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tv   Early Today  NBC  April 28, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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it's thursday, april 28th. coming up on "early today," the donald gets knighted as the front-runner sets his sights on indiana, while ted cruz tries to control the day with his vp pick and offered the crowd this unusual little number. i know two girls that i just adore i'm so happy i can see them more
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take-down in the history of the big apple. facebook controls an hour of every user's days as mark zuckerberg is $4 billion richer. and your forecast is coming up. "early today" starts right now. good morning. thank you for waking up with us today. i'm betty nguyen. a day of bomb shells less than 24 hours after donald trump swept the gop primaries in the northeast. ted cruz threw a hail mary pass, picking former hewlett-packard ceo and onetime presidential opponent, carly fiorina as his potential running mate. he is trying to put juice in his presidential bid and force trump into a contested convention. >> an extraordinary leader, my friend, and the next vice president of the united states,
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>> and trump made sure to hit both cruz and fiorina on the move. >> today, i'm in the plane and i see on television, they have a new relationship has started, cruz and carly. he's mathematically eliminated! he has set a record, though. he is the first presidential candidate in the history of this country who is mathematically eliminated from becoming president, who chose a vice presidential candidate. >> cruz is hoping his fortunes fare better than ronald reagan's did in 1976 when he chose richard schweiker and then he lost. trump wouldn't be outdone. attempting to pivot to the general election. trump delivered his much-anticipated foreign policy speech in washington, laying out his view of america heading into the future. >> my foreign policy will always
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american people and american security above all else. it has to be first. has to be. that will be the foundation of every single decision that i will make. >> former secretary of state madeleine albright took to twitter to say the so-called trump doctrine is strung together with contradictory statements and bluster is no strategy, mr. trump. meanwhile, bob corker praised trump's speech to msnbc's chris matthews. >> i was very pleased with what i heard. i thought it was a great step in the right direction. i thought it was full of substance. >> trump also got a big hoosier endorsement in indianapolis. legendary basketball coach bobby knight threw his support behind the gop nominee.
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presidential candidate prepared to the length that this man is. and let me say something, too. i am not here to represent the republican party and i'm not here to represent any organization that deals with politics. i think -- i think the most important thing in the world is that we vote for the best man there is for this job and you've already met him. >> yet, as trump made his best effort to present his vision for america, he remained in a war of word with hillary clinton over his accusations they she played the woman card. clinton's campaign fired back on social media yesterday. carly fiorina jumped into the fray taking trump's words head-on after her vp announcement but not before turning heads with this little song. i know two girls that i just adore i'm so happy
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because we travel on the bus all day and we get to play we get to play i won't bore you with any more of the song. >> bernie sanders fought another day of bad headlines. we no longer require the many loyal and dedicated staffers who helped us in new york, connecticut, rhode island, maryland, delaware, pennsylvania and other states where the nominating contests has been completed. we will continue to have a strong and dedicated staff of more than 300 workers who are going to help us win in california and other contests still to come. after shooting some hoops are chris jansing, sanders is still in the race until the end. >> the question is do i consider myself the underdog when we began, we were 60 points behind secretary clinton. we have closed that gap very
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states and i think we are going to win here in indiana. we are the underdog, but i think there is a narrow path to victory and we are going to fight for every vote that we can get to make that victory happen. >> sanders is expected to campaign in oregon today, along with john kasich. ted cruz will keep his focus on indiana. trump is expected to hold events in indiana and crucial state of california. all of this as clinton spends the day off the trail. meanwhile trump advisers will be on capitol hill today and holding closed door meetings with various members of congress as he inches closer to the nomination. new york police are calling it the largest gang take-down in the city's history. nearly 700 nypd officers and federal agents worked together to bust over gang members who were wanted for violence and drug operations throughout the city. u.s. attorneys say they remember the two rival gangs that operated in the bronx. those gangs went by the names of
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in a stunning fall from grace, former house speaker dennis hastert has been sentenced to 15 months in federal prison and charged with breaking federal banking laws to pay hush money to a man who says hastert abused him when he was 16 years old. he had a dressing down by the judge who said, quote, nothing is more stunning than having serial child molester and speaker of the house in the same sentence. one of the survivors testified saying he never told anyone about his darkest secret. >> he stood up and spoke the truth of what mr. hastert did to him as a boy, how coach abused him, violated his trust and, in doing so, permanently scarred him.
