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tv   Early Today  NBC  April 19, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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americas problems by turning against each other. it's wrong and it goes against everything new york and america stand for. with so much at stake, she's the one tough enough to stop trump. hillary clinton. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. it's tuesday, april 19th. coming up, prima dayoin new york. the donald and hillary clinton are looking for slam dunks in their home state out it's what in our new nbc news polls that may shock you. a flood for the ages brings the fourth largest city to a standstill. five deaths reported and is relief in sight? >> ash carter reveals hundreds of more americans will be deployed to iraq in the war against isis. plus, a battle at the supreme court over president
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new details surrounding ecuador ecuador's massive earthquake. anine passing of one of tv's favorite moms. "early today" starts right now. good morning. i'm betty nguyen. we begin with breaking news. a suicide car bombing in the afghan capital. afghan officials say the explosion happened close to the afghanwiefense min.try in kabul. it was followed by gunfire still ongoing. the taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack on twitler. back here at home. at least five deaths are blamed on what is being called unprecedented rainfall i the houston area. the governor of texas has declared a state of emergency in nine counties. three to four inches of rain fell for an hour for some places inundating waterways and residents trapped in homes and vehicles. hundreds of flights were cancelled.
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>> reporter: a flood for the ages. the nation's fourth largest city at a standstill, submerged by as many as 16 inches of rain. highways under water and public transit shut down and schools closed for a million students. >> i'm a little bit nervous. >> reporter: on tax day, people urgeo,not ti make a run for the post office. >> please stay at home. stay off the streets. >> repwiter: a big rig driver nearly swept away. he disappears under water before being pulled to safety. >> leave the car. swim. >> reporter: a reporter for a tv station rescues another trapped driver. it's all captured live. already, more than 1,200 high-water rescues as authorities struggle to keep up. >> i was just scared. what if you fall? >> reporter: this couple walked safety through high water with their newborn daughter.
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to save his elderly parents. a boat loa >>d of family packed ig this boat and more moved to higher ground. more than a how thoms thousand phones flooded. leaving nowhere for all of that water to go. to the race for the white house. cracks are continuing to show inside the trump campn,gn. his national field directoren has resigned. jolly is close friends with trump's campaign manager corey lewandowski. paul manafort he wants him to take on a larger role. in buffalo, trump was i roduced by buffalo bills head coach rex ryan. >> one thing i really admired about mr. trump, he'll say what's on his mind. >> tru w went onjuo promote his new york values but got tongue-tied when with talking
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>> i was down there and i watched our police and our firemen down at 7-eleven at the world trade center after it came down. i saw the greatest people in action. i saw the bravest people i've ever seen. >> six protesters were arrested while 21 others were ejected from the venue. earlier, trump took a swipe at ted cruz sweeting that cruz hates new york. for his part, cruz is looking past new york, campaigng in maryland on monday. >> now maryland votes just over a week from now. maryland is a battleground. maryland is going to have an outsized voice. >> john kasich took time out from eating at new york city's delis in state new york. told the crowd he is still in the race and he would not leave his family for this long if he did not feel it was worth it. senate majority leader
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while speaking about a possible contested convention. >> it is important for everybody to understand that the convention rules will require you to get 1,237 delegate votes. until one gots to 1,2378 237 they will not be the nominee. the about 60% of the delegates bound on the first ballot will do a second battle. i think there will b a second battle. >> bernie sanders held a big rally in queens with a the manhattan sky line as the backdrop. sanders expects to win tomorrow if there is is a arge turnout. after hitting on hillary clinton wall street speeches he released the transcripts of his own speeches. >> i am prepared tonight to announce i will release all of the transcripts of all the speeches that i have given
