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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  February 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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live from studio 3c in rockefeller center, this is news 4 new york. several families homeless tonight after an intense fire burned out the building they live in. news 4 talks to victims. hundreds of mourners gathered for the funerals of a teacher and his daughter killed
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the influence of drugs. a tanker in yonkers spills thousands of gallons of oil. nearly a dozen people have lost their homes in new jersey tonight after a raging fire in bayonne. >> firefighters arrived to found much of that three story building in flames. two firefighters received minor injuries from battling the flames. one had first degree burns. the other sustained an eye injury. both were taken to the hospital and released. >> reporter: when you see just how bad the damage is to this home and you realize there was a family of five inside at the time, you see just how lucky it is that they're all okay. we spoke to one of the people inside when the fire broke out. flames and thick smoke quickly
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susan was inside with her family when it all started. >> everybody started screaming, house is on fire. and we ran out of the house. >> reporter: how bad was the fire fire? >> herbal. orrible. >> reporter: this wasn't an easy fire to fight. the worry was the flames could spread to other homes. firefighters were able to get thl e fire under control but two firefighters received minor injuries. everyone inside the homes got out unharn med. susan doesn't know yet how much was lost. >> we grabbed whatever we could get and ran out of the hodse. >> reporter: now the concern is for the ten people who lost their homes. susan told me she and her family have a place to stay tonight. >> it's a wonderful community. everybody reached out to us. we're good. >> reporter: right now the cause
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one resident did tell us they believe it was a cooking-related accident. but at this point fire investigators have not confirmed that. we go to heart break in new jersey as a community said their final good-byes to a popular high school teacher and his young daughters.ers released balloons in memory of tim o'donnell and five-year-old bridget. their car was rear ended leading to a chain reaction crash. one of his students talked about his sense of humor and how different it's been at school since his passing. >> it's been very quiet. everyone has been very sad. >> 36-year-old scat ott hahn admitted to being high on adderall.
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underway in yonkers after a tanker spilled nearly 2,000 gallons of oil. this happened around 8:30 this morning outside an apartment building on bronx river road. the truck was making a delivery when the oil began to leak out. the driver was able to cap the leak, but look at that, not before at least one-third of the load spilled onto the roadway, 600 gallons made it into a storm drain that empties into the bronx river. it is not clear what caused the spill. tonight investigators are looking for the cause of a fire that destroyed a new jersey deli. firefighters say the blaze began in the kitchen area at prime foods on anderson avenue this morning. the smoke was so thick it could be seen from the west side highway. the flames eventually caused the roof to cave in. >> devastating. because we all support each other here. so it's a total loss.
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no one was hurt in the fire. a long time battle between mayor de blasio and success academy charter schools has reached a boiling point. yesterday an electrical issue caused a fire at the city building which houses the academy and five other schools. success reached out to the city's department of education to request generators or crews to make repairs this weekend. without that the school said it couldn't reopen on monday. news 4 did spot generators and work crews at the school today. we're t waiting for a response from the o.e. over accusations they hav not done enough to open this school. there is no love lost between the mayor and the academy's founder. both fought over the prek contract and space in public buildings for that school. in today's democratic south
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d in b h parties, the focus is shifting to next week and super tuesday. stake. the question is can donald trump and hillary clinton be beaten? steve handelsman s in columbia. >> reporter: it's still not possible for any candidate in either party to have won enough delegates to clench the nomination. but they can get the momentum they'll need to eventually do that. confident about south carolina, hillary clinton twoent went to alabama. >> we have a lot of work to do in america. >> reporter: south carolina democrats, most of them african-american, voted for their long time favorite. >> hillary clinton. she's a very smart and capable woman. >> reporter: at celebrity's hair
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>> i definitely trust the clintons. >> reporter: bernie sanders is unproven? >> he is is definitely unproven. >> who is outside the system who can go and make the changes? >> bernie sanders. i feel like he's honest. >> reporter: sanders went to texas, working to win more than just his home state of vermont on super tuesday. >> we are not going to allow the trumps of the world to divide us up. >> reporter: with chris christie donald trump focused on the ggust super tuesday state. >> we're tied in texas. we have a really good chance of winnsng texas. >> reporter: take cruz's home state where cruz lead in the polls. >> pick a s e andci'll tell you this, when it comes to picking a side i picked a side and i stand against washington and with the american people. >> reporter: like cruz, marco rubio on paper can still beat trum
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>> a con a ist will never get control of this party. >> little mouth on him. bing bing bing. >> the guy with the worst spray tan in america. >> i actually thought that ted cruz was a liar, ut rubio is worse. >> reporter: three days until a showdown. between now and then, it will be big rallies, a lot of tv, and these candidate shuttling like crazy around the super tuesday states. >> steve, thank you so much. an update from late this afternoon. oko owe we yoko ono has been released from the hosp tal after being treated for flu-like symptoms. thjue 83-year-old artist and singer went to the hospital tn the adv one of her doctor. once she arrived the medical staff decided to admit her. former new york city mayor
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hospital for a weehrrecovering from pneumonia. a source said he's still in intense ifr ive care. g ing better each day. hope he's feeling better. still ahead on news 4, a police chase ends with a car slamming into a local home. the move that started this pursuit and why police thought this driver would not stop. . plusn flames lit the night sky on long island. also erica grow has a surprisingly warm sunday forecast for us. >> after a little bit of a illy saturday we're going to bump temperatures up into the 50s, maybe even 60 in a couple
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. suffolk county police say 22-year-old robert serna got into the fight with a 17-year-old. the victim was stabbed several times and obbed of $750, a smart phone and a debit card too. the victim is expected to recover. the suspects have a court hearing tomorrow. long island authorities are
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brooklyn man charged with buglarizing more than a dozen homes on long island. the 31-year-old is facing 17 counts of burglary. prosecutors say he's a waiter at an upscale manhattan restaurant. police already recovered thousands worth of jewelry, designer handbags and sunglasses from his house. a brooklyn driver ran a red light and ran from police. he crashed into a house after a ase. >> we just heard a thud and the police. >> reporter: the loud thud was the sound of a small car crashing into a house. it woke up the homeowners in the
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>> reporter: living in a busy intersection, is this something you worry about? >> not really. >> reporter: officers tried to ll over the car after going through a red light. police say the driver took off leading them on a chase thaended in this crash. >> that's probably what i heard then was the running and the talking and the chasing going on. that's what i woke up to last night. >> reporter: police say they're looking into possible fraudulent credit card use. the only driver was arrested. no one in the home nor the car were hurt in this predawn commotion. police say that driver from brooklyn jumped out of the car right up the street, then ran down here, ended up in the parking lot of this building.
