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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  February 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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now at 11:00. >> who's going to kill and hurt, yo u know, an 81-year-old woman? >> who is he? e desperatewplea tonight of a woman found murdered in her own home. >> and a man is busted for spitting on a subway platform. >> and chris christ qu's shocker. the governor endorses donald trump. the surprise announcement that caught the other andidates offguard. >> we begin with that murder mystery. a mother and cancer survivor br!utally killed in her home. a man stepping up to her front door. >> the 81-year-old son made an emotional plea for help tonight. >> reporter: yeah, chuck and sibila, police just met with the 81-year-old victim's sons here right outside the home where she
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i'm going to pan off so you can this. it was seen in surveillance. someone will recognize the man house before is mother was murdered. >> who's going to k'll and hurt, you know, an 81-year-old woman, fragile fragile, fighting cancer and she doesn't hurt anybody. >> reporter: he described the person behind his mother's murder, whoever they are, as pure evil. he talked to me in front of her home tonight to ask neighbors for help inuidentifying this man, seen in surveillance in the dark wearing a hood over his head trying to get into her home the night of her murder. police told me tonight that person of interest came to her or around 10:00 p.m. on february 6th. >> she must have recognized the voice or thought- somebody she knew because she would not open the door at that time. >> the next morning police found her dead on the floor of her home.
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wounds. >> i can't comprehend that. i see evil. a lot of evil there. >> reporter: he just returned from his mother's funeral in ecuador where she grew up a devout catholic. >> the iron lady, that's what they call my mom. very hardworking nurse here. >> reporter: he's urging please to look at this video and speak up. >> somebody knows this guy. this guy has been scouting the arlaea. he's been here before. >> reporter: now you can see the rosaries that have been left behind here. her on told me that these are members of the church who left these rosaries here. there's also a memorial there behind me. as for the man in the video, police want you to call the prosecutor's office if you cognize the man, if you've seen that man in that surveillance video. reporting live from jersey city,
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>> a man ticketed for spitting in the subway turned out to be the spitten image,of a murder suspect. he is off the sg eets thanks to quick thinking cops. how the officers made the connection. >> reporter: and sibila, he was let out of the 67th precinct tonight in handcuffs. he had evades capture since november, but it was something as benign as spitting on the subway that blew his cover. heewas arrested tonight, three nths after police say he shot and killed a man of brooklyn. but the arrest might never have happened if not for the suspect's lack of etiquette. het! was picked up for spitting on the platform. two patro officers saw it and ticketed him for the gross infringement. they realized he looked familiar and after scrolling through wanted posters they matched the
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released back in november. this isn't the first time misconduct has landed a murder su rspect in jail. gregory white was found man spreading on a train in columbia circle. >> reporter: and he faces second degree murdel and criminalthweapons charges a ong others. thank you. an innocent bump into a stranger led to a man getting slashed on the subway. tonight the attacker is on the loahose. police said the 60-year-old victim here in the light colored shirt bumped intorghe suspect on the subway at west 57th street othis mornnng. the attacker confronted him, then caught him on his face before running off. slashings in the city are up 20% from last year. >>ip> reaking news now.
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artist yokuono has suffered a possible stroke. he called 911 at 1:00 a.m. and feared she was suffering a stroke. he was rushed to the hospital. it's the same place where len nocdied after b ng shot in 1980. a former long island police chief who made a career putting m criminals behind bars is facing prison time himself tonight. he pleaded guilty to beating a suspect and getting other officers to cover it up for him. he admitted in federal court that he almng witi others used unreasonable force and slapped and hit the individual. and then covered up the assault for three years. dr>> i think his statement reflects the fact that he knows he made a serious mistake here. >> the days of the corruption, the coverups, the abuse of power in suffolk are over. >> james burd made a plea deal. he'll likely get a
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no word on whether the cops who o helped him cover up the asuit have been charged or ples)ed guilty themselves. >> details of a child killed in a fatal fire. did they do everything they could do keep that little girl .safe? the two-year-old was found home alone huddled under her bed and dead from a fire that tore through her apartment tuesday morning. city officials tell city hall officials tell news 4 investigates that they do not believe city caseworkers missed any red flags in their investigation. she has been charged with child endangerment. caseworkers visited the family's home repeatedly last year. >> from everything we've been able t review, there was no way to have predicted that this tragedy would have occurred. >> shortly before the fire, caseworkers attempted to visit the family a half dozen times and found the child to be well taken care of.
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toxicology results of an offduty deal new jersey police captain killed in an accident. he crashed his car on route 71 last month. narcotics, chemicals including bath salts, prescription drugs and alcohol in his system. he was not on due few or driving to or from work. >> sad and mournful night for the family and ftiends of ar father and daughter who tragically lost their lives in the new jersey turnpike this week. people lined up around the blocke r the man and his daughter. he was a science teacher and a coach at hudson county prep. bridget, a little girl who loved dressing up asua fairy princess. the two were killed when their car was rear ended near a toll splaza in jersey city. the driver of the other car has been charge herwas driving between 50 and 70 miles per hour.
