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tv   Early Today  NBC  April 8, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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it is friday, april 8. coming up on "early today," emrsing themselves in new york culture. while the donald seemingly lays low. and bill clinton gets in a heated exchange. >> okay i heard it. can i answer? here's the thing. i like protesters but the ones that won't let you answer are afraid of the truth. a frightening encounter when a woman with a battle ax.
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to shrink seats even more? and one critter rescued from the smoke. and the end of an era. good morning to you on this friday. i'm betty nguyen. donald trump continues his new york brawl with ted cruz hoping to put a little distance between them. he leads ted cruz by just nine points there. all three republican candidates are looking to take a bite out of the 95 delegates up for grabs. nbc's peter alexander reports. >> reporter: donald trump showed up in his manhattan high rise. he will soon announce new hires. >> we need new brain and new muscle. shifting strategy after a weak show in wisconsin.
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fortifying his lead in his home state. and neighboring states all with upcoming primaries. his challengers zeroing in on individual congressional delegate delegates. ted cruz with orthodox joouz in brooklyn brooklyn. and trump again attacked cruz. >> when he started lecturing me on new york values like we're no good. like we're no good. >> reporter: cruz casting trump, like hillary clinton, as a liberal. >> they really want to see a
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york liberals who agree on washington being the center of the universe. >> reporter: a new poll show more have a negative view of the frontrunner. >> to be honest i used to be a democrat and now i'm a republican just so i can vote for trump. as they head into the weekend, the democratic candidates are hoping to clean up their race without losing their edge. hillary clinton had a little trouble with her metro card. happens to all of us. and when asked about bernie sanders's unqualified remarks. >> i don't know why he's saying that but i will take bernie sanders over donald trump or ted cruz anytime. so, let's keep our eye on what's really at stake in this election. >> sanders' wife jane, sad down with nbc's rachel maddow trying
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>> bernie has moved on. he's said let's not use the word "unqualified", let's use the word contrast. why do i think i'm better than her? >> and when sanders talked to late night seth meyers, he left the door open to more fired up rhetoric. >> the issue is after we won in wisconsin and that was our sixth victory in seven caucuses and primaries, i think the clint cannen campaign have been getting more nervous and more negative and i hope we can have an issue oriented campaign. >> both will continue to campaign throughout the state today. former president bill clinton went on the defensive in philadelphia. the former president was repeatedly interrupted by black lives matter protesters.
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started shouting about several issues, including his crime bill that led to several incarcerations. >> okay. i heard it. can i answer? here's the thing. i like protesters. but the ones that won't let you answer are afraid of the truth. that's a simple. be very, very afraid. >> clinton went on to defend the bill saying it led to a 25 year low in crime and a 30 year low in the murder rate. belgian authorities have released new video of the suspect wanted in connection with the brussels terror attack. new video shows the suspect walking past the nearby hotel just minutes after the airport bombings. he is still clad in his coat and hat. he proceeds to jog away.
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ditched his jacket and is seen on the cell phone. video tracks him for six miles before losing the trail. by then he walked within a mile of the metro bombing, although it's still unclear why. 32 victims were killed in the march 22nd attacks. oklahoma firefighters continue to work to contain several wild fires. they're being fed by strong winds and drought conditions. the largest called a 350 complex fired has burned more than 57,000 acres s s and no reported fatalities, although several firefighters have been hospitalized with heation exostion. and authorities in texas continue to search for the suspect wanted after the shooting at the university of austin.
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a bicycle. the graphics and anitations were added by the police. he's described as a black male with an athletic build. officials say bystanders may have seen the suspect without knowing it. a reward is being offered. and a vigil was held for haruka wiser. she's known as a member of the dance community who was liked and admired by class mates. they authorities say wednesday after a sheriff's deputy was stabbed while serving an eviction notice and 30-year-old sweat went after another officer with a medieval style ax. the following video may be disturbing to viewers. >> get on the ground.
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get on the ground now. drop it, drop it, drop it. drop it. >> authorities say officers performed cpr on sweat but she was pronounced dead at the scene. the officer has been placed on leave pending the outcome of an investigation. and to a wild police chase with wall to wall coverage. tv viewers were captivated by a pair of high speed chasers. >> reporter: we watched a dangerous police chase turn into an all out joy ride. it was raining but they dropped the top on this mustang convertible. and started doing doughnuts on hollywood boulevard. and on the freeway a tmz tour because tries to box them in but they slip away.
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down in the south los angeles neighborhood and coming to a stop. the suspects appearing to wait for police while shaking hantds and high fiving with the crowd gathered on the street, snapping selfies before they are arrested. an parent apparent end to a very odd pursuit on the streets of los angeles. >> that is so bazar. let's take you to florida now. at least three tornados were confirmed early thursday. officials say at least 50 homes are damaged, mostly from uprooted trees and loose branchs. no injuries are reported. and bill karins is here to spread a little sunshine. >> in some areas. and a little bit of snow in others. we're watching the snow coming in. from deluth to marquette it's a cold morning and chilly around detroit and chicago.
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an area of light snow down to eery area and central wisconsin near madison, you have snow headed your way too. there will be periods of snow throughout the next couple of days, the highest totals in wa est virginia in the mountains. and harrisburg, scranton and around this time of year is pretty warm. so, in most cases it will melt. so, the forecast for today, chicago's an ugly forecast, texas and oklahoma the next couple of days. the warm air from the south as the cold air on saturday peeks in areas from the northeast to the great lakes and on sunday we begin to send some of that cold air out of here. notice 87 in oklahoma city. now a closer look at your day ahead pp ahead. so you can see the contrast.
