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tv   WNCN Today at 500AM  CBS  January 26, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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some schools in the viewing we're still dealing with some school closings and delays today. >> wake county and chapel hill carrboro schools are operating on a three-hour delay and moore county is on a two-hour delay. let's get over to meteorologist alyssa corfont. clear conditioned as we start off this tuesday in your area, but the temperatures still above freezing for many of you. so let's see where the coldest spots or. 35 in durham and 36 in raleigh. and 36 in louisburg. but i have to point out that in sanford, you're at 28 degrees. i'm sure there are some icy spots. 35 in henderson and above freezing in south hill. just dropping to 36. 32. so at the freezing mark in roxboro.o.
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here's a look at your forecast today. it will be a nice one for this time of year. a mix of sun and clouds and patchy black ice. and 58 the afternoon high. warmer than where we were yesterday and we'll drop back into the low 50s as we head towards 6:00 p.m. this morning. we'll get to more on your forecast in a little bit. let's check in with traffic on this tuesday morning. if you're heading in this direction, south sounders street and wilmington, no delays. this is south of downtown and it is empty at this hour on this tuesday morning. and i want to get to a water main break. i was reporting on this just last half hour this is durham road and capitol boulevard and tyler run road. you see a little yellow. and that means there are some delays in this direction. if this is on your traditional morning commute, find a way around this this is blocked
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i'll have more on this through the morning. today many school districts in central north carolina are canceled or did he laid because of ice and snow still remaining on the roads. >> that is so true. emma wright has been riding around wake county the last couple days. how do they compare to yesterday? >> reporter: they are much better than yesterday. we did see some patches of black ice and snow in some of the subdivisions that have some hills. we're on capital boulevard in raleigh. things are smooth sailing. i don't see any snow or black ice. we'll show you video of what the roads looked like around the time when some school districted decided yesterday to call it off for today. being see the real thick patches much ice and snow on some of the streets. and wake county, they are on a
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and that means that everything just shifts three hours ahead. if school starts, whatever time your school starts it starts three hours later. and the school ends at the same time. they said they are glad that the schools made the decisions that they did so people did not have to drive in dangerous conditions. >> this is not that much of an issue. we're from the washington d.c. area. it is a little different with ice. but we made it through. >> reporter: wake county schools said they will continue to monitor the road conditions through the morning and so will we. emma wright, wncn news. another big concern besides roads are power outages. duke energy spent the day trying to get the last customers back on line.
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hundred customers. wake county was one of the hardest hit areas that lost power several times with one woman that lives near willow spring. >> we lost it from 4:00 to 8:00 when the initial snowstorm hit and a couple times saturday morning and then again saturday evening. >> what a huge headache. she relied on the family's 20- year-old generator to get her through as the temperatures fell. if you think that kids in the triangle had it rough, think again. kids in queens, new york went to school and kids got stuck. and people explained that the city was not working fast enough to get the streets cleared and getting them back to work. the financial impact is $850 million.
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buried in ice and snow up and down the atlantic and the northeast. a lot of schools and business has to close down again. public transit is slow moving, if moving at all. water donations continue to pour into flint, michigan. this city is dealing with a major contamination crisis. the attorney general named a former prosecutor to spearhead an investigation into the crisis. they want to know if any state laws were violated in the process that left the city's drinking water contaminated with led. the governor has been subpoenaed. and people concerned that their kids are exposed to led can be tested for free. the tests are available for children up to the age of six. additional led testing has been scheduled for the first week of february. speaking of water, we have
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surrounding the water contamination in wake forest. more than three years, as families learned they were drinking water that was i don't contaminated with cancer- causing materials and now the company has developed a plan to clean the groundwater and tainted wells. they helped draft the plan and sent letters to the families affected. and they have 30 days to respond to the draft. it is now 5:06. by now you already snow the panthers are headed to super bowl 50. if you are still looking for tickets we'll tell you how much they are going for.
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fresh step extreme... lighweight. you probably experience this. but cabin fever sent a lot of people out sunday. the park's owner opened early to accommodate all the crowd. she's good jumping so high. >> that is what i would do. >> exactly. and a lot of people in the triangle will probably jump for joy knowing it will be a nice little warmup. >> yes, 60, near 60 later today.
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the kids will be able to get outside this afternoon. 36 degrees as we start off our morning. this is a live picture from the tower camera. and quiet as we look out over the beltline on this tuesday morning. and i want to show you the big picture right now. and the radar composite not a lot going on locally. but look back to the west. and the broken line of showers extending from ohio and northern portions of mississippi and that is the next cold front and that will arrive tomorrow and it will bring the chance for rain with it and bring cooler temperatures. so enjoy what we have coming our way for today. right now, the temperatures at freezing in roxboro and mid-30s in durham, henderson and louisburg and below freezing in portions of johnston counties. so watch out for secondary streets and 30 in clayton and 35 in littleton. so here is the drive time forecast. we're going to hang in the mid- 30s through 7:00 a.m. and we'll climb to 38 by 8:00 a.m.
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let's talk about the highs. 58. tomorrow and thursday. it will bring the chance for rain and i'll let you know how long the showers cage other than in your pleat complete forecast. a new survey finds that more than half of resolution setters admit that the goals have fallen by the wayside. to help those aiming for a healthy new year, the company has declared today the first- ever national green juice day. and that is partnering with post mate and green juice to deliver free cold press green uses juices in 15 different cities.
