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tv   Early Today  NBC  April 6, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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steve harvey. it's wednesday, april 6th. coming up on "early today," big wins for bernie sanders and ted cruz, adding precer to the frontrunners. >> we have now won seven out of eight of the last caucuses. >> we've got the full spectrum of the republican party coming together and united behind this campaign. >> but arere the frontrunners worried with new york being the next big prize? two political battles in the
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facing impeachment and alabama's controversial religious freedom law and many more. and a hero cop saves the day for one desperate driver. aplus plus a whole lot more on a busy wednesday. "early today" starts right now. the badger state has spoken. bernie sanders is the projected winner, leading hillary clinton by double digits. that nets him 46 new delegates. he is now less than 40 pledge delegates but when factering super delegates, sanders trails by more than 600. and summing it up in just one word. >> with our victory tonight in wisconsin, we have now won seven out of eight of the last
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[ applause ] >> secretary clinton tweeted congrats to bernie sanders on winning wisconsin, to all the voters and volunteers who poured your hearts into this campaign, forward, h. the two will debate in brooklyn on april 18th with polls on april 19th. and hillary clinton with was welcome by new york city first lady lady. and she shared a special moment with the crowd. >> and the fellow who's from new york, i wish he'd get out of one of his towers and spend time with the people of this city. because peddling prejudice and paranoia is not the new york way. well, i'm also with you. >> she also appeared on "the
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celebrity crush, wait for it, is george clooney. her sit doin on msnbc's "morning joe" later today. and senator ted cruz beat donald trump by a wide margin. he collects 33 delegates to trump's three, narrowing his gap with the dawn onald to 239. he got praise from fellow republican, lindsey gram who tweeted. tweeted. graham's turning point comment was echoed in cruz's victory speech, along with a warning. >> tonight is a turning point. it is a rallying cry. it is a call from the hard working men and women of wisconsin to the people of america. we have a choice.
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so, let me just say. hillary, get ready, here we come. [ applause ] >> nbc's hally jackson spoke with scott walker about cruz's chances with the race moving forward. >> i think you're saying and you say everybody from jeb bush, lindsey graham all coming together. this is the guy who can unite us, just like regan did. this is the guy that's going to bring the party together and go on to win in november. >> and a reut ers polling showing cruz gaining on the donald as they prepare for new york's primary. well, in an unprecedented move, law makers are moving to impeach governor. he is vowing to defend himself. here with details. >> reporter: for the first time
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to impeach the state's governor began. >> we're looking at this governor who has essentially betrayed the trust of the people of alabama. >> reporter: in response the 73-year-old governor issued a statement promising to vigorously defend himself. second term governor robert bentley is accused of using state resources to further an alleged affair with former top aid. governor bentley has denied a physical affair but has appall jds -- apologized for making inappropriate comments. >> that's why i asked the people of this state to forgive me because they are a forgiving people and they know god's grace. >> reporter: this exploded after the top law enforcement official raised questions about the governor's relationship and
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>> this is not about the governor's personal conduct, this is about the allegations, including that he ubstructed justice within the alabama state law enforcement agency. >> reporter: ironically, house members are the same politicians that reupped the speaker of the house, despite his indictment on 23 counts of ethics violations. the speaker who maintains his innocence has yet to go on trial. and among the witnesses who could be called in that case, governor robert bentley. >> alabama's partly embarrassed by it and partly used to it. >> that was carry sanders reporting. a special house committee has been formed to look into the allegations. a major controversy is brewing once again in the south. another state has passed a so-called religious freedom law in the wake of last year's supreme court decision to
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but critics see it as a thinly veiled license to discriminate. >> reporter: the announcement from mississippi governor, phil bryant came on twitter and facebook. despite calls for a veto, he signed the state's controversial religious rights bills, allowing businesses businesses, churches and others to refuse service to same-sex couples. "how is passing the bill considered hate?" the aclu saying it will serve as the magnolia state's badge of shame. >> mississippi needs only to look towards alabama to see how damaging it can be a a state's recognition.
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carolina's new law limiting protection for transgender people. and atlanta banning publicly fuocnding -- and big companies threatened to take businesses elsewhere. >> i believe it is about the character of our state. and the character of our people. >> reporter: in the wake of last year's landmark decision, legalizing gay marriage, show downs in a number of states. mississippi's law takes effect in july. nbc news. on to missouri where a dramatic police chase was caught on dash camvid video. look at that. lands in a ditch after the driver lost control. that driver was not wearing a seatbelt and was thrown from the flying suv.
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his life by performing cpr. a nurse who witnessed the crash also came to help. the driver was apparently talking to paramedics as they took him to the hospital. history was made last night by the connecticut women's basketball team. >> the championship goes to connecticut for the fourth year in a row. >> the huskies took home an unprecedented -- uconn had a strong start out of the gate with brianna stewart earning 10 points in the first six minutes, building a lead over syracuse. the orange managed to close the gap to 17 in the third quarter but were no match to the huskacy ies and their undefeated season.
