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tv   WNCN News at 6  CBS  January 31, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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before the iowa caucuses. the latest from the campaign trail. >> plus, differing food truck laws throughout the county. one area plans to ban them. and the carolina panthers get an official sendoff before they head to california for super bowl 50. good evening. i'm maggie newland. thanks for joining us. several hours today this road was closed after a cabbage load was spilled over the highway. the driver of the tractor trailer, kevin ellis of florida, is charged with driving impaired among other charges. three people are recovering after an accident near smithfield road. troopers say a pickup truck crashed through a guardrail and down an embankment. the three involved were taken to the hospital. they are all expected to
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turning to politics, the iowa caucuseses are tomorrow night. and the polls point pointe to a close race between both parties. what that means depends on turnout. so the candidates of both parties are scrambling to get out their vote. >> reporter: donald trump went to church in muskatine, iowa. he bragged about his polls. >> by the way, the polls, no. 1 in security. no. 1 on isis. no. 1 on protection. no. 1 in almost every category. the only thing i wasn't no. 1 on .... personality! [ laughter ] >> reporter: a symbol of a trump problem sat on the front row. brett and shannon mayhan do not plan to vote. >> i've never caucused before. >> no. [ laughter ] >> not going to go, no. >> we can't keep electing the
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>> reporter: only one in six iowaens will show up. the most likely republicans to go are evangelicals backing ted cruz, not trump. >> so ted cruz are really seeking the reliable caucusgoers. donald trump is hoping first- time caucusgoers tending to support them go out. >> they're looking for a consistent conservative. >> reporter: trump called cruz nasty. >> nobody likes him. and you can't run a country that way. it'll approximate be a total mess. >> reporter: bernie sanders is counting on first-time caucuses, joining to empower the middle class. >> the only way that happens is when millions of people stand up, come together, and demand that our government starts working for all of us, not just the 1%. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: polls show 80% of hillary clinton's supporters
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>> i will stand for you! i will fight for you through this campaign! and in the white house, i will work my heart out for you! [ shouting ] >> reporter: clinton seems set up for an iowa win. that's how it looked like in 2008 when obama got a lot more first-time caucuses than expected and beat clinton. and iowa surprised bernie sanders hopings to dupely -- hopes to duplicate. new hampshire is the first in the nation primary. anderson cooper will moderate the town hall event. and a reminder tonight. the final deadline for north carolinians to enroll in health insurance through 2016 through the health insurance marketplace is midnight tonight. if you had coverage in 2015 and learned your plan was automatically renewed for 2016, you still have time to shop plans and make changes.
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popularity in the triangle, some towns are considering creating restrictions for them. fuquay marina had restaurants complain they're hurting business. wncn's david hurst has our story. >> chicken pimento -- >> reporter: tony davis has been in the business for 20 years. he recently opened his own food truck and spends most his time in futurecast way marina. >> it would be a major impact on my -- fuquay marina. >> it would be a major impact on my business. >> reporter: the town proposed to ban them from all commercial areas. the town drafted the proposed band after brick and mortar restaurants expressed concerns. >> it's a busy friday night and i'm counting on the rush of customers. i have a food truck parked even within the range allowed that maybe they're taking away some of my business as a restaurant. >> reporter: while some
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trucks, many businesses say they welcome them because it attracts more people here to downtown and enhances the local restaurant scene. it's been the trend in other cities in the triangle as food trucks have grown in popularity and many host food truck rodeos. the massive support has them straying away from an outright ban. >> i think it's important for us to step back, take time, look at other options. >> reporter: it has those like tony hudson to find middle ground. >> i understand where they're coming from. but at the same time, don't be afraid of the competition. >> reporter: the town plans on revisiting the issue on february 15th. reporting in fuquay marina, david hurst, wncn now. a beautiful day to get outside! hard to believe a week ago we were cleaning up from snow and ice. bill ray is here to look at your forecast. bill? >> the food truck rodeo was in durham today! i checked out the event last week. they're almost a victim of
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it was so popular today. so nice that the lines -- ah, but you wait and you get the good food in durham. 62 degrees in raleigh right now. skies partly cloudy. nothing on the radar. 63 in roxboro. 63 in fayetteville. 61 in wilson. 59 in rocky mount. 61 in roanoke rapids. the satellite picking up a few clouds. but the air coming out of the southwest. you may have noticed the breeze today. and that mild air, boy, oh, boy, is it mild. and it'll stay with us another day. and, you know, we'll get a little cooler on tuesday. we'll look at that in a moment. the rain showers are to the south and staying away from us. -- away from us. 59 degrees at 7:00. when you look at the numbers, our normal high is 52. so we're above it all evening long. enjoy this last day of january. 57 at 8:00. 54 at 9:00. 54 at 10:00. 53 at 11:00. as we look at the overnight lows, staying in the 40s!
