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tv   WNCN News at 7  CBS  February 24, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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years. the outbreak in 2011 where there were 30 tornadoes in one day across the tar heel state. that happened in april. a month where we would expect severe weather. we expect a couple tornadoes. we don't normally get this in february a week and a half ago we had snow sleet and ice that kept kids home from school and today, kids got to come home from school early because of the potential for severe weather. and it worked out a lot to the way we thought and then some. our atmosphere became very warm. energized and unstable and you have seen the results. we have been on the air nonstop for several hours. and as sharon and sean said, right now for the first time in several hours we don't have any tornado warnings. however, we still have dangerous weather out there. many of us are in the clear. and if i split the viewing area central north carolina in half from granville in vance and
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counties those counties and west pinehurst and siler city and pittsboro all in the clear right now. get get read reidy for sunshine and colder temperatures. however still some rough weather and it's centers around the i-95 corridor. heave yes rain thund -- heavy rain and thunder and lightning and severe thunderstorms warning producing winds strong enough to knock knock down trees. that's the biggest teak away. all the damage reports there will be more trees down more than anything caused by straight line winds. headlines will be taken by the tornadoes we have and tornado damage but there's couple but most of the -- there's a couple, but most of the damage came from thunderstorm warnings and we have those. again no tornado warnings right now that are active. but starting here in northern franklin county moving through warrington and warren and virginia, that's one thunderstorm warning that last for the next few minutes possibly producing damaging wind.
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wilson up through edge come and i-95 by the way which i am sure was a mess tonight where the heaviest rain has been for the last couple hours. and still lightning strikes out there east of rocky mount into eastern parts of halifax and north hampton county. that's two clusters neither of which are producing tornadoes or warnings but both of which producing serious weather. a third one which the thunderstorm warning for that one has just been dropped from sampson county up into parts of johnston and wayne county. so, west of goldsboro south of smithfield you can see the line of storms that goes down into parts of roseboro and that's producing heavy rain and the potential for some gusty winds. just just because we don't have a thunderstorm warning doesn't mean the storm can't reproduce that. or cause problems a lot to watch out for. but ace talked about giant area of circulation that on the front side is proking severe weather -- producing severe weather but the backside is
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not a wintry mess like we have but real winter stuff like snow and sleet and ice. and some of that will make it into our mountains in the overnight hours and early tomorrow morning. so, fresh powder up there if skiing. so here's good news. and this just updated, literally in the last couple minutes buckets tornado watch that was in effect for all of central north carolina dropping. weather service drop it for most of our area. that doesn't mean that the worst is over wu just mean to neighedo he threat is over -- but just means the tornado threat is over for the most part of our area. outside mecklenburg and mercer county will go down at 9. for most of us we will sown the all clear including tore if i hados and storms. it's a whereby -- we will sound the all clear including tornadoes and storms. these numbers that are really
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return to normal over the next couple days. our wind gusts that we have had today, are still out there. you can see wind gusts above 20 and 30 miles an hour a good portion of central north carolina. they won't go away. it's going to be windy tomorrow. and it will be colder as well. so as temperatures continue to slowly fall throughout the night, rain will go away in the next few hours. clouds will clear out and your out the door tomorrow morning 45 degrees. and might i point out the weather is going to cooperate where we will have a full day of school. kid and parents. so 54 tomorrow will be the high with mostly sunny skies. and then watch out friday, and saturday morning, because temperatures are going to start off around freezing and that includes sunday morning as well. so it's going to be a slap in the face over the next couple days after the warm weather we had as we get into next week, we will see temperatures level off around 60 degrees and again, the message tonight there are currently no tornado warnings. we expect tornado threat to be completely winding down in the
