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tv   News 4 New York  NBC  March 6, 2016 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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the braves. they went on to win 7- 5. soccer began and chicago. and they scored in the tenth minute. thomas mcnamara takes two touches and then the first goal courtesy of an assist from the post. and then on the 63rd minute, mcnamara with the brilliant service into the area. and disca ryu on volley. what a pass, what a goal. nyfc opens the season with a 4-3 victory. over in harrison, toronto fc led the red bulls 1-0 in stoppage time when marco delgado puts the game away with a shot by robe liis. they drop their season opener at home, 2-0 the final. >> i mean, this is the first
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if we had won it, things don't change that much. but what's important is that we continue to execute what we're about and learn from different moments, wins and losses and make sure we're better for it come the next game. in golf, it was the final round at doral. and adam scott with a lead and this masterful save was a thing of beauty. what a shot by the 35-year-old australian. scott calmly sunk his par put to secure his second straight tour victory. both in florida. he's the hottest golfer on the planet right now. in the mac tournament, monmouth beat fairfield. they'll play tomorrow night in albany with a trip to the big
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in the semis of the colonial, green sets up denton kuhn underneath to put the pride on top. william and mary rushes the ball off court, but their desperation three is well off the mark. hofstra advances to the tournament final with a 67-70 victory. and in the missouri valley championship game, northern iowa and evansville were tied at 51. and this was northern iowa for the win! what a way to send the panthers to the big dance for the second straight year. you can't get enough of that stuff. the celebrations are beautiful. coming up in sports final, seton hall head coach kevin willard joins us in the studio. the pirates should be in the big dance, and we break down a wild
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>> seven goals in the first period. much more to come, a stabbing, a slashing and a fire. police catch a man accused of going on a deadly crime spree in queens. the very latest when we come
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of our 11:00 show. thanks for staying with us. i'm natalie pasquarella. >> we begin with a wild spree that ended in gunshots. >> one person was killed, four others hurt including two officers. it started at1 11:00 when a woman was slashed. then a liquor store owner was stabbed and he and another man were set on fire. less than an hour later, the suspect was shot. >> reporter: all day police have been chasing a suspect they say is responsible for a string of violent attacks across astoria. that all ended a few hours ago when we heard seven distinct gunshots. [ gunshots ] >> reporter: police opened fire on suspect james dillon after a large manhunt. a woman was slashed in the face. a store owner was stabbed and killed. and another man was set on fire,
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and police believe james dillon was responsible for all of it. they found him at his home and opened fire when they say he wouldn't drop his knife. he's now in critical condition. we spoke exclusively with a woman who says she was slashed by dillon. he grabbed my jacket, i saw him taking the knife out. immediately he started stabbing my neck. i fought back. i didn't even know i was being cut. and two police officers were also burned when they say dillon sprayed them with an unknown chemical substance. we're told they are going to be okay. michael george, news 4 new york. we go now to the life and legacy of former first lady nancy reagan. today the reagan presidential library was closed. but that didn't stop morn er urners from stopping by. >> reporter: the library in simi valley, california bears his name, but this was always their place.
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flowers and flags, tribute the and tears. >> there's a strong feeling towards the reagan family. they did so much for our family. >> reporter: ronald and nancy began planning the library while he was in office. they would check on its progress during stops to the white house from santa barbara. >> it was so pretty riding this morning. really pretty. >> reporter: in 1988, the groundbreaking. even in the dirt, the first lady always added a touch of class and a bit of humor. the library would honor the president who always cherished his wife. >> and of course my nancy. i don't know how to begin to describe what she means to me except to say i can't imagine life without her. >> reporter: the reagans picked this hilltop because of its sweeping views. he was presidential. but many say she made this place majestic.
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henry to say good-bye. >> no question she was iconic, no question she was more than just a first lady, but a strength of strength and vitality and pride of the united states. >> reporter: mrs. reagan will soon be buried next to her husband at the library, a special place on the hilltop with a view they loved in a country that loved them both even more. >> and that was miguel almaguer. james baker served as chief of staff and treasury secretary. he spoke with lester holt about the role mrs. reagan played in her husband's administration and in her husband's life. >> she was his closest adviser, but in addition to that, she was his constant protector. they had a very beautiful, exceptionally beautiful relationship. >> he told lester that mrs. reagan had great political
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she knew, quote, who in that white house was paddling their own canoe and who was working for the gipper. >> former first lady hillary clinton and husband bill saying her strength of character was legendary. bernie sanders called her an exemplary first lady. ted cruz said she had deep passion for this nation. and john kasich said america and the reagan family have lost a woman of grace and strength. for more on the life and legacy of nancy reagan and a photo gallery, you can hid to our website, nbcnew the 17th annual st. pat's for all parade grew 00 drew hundreds. it initially was a response to the parade that banned gays.
