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tv   WNCN Today at 530AM  CBS  January 27, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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schools operating on a one-hour delay today. >> and wake county students will go back to school at the normal time today. some parents complained yesterday's delay put their children at risk. with some roads still seeing ice and snow on them but the district says they were safe enough. right now get you over to alyssa corfont with a look at the forecast. hopefully more sunshine and a little bit of a warmup. >> well, unfortunately, cloudy skies today. we will see more sunshine though as we head towards later this week and the weekend ahead. but right now, we're tracking cloudy skies and the chance for rain. look at this, rain showers moving through portions of person county, also through portions of orange county. take the umbrella with you today, not everyone will use it, but again, we are tracking the chance for rain. so let's get to the temperatures. 49 right now in raleigh, 48 durham, 41 roxboro, down around the sand hills, 46 in fayetteville, the mid 40s in lillington, sanford, the cold spot at 38 degrees. nowhere near as cold where we've been the past few mornings, showers possible at 8:00 a.m.,
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shower, i think most of us drier by the afternoon hours. 48 our high yesterday. we had 61. boy was that nice, not the case today. rain moving out, 43 at 6:00 p.m. more on your forecast and when we'll see the sun return coming up in just a little bit. we'll check in with traffic. here's i-40 and rock quarry road, few cars from when we checked this direction earlier this morning. but the good news is, no delays to pass along. i do want to check in with your speeds, north of the city, i-440 this morning, heading westbound, 61 miles per hour if you're moving eastbound, cruising along at 65 miles per hour. more on traffic and weather in about 10 minutes. stefan? >> no accidents, like to see that, alyssa. breaking news to get to at 5:32, police in seattle are searching for two people at a deadly shooting at a homeless camp. at least two people died and others were -- three others were hurt, police call it very
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seattle has been dealing with the homeless problem, the mayor calling it a tragedy but saying fingers. the occupation of federal land has ended in oregon, one of the occupiers is dead after a traffic stop by police. the traffic stop sparked a shootout between fbi agents and the occupiers. at least seven were arrested including the group's leader, -- amon bundy. they seized a wildlife refuge over dispute of public lands. right now it's unclear if anyone's holed up at the refuge, we'll continue to bring you the details. here locally just days after the major snowstorm of the year, some area schools still provide praiting on a -- operating on a two-hour delay. >> still clearing up snow and ice from the secondary roads. wncn's emma wright joins us now live from the mobile news tracker this morning with an update, emma? >> reporter: durham county
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we've been driving around for the past hour or so and we have noticed some ice and slush on some of the secondary roads, that's been causing the problem for really the past few days. we'll show you we are in a subdivision in durham right now, this is where we're seeing the most ice and snow. there's still a good bit on the roads, this is a little bit of a shaded area, not as exposed to the sunlight and the warm temperatures that alyssa's been talking about that is helping to clear the roads, this is slick here. this is probably some of the worst roads that we've seen as we've been out and about driving around. we've also noticed some slick spots on some on and off ramp and also intersections. that's where the snow really seems to be piling up. we're going to show you some video of secondary roads in durham county for earlier this week, this is really what's still been causing a lot of the problems there, a lot of ice and snow on there, durham county, they cancelled school on monday and tuesday. today again they have that two hour delay.