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morning. it is my honor and my privilege to introduce the nex pres thent of the united statest donald trump. >> is surprise announcement by governor chris chris tooe today as the political buzz tonight. a day after he was pummelled in rowdy debate. christie threw him a l dline, endodarsing trump for president. reaction from both rival kantd dates and voters. >> it was an unexpected return to the camerign trail for chris christie. only this time campaigning for donald trump, setting the political world spinning. on the receiving end marco rubio, trump's closest competition. >> marco rubio, your campaignais alup.t over, buddy. >> he defrauded florida if you think about it. he runs, he becomes a senator, he never shows up to vote.
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chest bump from two fans. >> donald probably needs a lifeline after last night so he calledt n chris christie. >> reporter: johe kasich has nothing to say abo christie. ted cruz barely mentioninyeit. >> i'm not going to engage in insults. >> this has many speculating christie is angling for a job in a trump administration, thing christie denies. >> i have every expectation that i will fulfill the end of myn rm and go into private life. >> absolutely. because between the two of them they'll get things done. >> but for first time voter patricia rif ra -- >> i was really enthused about voting and i don't think i'm going to do it. because it's a soap opera for me. >> it will be a one day wo er. whouen we asked about christie's prscobdule on saturday we were
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in summer seth, brian thompson, news 4 new york. mass shooting aftermath. >> what happened in the hours leading up to that work place massacre in kansas and the hero officer who took the suspect down. and a deer wreaks havoc inside a local school. how that animal got inside. and a retail giant slashing prices to a penny this weekend. you heard right, just one penny. the ne caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. uplift your mood with hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl. dd perks members, indulge in a medium hot or iced latte or macchiato for $1.99.
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tonight a woman is charged with providing the weapons to the gunman in the deadly shooting cam page at a kansas faitary. sarah hopkins knew that cedric ford was a convioted felon and not allowed to have fire arms when she gave him two guns.
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burglary, grand theft and carrying a concealed w ton. he killed three people and inju d several others yesterday before an officer fatally shot him. and a thief has stolen thousands of dollars worth of drugs from across midtown since the beginning of this year. he's wanted for at least six thefts. his actions so brazen he once struck the same store twice in one night. in some cases police say he had an accomplice. a man is behind bars. he was arrested in ew york as he tried to reenter the united states. police say he attacked a woman after picking her up fro a bar ons january 31st. he flew to toronto, the next day and then overseas. >> i think it was clear that his motive was to commit a sexual assault. viciously sexually assaulted her.
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airport on february 1th. today marks 23 years since e deadly world trade center bombings of 1993. hundreds gathered in lower ma bnhattan today torremember the six people killed. a truck bomb exploded below the trade centers' north tower on february 26, 1993. more than one thousand others were hurt in the blast. it was one of the worst terrorist attacks on u.s. soil later overshadowed by this september 11th attacks. >> a new jersey school had a bizarre wild life encounter today. atdeer crashed throubr a window and into the school. th' faculty was bble to trap the er in a room until animal control could arrive and tranquilize it. the deer will be released into the wild. an now to a mystical creature sighting. it was there and then it wasn't. eluding capture for fleerly three hours or this unicorn or
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california home tonight. she wears the horn to pose for professional pictures and this week she made a run for it. officers followed her but it was a neighbor who managed to wrangle her and while not in trouble with the law, her five-year-old owner wasn't happy. >> she got in time-out because she was in a bad pony. >> her unicorn horn is now gone, replaced with two other horns, but at least everyone in this fairy tale lived happily ever after. >> he got a time-out. had to stay in his stall for a while. >> bad pony. >> hopefully he'll earn its little angel wings next for being a g..d pony. >> don't count on it. >> well, our weather is going to be nice this weekend. we're looking forward to some rmer temperatures. plenty of sunshine. just get ready. tonight it's still pretty chilly outside outside.
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we had a gorgeous day today but it was indy and cold. we have to deal with some windchills across the area tonight. but that only lasts for another say 12 hours or so and then things get a whole lot better. it's 28 degrees in the park. it feels like 17 due to the gusty winds, but the winds are calming down considerably. one note across north central new jersey along the river, we still have a flood warning in effect until 7:00 tomorrow evening in the rain just about two or three days ago, still seeing the rivers at a cresting stage. it's cresting now and should go below flood stage tomorrow afternoon across those areas. in the meantime, temperatures out there in the 20s. farming dale, bridge port at 28. winds coming out of the northwest, a pretty steady, 10 to 15 miles per hour in most cases and occasionally the winds do gust a bit. so up around 20, 25 miles per hour. so there's a windcll o there.