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own. organizers say they have no plans to stop now. >> it continues, and it will go on, because it became something much more than just a protest of the fifth avenue parade. it actually became its own very powerful symbol of being both irish and inclusive. >> mayor de blasio was at today's parade. for the first time he will march down fifth avenue, this time in manhattan's st. patrick's day parade. he boycotted the parade the first two years in office because of its stance on openly gay people participating. it starts at 11:00. and coming up next, an i-team exclusive. >> the only image i remember is him pulling the gun and the flash of the muzzle. >> two recovering police officers speak out about the night they were shot at point blank range.
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well, tonight, the search continues for the man who pushed a 17-year-old gurl into the path of the number seven train. police releasing this surveillance video of the
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it's a bit grainy. authorities say he shoved the girl off the platform at the plaza station last night. fortunately the train's motor man was able to apply the brake as the teen hugged the platform. police have arrested a suspect in the case of a car explosion. he faces a series of charges, including attempted murder. this happened on wednesday night. he placed two aerosol cans in the wheel well and ignited them while it was moving. fortunately the driver and passenger were not hurt. want to go to an i-team exclusive. two officers shot at point-blank range inside a stairwell and lived to talk about it. they're still fighting to get
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we have the incredible story about what happened the night they came face-to-face with a would-be cop killer. >> i can't believe that i'm sitting here today. >> he was shot point-blank in the face. the bullet ricocheted off bone and came away from his bone. >> came out right around here. yeah. >> reporter: and his partner, deara cruz was hit below her bulletproof vest. >> i was shot right here and i got surgery right in this section. >> reporter: both why patrolling the stairwells at the melrose houses last month and ran into malik chavez and a second man. at first, there were few signs of trouble. >> i asked for i.d.s, they were compliant. >> reporter: he said i was staying stay -- he was staying as a guest.
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from his pocket, at that moment, that's when he fired. >> it all happened so fast, the only images that i remember is him pulling the gun and the flash of the muzzle going off. it was black. then i remember kind of coming to. and thinking, i'm alive. >> reporter: as the shots rang out, officer cruz tried to shield the second civilian and take cover. >> the second individual was the one who made me realize that i was shot. he was like, listen, you're bleeding. >> reporter: she radioed for help asthma malik ran into the apartment and shot and killed himself. >> on scene before we were taken to the hospital, i saw him and i kind of panicked. because i saw just the blood on his face. >> in my mind, i'm thinking what if it's a femoral artery, what if she bleeds out.
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is going to be fine. i was put a lot more at ease. >> reporter: both officers on the job just two years, first in her family to become an officer. >> there was just something about being a police officer, anyone. >> reporter: and he was a the bronx. >> there's a lot of crime that goes on there but a lot of great people that live there. and they need great people to look after them. >> reporter: both released early on to cheers as he wheeled his partner out. even though it was a close call, both are eager to get back to the job. >> i definitely believe there was a higher power looking out for both of us. >> we got lucky. immortal. >> reporter: in the bronx, jonathan dietz, news 4 new york. still ahead, a long island
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the reality tv star none as big ang is being remembered on staten island. a mural was revealed. she died last month, not long
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diagnosed with stage four brain and lung cancer. she was boast known for appearing on the show "mob wives" and later got her own spinoff series, "big ang". tom hanks is at it again on social media after he reunited a student with an i.d. he said mitten, shoe? hat? don't know. he found that i.d. and successfully returned it to the owner. he also tweeted that someone found his credit card on the street and returned it. >> start dropping stuff if you want to meet tom hanks. the royals have released rare footage of prince charles as a baby, a 1-year-old, it shows queen elizabeth the second who at the time was princess
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charles is now 67, the heir to the british thrown. it was a little chilly this weekend, but as we head back to work and school, that's when temperatures are going to warm up. i know the timing's not great for everybody, but on a personal note, i'm on vacation this week. so i picked a good week. much milder than it was this weekend, but it's still going to be a little bit chilly because of a breeze, and it's because of this weak cold front that's going to pass us to the north that it could bring a sprinkle north of town. our temperatures today, we're still below average for this time of year, but 2 degrees off of our average high of 46 degrees. we're already down to 25. it's in midtown that we're still holding onto the upper 30s.
