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tv   Today in New York  NBC  April 5, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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feels more like a cold winter morning outside. storm team 4 will tell us if any relief is in sight. plus new this morning, a violent encounter shuts down a subway station. we'll tell you what happened. instant classic in college basketball. this was impressive. but wait until you see how this one ended. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everybody, tuesday morning, it's april 5th. i'm darlene rodriguez. >> i'm michael gargiulo. chris is off, storm team 4's raphael is here with the spring forecast. >> right now, it's very cold and very windy, you need to layer it up as you're heading outside. here's a live look at storm tracker. all that snow is gone, we're left with cold and 28 degrees outside. this is the coldest morning we've had in about a month in
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daytime highs in the 30s. lots of sunshine. look at the windchills, feels like 26 at lunchtime. 6:00 p.m., feels like 30 degrees out there. obviously not the best weather nor the home opener, lauren scala is back. >> thank you, it's good to be back. right now, we have changes on the subways, downtown 2 trains are bypassing because of police activity. no 1 service between dyckman street and 96th. 4:31, new this morning -- murder charges for a man accused in a deadly car jacking in brooklyn. list say the suspect stole a truck in sunset park and then ran over and killed the truck's owner. "today in new york's" lori bordonaro has learned he has a long rap sheet.
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suspect joshua colin has a history. mostly for grand larceny. colon who is from brooklyn was taken into custody. he didn't say notifying reporters as he was let out of the station. police arrested him at a nearby residence after allegedly carjacking and running down 63-year-old philip dellegrazie. police a dellegrazie's truck had been idling. coaulon jumped into the driver's semeat and dellegrazie chased him and tried to force him out at a light. colon then sped off in a panic went the wrong way down 22nd street hitting a lexus before running away. last night friends and family were inconsolable. they described philip dellegrazie as a hard working family man who came here from italy.
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appear in court later this morning, michael and darlene, of course we'll be here and continue to follow the story. >> lori thank you. new this morning, police are investigating another subway slashing. it happened just after 1:00 al on the southbound 2 train near the jackson avenue/westchester avenue astation in the section of the bronx. investigators said the victim was slashed in the face and had his backpack stolen. police tell us there could have been as many as two suspects. southbound 2 trains are skipping the jackson avenue station while police investigate. another gun is found in a new york city school, this one is loaded and now two young teenage boy, facing charges. it happened on ps 169, 88th street. a 13-year-old boy threatened a girl in school with a fully loaded .22-caliber revolver. police say the 14-year-old
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expatra bullets. it's the fourth handgun discovered inside of new york city schools in the last few weeks. the union is sounding the alarm. >> these are nonscanning schools that these guns are being found in so that negates the argument that we need to get rid of metal detectors, actually, we need to increase the metal detectors. >> now the two boys 13 and 14 years old they now face felony charges. there was a close call, trees blown over from high winds and just missing a truck. here's video from boonton township. a police officer was out on the road when a tree came down. the driver wasn't hurt but it's believed that he may have been hurt if the tree had fallen on top of his truck, of course, when you look at what could have happened there.
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traffic on the 4s. it seems like we saw that all over the area with the cold that's getting people down. >> it's been a rough stretch, guys. we have the snow, the ice, it's quieter and even colder than yesterday. we have windchills in the teens. here's a look at storm tracker, and it's quiet outside. no rain, no snow to deal with. it could be icy in some spots with leftover slush that refroze. here's what it feels like, 17 in central park. a windchill of 15 degrees in new york. 17 in yonkers. this is what you need to dress for as you're heading out the door. that means all the layers are needed even though it's april. you need the hats, gloves and scarfs. i'd watch out for airport delays. winds gusting at 30 miles her tower at laguardia, newark and central park. yanks, s
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definitely want to bring out the layers and try to keep warm. maybe even hand warmers. i know, it's pretty drastic, lauren scala. >> right now, we have issues on the subways, the l train, delays and track maintenance. overnight track work on 3, 4, 6, a, e, d and s. you do need to move your car today, alternate side parking rules in effect. more weather and traffic on the 4sy.. today, ntsb investigators will talk to crews outside of a deadly development near philadelphia. we're learning now details about the accident. agents show video pulled from the train show maintenance equipment sitting on the same track just before the collision. it also reveals the train hit its emergency brakes five seconds before impact. an amtrak worker and supervisor were killed and dozens were hurt when the train crashed into a backhoe.