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has been conspired expired but hastert was given three times the federal prosecutor had recommended. baltimore police are investigating the officer involved shooting of a 13-year-old boy. he was shot in baltimore yesterday afternoon. police say he was carrying a replica semiautomatic pistol in his hand when he was approached by baltimore police officers. he fled and was chased by the officers. continuing to hold the gun after asked to drop it by officers, they fired. the boy was taken to the hospital where he has reportedly nonlife-threatening injuries. his mother has been questioned by investigators. now to another round of severe weather in the midwest. at least 15 confirmed tornadoes in nine states. this one in western iowa caused some scattered debris. residents in western kentucky, they are cleaning up from powerful storms that swept through. strong winds here blew a mobile home apart with two people still inside. officials say those two residents are safe.
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under water by heavy rain and flash flooding. more severe weather is expected today. let's get the latest on this from bill karins. seems like every day, we are talking about these storms. >> this storm is about every with and reload and another event of severe weather the next couple of days. yesterday, 19 reports of tornadoes. a lot of those were on the weaker side, didn't do significant damage but shows you we are expecting the huge outbreak the day before and only had 5 to 10 and yesterday we had more. heavy rain approaching areas of suburbs just south of chicago. some rain moving through the mountainous areas of virginia and steady heavy rain along the border of virginia and north carolina. this is the boundary between the carolina air to the north and warm air to the south and spark additional storms. 8.7 million people at risk for slight weather today. late tonight in areas around texas and oklahoma. for north carolina, storms this afternoon. strong winds.
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those storms scattered isolated storms from atlanta to montgomery to mobile. dallas/ft. worth area red river and towards norman and oklahoma city. the rest of the country, there is cool air out there in the northern half of the country. 48 minneapolis today and 50s in new england areas. scattered storm threats through the sust outheast. storms tonight in dallas and ft. worth and oklahoma city and severe weather tomorrow afternoon. the rain will us early this morning. right on the north carolina virginia border. probably a break and then additional strong storms pushing down from virginia into eastern north carolina this afternoon. again, that storm threat for oklahoma and texas is late tonight into tomorrow morning. so we will go through another round of severe weather. oklahoma and texas will be areas of concern on friday, right into the weekend. >> goodness. day after day. thank you. it is spring, after all, right? >> that time.
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. see what's possible. a major lawsuit launched against a georgia teen and the social media app snapchat has distracted driving front and center. this is the scene after high speed wreck. an 18-year-old drove over 100 miles an hour and crashed into another man's car and did it while usi snapchat a feature that tracks how fast users are going. users for the man who now has permanent brain damage are holding mcgee and snapchat liable. they say snapchat should have known the filter would distracted driving and speeding. a pilot in alabama made a lucky escape from a fiery plane crash on tuesday.
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it was all caught on surveillance video. bystanders rushed to help the pilot out of wreckage. he had only minor injuries to his make any difference. first lady was captured in times square yesterday. the event celebrated the 100-day countdown to the summer olympic games in rio' debuted mrs. obama's latest initiative to introduce different sports to millions of kids across the u.s. facebook is the stock to watch today. shares went up 9% last night. the surge made ceo mark zuckerberg 4.2 billion richer and making him the sixth wealthiest in the world. selfie technology will be rolled out to help facial recognition software to authenticate online. customers will use an app that
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this morning, on "today," just in time for the sun. are the designer sunglasses worth the price in terms of protection or are the cheap ones just as good? can't wait to see that. to sports. the l.a. clippers without chris paul and blake griffin did not fare too well. portland could wrap up the series on friday in portland. the hornets are one win away from taking their first playoff series in 14 years. courtney lee rallied in the final seconds to hit a come from behind three-pointer. they face elimination on friday after this 90-88 loss at home.