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cold. 17 in the (aity and feels like 2 lonf branchs these windchills wdel stay chilly for the next few hours into the first half of.saturday. wake up in the morning arosed 7:00 you're going to see it feeling like the teens and 20s so make sure you' prepared if you have to go out early. the windchill is not as big a phacoor in the afternoon. saturdays high in the low 40s by the afternoon, but we're expecting less wind but it is cold in the morning. 27 is a start in the city at 7:00 a.m. 43 for the high temperature. 55 on sunday. so a big jump in the afternoon. it's another beautiful day on sunday. with sunshine and just a few high clouds. the average high temperature this time of year is 44 degrees and let's she how high we jump for the rest of the week. mid to upper 50s. closer to 60 degrees on sunday so a taste of spring is coming and with that may come some
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remember just a couple of days ago, the stormy weather we had, hopefully it won't be like that. hopefully there's a chance of storm on wednesday that may come as an icy mix on thursday and snow showers on friday. so a lot of changes coming up next week. in the meantime, this weekend is great. 40s tomorrow, 50s on sunday and we're close to 60 degrees by monday. hope you have a great weekend. >> changes. >> all the time. >> got to get used to this. okay. well, guess what? the world center trade center transportation hub is at long last set to open kind of. >> the long awaited 4 billion transportation center was supposed to officially open next week. what is really opening is a portal to a mostly vacant space. don't expect any ribbon cutting speeches. it's more than a decade behind hedule.
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sense of revenue, a sense of revitalization of this part of the city. s >> okay. the hub is going to look pretty empty until the retail shops start coming in about six months. for now, it's meant to resemble a bird with wings poised to represent takeoff. >> it's an extraordinary structure. it was supposed to be done in five years, it's taken 15, other than that, it's looks great. >> what's coming up in sports? >> well, the knicks actually looked grand on the court tonight. they put e rything together to accomplish something they aren't done for the first time in nearly two years. plus, matt harvey thinks is best pitch is back to presurgery form good luck with that, national league. we'll hear from the dark knight coming up. and here's what jimmy fallon has coming up tonight. >> nathan lane and kerry russell
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and standup and thank you notes,
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some college students will no longer be able to buy an
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them pull an all p ghter. college officials blame the drinks for unhealthy work habits including stress and sleeplessness and even said that they contribute to high risk sexual activity. some students are fighting the ban arguing the college is overreaching its role. well, some clarity finally on whether art lovers really have to pay to get into the metropolitan museum of art. the museum agreed to put up a sign that admission is suggested, rather than recommended. the fact is the policy has been pay what you wish for years, but critics say the admission signs were misleading. the admission policy applies to the fifth avenue museum as well as the new broier. a dollar could get you a lot at jc pen knee this sunday. they're having
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the store isn't saying which items will be part of the promotion.
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ell, is s something that u un't get to see too often. the knicks on firn and not just one of them. >> all five starters in doublf figures tonight. we said we couldn't remember the last time that happened. well, vere's why.eit hadn't happened all year. in fact, not since april of 2014. tonight against orlando who looked gassed, the knicks looked as good as they hrve in a wh e. right here, this is no garden variety durng. driving baseline with two hands on the wheel. knicks up 7 and led by 18 at the half. end of the third and what's this? a pick and roll? melo to porzingis? this may might need to become more of a thing for the knicks.
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porzingis, the knicks win 108-95 over the magic. remember thes ay matt harvey pitched in 2013? he was dominant thanks to a ider that disappeared last year after surgery. the slider is back. the mets first full squad workout brought soja buzz and much of it over harvey who threw live vp today for the first time and he waid his slider was doing things that t used to presurgery. this year. >> after a successful season like that, went into the national league and you know, coming that close, i think we've got a lot of added pieces and we've got a lot of people back that we had from last year, so anybody that's telling you they're not excited, i think they're giving you a bunch of bs, but we're excited to go and we're happy about it. >> all right. meanwhile with the yankees, impressive, super impressive and
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those are the reactions from yankee players after batting practice was done. castro as their everyday second baseman this offseason and his presence takes reps away so trying to get these guys reps. grounders at third today and the thinking there, they could either of them could back up chase head lee during the season. on the ice rangers visit the western conference leading dallas stars tomorrow. and the devils have now been outscored 10-1. trailing 2-0 in the second tonight. that's about to be 3-0. strom sends it on net from the blue line and in the slot. look again. stamkos gets a stick on it and redirects it. new jersey falls 4-0. they've n lost five of six. let's go back to spring training.
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ride. all he did was ask for the upgrade from economo. he followed up wednesday's lamborghini with a customized jeep. it has baseball stitching in its leather seats. the wrangler runs about 80 grand. he says it feels like a spaceship and he says just wait until tomorrow. he's got something better. >> really? >> no way. >> maybe he'll show up in a spaceship. >> the one that chuck really likes is that motorcycle aor car. >> you said looked like a sneaker. >> i want to swe him sho up in the mets bull pen car. like the movie. >> i'll take the lamborghini. >> sure thing.
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we are continuing to follow tonight's breaks news and we just got some good news. a spokes person says the legendary artist andtactivist has not suffered a stroke. he's sbn lishe's being treated for flu like symptoms. we'll have the latest for you on today in new york. >> good night and have a great weekend.


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