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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  February 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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around the corner and strikes both of them in the cross walk. the next part is so difficult to watch and harder to comprehend. the driver gets out of his suv, sees the mother and daughter gets back in his car and speeds off. the father of the seven-year-old says he's devastated at the loss of his little girl. and he thinks that the driver who killed her is a coward. at the scene a growing memorial candles. some of her classmates at ps 1 still don't know what happened. parents say on the narrow congested streets around the school they fear for their children's safety. shayla's mother jamie is being treated at the hospital.
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worked at the bergen nail salon. ana the salon owner just got back from visiting jamie in the hospital. she says she was inconsolable, unable to stop crying after the loss of her only child. >> she don't do nothing. cry cry, cry, cry. >> reporter: the driver is said to be driving a 2015 black chevy tahoe. that's a black suv. >> again, west new york police say if you know who hit that little girl to get in contact with them. that's the latest live from west new york, new jersey. coming up at 6:00, ten deadly hit-and-run accidents in the streets of new york all in just the last two months. tonight, 4 investigates revealing the legal loophole that could be letting drivers get away with it.
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answers following a discovery in a quiet long island neighborhood. a woman found dead, her husband stabbed numerous times. what happened at the home? >> reporter: most of the police investigators who spent the day here in middle island left the scene just a short time ago. they labeled what happened in the house behind me as a homicide. but sources say it appears to have been a murder-attempted suicide involving a husband and wife. you can see where suffolk police kicked in the locked front door of this middle island home. a 911 call brought them here sunday night. when police arrived, officers encountered a strong smell of natural gas before making a griz grisly discovery. >> a 41-year-old male resident of the house was found in the house with severe injuries. >> reporter: the husband
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and chest and was rushed to the hospital. it's unclear how the wife died but police are calling her death a homicide. neighbors didn't know the couple well, but still found what happened surprising and scary. >> their daughter used to live at that house over there and then they moved so we didn't really see them that often. it's kind of sad. >> reporter: officers had been called to the home twice over the last two years for verbal disputes between the husband and wife. none of the incidents, police say, involved any violence. >> i always saw them doing stuff in the yard. it's scary. things happen. >> reporter: a relative of the wife made that 911 call, asking police to check on her. the call came too late. the husband remains hospitalized tonight. he is expected to survive his injuries. right now, though, it's unclear if he will also soon face criminal charges.
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out that police have not yet identified the couple involved in the homicide investigation. a man accused of murdering his girlfriend and two children in a staten island hotel, has been indicted in that case. the da announced the indictment of michael sykes today. police say he stabbed rebecca cut cutler 40 times inside the staten island ramada inn. another child named miracle survived. sykes will be arraigned on friday. and these three newburgh residents are accused of illegally disposing of a woman's body. weekend. police say they dumped the body on the side of a road in plate kill after she died at delgado's home. and new at 5:00, governor
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a longstanding vacancy on the new jersey supreme court. he nom named superior court judge david bowman. he cited his unanimous approval for lifetime tenure on the supreme court just last year. >> his background, his experience, his temperament and his record on the bench, plus his life experiences, all of those things combine to make him the best candidate. >> if approved, bowman will be the first asian-american to serve as the judge in the state's highest court. to decision 2016, tomorrow is super tuesday and presidential candidates on both sides are furiously campaigning tonight. hillary clinton looking at winning nearly every state. and for the republicans all eyes are on texas, the biggest prize
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cruz is leading donald trump. steve? >> reporter: in houston ted cruz has an awful lot of support, but will it be enough to beat back what one cowboy told me in houston looks to a lot of folks in texas like a big surge by donald trump. ted cruz is campaigning at home in texas, the only super tuesday state cruz figure years s s he can win and must win. >> at that point it will become abundantly clear this is a two-man race. >> reporter: at the houston rodeo today the cowboys are divided between trump and cruz. >> he's more of a constitutionalist type. yorker. >> reporter: donald trump was in virginia. >> believe it or not, we're going to unify this country.