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and now we have got to get the winter coats back out. >> you know i he doesn't think we will complain about the -- i don't think we will complain about the the winter coats. >> wes thanks and we have had team coverage all day because we don't typically see this situation in central north carolina. our steve sbraccia has been at the front and center of it all day. >> he has and if you are just joining us a few hours ago steve was in our wncn mobile news tracker south of chapel hill and meteorologist told him to take cover now. he was right in the brunt of the storm. so steve tell us about what's happening where you are now at i-440 and we would love to hear about your experience out to chapel hill and how you had to take cover. >> reporter: all right. we have left i-440 at this point and we went he onto glenwood avenue going northbound on glenwood avenue and we wanted to take a look at the rush hour. it was somewhat delayed this evening as a result of the storm we think. photographer dan west and i
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4:30 or 5 on 440 the belt line. usually it's jamed and us that because a lot of people were advoicing folks to stay in place -- advising folks to stay in police and that's the case. we were on capital boulevard and made the run from there to 440 and now up glenwood and we have got a lot more traffic out here on this particular roadway. and i think people are taking the later ride home. situation we had in chapel hill that was interesting. we thought maybe it was a once in lifetime event and we he were on live with wes and bill and trying to track and figure out exactly where the storm was and all of a sudden they told us hey you guys are brace can i -- basically in danger get out of the vehicle we did and pulled into a neighborhood and we happened to be near a neighborhood off 15, 501 and knocked on the doors of a random family and they let us in and we weathered the storm and let the storm pass. we got back on the road and came down back made our way
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were at the intersection of 440 and new bern avenue and when we parked there we were trying to simply get an assessment and saw cloud that looked interesting and some clouds going this way and some going that way and dan said they are going a different directions and the next thing wes gets on the air saying we have a tornado forming in north raleigh and doppler indicated and it was over our heads and we got out and could see the clouds spinning around and dan and i were saying to ourselves twice in about two hours this is ridiculous. we were hoping it wouldn't funnel down as it turned out it didn't funnel down and we were lucky in that regard. but we have entercountered severe lightning and heavy rain situations and we have seen it all today in the mobile news tracker. and i will tell you something, it's been quite an experienceoop spurnes i don't hope to -- an spines don't hope to re-- experience i don't hope to row peat for another five years. >> the dan was dan west the photographer driving. you two had close calls and we are happy you are ive.
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check on the roadways this is a live look at ii-40 and clayton by-passes. you know it looks like traffic is moving okay. the wet roadways are out there but again the warning is over. so, give yourselves extra time still because the roadways withr wet but it's moving okay. this is i-# 40 and glen -- 440 and glenwood. traffic is moving all right. now of course the storm moved through our area here in north raleigh. there's been damage reported in raleigh. beau minnick continues with a look at the damage in raleigh. >> reporter: we are in north raleigh right now where the rain has started to come down hard. and we are outside of lake ridge center and as you can see, there was a massive tree that came down on top of this building that's called the world cultural center. we shot some video a short time ago here.
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and as you-- if you could have heard that there was a big crash some of the siding just came crashing down here as we were speaking and certainly, extensive amount of damage here to world cultural center the lake ridge center on lake ridge drive in raleigh and we spoke with be somebody who was from the inside who came out a short time ago. he told us that he had bro chance to speak with us and said that everything -- brief said everything inside was damaged and there was a lot of artwork and they are trying to figure out how exactly to cover up the roost building. certainly an extensive amount of damage at world cultural center and we will follow this and damage here and in other parts of our area. news now. >> we told you there are no more warnings a new one has popped up so let's check in
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>> a new tornado warning for the extreme northeastern part of our viewing area. so you see where the line of storms is. on the eastern part of the viewing area. and the new tornado warning and i will kind of take you in a little closer he. it's back out -- closer. it's back out to the northeast. this is the eastern corner of north hampton county. so, this is the line of storms that moved through tarbor heo and edge hecomb and producing incredibly heavy rain as well as some lightning. we have got some damaging wind but as of a few minutes ago, we have a new tornado warning that is in effect until sorry i lost my screen. until 7:45. so right now it's 7:11. so this is clipping just the far northeastern edge of north hampton county.