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an unprecedented 151-5 record. congrats to uconn. that is so impressive. well, it was a close call in china where a van nearly drove into a land slide. the driver managed to stop just as tons of rock and earth poured on to the road. here at home it's a week of weather extremes. make it stop, bill karins. >> you don't want to travel to seattle? it's go foog ing to be 80 degrees tomorrow. we're watching snow in wisconsin. snow in central michigan and northern michigan and you're going to be on your snow mobiles and up around -- you can see where the thumb is. cadillac, michigan, about four to six inches of snow. and still, i mean, added insult because it's been so cold and
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freeze warnings from new york to wilmington to nashville into southern portions of ohio. the freeze line is south of richmond. washington d.c. holding on to a little bit of warmth. and northern portions of new england, down to 16 degrees. thankfully not as windy as yesterday. we mentioned the extremes. we're going to have record highs over the next couple of days. very chilly in the east. a brief warm up on thursday and then cold again into the weekend. now a closer look at your day ahead. well, today we are watching that warmth up through the rockies. 72 in boise. a lot warmer than deluth where it's 35 with the snow overnight into this morning. april sun into the 40s for new england. looks like a significant warm up about tuesday next week. >> for everybody?
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this is amazing woah. wow. now i feel more like making a mess is part of growing up. stop cleaning. start swiffering. in his first veto, the governor of idaho, blocked legislation that would have allowed schools to use the holy bible for school instruction. he called the bill a direct contravention to idaho constitution. the u.s. is increasing its fight against the zika virus. obama administration will now use the money for too fight ebola to fight the spread of zika. the zika virus causes new borns
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time to get down to business. facebook's messaging service, what's app is now more secure. it's now using a powerful form of incription which covers every video, file and message sent via the app. china has enforced more trade restrictions on north korea. china purchased about 2/3 of the nation's exports, mostly minerals. and the biggest starbucks ever is headed to new york city. it will bring its second reserve roastry and tasting room concept to the meat packing district. boasting 20,000 square feet. so, hopefully the lines won't be so long there. well, delicious or gross? raising superstar dale earnhardt jr. shares his favorite sandwich. warriors folding ng with us.
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. this morning on "today," those coin counting machines and banks at baj nks and grocery stores. are they accurate or are you being short changed? jeff rossen investigates. and the reigning men's ncaa
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cats returned with classes canceled. a victory parade will be in downtown philly on friday. the first since the phillies won the world series. and the ratings were anything but fantastic. just 17.8 million viewers tuned in compared to 28 million who watched last year's duke-wisconsin match up. the golden state warriors and their quest for a record 73 wins, they shocked steph curry and the reves with a victory. and the warriors committed 24 turnovers. golden state must win their final four games to break the record. and grossing people out in the process.
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magazine after they featured her in the plus size issue without her consent. joel mchale will portray chevy chase in a movie about the comedy group. >>eg> and filming "star wars" the force awakens was a long process. they showed how they pass the time in this entertainment tonight exclusive. >>. we all up in the desert doing star wars because of our diet we can't and we can really make s'mores in the desert who who >> we should try that on our off time. >> with no one around and no cameras. and you may remember john
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saying he's trying to keep the riff raf out of the most expensive seats behind home plate. >> there will be riff raf in those seats and i'll tell you why. we bought two for the first three games this week and they are right in this area behind home plate. and we will sell them to you for just 25 cents a piece on one condition. you must dress like you have never sat in a premium location before. >> all right. so, it looks like the stunt worked. with two fans dressed as turtles getting a lot of attention at yesterday's game. i'm surprised they went so mild as just to be turtles. something like that. >> are they allowed to wear the turtles? >> to get into that area. what would you have dressed as? >> i would have worn the big nbc peacock outfit.
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. leading the news in, why are americans not included in the panama papers? in the wake of the recent scandal, president obama has called on congress. >> there has been some progress mading cord e ing coordinating between different countries so we can make sure we're catching some of the most egregious examples and one of the big problems we have is that a lot of this stuff is
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>> america is not mentioned in the leak of documents and one of the reasons could be because it's actually a tax haven. delaware and the u.s. virgin islands are known for loose taxes. and america is third behind switzerland and hong kong. but there are 11,000,000 documents leaked and it's possible america may pop up down the line. and in the washington post, time to wake up. spain's prime minister wants to end the siesta. traditionally it starts at they have a midafternoon break and he wants to enforce normal working days which end at 6:00 p.m. welcome to the real world like the rest of us. well, there must be something in the water because for the second year in a row, one of elmont's students has
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league schools. that's right, the val a adictorian face as dilemma. they all operate independently on their admissions. congratulations. so, nasa's mars' rover may not have found life but it has found dust devils. this shows the tracks in the forground and a martian twister thirn in the distance. they say they're common on mars but it's a rare site for the rover called "opportunity." and a deer in ohio found out the hard way that it wasn't meant to be a goalie. police officers came to the rescue of this trapped doe last week. and they are used to responding to reports of animals in distress. and it was freed without any
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also celebrating birthdays today. "fuller house actress" and "star wars" actor, billy d. williams turns 79. i'm betty nguyen. thanks for watching "early today." . right now, emergency repairs
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that means you could be late to work and school. where traffic is moving slow this morning. all eyes on new york today. the presidential candidates plan to crisscross our area and security braces for one candidate's appearance. uconn's women's basketball dominates and rights history by winning the national championship. "today in new york" starts now. good morning everybody. it's wednesday morning, april 6th. i'm darlene rodriguez. i'm michael gargiulo. amazing. >> what a win. chris will be back tomorrow. but dave price is here with the forecast. as they say at uconn, it's a slam-dunk. >> absolutely. go huskies. it is a cold morning. look at the temperatures to the north and west. parsippany at 25. franklin at 20. 23 in oakland. as we widen the picture, 21 up


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