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checking out the roads, we want to know what your neighborhood looks like, tweet me the street name if you're seeing slick pots and pobs -- slick spots and problems, we'll try to check it out. emma wright, back to you. a project billed as a great economic opportunity for johnston county may have been derailed, governor pat mccrory said the site the rail company csx chose for a new hub is not a viable option. just fwo week -- two weeks ago he was talking up his enthusiasm and the 1,500 new jobs it would bring but land owners including trent lasseter launched a media campaign against the rail. lasseter was worried about losing his family's home and business near i-95 just north of selma. >> the it term we've heard a lot the last 12 days, and this is from the top to the bottom is "in the dark". a lot of people were in the dark, supposedly. >> csx did not respond to requests for comments on the governor's announce: just a few
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want to continue talks with land owners and find a way to move it forward. right now traffic is moving once again on i-540 and i-40 after a multivehicle crash blocked the lanes, this was the scene along i-540 and aviation parkway near the airport. troopers say a tire on a car blew and when the driver was trying to pull over, he spun around, hitting another car head on. fortunately neither driver was seriously hurt. >> such a dangerous situation. part of a road in wake forest is closed for its second morning in a row. after another water main break, we told you about this yesterday. today's break happened on durham road in the new section of pipe crews repaired yesterday. right now they have part of durham road from capital it's blocked off. people living nearby have also lost water power. service should be restored though hopefully by 7:00 this morning. >> yeah, those pipes expand, they freeze, and boom! >> with the ageing
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a school principal in indianapolis is dead after a bus jumps the curb. later, why the principal's now being hailed a hero and what investigators are trying to determine. plus, we all know the carolina panthers are headed to the super bowl. but do you know that everyone involved with the franchise, you know what they're doing? >> what are they doing? >> we're going to tease you, not letting you know.
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in to some portions of our area, especially western portions of chatham county now orange county, and person county seeing some very light rain this morning. and as you can see, over the past two hours, this line of showers that's been approaching us, really fizzling out, so not a lot of you are going to contend with some of this wet weather, very light rain falling across western portions of chatham county and just really a few sprinkles actually reaching the ground in orange county. so let's talk the temperatures. because of the cloudy skies, unseasonably mild conditions. right now 48 durham, 49 raleigh, 38 sanford, 46 fayetteville. keep in mind the past few mornings we've been in the 20s and 30s. so this is a big improvement tr where we have been -- from where we have been. mild temperatures may keep you offguard, keep the umbrella nearby, 48 at 6:00 a.m., mid 40s for 7:00, 8:00, and 9:00 as we head in the afternoon, temperatures won't climb a lot, we'll stay in the 40s. we're in the 40s on thursday, still the chance for a few showers. but then the sunshine and the
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a closer look at the weekend mike? >> all right, looking forward to that, alyssa thanks so much. now 5:40, the search is on in texas for the person who stole from a little boy with autism. check this out. from surveillance video, you can see what appears to be a young girl hopping out of a vehicle, you see her, she picks up the toy from the yard, then she runs right back to the car, taking and watch this. she gets in the car, the door's barely closed and they start going. well, neighbors tried to stop the thieves but just simply didn't work. the toy car was 3-year-old santiago's favorite, haven't caught anyone at this point. happy reunion for a military veteran and his cat. stationed along the coast when he got deployed four years ago. his wife says their cat hemi went looking for them, never came home. the cat was found by animal control who tracked down the
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connell got it to cope with ptsd following his times overseas, the republican presidential hopeful donald trump says he's not going to participate in tomorrow's debate. still to come, find out why, and what he's going to do instead. plus, just how much has this
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(beep) hey... o.k. they'll do. wake up to the mountain grown aroma of folgers. the best part of wakin' up so, where do you want to start? i think this is a pretty good place. is folgers in your cup is. >> "wncn today" what you need to know right now. >> we're glad you're with us, our top stories right now. orange county, chatham county, vance county schools, granville and franklin county schools all on a two-hour delay. >> and person county schools operating on a one hour delay. in rural areas, the thick ice taking longer to thaw out and melt the roads. breaking news, this side of seattle. they're searching for tw people in -- for two people in connection with a deadly shooting at a homeless camp. two people died and three others hurt.