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the equipment was on the same track. the 4:37. police say a missing teenager from virginia may have turned up in the bronx and could be in danger. they're looking for dana vanderbilt. they say she called from a pay phone at university heights. this is on friday. police say dana could be a victim of sexual trafficking. a jetblue attendant accused of smuggling drugs is due to appear in court. she was transported back to l.a. from new york on saturday to face federal drug charges. the fbi says the former beauty queen abandoned nearly 70 pounds of cocaine at a security checkpoint at the airport in los angeles. and former new york state dean skal lows and his son could spend at least a decade in
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the prosecutor wants the politician to serve 12 to 15 years on a conviction. his son adam would serve less. attorneys argue they should be paired prison time. their sentencing is scheduled in three weeks. a new jersey school district is poised to adopt a traps guarantee policy. pascack voted to reintroduce this policy. this would allow students to use the bathrooms based on their gender identity. in just a few hours, voters start going to the polls in the closely watched wisconsin primary. ted cruz is favored to win there but some late polls show donald trump gain something ground. john kasich is trailing in third place. he spent much of yesterday on long island. and among the democrats, bernie sanders is expected to take
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yes, he agreed to debate hallary clinton here in new york. the face-off will take place in brooklyn a week from this thursday. that's just five days hay of the new york delegate-rich primary. >> baseball back in new york city after a one-day delay because of the weather. the yankees do have their home opener this afternoon but the boys of summer are going to be battling rough temperatures. as raphael told us it's going to be 29 degrees. tracie strahan is at the stadium. tracie, looks like you're dressed for football, not baseball. >> reporter: michael, i just put on my winter hat. it's absolutely freezing out here right now. we're hoping for it to climb at least a little bit. we're expecting fans to be in their winter coat for the 1:05 game. the yankees are hoping things are hotter inside because they are facing off against a team
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playoffs. we'll show you what happened yesterday. that tarp covering up things all because of the rain. it was postponed and the yankees announced that calculation via twitter blaming what they call incomplement weather. the houston astros trying again today but the pitching match judge is going to stay the same. joe girardi says it's kind of strange they're facing off against the same team. they were kind of defeated and deflated because of the postponement but they're ready to take the field all over again. the gates open at 11:00 this morning, michael keep in mind, this starts a new era in ticket policies for the yankees. you're not going to be able to print out your tickets and bring them to the stadium. you're going to have to have them on your mobile device or hard tickets.
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that they've been boasting about here will keep you warm. i think i'm going to have to have five of them at least to keep warm. >> which luxury box will be gration with your presence today? >> reporter: the gargiulo suite, of course. >> have fun out there. >> reporter: you got it. it was a wild finish in the ncaa men's basketball tournament. it all came down to two spectacular plays for the championship. >> north carolina trailing villanova by three in the final seconds. >> they're going to have to do something from the outside, now, paige. it's good. >> that's the tar heels marcus paige. he burns the three-pointer, there's less than five seconds on the clock but villanova
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>> arc decondo. it's good! >> kris jenkins responding with his own. right at the buzzer. celebrations there. villanova's second ncaa championship. the last time they won it was in 1985. as a basketball mom, imagine if that's your son or daughter with the ball with the last shot at the buzzer. >> i would faint. >> you would faint? >> you know, i would have passed out. no, it's amazing and this is how college basketball is, right. it gives you these great mo tments. congratulations. 4:42, an unusual exit launches an investigation. see the moment a flight attendant did something very unexpected. plus, local lawmakers sounded the law about a gun. and freezing cold temperatures this morning. your weather and traffic on the 4s is coming up. >> don't forget to follow us on
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4:44 right now. good morning, everyone. it is a cold start to your tuesday. definitely more of a wintry feel. you can see in the weather headlines. that's where you need to dress for, layer it up as you head outside. we have another hard freeze, temperatures back in the 20 nts city sand suburbs. tomorrow, the chill finally easies up. tomorrow is the best day of the week because we have rain arriving on thursday. this is what it feels like outside right now. yeah, this is painful to see in april. feels like 11 in white plains. chills in the teens in poughkeepsie and danbury. feels like 14 in westhampton. and 16 in islip. we could have patchy ice from yesterday, a little slush that froze overnight so please watch out for that. and we are tracking winds
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adding an extra sting out there. we see on storm tracker, lots of clear skies, high pressure building in for today. we do have a freeze warning in effect. plants that bloom that can't take the cold weather need to be protected. for all coastal locations including new york city. planning your day, 28 right now, mostly cloudy skies as we're redding through the rest of the day it stays breezy. we will have lots of sunshine, so it looks nice, just didn't feel like. these temperatures in the 30s feels more like 20s. so dress for 20s as you're stepping outside. here's a look at future tracker. looking good. sunshine, lots of that to go around today. for your evening commute, it's nice and dry. starts out sunny, cold, then temperatures gradually moderating throughout date. there's a look at the seven-day forecast. 47 tomorrow, so that feels better. and we are expecting the clouds to build.