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you in north hampton county from roanoke rapids back to halifax and rich square and murphysboro and getting some heavy rain but it's just a small portion of that area where you see the red box that is getting the tornado warning. so let's kind of talk about it i will analyze it and switch to the analytical mode and look and we have a lot of let's take off the warning. so it's under the red box. so as i switch back to the analytical mode so it's right here in eastern parts it looks like of hoke county where we are seeing some possible circulation. so the area that we are watching though is actually right here in the far eastern corner. so it's this cluster of thunderstorms that could be
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now again it's been a good half- rotation. a weak spin up now the a well defined circulation but outside of that and like we have seen today the possibility of some damaging winds let's get in close erin talk about what we are seeing. as i move in closer i will switch over and see what the report is from the area. and north hampton county is again far east of i-95. so those of you in murphy'sboro and those in and around halifax and roanoke rapid while you are getting some rain, this particular tornado warning is not specifically for your area. but what we do have is probably our this is our 12th or so tornado warning of the day.
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exact area that's getting hit and see if we have additional reports or any ground reports and again this goes until 7:45. so it's almost 7:15. so this extends out towards gates county and as you head closer to the the coast. but, this is another doppler indicated tornado located right around scotland neck about 1 miles northeast of tarboro moving to the northeast at 55 miles per hour. so, this is yet another storm that is just moving incredibly incredibly fast. so we are talking about areas northeast of tarboro and around scotland neck so you see scotland neck right there, and so if we are about right around scotland neck and sure enough
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since this spun up, so it's this area right here and not 15 minutes i said they dropped the tore tado watch they reissued it. not for -- tornado watch, they reissued it. mainly to the eastern half of the area. this is the area we are worried about. what i want to do now is clear that off and let's do a tomorrow track on this. so this is the area that's tail end and it's -- storm track on this. so this is the area that's the tail end and it's moving quickly heading towards 7:50 right here and then off out of our area back towards tar heel and reynoldson after 8 which all are out of our area. the main concern i have with this storm is the far eastern part of our viewing area. so you guys in rich square andmurphysboro those are the place that is are going to be possibly impacted by the tornado.
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you leave scotland neck. so this is east of you guys in scotland neck. you can so as we go through another radar sweep we high height the most intense part of the storm. this will march right east of 258 and crowing over highway 308 and it will most likely stay to the east of lasker so you guys watching you are technically not in the tornado warning. this is the far eastern part of north hampton county. and this goes until 7:45. so we expect it to be moving near rich square and lewiston in the next 10 minutes and towards ahoske at 7:45. this could impact bartonsville white crossroad st. john
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and raw's beach and eagle town with a strong winds and heavy rain and lightning. let'sture on the lightning. so there you can see the live whitening a few strikes most at the back edge of the storm. let's put this back in motion and widen out. because this is moving quickly off to the northeast. i will put it in normal motion and i will slow it down a bit. but another incredibly fast moving storm. earlier storms were moving 60 miles an hour. this is the same system that moved over you guys in tarbor yes and it's clear of tarboro and the tornadic part is but moving just east of scotland neck clipping the far eastern corner of northern hampton county. if you live in the area and hear something outside that sounds a little different than normal thunderstorm sound like,
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place in the middle part of the house. safe place to middle part of the house without windows have the family including the pets get yourself into the interior room. as we look at the big picture and head back to the triangle, you can see we are able to sown the all clear here as the storms have pushed out. and as we look at the larger part of central carolina the line through the southeastern part of cumberland county east of i-95 through wayne and wilson county into the area we are watching for our tornado warning those are the only spots right now that are getting hit hard with severe storms as we mentioned here in the weather center with bill, i will switch to the tornado watch and they dropped it i am not sure why they reissued it. >> i don't understand. >> for wake county. >> i don't understand i was scratching my head because they put out saying dew points were dropping the moisture dropping like a rock in the western part of the state moving in and i am dumfounded.