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so far authorities not made any arrests. leaders of an armed group that's occupied a national wildlife refuge in oregon the past few weeks are now under arrest. fbi agents arrested military leader bundy and at least six others. also shot and killed one person involved. now on to decision 2016, republican presidential hopeful donald trump announced he's going to skip the last scheduled gop debate before the iowa caucuses. the debate hosted by fox news is set to take place tomorrow. trump has been critical of fox news in the past, and of one of the moderators, megan chel -- kelly. instead he will host an event in iowa that raises money for veterans and wounded warriors. the news came just after trump sealed the endorsement of christian conservative leader jerry falwell leader, now cruz is challenging on a one-on-one debate. he said he would cut deals with democrats. >> and you know, it's wonderful
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get some people on your side a little bit. >> meanwhile, six days until the iowa caucuses, polls show the races in both parties other close to call. and a recent poll, trump leads by two in iowa. on the democratic side, bernie sanders and hillary clinton are virtually tied. >> we will raise taxes, yes we will. u.s. congressman price is backing hillary clinton for president, only on wncn, price who represents the fourth district in north carolina says she's the most experienced, also saying her strength in foreign policy sets her apart from the others. >> i do think hillary clinton and this includes the democratic and republican fields, i think she's by far the most experienced, the most accomplished. she's given the fullest account of what she would do.
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lead, it's set for tuesday february 14. committing a mass shooting, samy mohammed hamzeh planned to travel to israel and kill soldiers and citizens in the west bank. agents say the 23-year-old who worked as a fitness trainer wanted to become famous for the attack and had even planned his escape route. the affluenza teen is heading back to the u.s. and could be here as early as this week. 18-year-old ethan couch dropped his bid to stay in mexico where he was captured last month. he and his mother had been on the run for weeks after video surfaced of him at a party where he had alcohol and that violated his probation. he was driving drunk when he killed four people in a crash back in 2013 but only got probation. and thanks to what they call the affluenza defense, his defense argued the teen's affluent lifestyle did not allow him to know right from wrong.
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still digging out of deep snow left behind from last week's blizzard. the storm dumped more than two feet of snow in washington dc, closing schools, and the federal government. and outside of philadelphia, cars are still buried under piles of snow there. stranding people for days. and in new york city's largest burrough, queens, plows have still been unable to dig them out. >> dig ourselves out of here. >> if you need an ambulance, how are they going to get through, god forbid you have a fire. >> yeah, hopefully that does not happen. now, many airports northeast are trying to get back to normal with hundreds of cancelled flights. clearing out the snow here hasn't been cheap. the state spent $5.3 million on this most recent winter storm. now that number is expect to do climb -- expected to climb with the additional worker costs and invoice that has not come in. $40 million budgeted for winter weather response. so far, about $12 million of
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>> if we go over the $40 million, we'll sit down and say okay, maybe we don't do certain things maintenance wise as much as possible. >> the state spent $67 million last winter, and nc d.o.t. spokesperson says the department does not dip in to funding for pot hole repair, unfortunately. but could cut back on things like mowing during the summer time if necessary. speaking of summer, we're certainly hoping for, you know, some warmer weather this winter. >> yeah, that would be nice. and we'll get some warmer weather as we head in the upcoming weekend. today however, well, today is going to be much cooler. 49 right now, this is a live picture from our wncn studios. we're looking out over the beltline this morning, still pretty quiet but hey, it is pretty early on this wednesday morning. so let's go ahead and look at our sat lied radar composite -- satellite radar composite, really just fizzling out as it approaches central north carolina. just a few very light showers falling across portions of
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orange and person county, look at that outside towards siler city, very light rain this morning. not a lot that will show you down and the cloudy skies actually keeping us pretty mild for the morning hours. 41 in roxboro, 46 right now in south hill. 47 in henderson and roanoke rapids, more of the mid 40s as we check in around fayetteville. i want to pine point -- point out, pinehurst, you're at 52 and 37, the coldest and warmest spot right next to each other. here's what you need to know, 45 degrees at 8:00 a.m., few showers possible. maybe a few sprinkles at noon, i do think we'll be drier by the afternoon hours. high today of 48 for the evening drive home. we should be right around 43 degrees. still looking though at pretty cloudy conditions. i want to show you our forecast, walk you through the next 48 hours. the best chance for rain is going to be throughout the morning today. most of us seeing all of this wet weather wind down as we head in to the afternoon.
