at a railroad crossing, the federal government now asking states to do more for safety. ellen brody died when her suv was trapped on the tracks last
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five train passengers were also killed. in a letter this week, the federal railroad administration formally calls on states to test crossing signals, gates and the recording devices used to monitor them. new york's fight with the white house over homeland security funding has gone from heated to boiling with the police commissioner saying today it seems like nothing more than petty political pay back. the front page of today's daily news even accusing the president of forgetting the lessons of 9/11. >> new york city say it's going to lose $90 million under the obama security plan. the nypd says that means it will have to cut counter terror patrols, training and equipment upgrades. new york officials not the only ones complaining. new jersey too says it is being hit hard. now, all four senators criticizing the white house,
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s at a time of yheightened threats. the white house spokesman did not back down, taking aim at senator schumer. that brought in back and forth today from the nypd and the white house spokesman. >> what the hell does the iran deal have to do with this issue? that's politics. so basically what the white house has done is tipped the hand this might be political pay back against senator schumer for a vote that he made a while back. that should have nothing to do with the issue at hand, which is terrorism and the threats to this city. >> we've had our differences with senator schumer over national security and those differences have been well chronicled. what we're focusing on is making sure the people understand the facts about the commitment we have made to our homeland security and the way we have backed up that commitment in the context of the budget process. >> the white house claims new york has hundreds of millions in unspent security dollars from
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new york officials say that claim is wrong, that money has been budgeted to pay for existing and future programs. congressional leaders hearsay they will fight to restore the money. so what do you do when you go to return something and you get denied even though you have a receipt? >> you better get baquero. up next what you need to know so it doesn't happen to you. pay phones like these are getting replaced by free wifi kiosks like this.
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westchester county is reportin its first confirmed case of the zika virus. the virus is transmitted by mosquitos and can lead to birth defects. time for a look at our weather. dave price is here to deliver. >> all good when you can begin the weather forecast with a smile and keep it going almost straight through. why? because we have a mild stretch of weather ahead, timed perfectly for the weekend. only a stray shower to keep in mind. and that's nothing to worry about. we're watching the coast but that's not until next week. so we're in good shape. right now temperatures around the area, mid 30s in long island. low 30s as you head out to wane and ramsey. a little cooler to the north and west in places like monticello. at the freezing mark in poughkeepsie poughkeepsie. you notice it's staying lighter
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a gorgeous shot over brooklyn. saying hello to everyone about 2,000 feet below. thanks chopper 4. let's go and take a look at what we're seeing from even higher up, a satellite picture right now. clear skies ranging from where we are up through new england and southern maine. the clouds are going to thicken up tomorrow and it could bring us some showers late tomorrow night into the overnight. but as far as the heart of the weekend goes, it's going to be great to be outside. green is for go, good travel. get on out and enjoy the weather over the weekend. temperatures up to 54 degrees. as we head to sunday, the news is terrific. 52 is going to be the temperature. also great to be outside. maybe not brunch outdoors but head on out certainly. anything you want to do outside, it's going to be surprisingly comfortable for this time of year. year. we are tracking a storm and
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about this at 6:00. keep in mind, late tuesday into wednesday moderate impact from this one. this one is a rainmaker most likely. have the umbrellas prepared. we'll see some snow inland. but other that that, we should be in fine shape and well prepared for it. we went up to the chopper, saw it's lighter. longer days. we've gained 62 minutes since december 22nd. you can really tell. and then as we head to the 13th of march, daylight savings time, look at that. we bounce to 7:01. and before you know it's going to be 8:28. let's talk about your forecast, everyone. 24 degrees tonight. cold conditions. into the weekend we cloud up tomorrow. showers on the early side overnight into the wee hours of the morning. we're in great shape until tuesday night into wednesday when we could see some rain
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in the meantime, we'll send it back to you at the desk. >> consumer alert tonight that could wind up saving consumers billions of dollars. the fcc oted to move forward with a new rule that would allow consumers to swap cable boxes for less expensive devices. this would allow companies like google, amazon andtive tivo the chance to offer their own box to customers. cable companies like verizon and comcast argue that their apps already make it easy to see. one person is saying that's it, she will not use uber again after she says the company mysteriously charged her for a ride 2,000 miles away. she was billed $40 for an uber trip in mexico. the problem is she lives in chicago and never even traveled to mexico.