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you saw it change on air. so that was an error. so they dropped it for most of the area mistakenly issuing it now for areas just east of i- 95. so as we are showing you right now, even though it called down for a little bit, storms could definitely pick back up. >> sampson wail wayne wilson edgecomb and mecklenburg connie and i don't understand that either. still extended you know you see on the top but the one that is were issued why samson and cline to and goldsboro and wilson and rocky mount and edgecomb carte and tar -- carter and tarboro. >> that goes until 11 so ignore 7. >> i was fascinated it would go at that tha late maybe further east but it's interesting. >> right but right now we continue to keep an eye on what's going on in eastern
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will turn back on the radar with the warnings and as whoa sweep through. this is right -- as we sweep through. this is right around rich square if you live around there or have friends it's that part of the world that we are worried about rotation up in the clouds possibly dropping out a tornado. let me turn back on a couple different things. first let's look at the rotation so here's what we are worried about so as we turn on the analytical mode of the radar the great thing about doppler radar is we can see which way the winds are going and any time we see the red and grown pressing up next to each other like that, we have you know the red moving away from the radar site which is back here at the bottom left part of the screen and then we have you know when these two get together moving in two different direction that's when
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and so now as we switch back over to our radar let me put back on that's you know kind of core responding to where we are seeing dosh corresponding to where we are deeing -- corresponding to where we are seeing the heaviest of the rain. that's the tail end of this larger thunderstorm that thewhole thing is producing heavy rain and you know probably some problems. but it's just the tail end where we could have that circulation. and that's now you know pushing out of halifax county and it's going to clip just this small corner of north hampton county. as we kind of zoom in a little close are i want to tell -- closer i. want to tell you where we are talking about south of rich square and
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of highway 305 and south of 305 and neighborhoods and if you recognize these, these are the areas we are worried about. smith road and carry lane shoulder road and tyler road in the northeastern and eastern part of north hampton county the tornado goes until 7:45. as whoa look at the big picture there's a lot of us looking outside right now and kind of assessing what's going on. in one of those areas is parts of cumberland county and i believe we have nate down there is that true? >> reporter: hey i am here can you hear me i want to make sure you can get me it's windy. so we are in cumberland county at sky bow and legend and i am going to step out of the way so you can see what we are seeing here. i was able to ask a couple questions but this is a dodge car dealership and there's
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we are told about 45 minutes or an hour ago because of the high winds a canopy placed in the dodge parking lot flew up in the air and snapped power lines in the area and so literally within the last two minutes or so before you tossed to wes they brought the canopy back down but it was sitting straight up and now crews are working to repair the lines and you can see a fence which has some damage to it. one or two cars appear to be damaged as well. the manager didn't want to talk and wanted to assess the crone and figure out what was going on from their end. but again i think as more -- as things unveil we will see more and more of this because even though the rain stopped the winds are still very, very high
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our photographer and i felt the soak being pushed by the high winds -- felt the vehicle being pushed by the high winds. the intersections have been blocked off. i checked with fayetteville police within last 10 minutes and they say they had several intersections that had traffic lights down those have been row pared but back now this is the only thing we are seeing so far but you never know what could happen. that's the latest i will try to run back over and get more information so we can update you in cumberland county nate rodgers wncn news now. >> thank you. to he can ten the team coverage from -- extend our team coverage from the south to the north we are live in vance county with michael hyland. >> actually i think we are going wayne county where we have david hurst. i am sorry okay it's vance county how is it going out there michael?