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peek or two of sun, all in all cloudy for us today. i think most of those hang around throughout the overnight. they'll be around for tomorrow morning, sunrise. this is 7:00 a.m. on our thursday. now as we head towards thursday afternoon, the best chance for rain across the state is actually going to develop right at the coast. so for us, that means the best chance for rain is going to be really around raleigh and areas to the east. the 95 corridor tomorrow, could easily see a few showers. so for today, our high in raleigh, 47 durham, and 51 in fayetteville. again much cooler than the 60s we hit yesterday. though overnight tonight, the rain moves out colder temperatures move in back to 33 degrees. not expecting any icy conditions though, tomorrow morning. as we head towards thursday afternoon, 48. the 50s and sunshine are back on friday. if that's not warm enough for you, look at this weekend ahead. 57 on saturday, 62 on sunday! those 60s are going to hang around in to early next week. but i'm tracking the chance for
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monday and don't forget, groundhog day on tuesday. 5:51 right now on this wednesday morning, let's go ahead and check in with traffic. if you're getting ready to head out the door, this is i-440 and lasseter mill road. the good news, traffic in both directions flowing freely, doesn't look like anything will slow you down in this direction. something that may slow you down in wake forest. water main break, this is the second day in a row they're dealing with this water main break. it's on durham road between capital boulevard and tyler run road, durham road in that direction. this is reduced to one lane getting through. flaggers, crews on the scene. be on the lookout for that if you must travel durham road. more on traffic closer to 6:00 a.m. >> thank you, alyssa, we appreciate that report. here is a very cute pet of the morning. and you got to check this out if you're not watching, meet oreo, the 3-year-old rabbit lives in timberlake with angela and jackie. clearly, oreo is a giant
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does your food go beyond? learn more at welcome back, 5:55 on your wednesday morning state officials set to meet whether they'll turn the raging waters of niagara falls in to just a trickle. at a public hearing later today, officials will discuss plans to replace 115-year-old bridges
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near the brink of the falls. arch bridges proeutd walking ak -- provide walking access to goat island, replacing them will mean reducing the flow on the american side of the falls and redirecting the niagara river to the canadian side. a century-old bridge in pennsylvania is gone. crews with the transportation imploded the 107-year-old halton steel bridge. the structure was dropped in large sections in to the water, a new bridge spanning the river there next to the old one. >> plans beginning to take shape for a big new development project in cary. as you drive in to cary from raleigh, cary town center is on your left and undeveloped land is on your right. that's the 90 acre site slated for what they're calling the eastern cary greenway, like pedestrian north hills, wegman's interested in the area, last night the director presented his vision at a work session, the town council listened and then
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>> we want to make sure that there's no winners and losers. we want to make sure that the moll is taken in to full consideration, at the same time we want to make sure what we do at the state property is of cary quality. >> the next step, the town board asking the planning director to come up with more specific renderings. great story here, the carolina panthers face the broncos in super bowl l in california, they're going to have a lot of familiar faces in the ground. >> the owner, jerry richardson paying for each and every employee in the organization going to the bay area for the super bowl. can you imagine? and that means everyone from the interns to the executives. richardson already stressed that from the players to the front office, carolina wins as one. and this isn't the first time the big cat has rewarded his employees. back in 2004, he picked up the tab for more than 550 employees, plus a guest to go to houston, texas for super bowl xxxviii to watch the team take on the
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he provided airline tickets, hotel rooms, even access to team parties as well as a trip to nasa and tickets to the game. a ticket! the panthers will face the broncos on february 7 on cbs. >> that is a nice gesture. we were rallying for our bosses to send us to the super bowl to provide great coverage. they haven't gotten back to us yet. [ laughter ] before you do your taxes, an important consumer alert. >> what thieves are doing to steal your cash. that story and more just ahead, you're watching wncn news now on this wednesday morning. forecast looking cold, but you know, looking better than last week.
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forecast with on air, online, wherever you are, "wncn today" starts now. >> while the winter weather from this weekend, still making travel pretty difficult some areas. wncn's emma wright has a live look on the roads.
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