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called a racist. >> is all . >> all lives matter. >> reporter: claiming he couldn't hear the question, trump on sunday refused to condemn the kkk. marco rubio today is adding that to his trump attacks. >> he's unelectable now. he refused to criticize the klu klux klan. >> reporter: but trump got support from exnew yorker frank vick. >> donald trump financed our basketball team and helped us stay off the streets. he's not a racist. >> reporter: hillary clinton today is jumping on the republicans. >> what we can't let happen is the scapegoating, the blaming, the finger pointing that is going on on the republican side. >> reporter: bernie sanders was in minnesota. back in texas ted cruz is fighting just to win his home state. the latest polling here in texas has cruz with a widening
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live from houston steve handlesman . senator chum ck schumer wants to help families get rid of the lead paint in their homes that is making a lot of kids sick. the senator stood outside a house in yonkers with lead paint. lead paint was banned in 1978 but many homes were built before that. the senator is now calling for a tax credit that would cover the cost of removing lead paint from people's homes. >> frankly, the cost of abating
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the cost of dealing with lead poisoning once the child grows up to be an adult. >> a recent study by the cdc found that nearly 4% of kids in westchester county have some form of lead poisoning. still ahead, an emergency action order for a controversial birth control device. are emergency crews responding to your calls quickly enough? the group that says they are not and why. nasa's plans for commercial airliners. the month of february ends with a hint of spring. but will march come in like a
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ordered new safety research. >> chuck, the fda now wants a black box warning on every assure package. a black box warning is the fda's instinct strictest label designed to call attention to risk. thousands of women have been reporting severe pain, allergic reactions and even punctured fallopian tubes. the birth control uses flexible metal coils inserted into a woman's reproductive system. >> we have received 631 reported reporteds reported s of pregnancies in women with assure and included among those
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experienced a pregnancy loss. >> that was from a conference call today with a fda. patients who participated in assure clinical trials report extreme debilitating long-term pain after the procedure. and yet their comfort with the device is rated as excellent or very good. today the fda said the agency recognizes more rigorous research is needed. we reached out to the maker of assure bayer pharmaceuticals. we did not hear back but in the past bayer said it stands by the integrity of the original research. cleanup crews are working hard to tackle a mess in yonkers. heating oil spilled from a truck on saturday. tonight this is still causing issues in that area.
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a park actually. you can see crews working behind me here. you can see the bronx river right here. this all started, as you said, a heating oil spill. this is about 226th street. that's bronx boulevard right up there. a truck carrying about 6,000 gallons of home heating oil sprung a leak, spilling about 1500 dpal gallons of that into the street up there. 600 gallons of that according to the department of environmental conservation washed into drains that empty into the bronx river. this cleanup process has been going on for two days. they're using special pads that soak the oil, which oil sits on top of the water. this is actually ken's marines. this is the same company that jersey city hired a couple of weeks ago to handle a diesel spill in jersey city, near new
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as we take you back out here live, you can see this white boom here in the river. and according to the guys i just talked to from ken's marine, that white boom would be brown or black if they were soaking of a significant amount of oil. and according to them, what they're saying basically is that either 600 gallons of oil did not make it into this river or they have not located it yesterday. we'll have to wait and see what happens. new at 5:00 a report calling into question whether your medical and fire emergencies are being responded to fast enough. the uniformed firefighters association says the city is severely under reporting those emergency response times, explaining it they don't start
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rather than starting it when the 911 call comes in. >> these are the numbers hidden on their website that reveal that the response times to real emergencies are dramatically higher than what the city has been reporting for years. in some cases up to 80% higher. >> the fdny responded to the claims. time for the weather now. a delightful day today. >> and yesterday too. >> an extension from yesterday's weather just like springtime across the area. as we end february and enter the month of march. this is a beautiful view out here tonight. this is a live picture from stamford, connecticut. it's a beautiful night out there. just like springtime.