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county jail with $50,000 bond. coming up here on news 4 new york today, beautiful outside, but cold tomorrow.
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. a firefighter was hurt battling a blaze a rt a senior living center on long island at th tat facility on june court in bayshore. you could see flas from that room that it started in. the building was completely gutted. the injured firefighter was treated at the scene. everyone else is okay. lester holt joins us now with a look at what's ahead on nbc nightly news. coming up tonight, up to the minute coverage of today's democratic primary in south carolina. the polls close v:ry shortly. could the thaw in the u.s.-cuban relations open the
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and we preview the oscars and how the diversity controversy could play out tomorrow night. when you looked outside today, it looked like summer. >> tomorrow at least we're going to feel like spring. big improvement as we head from into the second half of the weekend. a live look at times square right now. there are plenty of people out. right now it's 40 degrees with clear skies. tomorrow we'll get that spring feel. temperatures well into the 50s throughout the entire metro area. on monday we'll see an early shower but really not a lot of rain. most of the day will be completely dry. through the middle of the workweek the mild temperatures are going to stay with us. february is just about wrapping up. we're heading into march.
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meteorological spring. 37 right now in toms river. it's 37 in newburgh and monticello right now the only place where it's below freezing in the try i state area. we're looking at your next approaching storm. not a lot of rain with this approaching system. so we'll skip ahead to tomorrow morning. we're going to see lots and lots of sun. just a few early cloudsra!d some high clouds late in the day as the system makes its approach. 7:00 a.m. monday it's still try in the metro area. couple of showers pass through as we head into the later morning hours. but lunchtime looks like some sprinkles could be lingering in the five boroughs and southern new jersey. we're going to clear out most of those clouds tonight and the breeze is still going to be there from time to time.
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going to reach a high of 58 degrees. lots of sunshine. it's going to be a beautiful day. as i mentioned before, just a few high clouds late. we're going to pick up that breeze southwest early at 10-15 miles per hour later in the day. from 33 at 7:00, to 53 by noon, down to 50 by 5:00 with that mild breeze continuing. a look at the seven day forecast. after an early shower on monday, we'll rebound to a high of 55 and we'll do it again on tuesday but stay completely dry. wednesday we have the best chance for rain. just like last week, but we don't have that potential for severe weather like we had last wednesday. we are so looking forward to storm. john is here with sports. we're going to start on the ice, right? >> we're going to start on the
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doldrums of the last few months. this is no easy matchup today. taking out the best of the west in dallas. and the mets strength, their dominant starting pitching. you may have forgotten about one -- in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts all across the state, th ec onomy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the west taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world. and in syracuse, where imagination is in production. let us help grow your company's tomorrow -
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the mets have to be as well informed on tommy john surgery as any team in baseball. jacob degrom and matt harvey most returned with success after that injury. wheeler threw off the mound for the first time since surgery. the promising young righty felt like this was a really big deal
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and it was. july at the earliest. today, a big first step in his come back. >> small as it was, that's a big milestone, sort of what you're working for is to get back on the mound, even if it was like seven throws. off the front of the mound, it's still feet on the dirt. obviously i'd rather be back out there sooner than later, but sometimes things take time. it's a big surgery that i had so it's good to take time now rather than later. >> in tampa the yankees still waiting for baseball commission to rule on the domestic violence case. it was team picture day for the yankees today so alex rodriguez and company got a late start in the cages after posing for the cameras.
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swings in the indoor cage. he's stim ll recovering from a bone bruise in his left wrist. basketball, the nets in action tonight in utility ah. carmelo anthony was held after practice afterlast nirht's win. on the ice, rangers taking on the western conference leading dallas stars second period. yandle fires it on net. and kreider deflects it in. and the rangers go up one. mine ryan mcdonagh scored a goal. college hoops, number two
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both upset today. dangerously close now to becoming the first big 10 team to finish winless since 2000. that year, northwestern went 0-16. northwestern, the opponent today. and this was not an enjoyable trip. northwestern led by 30 at the half. in the second their lmod is 39. scottll..indsey with as high percentage of shot as you can get there. 16 straight losses, 31 in a row. lindsey vonn has has her fair share of injuries. and a terrifying crash today. voonnn today, snow conditions difficult. she sand it was a lift soft out there. on a downhill run, unable to
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ken off the field on a stretcher. e has a hairline fracture and ev getting an mri on monday. and the honda classic, adam scott drains the 48-foot putt to go seven under. final round tomorrow here on 4r
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looking like a good sunday. >> absolutely. temperature near 60 degrees, lots of sunshine, great day to be outside.


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