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30s. two days ago, in the 20s. so we're continuing the upward trend. so won't be as chilly. will be partly cloudy. we have another warm day coming our way tomorrow. then a brief cooldown before our next real weathermaker with showers on wednesday. we'll talk about that and time it out for you coming up in a few minutes. maggie? >> all right, bill. a second virginia tech student is now charged in the connection of the death of a 13- year-old girl who disappeared last week. natalie keepers, a sophomore at tech is charged with improper disposal of a body and police earlier arrested 18-year- old david eisenhauer and case. 13-year-old nicole lovell was found late yesterday afternoon along a highway in surry county northwest of winston-salem. a funeral was held in virginia last night after news spread nicole lovell was dead. her body will be transported to the medical examiner office in roanoke, virginia, for an autopsy. local, state, and federal officials are continuing to investigate.
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from over as we're continuing to conduct multiple interviews and processing additional evidence related to this crime. the focus of this investigation is to now reconstruct the timeline leading up to nicole's tragic death. >> reporter: during today's news conference, police also confirmed that david eisenhauer and lovell knew each other before her disappearance last week. a fayetteville man is facing attempted murder charges tonight after he and two other men were shot at a party yesterday. the incident took place at upscales along ramsey road in fayetteville. wncn's nate rogers has more. >> reporter: what began as a fairly enjoyable birthday celebration on friday, within a moment, took a turn for the worst. >> reporter: saturday around 3:30 a.m., nearly 30 people were attending a birthday gathering when police say three men began arguing. during the exchange, police say 25-year-old william warren shot 21-year-old treshawn mcmillan multiple times.
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at this time, began firing as well. 21-year-old james allen was also shot. >> it's a lot to take in. you know, you never want to have to go through things like this. >> reporter: according to a release, investigators executed a search warrant that included upscale's parking lot and found narcotics, drug paraphernalia, and several guns. police also say the business was operating as a shothouse, selling alcohol without approval. oliver says alcohol was not sold and the business renting the space bought alcohol their own. >> they were giving away shots and filling them up and giving away shots. >> reporter: oliver says he doesn't know the men involved in the shooting by the incident has placed his business in a negative light. for nearly a year, he's been developing a one stop shot to include a clothing store, hair and nail salon, restaurant, and party space. >> it's all about people's safety, everyone's safety. the safety of others and bringing everyone together.
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a lot of the things that we're back. >> reporter: the business owner now says more than likely he will no longer allow private parties to occur here at this establishment. police are continuing to investigate this incident. nate rogers, wncn news now. all three inmates that escaped from a california prison more than a week ago are back in custody. the orange county, california, sheriff's office released new video of two escaped inmates taken back to jail. a third surrendered on friday. they say these two were found hiding in a stolen van. a woman alerted police when she saw a van matching the police description. they have tightened security at the jail with more changes to come after an investigation. the carolina panthers are on their way to the super bowl! later tonight, we'll check out the festivities as thousands of fans send off the team. [cheers and applause]
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is using the play on the field to fight alzheimer's disease. >> what a beautiful day! nobody on the soccer field, but a beautiful sunset with a few clouds. it's just been gorgeous. it continues to be nice.