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jfk at 62. the average daytime high is about 42 or 44 degrees. we're way above that today. we did have a little rain this morning. a weak cold front coming through. but generally under a tenth of an inch of rainfall in most locations today. it's going to be dry this evening and on the breezy side. we still have some gusts out there. some stormy weather is on the way coming up for tuesday night, wednesday. right now temperatures in the 50s to near 60. long branch at 55 as well as sussex and poughkeepsie. new it's a bit breezy but still mild. as we look back, we tracked the temperatures all winter long. they've been averaging higher than average. and we see that in february too. we just didn't make it, though, 1.8 degrees above average for
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storm tracker showing that front that came through the area today. moved on now. and the skies cleared pretty quickly behind that. got some clouds back to the west and another cold front here that stretches from canada, the great lakes, back through chicago into iowa. scattered light showers with that. that gets in here on tuesday night and this will be some rain with that. in the meantime clear skies across the area tonight. it feels cooler as the temperatures drop. it will be a cooler day tomorrow too. this is tuesday morning 8:00, 20s north and west. the city right around freezing. it's a quiet day. we'll have some clouds showing up late in the evening and temperatures in the 30s to the 40s. here come the rain showers coming up for wednesday morning into wednesday afternoon. when dave price comes up in a few minutes he's going to talk more about our chances for rain. in the meantime, the temperatures do cool down
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some snowflakes flying on friday. a nasa unveiled its vision today for changing the way we fly. the administration laid out a ten-year plan to build x planes that could be the future of commercial air travel. nasa says it will design and build a variety of flight demonstration vehicles. the x planes will be lighter, faster, quieter and greener than the planes in the air today. >> here's the magical part. the design is for a piloted test aircraft that can fly at super sonic speeds but create a sonic boom that's more like a soft thump instead of the loud boom. >> the plan calls for the field test with airlines, airports and the faa over the nekd xt decade.
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the test that one of the boston marathon bombers took before the attack. what he swore on that day. >> plus, new information about the female libido pill. dave is here with a look at what's coming up at 5:30. >> what happens when you put something away in storage only to find out it's been lost? still ahead, the tough words ant judge had for the women. and an unsettle
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it has been six months since the fda approved a libido pill for woman. now new research finds that little pill may do more harm than good. according to a review, it
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risk of dizziness, nausea and fatigue. researchers found the drug is only minimally affective. those who took the pill reported only getting one more sexually satisfying per month. researchers say the minimal benefits coupled with the significant side effects raises market. it works by changing the chemical levels in the brains of women whose sex drives have plummeted without explanation. it is the first ever drug designed to boost a woman's libido. we're learning new information about one of the boston marathon bombers. they show that 26-year-old tamerlan tsarnaev passed a test showing mo ing ing no links to terrorism.
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holding off a ruling for one month on a defamation lawsuit against bill cosby. former model janice dickinson sued cosby last month for denying her claims he raped and drugged her. two months after a broken elevator trapped 17 minors below earth, the salt mine is open once again. staff members are inspecting equipment before mining can resume. last month an elevator got stuck 900 feet below miners were rescued. a navy seal who risked his life to resz cue cue a hostage in afghanistan was awarded the medal of honor today.
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duty member of the navy that received the honor in four decade. president obama described part of his rescue mission. >> he let apt across the room and threw his own body on the hostage to shield him from the bullets. another enemy fighter appears. with his body, ed kept shielding the hostage, with his bare hands he held the fighter to the wall until his teammates took action. another navy seal in that mission was killed. a man accused of trying to join isis goes on trial in brooklyn. why the air force veteran's lawyer calls the case a fantasy. today a jury heard from a man convicted of stalking
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. right now, tears in the courtroom as sportscaster erin andrews testifies in the $75 million civil trial over the secret recording of her. >> about 20 minutes ago andrews was asked about the peephole recordings and she broke down in


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