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white plains and bridgewater sitting at 27 degrees. clouds on the approach, and this weak cold front could distribute a few light sprinkles or showers the track . it's snowing in the adirondacks. i wouldn't rule out a sprinkle as you head into the lower hudson valley, but this same front is going to stir up the breezes a little bit. it's not going to do anything for us as far as the umbrella. you're not going to need that no matter what part of the tri state you live in. the winds gusting between 20-25 miles per hour. at noon we still have winds gusting to around 20 miles per hour. in the afternoon they actually pick up a little bit, maybe a gust around 25 miles per hour, maybe even a little stronger in a couple locations closer to the shore, but by tuesday temperatures are set
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we'll drop into the 20s in the suburbs, and tomorrow, with the breezy conditions, the breede breeze -- breezes out of the west. everybody's going to stay dry in the immediate metro area. up to 64 degrees on tuesday with partly cloudy skies. on wednesday we're going to surge all the way to 70 degrees, fantastic day feeling like may. then thursday we're looking at the arrival of rain. we don't have any cool downs in the seven-day forecast. enjoy this taste of spring. back to you. we'll enjoy it. a long island teen who is partially blind has turned his own struggle into a mission to help others. >> he's raising money to buy service dogs for wounded veterans, and the support he has received has been overwhelming. >> reporter: matthew is heading to the principle's office. but trouble isn't waiting behind
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tully is. tully is a service dog who will be assigned to a disabled vet or first responder free of charge, and it's money raised by this 13 year old making it possible. >> a lot of people are veterans in the family, and first responders, all of them need an extra helping hand where they can get it. and these dogs are what gives them that. it gives them a new life. >> reporter: matthew is a seventh grader. he didn't know the first thing about grassroots fund-raising, but he knew about guide dogs, he's partially blind. his brother brandon is also partially blind. >> i know how much training goes into it, and it was a lot. but we're doing pretty good so far. >> reporter: pretty good? that's an understatement. >> we thought it would be cool, if we could reach the $6,000 to sponsor a puppy. >> reporter: and now you're at? >> $25,000. >> reporter: that's a big number. >> he's already changed the
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veterans, it's incredible. >> reporter: this is his counselor. she's overwhelmed by his gesture. >> while he's trying to help someone else out, i don't know if he realizes he's improving as well. >> reporter: is this your chance to give back? >> i guess so. >> reporter: never thought of it that way? >> no. >> reporter: and he'll keep raising money as long as those donations keep coming in. news 4 new york. >> awesome, awesome story. we will be right back. (mailman) what are you guys doing? (receptionist) it-it gets boring between calls so i make phone music. (security guard) she has a gift. (receptionist) i'll bust out some sample beats for you. (mailman) why don't you try a new york lottery scratch-off game instead? it's fun. (receptionist) i'm incredible at this. (avo) take a break from the expected. play scratch-off games from the new york lottery. if you treated your car... like greasy, fast food treats your body...
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live look there at rockefeller plaza and a very quiet sunday night. still cold, but that's going to change very soon. there is a new film on top at the box office as "zootopia" ends "dead pool"'s three-week reign. >> the animated disney movie took in more than $73 million in its first weekend. >> in second place, "london has fallen", starring girard butler and morgan freeman. and "dead pool", did slip to the third spot. and sports final is coming
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thank you very much, rob and natalie. welcome to the show. when you talk about local rivalries, the rangers and islanders are right near the top. and today was a wild regular season duel. we'll talk about it tonight with two of the team's current broadcasters who just so happened to experienced the rivalry first hand. and we've got the coach of the hottest basketball team in the area here in the studio tonight. kevin willard, of the seton hall pirates. but first, the news of the day. and tonight's headlines are brought to you by buick. peyton's place. the sheriff is hanging up the cleats. one month after winning super bowl 50, peyton manning will announce his retirement on monday. the next stop for the five-time mvp, canton, ohio, the pro football hall of fame.


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