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that's going to be a showery and stormy day. look at the high of 59 degrees. but getting colder as we head towards the weekend. let's see how the commute is going. nice and quiet, lauren scala. >> things are nice and quiet. we have reports of an overturned vehicle in the eastbound service road of the cross bronx on the parkway. that's being cleared out. though you're seeing that on the traffic data, that's because of delays. and we'll take a look outside at the long island expressway. delays are more significant. we also have road work out there. here's what it looks like past woodhaven boulevard. leave yourself extra time if you can. heading over to the george washington bridge. smooth sailing here, inbound at the tolls, upper level and lower level. lincoln and holland tunnel, you're in for a nice ride. alternate side traffic rules. a united airlines flight
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air anytime soon after making unusual exit off a flight. video from kprc appears to show the flight attendant inflating the emergency slide and then using it to leave the aircraft. this happened yesterday afternoon after the flight arrived in sacramento, california. united said it doesn't know why the flight attendant needed to make that exit but she's been relieved of her duty pending an investigation. and wreckage burns just east of the knoxville, all five people on board were killed. that area near the great smoky mountains national park is popular for helicopter tours. right now, local police are withholding the names of the victims. senator charles schumer wants to keep a handgun that looks like an iphone from going on sale.
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too well concealed and could fall into the hands of terrorists and poses a dangerous threat to law enforcement. >> imagine a scenario in which a police officer is not able to tell whether a violent criminal is pulling out a gun or just a normal iphone. >> the gun's maker said it delivers only two shots. it can fire twice. it's designed solely as a defensive weapon for legal gun owners. the weapon expected to go on sale later this year. happening right now, police continue to search for a man in connection to a deadly string of elderly muggings. police released this photo of clarence jones last week. in november of 2014, he failed to report to a parole officer and there was an unsuccessful home visit and that's some a warrant was issued for his arrest. police in the bronx are
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ripped off a barber when he worked on a customer. surveillance video shows one flashed a gun before snatching a chfeain and bracelet from the barber while a customer sat in the chair. no one was injured but anyone with information should contact police. a second person wanted for the alleged plot to kill the mayor of newark. someone called the mayor's office saying they heard two men at penn station talking about killing mayor baraka. they say one suspect got away and remained on the run last friday when police arrested hill on an unrelated warrant. >> the new york city council is once again considering something called the mansion tax that will be added to the sale of multimillion-dollar homes. that money would be used to fund programs like summer jobs for teens. such attacks would need the
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last year, those lawmakers voted it down. and today, city council member rodriguez will go to times square to talk to some of those micky and minny characters. they'd have to remain in designated commercial zones. rodriguez tells us he wants to explain that bill to those folks who work as characters. 4:51, still to come, talk of a new subway section for one booming area of manhattan. plus, a cocaine smuggling ring busted the a major airport. and it's crackdown by the nypd. but one comment by the police commissioner could raise eyebrows in neighboring departments. you're watching "today in new york." have a tip for new york's biggest i-team? call 866-news-244 or e-mail
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28 degrees, looking at the statue of liberty on this tuesday morning. it is just 4:54. want to check weather and traffic on the 4s. i think everybody is upset. >> i'm over it. just like everyone else is, we had a nasty day yesterday. even this morning, could be patchy ice out there be careful. i went to open my car door, it felt like a crack. everything that was wet froze overnight. thankfully, there's no rain or snow. you see we have quiet conditions. these are high temperatures, the best we can do, well into the 50s. 20 degrees below average. 42, that's going to be your high in central park. we have that wind out of the north, 15 to 20 miles per hour. stinging windchills in the 20s throughout the day. 39 your high in brewster, at least sun. another cold night, the winds do
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down, down to 13 in bethel, 20 in socrates. we've got early blooming because of how warm march was, that's a problem today. >> but on the plus side, we want to celebrate lauren returning. >> thank you. yes, wearing my blue dress, rangers clinched a spot in the playoffs. let talk about the subways. not good news for the line. downtown 2 trains bypassing jackson avenue right now because of police activity. we also have delays on 8th avenue because of track maintenance. speaking of track maintenance, fastrack on the 1, no service between dykeman street and 96 in both directions. meantime, you can take the ac or free shuttle bus service. >> > on staten island, a west shedore rail line is taking a baby step.