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major announcement monday regarding rape allegations
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wncn now is back after ice and snow still remain on the roads in north carolina and it promised some schools to
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wake is on a three-hour delay. the day starts three hours later but school will still end on time. a henderson teen is expected in court charged in the double murder of a franklin ton couple. department of public health is investigating and inmate death at the durham county detention facility. 29-year-old matthew mccain was found unresponsive inside his jail cell last week. and the sheriff's office tells us that there will be no staffing changes or disciplinary actions related to mccain's death. florida state university said they are settling a lawsuit with a woman that said former star quarterback winston raped her. they will pay her $950,000, clouding $700,000 for her attorney fees. she said that the university failed to respond to her allegations and she has a
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fsu cleared winston of any wrongdoing after a student conduct investigation. if you want to go to the super bowl, it will cost you. the cheapest tickets are about $3,700 and hotel packages are about $5,700. and a round trip airfare, it will cost about you $7,000. >> i was looking to go to the super bowl and that is up there in terms of price. so i'll probably stay here and watch it at home. >> that is probably a good decision and ticket prices rise and so does the demand for panther's apparel. there's a hard time keeping up with the panthers' gear as people just want to buy them and they are flying off the shelves. >> and the super bowl parties are way more funny way. >> exactly. i wish could i experience one of them one of these days. >> we have to go to dead so early, we cannot party. it's a dirty job but somebody has to do it and 82-
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to the task. he is the official dry-cleaner of the panthers. he's held that job since 1995. it happens every monday at the spartanburg, north carolina locations. the uniforms are quickly separated. pants in one washer and the jerseys in the other. they will be ready no later than wednesday. >> we want everything sent back to look like this and that is the way they want it and that is the way we do it. >> occasionally cam newton's jersey's go missing from the bunch. even cam newton came up on on jimmy fallen last night. >> couple new law ton, how great is that -- cam newton, how great is that guy?
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>> but you remind me of the cam knew newton of late night. here me out here. leno and lettermanning brady you're the new, judge new and exciting. >> you can watch it here every night on wncn. >> absolutely. the home for super bowl 5 in california is getting ready. the game will be played at levi stadium where the 49ers usually play and the city is setting up for game, rides and tons much interactive displays. and you can watch the panthers and the broncos face off
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and we're excited to stop broadcasting on cbs february 29th. you can find much more about it on our website, let's find out about the weather. dy here a 60 some are out there -- did i here a 60 somewhere out there? yes, you did. 36 as we start off our tuesday morning. this is a live picture at the raleigh-durham international airport. things starting to get the hustle and bustle going. and here's the satellite and the radar. not a lot going on in north carolina. the showers going on in the region and this is the next cold front. and it will come through tomorrow and as it does it will bring the chance for rain. and it will bring cooler temperatures, only for a few days.
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ahead of that cold front, we'll be in the upper 30s at 8:00 a.m. and mix of sun and clouds and 50s at lunchtime and 52 to be exact. the high 58. that is six degrees warmer than yesterday. and we'll stay dry in the daylight hours today. and a mix of sun and clouds. and we're tracking the showers back to the west and this is associated with the cold front. i think there will be the chance to start to see a few showers in our area around midnight tonight. and we're seeing this on our future forecast this is midnight and we'll see a few showers as we head to your daybreak. the temperatures will stay above freezing overnight tonight and it will be a cooler day tomorrow and this is cloudy and a few showers and that threat will continue through the evening drive home as we head towards thursday, most of us should be dry again, just a few lingering showers in the forecast. this morning, only one area
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is sanford. lee county in the upper 20s. so if you're waking up around lee county or traveling through lee county, know that the secondary streets probably still have a lot of ice on them 367892 in durham and 35 in durham and 36 in raleigh and louisburg so let's get to your forecast. this afternoon, 58 in raleigh and it sounds warm for me and 57 in durham and 61 in fayetteville. overnight tonight, turning cloudy and the showers moving in and a low around 42 degrees and let's go ahead and check out this next few days. 48 tomorrow and 43 on thursday. wednesday, thursday, not looking the greatest. check out friday through the weekend. 59 on saturday. 60 on sunday and it looks like the 60s are actually going to hang around into early next week, a nice stretch of unseasonably warm temperatures. 5:22 on this tuesday morning. let's switch gears and check in with traffic. if you're getting ready to head
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you i-5 40 and sunny brook road. the lights are glaring out there. the main roads are clear the secondary streets could still have some black ice. if the road is shining, that is likely ice. in wake forest, we have a water main break this is on durham road between capital boulevard and tyler run road. a good alternate will be stadium drive or highway 98 this morning. if you're heading this direction, know that durham road is closed because of the water main break. 5:22. duke tried to keep the momentum from this weekend's big win against maim my. how things went wrong for the blue devils.
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keep me fuller longer. benefiber healthy shape. this, i can do. find us in the fiber aisle. duke had one player making more than one 3-pointer. mime fly left for most of the game and allen tried to get things going with this break away dunk.
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this is the worst for duke since 1996. the football now, the panthers hoping that you win the fist ever super bowl next month. >> but head coach rivera is no stranger to one loss championship team. he was a linebacker to the chicago bears. >> the coach emphasized to us that we had to enjoy the moment. the moment does not come very often. and the biggest thing do what you don't have done. don't change. >> i'm pretty sure that the 85 bears could win that game. who could forget the super bowl shuffle. there's no doubt that the super bowl shuffle was fly. it is february 7th in saint at a clara, california.
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and the puck drops at 7:30. a hockey fan in columbus had a special message for the blue jackets last night.
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and they came through not once buildings on the coast of california are teetering on a cliff because of el nino.
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