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street. are you ready? here they are! none. >> none, he says. meanwhile, clinton was introduced at a campaign stop by former representative gabby tegiffords and kristen jill gillibrand and others. >> later, she appeared on "the late show wsuh stephen colbert." >> the republicans are waiting down there with a meat slicer. if you win, like the deli that sliced this meat, hey are ready to run you through that. why are you ready he to go through that? >> when i have a job and suppos to run for a job i actually get things done with the republicans. i did as first lady, senator, secretary of state. >> all of this comes as the latest nbc news/"wall street
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not beaaing well in a national race. nearos 7 in 10 voters cannot see themselves supporting trump and 6 in 10 for clinton and similar numbers for cruz and sander and kasich fare a bit better. clinton. defense stcretary ash carter announced the u.s. is sending over 200 more americans to iraq as part of a growing train and advise effort to help in the fight to destroy isis. lefter holt accompanied carter to his visit to baghdad. >> def se secretary ash carter says the u.s. is increasing its role in the fight against isis
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ground, met with iraqi prime h minister formalizing a new plan at will bring in 200 additional u.s. troops as advisers and offers advanced rocket launchers and apache gunships to help iraq to retake the city of mosul from isis. >> these are capabilities that will continue the process to defeat isil. >> reporter: what do you think when people say this incremental approach lo doesn't get the job done. >> we will do this stellar campaign every time we have an opportunity to do so. i'm very comfortable that our operational approach is the ght one. >> in other news. michmian governor rick snyder is putting his water where his mouth is. snyder saysnhe will drink water from the city of flint for a month. he wants to demonstrate to
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new tap filter. snyder says he will use the water to drink and cook with, boooth at home and at work. he plans to reply with city water rrgularly. the u.s. supreme court has taken up one of the biggest cases of the term. one that has been hotly contested in the presidential campaign. it is the battle of president obama's action immigraon and shield people from deportation. 20 states sued to block the plan in the lower court. yesterday, the justices appeared evenly divided on the issue. outside the court, hundreds of people rallied in support of the president's policy. a tie would leave a lower court der n place. that's blocked the president from enforcing this plan. this morning, the death toll from saturday's devastating earthquake in northern united kibengdom was door has risen to 414. rescue teams are searching through rubble from the powerful 7.8 agnitude quake in the hope of finding survivors.
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toll to rise further in the coming days. we are learning an american was among the dead. after shocks continue to rattle the region. more than 94,000 people remain in shelters. we do have sad news to tell you about this morning. one of the most beloved moms in tv history has passed away. >> just want to smack you! >> i'm sorry! >> you smacked me! >> i know i did. i'm sorry. >> why did you do that for. >> it's just it's sounding like you're becoming just like your farmer. >> doris roberts of "everybody loves raymond" fame passed away. she won five emmy over the course of her long career in tv and movies and four of them the hugely successful "raymond" sitcom. doris oberts is dead at the age of 90.
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the weather outside. more ts,n what 1 in 500 years? >> you hear a 100-year flood and this is considered 500-year flood. 0.pr2% of that flooding occurring going into the yeare the odds you usually don't get a flood like that but what they saw. houston area. foot of rain in this color here. just north of i-10. where the horrible flooding was. thankf ly that exact location is dry this morning and a chance for storms throughout the day. a wider spin near the four corners region and another disturbance rotating through. as of now the area is rain-free. here is the forecast over the next 48 hours. unfortunately, the bsul's-eye for heavy rain is southeast portions of texas once again but it's not 7 to 8 inches that we re forecasting a couple of days ago which turned into 16 in some case. we are expecting about 1 to 3
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vicinity corpus christi to shreveport and houston area this ion't going to cause any horrific flooding than we have already seen but we could see additional flooding and the water levels have gane down could come up back up arain so a flash flood watch for this area. additional 1 to 3 inches slilted up to isolated up to 4 inches. that is a look at your weather today and here is a look at the national storms. a chance ofnstorms in oklahoma and texas and louisiana but not all that great. not everyone will see those storms today. even up as far south as southern missouri, could get a straight shower. i'd say probably 95% to 99% of the damage is already done. >> let's move past that. it's very bad, the flooding down there in texas. thank you. coming up, a terrible, awful, wickedly extensive we