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called down significantly compared to earlier. this is along hicksboro road north of henderson and a family took cover around 4:45 and sent us pictures of a funnel cloudcoming through area some hid out in the bathtub and when they got out they were able to see sheets of tin scattered throughout the neighborhood and went down in this old home they have had in the family for over 100 years and found it had been damaged beyond repair and so we have video of that as well. it's been in the family for a long time. they are concerned it is just not salvageable. no one was injured fortunately. however, they are expecting to be dealing with power outages here for a while because we haven't seen any crews come through here. there are few trees damaged but it locks like where the wind injured most significantly was able to avoid the homes out here but one old home i mentioned earlier some of the debris from that scattered throughout the yards several of the homes around here but we have not heard reports of injuries at this point and
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from here we will head over to grandville county where we are close to the county line here and we have got to report damages of homes and we will see what's going on and have more coming up later tonight. >> we are looking right now and we were looking at a picture of the damage out there in vance county. mikeel will monitothat and we will have a update at 11. >> lets check back with wes. >> i want to bring you up tospeed the new tornado warning for the far eastern part of north hampton the. many of you in the i-95 are getting thunderstorms with the possibility of some strong winds and while everyone west of that is in the all clear we have some bad weather and i want to talk about that. it's just trying to sneak east of north hampton county. let's take this full and walk you through what we are seeing
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station in effect until 7:45 and the storm is far north corn of the viewing area you can get some perspective what we are talking about. the storms hitting the richmond virginia area at very top of your screen if you have friend and family up there they are getting some of the same weather we had today. and the current tornado warning we have and the only one we have is for the far eastern part of north hampton county and as we look at this, and let's kind of trace over where the county line starts and where it stops, but it's right there and it cuts in back to that direction. and the worst part producing a tornado is actually on the other side of the county line. and that would put it east of our viewing area east of scotland south and southeast of richland scare so the question
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is the storm headed and for that back out a little and let's really look into if this is going to be a problem for central north carolina. so, let's take it over the last hour and you can see it's coming from the southwest so we are going back in time now and this is the same system that we have over the south scotland neck moving to the northeast. so, as it does it is doing so in hurry so let's kind of and it's right there where you see the purple moving off to the northeast. this is going to get rain but the worst part of the storm including the part where we detect rotation as the storm moves quickly off to the northeast is going to avoid north hampton county so the worst is the rain knows and so you in conway getting rain rich
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downpours murphysboro heavy downpours and we are getting significant rain but the parter with we are seeing rotation down here in the bottom corner is actually staying east of north hampton county. so if you live in north hampton county yes you may be getting rain. but the worst of the weather including a possibility of tornado looks to be avoiding your area. however, as we kind of take another look at what's going on for everyone else you can see there's still storms and i want to take the next couple minutes and walk you through what's going on in each of those counties. so i will start down here and for you guys in sampson county and the far eastern county of cumberland county from roseboro through clinton just getting some kind of good old fashioned rain no severe thunderstorm warning maybe heavy downpours and that's what's going on there and i will put this in motion so you can get an idea of where it's going.
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moving off to the northeast. and they continue as you head up on into parts of goldsboro in wayne county we will back along with the storms and as we cross i-40 and sampson county and move into wayne county, we have got storms just west of mount olive and goldsboro hf yes downpours and lightning has started -- heavy downpours there andlightning has started to fade away you can tell how strong a storm is by the light nipping and we haven't had any lately and as we continue to walk up there's one renegade shower back there south of smithfield and south of i-95 and as we move into wilson and wilson county, you guys getting heavy downpours right now. and again, nothing severe. and then as we continue to march off towards edgecomb ine
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back towards -- edgecombe and tarboroa break but showers back towards this area -- we got a update and i want to finish around scotland neck and you can see heavy downpours there. and a new severe thunderstorm warning has just been issued for the northeast corner of north hampton county. and you can see that might be producing strong winds but that's heading across the virginia border in the next couple minutes. so, again to reiterate while parts of far eastern north hampton county technically are under a tornado warning,ed worst of the weather and part of the storm produce tornado is on other side of the county line. i will tell you what still heavy rain and intense lightning up there guys wouldn't want to be in and around that so still, a lot of us under the gun and eastern part of our viewing area and a lot of us sowning the allclear and officially the warning is for the next several minutes


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