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the carolina panthers and the denver broncos both left home today headed for california for next sunday's super bowl 50. in charlotte, screaming fans lined the streets near bank of america stadium as the panthers buses pulled out and headed toward the airport. before getting on the bus, ryan calill said did sendoff crowd was awesome. >> it was great! the city of charlotte, the entire carolina community has been awesome all season long and they've been a big part of our success this year. >> reporter: the panthers will be staying and practicing in san jose, leading up to the super bowl. if you're staying back in north carolina and hosting the ultimate super bowl party, a guy in eastern north carolina can help spruce up your decor. gerard bryant will turn your home into panthers nation by spray painting a giant logo on your yard. for bryant, it's a fun hobby that's turned into a business. for $150, he'll paint the panthers and broncos logo along with a super bowl trophy. >> i've been painting for a
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i just started drawing in my backyard for kicks. >> that could be fun! for a link, go to our page on sarah blake morgan has this story. >> reporter: send spend a few minutes with peter setzer. >> just win after win. >> reporter: -- and you realize where his allegiance lies. >> i love cam newton. >> reporter: this is a man that loves the carolina panthers. >> i read everything "the charlotte observer" writes about the panthers. >> reporter: setzer doesn't just read them but cuts them out, taping the paper to the back of his bedroom door. >> there's cam in action! fantastic! >> reporter: setser reads the articles over and over again because if he doesn't, he'll forget. >> about a year ago, i was
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alzheimer's. and, of course, that was a blow. >> reporter: setzer's alzheimer's is in its early stages. >> and then when -- >> reporter: he hopes to keep it that way. >> the average person who is -- who is diagnosed with alzheimer's will die in 11 years. and my determination is to slow that down. >> reporter: the former pastor has a list of things he does hoping to slow the disease down. >> about an hour of brain games -- >> reporter: his favorite, though? going over panthers stats with his grandson. >> i'll do down fighting and do everything i can to prolong a good life. >> my hope is he'll always remember to call me on game day and talk about the panthers game and he'll always know who
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grandson -- his grandsons. >> reporter: setzer is just hoping to add another article to his door once his team takes down the trophy. >> oh, i wouldn't miss it! [ laughter ] >> great to see him do everything he can to fight that disease. the panthers and broncos game will be held on cbs. we just want to remind you starting february 29th, wncn will be the new home for cbs programming. we'll be delivering hit shows like "the big bang theory," "ncis" and more. find out more on so next sunday, watch our news at 6:00 and turn over to 6:30, and you won't miss the panthers kickoff. >> can't miss the panthers! gorgeous, gorgeous day! quite warm! 62 degrees. wow! i mean, just doesn't get much better than this for january. rays of sunshine tomorrow,
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>> seven. >> reporter: some partly cloudy skies at times. the radar's not picking anything up. but you see high, thin clouds rolling in after 2:00 or 3 this afternoon. still painted a pretty picture in the sky. had decent sun and still a quite mild, nice day. temperatures in the bright greens of the 60s. so that's not bad. sun goes down. it's january. and it's still in the 60s. 63 in durham. they had that great food truck rodeo. 59 in rocky mount. 61 in south hill, virginia. 63 in roxboro. so what are the temperatures going to do? you'll see some cooler air move in. the darker greens and maybe a few hints of light blue or so as we go into the 40s overnight. that's it, though. 40s overnight. you see these temperatures? these will probably be our highs come the end of next week into next weekend. show them to you one more time. you can see into the wii hours of the morning by the time you
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the time you go. 54 by 9:00. 53 at midnight. 50 at 3:00 a.m. there's your 40s. 47 at 6:00. i have a low of 46. 9:00 in the morning, 53. so should have no issues on the bus stop. don't even have to bundle up too lard. a coat will -- too hard. a coat will do. we'll be in the upper 60s tomorrow with a high of 69 degrees. now, our next weather make is what i usually talk about. but, hey, a two for deal! you go to the store, buy one, get one free. you'll get two! one is monday night. number one, dry cold front. we'll have a front cooling us temporarily down on tuesday. the next one after that is the big one on wednesday. we'll have a strong cold front on wednesday. showers are likely. it'll be mild again and maybe an isolated storm late in the day. so a couple of weather makers for you. one that will cool you down and one to make you wet. and behind it, it'll really chill back down as we
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into the 40s next weekend. tomorrow, no harm, no foul. maybe a sprinkle gets squeezed out. but not much of anything. then the north side of the front. so it'll cooler but cloudy for the groundhog. that means he won't see his shadow and spring will come early, like it was this weekend. we get that southerly flow. we have widespread showers. maybe a line of storms moving through after 3:00 as that front will come through. and then a secondary front will sweep through as a broom and bring in colder air again for the end of next week. so tomorrow, enjoy. i know it's monday. southwest winds, 8 to 12. 70 in sanford. 71 in dunn. 71 in wilson and smithfield. southwest winds 8 to 12. upper 60s in the triangle. upper 60s along the virginia border. so on monday, we have 69 degrees. breaking it down for you. mild. clouds will increase late in the day as that cold front approaches.