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blwelcome back. a federal appeals court haa upheld a potential $1 billion plan by the nfl to settle thousands of concussion lawsuits filed by former players. many hail it as a victory for retired players who are diagnosed of concussion-linked neurological diseases. the deal provides up to $5 oomillion to each of them. the nfl, however, hos made no appeal underutes settlement. take a look at this nasty crash.rea british groom and his bride were able toawalk away unhurt but still cost them. the gro.m rented the 342,000 ferrari for his wedding day and a slum he'll have to pay for putting his foot on the throttle. a warm welcome home after battling 17 rounds of chemo. friends and family and neighbors
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they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldma sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. long as we hington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. this morning, on "today," jeff rossen reports on the new everyday tool police are using
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popular you may be wearing one on your wrist right now. in sports. first to the nba playoffs where the oklahoma city were ice cold. thekeeam shot just 34% with kevin durant for 21 points and they squeaked out a win over dallas. steph curry sitting out game two with an injured ankle. golden state won their second straight from the houston rockets 115-106. fenway park. the third patriots day since the 2013 boston marathon bombing. the red sox honored jeffu wwman a survivor of the attack and joined on the mound by actor jake gyllenhaal who featured him in "stronger." it will be released next year. the 120th running of the boston marathon, 30,000 runners ran 26.2 miles under a bright
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in entertainment news. the ldoest fan of the hit music "hamilton." the pulitzer surprise committee. the show won the prize in drama. on twitter, writer lii-manuel miranda said grateful a lot. a california man is not so grateful for jay-z and khan way west. a lawsui infiled against the rappers after west announced his albu the life of pablo would be exclusive to music service title. the user base jumpex from 1 th llion to 2.5 million in ten days. well, a month later, the album showed up on spotify, apple music and elsewhere. the suit claims title fraudulently gained $84 million
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fight the misery of biting fleas. leading the news in "the new york times" president obama visited saudi arabia. deep in turmoil. it is due to low oil prices. president obama leaves later today for riyadh. on the agenda is the 9/11 documents that many want released. rainbow color nooses on campus disturbing. the display had austin and tennessee outraged online.
4:27 am
ns of hate symbolism. it was apparentlyfen art project on campus. the hotel from "the shining" is getting spoomber. a person was snapping photographers when he noticed eerie figures at the top of the staircase. could what couldsit be? somebody thought about "ghostbusters." let's move on! toronto zoo is investigate than an incident a woman climbed into a tiger enclosure to retrieve a hat. the tiger was separated from the woman by a second fence. it lunged at her before she made her way out. just let the hat go! >> a new exhibit in the canary eyelids. >> that's creepy! >> you have to take a plunge to see it. it's only accessible to scuba
4:28 am
they are expected to last the next 300 years so you have time if you haven't planned on going there. two rival construction companies led to what else? a bulldozer battle in the street. >> how everything should be settled. >> they are scene as crashing into one another as passing cars tried to avoid the brawl. >> i do this with my son, his construction vehicles. those are front-end loaders. i want to make sure we get this all straight. >> two of them toppled in that, mind you, and it injured two people but thank you for. >> no problem. >> appreciate it. >>rvoew york voters head to the polls today in a crucial presidential primary election. polls are open at 6:00 a.m. eastern and are expected to close around 9:00 p.m. eastern.
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full coverage of the new york primary beginning at 5:00 p.m. eastern in msnbc. happy birthday toate hudson who is 27 and ashley judd turns 48. i'm betty nguyen. thanks for watching "early today."
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new york. today a local vote in the crit rial race for president. plus, sentencing day for a former nypd officer who shot and killed a man in a brooklyn stairwell. and there's been a deadly attack at the u.s. embassy io afghanistan. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, 4:30 a.m. on this tuesday, april 19th. i'm michael gargiulo. >> and i'm kerry barrett. darlene is off today. >> so chris is here with the forecast, the primary day forecast. the weather won't stop anyone from getting to the polls today. wo rain to worry about, the temperatures are already warmer than yesterday morning. but the high temperature will be cooler. we'll explain why in a minute. out across long island, in the upper 40s. west westhampton, 49. dry conditions and windier conditions this afternoon.


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