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just like scents in real life. finally, a true-to-life fragrance, for your lively home. air wick. home is in the air. there is more fallout from the so-called panama papers. british prime minister now acknowledges he and his wife profited from shares they owned in a trust from his late father. >> i think a lot of the criticisms are based on a fundamental misconception, which is that blair moore, investment, unit trust was set up with the idea of avoiding tax.
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>> he says the fund was properly audited and they paid all applicable u.k. taxes. and a california man is in jail after response to complaints that he was watering his plants naked. he aallegedly threw a beer bottle and knife at officers. he faces misdemeanor endangerment charges. a bill led by new york senator would have prevented airlines from reducing seat sizes and the distance between them. and 9-year-old was recently the first reporter on the scene of a homicide. several people commented that she should go to back to playing with dolls on her facebook page but she's not going anywhere. >> if you want me to stop, then
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this morning on "today," an
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and hillary clinton. >> he came right out and said he doesn't think you're qualified to be president. >> well, that will be up to the voters of new york and other states that will be passing judgment in the weeks ahead. i think it's a silly statement but he's free to say whatever he chooses. i believe that voters will be looking at both of us but i will take bernie sanders over donald trump or ted cruz anytime. >> more of matt's interview, plus a live town hall on rockefeller plaza on "today." and for sports, we with gin with the masters and the most talked about club of the day. south africa's ell's had a meltdown. he later described saying quote it wouldn't matter if i putted
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he took a nine on the hole yet finished at one hoar over. and jordan spieth finished the day with six under with a two shot lead over danny lee and shane lowry. the nba now and golden state's quest for most wins in the regular season. steph curry's 27 points led the warriors to their 70th win of the season. they must win their final three games to set the new record. then across town to this zing r. >> high drive left field. it is out of here. >> the giants hunter pence hit that grand slam in the 8th to finish off the dodgers 12-6 in their home opener. and princeton university has fired its men's lacrosse coach
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choose the one new revlon ultimate-all-in-one. our revolutionary mascara delivers 5 lash-transforming benefits. volume, length, definition, lift, and intense color. choose love from the new collection of revlon mascaras. now for some entertainment news. after 15 seasons, "american idol" has said its final fair well.
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introduction from president obama and a performance by kelly clarkston and a reunion of the trio of original judges and trent harmon was crowned the winner of the season. so "star wars" fangz s are buzzing about the new "rogue one" teaser trailer. the movie hits theaters this december. and melissa mccarthy is finally confirmed for an appearance as suky st. james in the upcoming "gilmore girls" reboots. that is one of bill's favorites, by the way. and congrad j tulations to anne hathway and her husband to a new baby boy.
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"the boss". and "demolition." jake gyllenhaal struggles to cope with his grief after the death of his wife. and "mr. right" the story of a hitman who turns the tables on his client. and in classic bernie fashion, he finds the opportunity to roast the 1%. >> bernie, whaurt t do you think about the 1%? >> hey, 1%. what do you need all that money for? if i didn't know any better, i'd think you're trying to compensate for something. how is it possible that some of you are paying a lower tax rate than your secretaries? that makes less a sense that the plot of batman versus superman. 1%. you're bernt. >> all right, i'm betty nguyen.
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leading the news in the new york times, how a new catholic document could effect famfully ily ies and the church. many are awaiting the pope's views on many issues. pope francis will release the document later this morning. and on, ex-sailer declared innocent after 33 years. he will be released from a prison in virginia after the state supreme court found him
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and uber to pay up $25 million fine. they were slammed for fake airport toll fees and misleading users about theirs driver's background checks. if they comply with the settlement terms, the other 15 million can be waves. and while hollywood stars get red carpets, penguins get blue ones. 82 penguins from the detroit zoo wadled down this celebrity carpet. their new home at the penguin conservation center opens on april 18th. and if your arer er 're a coffee and k9 lover, los angeles might be the place to you, they can head to a puppy-filled lounge. and then you can also meet smokey jr. right here. florida firefighters rescued him
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the adorable cub after smokey the fire bear. he suffered burns to his paw and face but they say he is on the mend. well, a daring marriage proposal turned into a dangerous rescue mission on thursday when 31 responders went to rescue one who illegally climbed up a cliff to propose to his girlfriend on facetime. he got stranded and got lucky when a witness heard his calls for help. he's now happily engaged but unfortunately booked for alleged drug possession. >> he was going to propose to her on facetime? not even on person? just wanted a good back drop? >> well, he had a phone in his hand. could have called 911, right? >> dig deeper.
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to take off from cape cunaveral to the international space station. thanks for watching "early today." . breaking news this morning.
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we just arrived on the scene. what police are telling us. plus, it's the battle for new york. how the candidates are trying to win over voters with the primary fast approaching. forget april showers. how about april snow. storm team 4 tracking our chances. "today in new york" starts now. good morning everyone. it's friday morning. it's april 8th. i'm darlene rodriguez. i'm michael gargiulo. storm team 4's chris cimino is here with the forecast. chris, darlene misspoke when she said april. >> i wish you did. i got to be honest, if this is april, let's go back to march. this is not going well so far. there's the possibility of some snow tomorrow. but not today. we're dealing with dry but chilly conditions around the low 40s through the mid and upper hudson valley. low 40s in the city. low 40s to the northwestern suburbs. the headlines, 22. again, changes the next couple of days. plenty of clouds for the mets home opener.


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