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says the company didn't want to help. >> they basically said sorry. you should think about changing your password. maybe you lent it to a friend who had used it while they were in mexico. unfortunately we're not going to be able to refunds your money. >> she changed her password all right. she cancelled her credit card. uber eventually did call her back and offer her a refund saying she was misinformed by a customer service rep. >> you know what she should have done? better get baquero, right? what do you do when you return an item to a store with a receipt and it is declined? here's linda baquero. >> we try to help here. the issue did not involve time. in this case, he was well within the time frame allowed for returns. but instead it had to do with software that's used to track returns.
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when glenn blackman recently installed a new foil boiler in his home, he wanted to make sure there was adequate lighting ing ing the basement. he bought this light from home depo. >> then he found a brighter bulb and decided a week later to return the light which cost just under $100. >> the cashier printed out a thing from a third party vendor from home depo saying part of the return was declined because part of it was purchased with store credit. >> glenn was still confused about why the return was declined. i asked if he made frequent returns. >> fixtures that may or may not fit and then i'll return them. usually it's with a receipt. sometimes when it's small items and i don't have a receipt their policy is pretty good.
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on the phone but the return was declined. >> i would like a refund. even if they're not going to change the policy i think people need to be aware of the policy. >> we spoke with home depo. they explained they've been using a refund verification returns. after our call they investigated his case and problem solved. they tell us they're sorry for the difficulty mr. blackman experienced while they closely track purchases returned with store credits they don't want customers to be inconvenienced. home depo is issuing him a store credit. >> i'd like to thank you and your team for getting my issue resolved with home depo. without you and your staff, we could not have gotten this done. thank you. >> you're very welcome. >> how can one avoid being flagged like this? >> home depo told us, first of
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receipts. home depo says store credits should be used only minimally and as an exception. because they're only issued for nonreceipted returns. if you try to return that item, you'll be subject to approval from that refund verification system. to avoid that, just keep the receipt. >> point well taken. thank you. free wifi hot spots could soon be on your block as link nyc launches in the big apple. and chuck is here with a look at what's coming up tonight at 6:00. >> roll one r for me, pat. there you go. today coming up amount 6:00,
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mangano made his first statement. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy
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. new yorkers now have aess to super fast wifi. >> if you connect, what does it mean for your privacy and your
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>> reporter: bye-bye pay phone. hello wifi. mayor de blasio the first customer to try the high speed kiosk at 16th street and third avenue. he got three to 311. >> it worksbeautifully. >> reporter: a private company sold 300 million dollar in ads to install the sidewalk stations where pay phones used to be. the ad money allows you to charge your phone, get directions and make calls. but some wonder if it's a little too convenient for hackers. 4 investigates spoke with cyber security experts when subway stations added wifi in 2013. >> all you have to do is put together enough dots and you can steal someone's identity. >> reporter: today the company
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is minimal because of safer connections. >> we do offer an encrypted connection which is incredibly secure. >> reporter: we will not have any personally identifiable information on anyone using the system. >> reporter: that's good enough for carol who's already tried link nyc. as the mayor put it -- >> we're making the transition before your very eyes from the past to the future. >> reporter: now they're still testing most of the kiosks you see on the street today. but the city is promising 500 of them will be operational by jewel. . that will do it for us. we thank you for watching. live from studio 3c in
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4 new york. now at 6:00, new evidence in the slashing attack at a greenwich village restaurant. plus accusations of bullying by a new jersey high school baseball coach. what some parents want done. and ed mangano addresses the sexting scandal he's involved in. two slashings in less than 24 hours. this afternoon a man was slashed outside a busy clothing store in soho in what may have been a robbery gone wrong. >> before that a waiter at a greenwich village restaurant was attacked by a panhandler he told to leave the restaurant minutes earlier. >> reporter: the attack, that violent attack happened right there in the vestibule. the victim stumbled out leaving a blood trail looking for help here. his attacker took off running
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a new photo just released by the nypd, this is the teenager police say slashed a 25 year old man at a greenwich village restaurant. a gash in his left cheek requiring 120 stitches. the victim told me over the phone he's thankful to be alive and is trying to move on from the attack. >> we've been here over 20 years. nothing like this ever happened before. >> reporter: this was not a random attack inside the busy silver spurs restaurant. we've learned a teenager with braces stepped into the diner asking customers to donate money to an unknown basketball team. the victim a friend of if the owner asked the teen to leave. he returned to the restaurant. then the teenager slashed the man. as police search for the teenage slasher, friends, customers and koe coworkers can't help but think


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