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i don't think the groundhog will see his shadow. wednesday, we're mild again. 70% chance. so bring your rain gear. and with that front late in the day, there could even be a rumble of thunder. as we head towards thursday, maybe a lingering shower. and then the front sweeps through and chillier air. highs in the 40s friday, saturday, and sunday. but it'll be dry. overnight lows around freezing. so enjoy that. now i got really mad at the thermometer today because it was 69 and i thought we got it. and then they read between hours. it was 12:32 it bumped to 70 for, like, 2 minutes! >> ahh. >> so we got to get it to 70. what a great month, though! still gets $2,300 for the month. so that's good. >> great cause. if you had to be a degree off, at least it was warm! >> at least it was on the warm side! [ laughter ] >> thanks, bill. a durham artist has used his work to create a clothing and lifestyle brand.
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open the first storefront. the third annual same love, same rights lbgt wedding expo took place today in raleigh with everything from food samples to trending ideas to music to ralph giveaways. >> they feel a little awkward going to the heterosexual bridal fairs. they don't always feel accepted with businesses. they feel nervous walking in. here at our show, couples can come into the door. all the businesses scream lbgt friendly. they're excited to work with them. it takes out the awkwardness. >> the expos are free for couples to attend. for more information go to a durham clothing company is set to open its first brick and mortar store next month thanks to a very successful kickstarter campaign.
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and as mike gonzalez explains, it's what's next. >> it's about running from conformity or convention. >> reporter: started by a couple of childhood friends from durham, runaway is an up and coming lifestyle and clothing brand but much more than that. >> we're curators, art, fashion, music here in durham and beyond. >> reporter: most the design comes from the artwork of the company's founder and durham artist gabriel ingets. >> to represent the city i good up in -- i went to durham city schools -- it's been huge for me. >> that looks thicker than the ones before. >> reporter: the runaway brand is well known for its durm -- or durham campaign. >> it has the attributes when we explain what durham is. >> this table is here. >> reporter: thanks to a
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$26,000, runaway is opening their first storefront on main street in february. >> it was important for us to show our audience here we're putting forgot the effort to be a part of this growing ng artists and musicians. >> all white paint on the walls. >> reporter: from "what's next," i'm mike gonzalez, wncn news now. >> we'll have another look at your forecast coming up. but first, what's coming up tonight on the nightly news. des moines, iowa, it's the home stretch as they make their final pitch to voters. we'll look at the ground game here. >> and another arrest in the murder of a 13-year-old virginia girl. we'll have new details of the two suspects and their possible motives. >> and bill kneelly returned to greece where there's a push for the residents who helped the desperate migrants to be awarded the nobel peace prize.
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co probably sunny tomorrow.
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cooler and then we were below the 88th southern parallel. we had traveled for over 850 miles. my men driven nearly mad from starvation and frostbite. today we make history. >>bienvenidos! welcome to the south pole! if you're dora the explorer, you explore. it's what you do. >>what took you so long? if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do.
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on this sunday night, the final countdown. neck and neck polls and high stakes less
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