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would follow the old right-of-way. this would cost the city $5 million. and finish by june of next year. now, if they ever build it, the line would carry commuters about 13 miles from richmond valley to ohm park. and nj working on a new subway station. it was once proposed during the 7 line extension but they never built it because money six years would have cost $500 million now they're reporting that price tag would be doubled. nypd is declaring war on illegal all-terrain vehicles and setting off a battle with long island in the process. we've seen many incidents involving these unregistered bikes. now police commissioner bill bratton said his officers will lae unch a crackdown and seize any atvs or unlicensed motorcycles. he also had a message that sparked controversy. >> in long island, we have very
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it is to give it over to these clowns on these bikes. want to get one, park it some places. >> but nassau tells the police chief that his county won't tolerate the atvs either. a new york fire captain is accused of posing as a police officer. prosecutors say anthony graves switched on the emergency lights in his fire department vehicle to pull over drivers in hillside. this is in 2014. authorities say graves questioned the drivers and let them go. also in new jersey a pet shop in paramus has been shut down after police found dozens. youpies in a locked van. police found 57 puppies crammed into stacked cages. after hearing their cries, the puppies are being treated at a
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the owner already faces charg of animal cruelty at another location. the governor is suing the city to make sure it makes payments to schools but not to city workers. christie said atlantic city has about $10 million left. however, this friday's payroll and the school tax owed to the state by the middle. month equate to $12 million. the city is expected to run out of money by friday. and news for your health, a new study confirms that millions of americans that long claims that taking statins to lower cholesterol could have effects and experience weakness and cramping. for year, doctors felt the symptoms were all in the patients' heads. but researchers from the cleveland clinic says that pain is very much real. >> this now confirms for the first time that muscle intolerance to statins is a real problem affecting a significant
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and that those patients now, we need to development alternatives to treat them. the fda recently approved two new cholesterol lowering drugs that don't cause the side effects. but they're expensive, they cost $14,000 a year. for now, they're only approved for a small group of patients. a day care banning beverages for very young children is headed to the assembly floor. the ban would not apply to milk or yogurt drinks but provide providing juices for children and you the age of 1. it's coming up on 5:00 a.m., if you're about to head out the door take us with you. >> downnode the news 4 new york app. our next hour starts right now. it's a february feel this early april. this morning, it is going to be frigid. look at those temperatures when you step outside. plus new this morning, police name the suspects in a
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what we've learned about his criminal past. plus new this morning, a violent encounter shuts down the subway station. we'll tell you what police say happened. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, 5:00 a.m. on this tuesday, april 5th. i'm michael gargiulo. >> i'm darlene rodriguez. chris is off, raphael miranda has the forecast. >> hey, guys, it is a cold forecast. we've got windchills in the teens and single digits. very much the feel as you head out the door as you see on storm tracker, the rain and snow is not happening today at least it's dry out there, all we have to deal with is the cold and wind. feels like 17 right now, windchill values stuck in the 20s throughout the day. lots of sunshine. a high of 42. as you're stepping out, you need to dress for 20s. taking a look at your yankees forecast, lauren scala is here. >> overall the roads are in


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