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oral years and rays. souza, here is the call. >> diving. did he get that? oh, what a catch! >> souza with an amazing catch. incredible. look at that! but it wasn't enough to rally the rayses. baltimore won. is this the wave of the future? an argentina soccer club are offering fans a passion ticket. a biochip is surgically imploonted implanted into a fan's arm and no more tickets are required. the system is being tested but they hope the lifelong fans get the chip with a lifetime of season tickets. you must be a serious fan to do that! all right. ahead, one of "ellen" staffer got the surprise of his life. will ferrell is impersonating a president and, no, it's not george w. bush this time. you're watching "early today." "early today." nexgard, the vet's #1 choice
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a wrinkle cream that works in one week. and a shampoo that washes away the residue hair care products can leave behind. but we did it. no wonder dermatologists recommend neutrogena 2 times more than any other brand. we're always re-thinking what's possible in skincare. that's just how we roll. neutrogena . see what's possible. now for some entertainment news. will ferrell who famously portrayed president george w. bush on "snl" has set his sights on another president. he has signed on to portray former president ronald reagan. the movie's plot line is he is start of reagan's second term
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"hair spray" live" continues to explode. martin short will join the cast. clooney the wife of actor george clooney got personal with the bbc personal elections, specifically about one donald j. trump. >> an ad on the tv in the united states about the statements he made against women. you watch that and you think, gosh, surely. he has a high negative rating. i don't think he'll get much of the women votes because of that. if he gets beaten by the first female president of the united states and i think that would send a positive electorate back to him. >> she and george recently held a fund-raiser for the candidate she referenced there, hillary clinton. ellen degeneres decided to surprise a staffer on
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she got a surprise from chris hensworth. >> hi. how are you doing? >> oh, my! >> he is actually going to take care of you today because you're so used to taking care of other people. so have a seat. he is going to massage you. >> what he needs to do is clean her desk! look at all of those papers! she is a hard worker, apparently. the staffer got tickets also to "ghostbuster" premiere in new york city. he stuck around for the best day in that office. can you imagine the pictures that were taken? former victoria model. >> put the chest forward and squeeze the belly in. shake the hips.
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leading the news on chyna's death was from accidental overdose. the star claims she was misusing legally pretty bad medication for two or three week.
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vaecket vatican conference on friday. his talk on friday will focus on the obama administration's moonshot initiative which aims for cancer research. the vatican is co-hosting the event with a stem for life foundation. we want you to meet the army's first male infantry officer. one of the first to graduate from the school, she is making history again. later today, she is scheduled to graduate from a captain's career course and then officially become america's first male infantry officer and comes on the armed service committee decision to require women to register for the draft. the measure was passed yesterday by a vote 32-30. billionaire elon musk spacex announced it is planning to launch an unmanned space capsule to mars as early as 2018.
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planet as soon as 2030. a three-day low altitude parachute competition took off in china yesterday. they jumped from a bridge 400 yard off the ground and performed a variety of tricks, including turns, leaps, and som somersaults. we turn to this. good video. it turns out giant pandas are pretty good about doing their chores. >> what chores? >> this video, look at this. it captured the panda center there and shows how they can wash their own dishes! you can see these two pandas -- >> that is how i do dishes at my house. just don't tell anyone. >> they are loving whatever is in there. i wonder what was for dinner, right? >> pandas like the leaves and, i don't know! bamboo?
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draft. roger goodell and football's top prospects are all in chicago. the rams, now based in los angeles, will have the first pick and the philadelphia eagles get the second choice. happy birthday to jessica al ba
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right now new developments into the probe of mayor deblasio's fund-raising. and a scare in new jersey, what police say a man in this car did has a community on alert. and donald trump's response to the surprise announcement, ted cruz and carly fiorina now running mates. "today in new york" starts now. it's thursday morning, april 28th, i'm darlene rodriguez. >> i'm michael gargiulo. chris cimino is here with the forecast. i had the jacket, one sleeve on, i take it off, i'm cold. do i need this? >> it is that transitional time of the year. suburbs are chilly. in the city, not bad. around 50 degrees from city island to chelsea to hoboken. 39 in poughkeepsie, 39 in danbury.


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